tagIncest/TabooSis-in-law Incentives Ch. 11

Sis-in-law Incentives Ch. 11

byTx Tall Tales©

Ch. 11: The Aftermath


A little family shopping, and paying the babysitter. Just a short scene before the end.


Jenny found someone to take her 4:00pm clients but warned us she had 6:00 and 6:30 clients she had to be back for. Holly assured her that wouldn't be a problem. I made a few calls and cleared out the rest of my Friday. It wasn't difficult, nobody in the office was foolish enough to schedule anything for after lunch on a Friday, except Jean, the office manager, and she was in Europe for a couple of months now. It seems Holly had already planned on taking Friday off, so was ready long before we were able to finally pile into my truck.

It's true. Holly had been talking about replacing our bed for at least a year, probably longer. Flipping the mattress was doing nothing for the sagging on each of our sides, and all the advertising for the Dux, Sovn, Sleep Number and other beds had us at least wondering. Now we were throwing a bigger wrench into the mix. An over-sized bed.

Finding a bed larger than a California King is difficult but not impossible. Especially when you live in a city like Dallas. The Sleep Number store had a "Grand King" which was about 30% larger than a standard king, but it had the two separate chambers for adjustment, and we were looking to put it in sideways. It would still be 80" long, the same as a king, but 22" wider. But after an hour in that store, we figured we were wasting our time. Plus, the Grand King cost twice as much as their other beds. Ouch.

We started calling around, and within an hour we were at a high-end all-natural latex mattress manufacturer who assured us we could have a pillow-top bed a full 9' wide by 8' long, nearly three feet wider and a foot longer than a king-size bed, ready for us within 10 days. They were happy to order 4 sets of custom sheets for us. Happy, I'm sure, because the total cost was well over 3 grand.

A stop at JoAnn Fabrics and another 30 minutes later we had enough material for a custom bed spread, pillow shams, and dust ruffle. I have no idea who Holly had in mind for actually sewing the bed cover.

Our next stop was Sara's Secret, where the girls managed to thoroughly embarrass me on the way to purchasing lubes, lotions, vibrators, games and other sundry sex toys. Another expensive outing, but who was I to complain?

I had mixed feelings everywhere I went. I was proud to be standing alongside two attractive, sexy women, but felt a little awkward around the open comments of threesomes, foursomes and moresomes. And any time a 'sister' comment was dropped, I had to briefly check around and see if anybody was putting two and two together.

I was also thinking about the luck that had brought all this together. It seemed I had a green light to be with my sister-in-law, just as our little project was completing. I had made my goal and delivered on all my prizes except the final one: a beach getaway.

My wife had turned a corner in her thinking, opening up our bed to her friends and at least one of their spouses. More surprising events I couldn't imagine. And yet, she seemed the happiest I'd seen her in years.

I still had standing dates with Jenny's co-trainer Teri, and Julie, the mommy wanna be. And an open invitation from Tammy at Hooters. When did life become so damn complicated?

I had to seriously ask myself: What did I really want? I had been willing enough to risk my marriage for a shot at Jenny, when things seemed to be in a rut, and I let the little head do the thinking for me. But now? Jenny was mine. My wife had become a wild woman in bed, and was showing me more attention than at any time since before we were married. I had an invitation to bring Dawn and Beth into our bedroom once a month. If I screwed this up, there was a more than decent chance I'd never, ever have anything half-as-good again in my life.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Holly asked, loading my arms up with purchases on our way out of Sara's Secret.

The comment caught me off guard. "They're complicated. Worth at least a nickle."

"How about this: A Jenny for your thoughts."

I laughed. "Ok. Truth is, I was thinking about what an idiot I've been sometimes. You seem so happy, and I know I'm walking on cloud nine, and even Sour-Jenny seems to be as cheerful as I've ever seen her. So I've decided that no matter what, I'm not going to do anything to jeopardize this. And I'll do anything in my power to make you as happy as you deserve to be, and make our somewhat unusual situation work out."

"Hey! You guys were going to leave without me!" Jenny shouted, chasing after us across the parking lot.

I finished loading the packages in the back of the truck, and turned to my wife's baby-sister. I stepped to her, swept her up in my arms and gave her a big tight hug. "Silly Jenny, I'd never leave you behind. You're my muse, my inspiration!"

