tagGroup SexSis-in-law Incentives Ch. 10

Sis-in-law Incentives Ch. 10

byTx Tall Tales©

Chapter 10: No Rest for the Weary


The morning brings more fun, and lots of changes in personnel. Holly makes a commitment.


With Beth out of the picture, that left five of us to play. As Jenny had first suggested, it started to degenerate into a full-fledged orgy - just a pile of bodies on a bed, never quite knowing where my cock was, and touching, fingering, tasting any feminine parts in reach.

We were getting worn out, and I found myself half asleep, my head between someone's legs, just easily lapping away at her pussy, my nose half-buried between her cheeks. My cock was being taken care of, a mouth or hand being put to good use.

I woke with a start my mouth still pressed against a moist hole. I peeled myself off and looked around to see the most delightful daisy chain, where I'd been licking Dawn, who'd been going down on Jenny, who was still gripping my cock, all but asleep.

I eased out of bed, and did a quick bathroom break, before returning to the scene of debauchery with a couple of warm washcloths, and wiped down my girls. I could only assume that Holly and JT had found a less crowded bed to relax in. As I arranged the girls under the covers I made a space for myself between them. A large bottle of water beside the bed would take are of any hydration issues. I pulled up the covers, slid in between the two lovelies, and lifted Dawn's leg, who had ended up on her side, her back to me. In our new position I fit within her nicely. I had a nice relaxing fuck, and fell asleep buried in her well-used well.

* * *

Jenny woke me briefly for a goodbye quickie, before heading off to work. She rode me sweetly, with the rising sun, and wrung a quick load out of me before heading upstairs to clean up and head off to the gym. I drifted off, but not for long.

When I awoke next, I could feel my cock under a determined oral assault. The covers had been thrown back and Dawn's face was buried in my pubes, my rod buried down her throat. She was moving a lot, and I realized she was on her hands and knees getting drilled by her husband.

"He's awake," I heard JT announce with a laugh. I could smell something cooking in the background.

Dawn pulled her face up and quickly climbed on top of me, mounting my staff then leaning over and pressing her huge tits against my chest.

I watched JT take up position between my legs and guessed what was coming next.

"She wants a taste of what Beth got. Who am I to say no?" JT explained, and I felt his tiny, 100 pound waif of a wife shiver as he buried his long cock inside her butt.

"Stop. Just hold it there," she cried out to her husband, slowly growing used to her newest invader.

She sighed, relaxing, her full weight on my chest. "You guys are perfect for this. Alex is so big and thick, making my pussy feel to incredibly full." A wiggle of her hips emphasized her comment. "And your wonderful prick is so long and just the right thickness to enter my butt and not tear me apart. Now, let me feel the whole length of it. Pull it all the way out and shoved it all the way back in." She released one long moan as JT did as requested. "I can't believe Beth let Alex fill her ass with that salami between his legs. She'll be stretched out for days."

A damned treatise on double-penetration. That's all we needed.

"Shut up, gorgeous," I told her and brought her mouth to mine. Our breath wasn't the freshest, but the situation made up for it.

JT went to town and drilled her diligently, her whole body rocking under the assault.

She was breathing hard now, taking the fucking and pushing back when she could. "God, it's good, so good." She was moaning almost continuously. "Slow down, slow down, JT, please."

When JT did slow down, she turned her head and looked back at him. "Can we try it the other way? With you on the bottom. Like you guys did last night?"

We obliged her, and JT let her mount him reverse cowgirl, his cock buried deep in her belly.

I moved down to where my face was just above her, and started playing with her cute little pussy. She did have a pretty one, with a nice little landing strip indicating the road to pleasure. As fun as she was to taste and tease, I didn't have the patience for it, and after a very short session going down on her, I moved on to the main show.

I settled over her, placed my cock against her pink pussy, and gave a push. I slid right in, and could feel the added pressure of JT's cock tightening her channel.

"Do me, Alex, please," Dawn asked. And that was the last she spoke. JT held her down while I fucked her as hard and fast as I could. I wanted to come. I wanted to fill her belly with my hot cum while her husband held her down for me. I wanted her to feel my thick cock filling her, while her ass was full to the brim. I wanted to start the day off with a huge orgasm for my guest, before I went out and greeted my wife with another woman's juices on my drained cock. And I wanted breakfast.

