tagIncest/TabooSis, Mom & Me Makes Three

Sis, Mom & Me Makes Three


"Oh Jimmy, I'm so happy to see you, honey!" mom said, her eyes gleaming with excitement. .

"Why's that, mom?" I asked, a touch smugly, knowing full well she was happy to see me at least partly because she guessed we were going to have ourselves another round of torrid lovemaking, like we had last time. You see, for several weeks now I’d been having sex with my mother. She had me when she was sixteen, my sister a year later. So mom was only thirty eight. Thirty eight and sexy as hell. For years I had managed to repress an attraction I had for her, for my own mother! With her amazing good looks, svelte, shapely body, and ultra-sexy aura, mom had always been the sort that could just about give a corpse an erection.

Then, earlier this year, after she finally divorced dad and began acting footloose and sexy as hell, my arousal for mom only deepened. And one day I learned that the feeling was mutual. I’m still stunned thinking about how it all happened, but suddenly mom and me were groping each other and a minute later my cock was in her mouth.

"Because today you can fuck me the regular way, in the cunt," she said, thrilled by the prospect. "I'm on the pill again, so I don't have to worry anymore about being knocked up, especially by my son."

That, I hadn't expected, not quite yet. But it sure counted as good news. See, the first few times all mom did was suck my cock and feed me her pussy. Then she said we really needed to fuck but she was still young, and had to be careful about getting pregnant. Neither one of us had a condom handy. And then mom had herself a bright idea. She told me I could fuck her up the ass. That way any worries we had could be put to sleep. She admitted she’d always loved taking it up the ass, and so neither she nor I had bothered getting condoms, mom saying she’d soon take care of that other problem, the obstacle, a different way. Now, obviously she had.

And tomorrow, having finally screwed mom in her cunt, I'd have to tell my sister Amy all about it. That should make her green with envy. Strange how when it rains, it pours. And we’re not talking about any ordinary rain. Maybe I just have the incest gene or something, but a week after I started having sex with my mother, I went to visit my sister and suddenly she and I were fucking too, admitting that we’d long been turned on by one another, but had successfully suppressed it.

"Wouldn't that be a kicker?" mom said, pressing close to me, reaching down to give my cock, still concealed in the crotch of my jeans but quickly stiffening, a nice squeeze. "Knocking up your own mother?"

"Yeah, it sure would, mom."

We relaxed for a while. There was no need to rush it and jump all over each other right away. It was just me and mom here, and we could take all the time we wanted.

"Seen Amy?" she asked me.

"Yeah, I saw her just the other day," I told her, withholding exactly just how my sister and I had spent the day in question, the third time we had made it with each other.

"She's looking real cute these days, isn't she?" mom said as I smiled to myself. That's something else I'd have to make sure to mention to my sister, that mom remarked how cute Amy looked.

"Yeah, she is," I said.

"When you look at her, your sister, do you ever get turned on, you know, do you ever feel like fucking her, the way you fuck me? Does she ever give you a hardon, honey?" mom boldly asked. "I mean once you've done it with your mother, screwing your sister is no big deal compared to that, huh?"

Mom was really goading me. Could she somehow have guessed that Amy and I had screwed? No, I didn't think she could. She was just teasing, enjoying this image of her son as a horny fiend, keen to have scorching sex with his female kin.

"Are you asking me if I ever look at my sister and think about how fine she is, how much it fun it would be to have sex with her?"

"That's exactly what I'm asking."

"Well the answer is yes, I do look at her like that sometimes."

"I figured!" mom said, reaching over to kiss me, wrapping her arms around my neck, enjoying my frank confession. Of course what mom couldn't know is that I no longer just thought about it.

"Well I got you, and she don't!" mom purred, nuzzling close. "And now I want you, baby, the way your sister probably would want you if you gave her half a chance."

Suddenly we were pawing each other like crazy, panting and groaning like two horny teenagers, not a mother and her adult son.

"Let's go to the bedroom, shall we?"

We stripped off our clothes and started making out. She fisted my dick a few seconds until it got hard while I fondled her big, gorgeous tits. Then she went down on me, but she didn't blow me for long as suddenly she fell back on the bed and spread her legs wide.

"This is where I want you tonight," she said, pointing to her pussy, as wet as a rose drenched by a summer shower. I licked that luscious pussy of mom's, lapping away at it slowly and lovingly, knowing that tonight I was going to get inside it, not with a couple of fingers, not with my tongue -- but with my cock!

Now I pulled back to stare at it, looking wetter than ever after my thorough tonguing. Tonight I was going to make that pussy mine! I was going to bury my cock all the way inside and claim it!

"Yes! Yes!!!! Do it to me! please!!!!" she howled as I slid it inside her cunt. I had been inside my mom, deep inside, deep inside her ass. But now I was deep inside her cunt, and I knew just how much she had longed for this to happen.

For a solid hour I fucked my mother's pussy, getting her off three times. I started off on top, then had her mount me. Next I told her to stand up and bend over and came at her from behind. After that, for a change of pace, we moved to the living room couch. She had me sit down, then straddled me, impaling herself on it, first facing me, then with her back to me. I liked that one a lot because I could reach around and play with her big, heavy tits while she bore down hard on my eight inches.