Holly giggled. "You're in a weird mood today."

I opened the door and climbed in the truck, waiting to see which of the sisters would climb in first and be the one sitting next to me. That's one thing I love about owning a truck. That great feeling when a woman slides across the bench to sit next to you, even when there are just two of you, leaving the far seat empty. Holly had claimed that middle seat during our first few trips, but this time she pushed Jenny in ahead of her.

"Weird mood? Like I don't have a good reason? Last night I had one of the wildest and most exciting evenings of my life, and today I'm driving around with two of the prettiest girls in DFW, outfitting my home for a non-stop erotic party."

"I hate to break the news, bucko, but non-stop is not quite right. As a matter of fact, it's about to pause for several hours. We've got to pick up Erin now; Dawn's been watching her since she got home from school, and will probably start charging rent soon. Although I imagine you wouldn't mind making that payment." Holly reminded me of the one real situation that could place a huge crimp in our style.

I looked at the clock on the dash. It was after 4:15 already. School had been out since 3:30. "On my way." I told her heading out of the crowded parking lot. The girls were whispering which should have made me suspicious.

As soon as we were on the main road, sweet Jenny was dropping into my lap, opening my pants for some immediate action.

"Jenny!" I laughed as she fought with my belt. "What's got you so worked up all of a sudden?"

Holly hushed me. "Don't say I don't pay my debts. I promised you a Jenny for your thoughts, and a 'Jenny' is what you're going to get!"

My alter-ego was feeling a little raw from the intense action it had received in the last 24 hours, but Jenny's warm and willing mouth was enough to push those concerns out of my mind, and respond to her oral caresses.

It was about a 10 minute drive to JT's, and the below-the-belt action was intense, but the distraction of driving kept me from completion. Still I enjoyed holding her head and feeling her hand stroke my shaft while her mouth made love to my swollen, aching, bulbous head.

I wasn't quite ready to pop when I got within two blocks of Dawn and JT's. So I pulled into a nearby church parking lot, and hoped God wouldn't strike me dead for the impertinence.

I leaned my seat back, pushed away from the steering wheel, and let Jenny go to work. I watched in delight as her face pumped my cock and she did her best to finish me. Listening to my wife urge her on was icing on the cake.

God, she was good! I felt myself reaching the end of this short journey, and warned her. I didn't want a mess in my truck. "That's it Jenny, I'm going to come for you," I groaned.

"Save a little for Dawn," I heard Holly tell her baby-sister, which was more than enough to push me over the edge, and fill my sister-in-law's hot mouth.

With my head a little less likely to explode, I zipped up and pulled out of the Church parking lot, and headed over to JT's. Beside me Holly was insisting on seeing how much of my cum Jenny was saving. Jenny showed her, out of my view, and got commended by her demanding, domineering sister.

We all went to the door, and Holly rang the bell. Delightfully, Dawn answered it, and Holly gave her a big hug and kiss. Jenny followed in her footsteps and fell into Dawn's arms to do the same. Dawn almost fell down, then sucked on Jenny's face like it was mother's milk.

"You nasty little slut! How long have you been saving that for me?" Dawn laughed, her hand teasing Jenny's red mouth.

"Just a few blocks." Jenny confessed.

"That was the sweetest thing. I'm going to have to find a way to pay you back for that one, you know."

Jenny just leaned in and gave her another peck. "I'm sure you'll think of something."

I received the last hug and kiss. "Mmm, I can't stop thinking about you."

"Ditto. But the good news is, at least once a month, we're going to get to do something about it, with the full approval of both of our spouses!"

"And if anything should happen to 'accidentally' pass in between?" she asked softly while my wife was tracking down our daughter and all of her belongings.

"Ask yourself, Dawn. Do you want to jeopardize what we've got here?" I reminded her, my hand around her hips, her ass cheek firm in my hand.

"I guess not. But where does that put us?"

"For now, I think that means serious flirting, and even beyond, but no real sex. For now." I told her.

"Does that mean a blow-job is out of the question?" she asked, 'accidentally' brushing her hand across my trousers front.