I was famished.

I did my best JT imitation, finding just the right position and angle, and then just hammering away at her pussy until she was ready to climb the walls. Her first orgasm built pretty quickly, while she was doubly penetrated and JT was working over her tits. She screamed out her pleasure, but I didn't slow down a hair. Instead I reached down and massaged her hood, while fucking her long and hard.

The added rubbing of her clit put her over the edge again, and into a loop of quick explosive orgasms that died down to one continuous twitching of her body, while the grunts and sounds from her lips stopped being anything close to English.

The feeling was great for me as well, and when I was finally ready to come, I pulled out and sat her up, her full weight settled on the long shaft up her ass. I pulled her face to my wet cock and slipped it in her open mouth. She raised up enough to allow JT to move underneath her, and I felt each of his strokes echoed on my shaft. She quickly sucked me to completion, allowing me to blow all over her face. She seemed to be reveling in it, turning her face to catch my cum on both sides of her face, and rubbing it all over her mouth. I guess JT liked the look of that, because before I was finished he was lifting her hips up and slamming his dick into her butt, coming at the other end of his hot, delightful wife.

I slipped my cock back between her lips, while JT finished inside her, letting her clean me off.

"Fuck!" She finally gasped, when I eased her face off of my staff. She pried herself off of JT's cock and went to look at herself in the bathroom mirror.

"God, I look like such a cum whore," she said turning her face left and right, getting the full impression. Then she turned to us, and used her finger to clean her face and deposit the results in her devilish mouth.

"You are. You're our little cum whore," JT told her.

"JT, you say the nicest things," she teased, before wandering back to the toilet and out of sight.

"What a way to start the morning, huh?" JT asked me.

"Amen to that."

"We gonna give Holly the same treatment?"

"If she's willing," I told him.

"Oh, she's willing. More than willing. She wants a third party."

"Third party?" I was a bit surprised, to say the least.

"Yep, Darling Dawn, between her legs, while she's on her hands and knees skewered from both ends."

"Now that sounds like a plan."

* * *

Breakfast for the four of us was unique to say the least. It started out normal enough, four adults seated around a breakfast table. Of course the fact that we were all clad in t-shirts only, was a little odd. We had hand towels laid out on the chairs to sit on, which again was a bit on the weird side. It got really different when the girls started teasing us, in the way they were eating their food, fruit in particular. It ended with JT and I seated with our wives in our laps, impaled on our ever-hard poles. We fed each other, and talked about the high-lights of the night before.

"Any regrets?" I asked my darling, daring wife.

"Just that we never tried this before. You?"

"Are you kidding? How often do all your dreams come true?" I laughed. "How about you two?" I asked the couple seated across from us.

"You know, we'd talked about things like this for years, but I never really knew if I'd be able to go through with it," Dawn said, after polishing off a grape. "I thought seeing JT with somebody else would drive me crazy. Damn, was I wrong. I loved every minute of it."

JT laughed. "I do worry a bit."

That got a rise out of all of us.

"No really. I mean, where do you go from here? How do you top this? And what do I do for fantasies now that your vixen has cleared the slate?"

It was a good question. "Do you think this is a one time thing?" I asked Holly, while holding her hips and adjusting inside of her.

"I hope not." She said, then turned to Dawn, "How about you?"

"I think Girls Night Out should become an institution. Once a month would be just about perfect, I think."

We discussed the idea at length, and came to the decision that once a month was just right. We also agreed that Beth should be part of the game, if she wanted to keep playing.

That was when Jenny's name came up for the first time. "What are you going to do about Jenny," Dawn asked my wife.

"She's a grown girl I figure. She made her bed, let her sleep in it."

"Like what's that supposed to mean?" Dawn pressed.

"She's been living her pretty much rent free for the last several months. I think we've figured out a way for her to pay the rent. That Ok with you, Studly?" she asked me, grinding her hips against me.

"I don't think I see any problem with that." I confessed, then leaned forward and kissed my loving wife on her oh-so-naughty mouth.

When we broke apart, she giggled. "Not so fast bub. There'll be some rules, and we'll have to see if she'll agree, but I think we've crossed a line that it's awfully hard to go back to."

JT and I cleaned up after breakfast, while the girls took care of their personal hygiene. After a shower and a very close shave, at the insistence of Dawn in particular, we all felt 100% better, more rested, and ready for a little more action.

With new sheets on the bed, and the washer running merrily away, we laid down together, and I had Dawn's T-shirt off before you could say Bob's your uncle. A little heavy necking, and some wonderful oral attention, had JT and I ready and raring to go.

"Holly, you know how Dawn started her morning, right?" JT reminded my wife.

She pulled up and stroked his cock. "I'd be surprised if half the neighborhood didn't have an idea. That girl is loud!"

"Alex and I think you should be the focus of all of our attention for a while. If that's alright by you." JT said, pulling her to him.

"Alright? I've been dying for my turn," she said with an enormous grin.

"Dawn, do you want to play along?" I asked her softly.

"What did you have in mind, or should I guess?" She said with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

"Would you be able to lay underneath us, and provide her with even more attention?" I asked, my fingers inside of her, slowly stroking away.

"Shit. I haven't done anything like that since I was a Sophomore. Did big-mouth over there tell you?"

"No. I was just hoping." I told her. I didn't remind her how I'd found her last night, between Jenny's legs before we all passed out.

"I don't know if I want to make it a regular thing, but I think I'd love to see her getting plowed up close, if you know what I mean."

I kissed her warmly. "You are such a fucking dream come true. Let JT and me get started, and you can join in whenever the whim hits you."

JT had my wife on her hands and knees, and was enjoying the use of her pussy, while Dawn and I worked out our own details. I got up on my knees in front of Holly and she eagerly took me in her mouth, getting filled at both ends.

I took it easy to start, letting JT set the pace of the action. As he got into the groove of things, she started rocking back and forth, taking my cock deep in her mouth on every stroke. I pulled her hair to the side so I could watch the action.

She was really getting into it, groaning and squealing, when Dawn slid in from the side and positioned her face under where JT was entering her friend. JT took control and slowly spread Holly's legs wider, lowering her until she came to rest on Dawn's teasing mouth.

She pulled her mouth off my cock, gasping. "Oh shit, Dawn, that's it, right there, that's it," she cried out, then sucked my cock into the back of her mouth while she came hard.

JT and I switched places, and while we were repositioning ourselves, Holly started reciprocating with Dawn. Our gorgeous wives were in a tight 69, and I didn't have the heart to interrupt them.

"God DAMN, that looks hot," JT said, echoing my sentiments exactly.

After a minute or two of my only contribution being to caress my wife's full butt cheeks, I needed some action myself. Dawn had adjusted her position, and had better access to Holly's juicy bits. As I got in position, Dawn tilted her head back and opened her mouth in invitation. I dipped my wick in her welcome mouth, and she gave me a little treat, before I pulled out and slipped inside my wife. She had already come a few times, but looked ready for almost unlimited action. JT was parked at the other end, and when he saw I was engaged, he pulled Holly's face up from Dawn's crotch, and slid his dick between her lips.

We played with her, trying different rhythms, faster and slower, and just having a good old time using my wife's mouth and pussy. Dawn got into the game, and started guiding and controlling my actions through the careful placement of her hand around my balls, and a finger two knuckles deep in my rear. I let her drive for a while.

She also made the decision to move to the next step. "Alex, lay down, it's time for Holly to have the ride of her life."

I pulled out and stretched out on the bed. For just a moment I was irritated that JT was going to be in my wife's butt, where nobody had ever been but me, but the feeling passed and I felt a little ashamed for even thinking that way. Holly was climbing on top of me, and settled all the way down before lying on my chest.

"Hold me," she said, with a hint of nervousness.

I looked over to see Dawn pulling the lube out of the bedside table drawer. I'd have to buy lots more of that stuff, I thought to myself. Then Holly hissed as her friend and new lover prepared her ass for penetration.

I could feel when JT made his move. Not only from Holly's actions, but inside her. I looked at her as her eyes rolled back, and then she gasped. "Oh my God - I feel so fucking full."

JT didn't give her much time to settle in; I could immediately feel his plundering of her tight ass through the thin sheath that separated us. Holly was a trooper, raising up onto her hands and pushing back against JT's forceful strokes. I just hung on for the ride.

That was the position that Beth found us in when she entered our bedroom, stripping off her clothes as she approached the bed. "God, I hope y'all slept at least a bit."