"I think you and Holly need to sit down and have a heart-to-heart. You two iron out the details, and I'm pretty sure that JT, Jenny and I will follow along." I told her, turning her and giving her a hug. "And if you should manage to work out anything about us getting together a little more often than once a month, well, I wouldn't be adverse to it."

"I bet!" she laughed. "I might have to let JT do the same."

"Fair's fair."

My wife showed up with the kid's stuff, but not the kid. "They're watching the end of a movie. It's got less than 10 minutes left in it. So if you wanted to take Dawn upstairs and thank her properly for watching Erin, I think we can hold down the fort."

I was surprised, to say the least. "So Dawn, care to show me your etchings?"

Upstairs, Dawn escorted me to her bedroom, which I'm ashamed to say I'd never been in before, and locked the door behind us. She pulled up her dress and dropped her panties to the ground on the way to their luxurious king size bed. She sat on the edge of the bed, and turned to help me get my pants off, but I was way ahead of her. Shoes off, pants and underwear in a pile at my feet. I stepped out of them and into her warm oral embrace.

"God, Alex, I love your fat cock," she told me just before I watched it sink slowly into her mouth.

"Please, I've seen what JT is carrying. That's a lot of meat."

She extracting her face from the member under discussion, and starting singing "Long and thin goes too far in and doesn't please the ladies. Short and thick will do the trick and bring out proper babies."

"Short and Thick?" I teased, pushing my cock through her hand which was slowly doing its job of restoring my hardness.

"Ok, so I don't know any rhymes about long and thick. How about 'long and stout will make them shout, and drive them fuckin' crazy.'" She finished her statement by devouring my meat, and proving the crazy part.

I laughed at her, then eased her off of me, and lifted her onto the bed. She flipped up the back of her dress, exposing her gorgeous ass to me, as she positioned herself on her hands and knees, right at the edge of the mattress.

I took half-a-step forward and rubbed my throbbing member up and down her eager slit, teasing her, making her wet, easing her open.

"Oh Fuck, Alex. Stop fucking teasing me and give it to me!" she cried out when her efforts to push back and impale me were met by my slight withdrawal.

I pushed her hips forward a bit, then placed my cock-head at the entrance to her pretty little pussy, and watched as it slipped just inside. "You want it, Dawn? You'll have to take it."

I stood stock still, while I watched her push back and settle onto my cock. "God, I love that, I love that feeling," she moaned, then pulled away as far as she could without losing me, and pushed back again, firmer. She gave a sweet little wriggle, seating my dick properly within her warm sheath, and then started a wonderful, slow rocking motion, fucking herself beautifully on my willing rod.

Damn, but that woman is responsive. It was so nice to watch her slowly get herself worked up, fucking me harder and faster, watching my thick cock slide in and out of her, her skin clinging to me on each out-stroke. When she was fucking me as hard and fast as she could from that position she finally cried out to me, "Please, Alex, finish me! Fuck me, fuck me hard."

I grabbed her hips and stopped her motion for a moment, slowly pulling all the way out, as she cried, "Noooo!" But I didn't leave her a chance to catch her breath as I slammed into her deep, and started pounding her tender pussy as hard and fast as I could. It only took a few dozen strokes to finally set her off. You could have heard her screams from across the street. I continued screwing this beautiful MILF, with a long, slightly slower motion that was designed to get me off, not her. The fact that it had her tight little slit clutching at me as she cried out some more was just a bonus. I held her ass cheeks and found the rhythm that was going to complete the job. She collapsed to her elbows, and looked back at me, her pretty face set in a rictus of pleasure.

"Come for me Alex, fill me one more time," she asked plaintively.

I was never one to turn a beautiful woman down. I slammed into her and released whatever was left after coming so many times in the last day. I don't know how much there was, but it sure as hell felt great leaving it inside of her burning twat.

We quickly dressed, had a quick intimate kiss, and headed down the stairs.

"Are you Ok, Mommy?" Jim Jr, asked his mom. "Aunt Holly said you had an 'owie' and Uncle Alex was fixing it."

"Yes, baby, Uncle Alex took care of mommy," she told her middle child, dropping to her knees and giving him a hug.

God, she looked good on her knees.

* * *

Hope you enjoyed this little scene, the ending is on its way.

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