Holly lowered herself back onto my chest, and I noticed that Dawn was right beside us. She turned my wife's fact to her own. "Go with it," she whispered, then their lips met and my cock responded inside of her, swelling and throbbing. I held my wife tightly, settling her back onto my cock whenever JT's activities threatened to dislodge me.

"I can't believe this," she finally gasped, "God, I can't believe it. I'm going to come. I'm going to come from having my ass fucked, oh God!" She started a litany of groans and 'yes' and could feel her tighten up, wound up like a spring, ready to explode at any moment.

JT started answering her, "Fuck Holly, it's too much. Your ass is too good, I have to come. I have to. He cried out "FUCK! Take it, take it, TAKE IT!" as he ravaged her rear and came deep inside her.

That was enough to set her off, and she screamed out and bit me hard as she came on my cock, while JT filled her ass.

When he pulled out, and collapsed next to us, she rose up on her hands and started fucking me hard. "You too. Come for me damn it! Come in me!" I looked over to see Beth seated watching us while fingering her own pussy. Dawn was behind her, whispering in her ear and her hands were filled with Beth's breasts.

I grabbed Holly's hips and fucked up into her as best I could, while she rode me hard. It was enough to send me over the edge. "I'm coming for you baby, now, now, NOW!" I thrust up and sprayed her insides, while she finally collapsed on me. My hands clenched her ass cheeks, pulling her against me, as I completely voided myself inside of her.

I almost blacked out from the intensity of it, and the next time I was aware of my surroundings, Dawn had cleaned me up with a warm washcloth, and was settling back down to try to restore my poor cock to hardness. She was making good progress, but when Holly joined her, and they licked me together, their mouths battling for my cock head, their lips coming together frequently, their tongues tangling before one or the other would break free and suck me, that was too much and I was soon back to best form.

I placed Dawn on her back, lifted her legs high, and screwed away. JT was nearby, having his way with Beth while they both laid on their sides, watching us. As I pounded Dawn's pussy, Holly straddled her head, and lowered her pussy down to Dawn's waiting mouth.

"You were naughty to get involved, Dawn," Holly told her friend, "so now you have to clean me up."

It was yet another great experience, my wife and I both using her friend, while her husband and our hot little neighbor watched.

"Wow," Beth spoke up, "I see I did miss something!"

"Yeah, a little." JT said, stroking inside her, "but now that you're here you can get all caught up."

Several minutes later, when I'd finished inside of dear delectable Dawn, and Beth had managed to bewitch a load out of JT, I got to see just what he meant. I went out to get a drink of water, leaving those four to play, and what a sight I returned to. Beth was on her back, with Dawn riding her face, and Holly going down on her. JT was behind my wife, fucking her while standing at the side of the bed.

"Jesus! A guy can't leave for a minute around here!" I laughed.

Dawn beckoned me over, and I stood in front of her, my feet straddling Beth, while she put her own mouth to excellent use.

When Holly got tired, JT took her place, eating out delicious Beth. Once he'd gotten her off, he screwed her for a while before asking to switch places with me. Dawn stayed perched on Beth's face while I took a turn between Beth's legs, first licking her, then screwing her with abandon. She came hard on my cock, and I finally pulled off. JT moved away from Dawn's mouth and pulled her with him, leaving a dazed, facially glazed, Beth behind.

"Wow," she sighed. "Damn, that was intense. I never could tell who was doing what to me down there. I think I came at least a dozen times."

JT was putting on his pants. "I hate to say it, but we really have to run. Should have been home 10 minutes ago as it is." He went to Holly and took her in his arms, then lowered his face and kissed her warmly. "You were incredible. Thank you so much for this."

Dawn slipped into my arms while JT said his goodbye. "I had fun," she said with a grin.

"Fun? That's the understatement of the year. You nearly fucked me to death, woman!"

"Good. Cause I won't be able to walk normal until our next Girl's Night Out, you beast." She pulled me down for a hot kiss, before dropping to her knees and giving me a short little goodbye suck.

I laid back on the bed, and Beth crawled over and finished what Dawn had started, while our favorite couple finished dressing and made their way out. When Holly returned from escorting the wild one's out, she cuddled up to my side and we watched Beth first suck me for what seemed like an eternity, then ride me to her own completion. Even then she didn't give up, but continued on diligently, trying to get me to shoot one more time.

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