I was wondering whether I was going to do her ass afterwards, as I’d done with my sister after I’d done her the more conventional way. Amy, it turned out, loved it up the ass just as much as mom. But mom said that tonight she just wanted to enjoy me in her pussy, and to cum inside her, which I finally did. Now I'd fucked my mom front and back, cumming inside her both times but, to this day, she hadn't yet tasted my cum.

Afterwards we got dressed and went out to a restaurant to have some dinner.

"I'm so glad we did that, I'm so happy I went back on the pill," she said, leaning over, whispering to me after we ordered from the menu.

"It felt really good, your pussy is so tight, mom."

Luckily we were in a corner table and could whisper to each other and not be heard, even though we were surrounded by other diners.

"Really?" she said, excited to hear me say that. "You must fuck a lot of young babes with nice, tight cunts. But you really think mine is still tight?"

I wasn't just saying it to make her feel good, mom was as tight as any eighteen year old. But she was insecure, so she constantly needed to be reassured.

"A pussy like yours would do any young slut proud," I told her as she beamed with contentment.

"You're not just telling me that to make me feel good?"

"No mom, it's true."

There was a full moon out, so after dinner we went for a drive along the coast, parking at the end of a road overlooking the ocean.

"What a view," I said, looking at the full moon reflected on the ocean's surface.

Suddenly mom's hand drifted over to my lap, resting on my cock.

"Bet you got another nice view for me down here?" she purred. "Bet I can see it easily in the light of the full moon."

Now she unzipped me and pulled it out. It had been a couple of hours since I had climaxed, so it took all of about two seconds for me to become fully erect again.

"Ooooh, looks so big in moonlight," she said, stroking it a few times before lowering her face to it and taking it in her mouth. And so now I just sat there in the passenger seat, looking down at mom's head bobbing up and down as she gave me a fabulous blow-job. I felt like those first times I'd had sex, in a car with an excited girlfriend.

"Suck it, mom, suck it," I hissed, pushing her head down on it, fucking her mouth. She was squirming all over the place, excited as hell blowing me like this, in her car. I let her have her fill, then, holding her head in place, I ejaculated in her mouth.

"That was yummy!" she said, coming up for air, licking her lips. Now I'd have something else to tell my sister, how my mom had sucked me off and finally tasted my semen, just as my sister already had.

She drove us back to her place and suggested I come up, asking me whether I wanted to spend the night, as I had last time. I told her I did. It was still pretty early so she made us some coffee.

"So Jimmy, tell me the truth? Did you ever fuck your sister? I just have this hunch that you did," she asked bluntly, pouring out a cup of java for me.

"Why lie to you mom, what's the point?" I said. "Yes. I did fuck Amy. That was after I told her you and I had made it."

"You told your sister that you and I had made it?" my mom said, more than a little stunned to hear this.

"Well here's how I came to tell her," I started to explain. "She starts talking about you, saying how it would be a good thing if you were bisexual. She says since you seem to think most guys are assholes, you'd make out fine with another woman. But Amy's sure you're as straight as an arrow, mom, so she figures that ain't ever going to happen."

"Is that right?" mom said with a wry smile. "She thinks I'm straight?"

"Yeah, she does. But then she confesses to me that she's bi, that Amy is. I mean, I wasn't that surprised. I’d had my suspicions."

"Yeah me, too," mom said, "Especially when I caught her in bed that night with her friend Nancy, both of them naked and cuddling up to each other. I mean that's all I saw, but it was enough to make me think that..."

"... Amy was bi?" I said, completing mom's sentence. "Well she is, she told me flat out that she was. But that's not all. Then she tells me that you really turn her on, mom. That she fantasizes about making it with you."

"No shit!" mom said. "She said that?"

"Yeah," I continued. "And then after she's confessed all that to me, opened up about it and everything, I just figured I had to tell her all about you and me, what we did."

"Fuck! What did she think of that?" mom asked, dying of curiosity.

"Well, she was a little freaked out about it at first, as you'd imagine, but pretty soon she was licking her lips, begging me to tell her everything, making sure I didn't leave out a single dirty detail."

"So you did?"

I could see mom getting really curious and aroused hearing all this.

"Yes I did," I said, filling mom in on exactly what I had told my sister, how I had described my encounters with mom.

"So then you two decided if you could do it with mom, then you could do with each other, right?"

"Something like that."

"Well, I guess that makes sense," mom said with a serene smile. For some reason I had a feeling that mom would actually be pleased to hear I made it with her daughter, and now I could see that she was. Just as Amy had been shocked, but also thrilled to hear that I had gotten it on with mom. So I told mom everything that me and Amy had done. How she insisted on taking me in her pussy and sucking me off, partly because mom hadn't gotten around to doing that me. How she was real turned on by mom, but also a little jealous and sexually competitive.

"She's sort of green with envy that I've actually made it with you, while all she can do is lust for you and pine. Like I said, she's sure you're straight, so she figures those lustful fantasies of hers are never going to be fulfilled."

"Well, for the record, I'm not straight, sweetheart. Now and then I like the presence of a foxy young female in my bed. A cock isn't the only the thing that gets me going, a nice creamy pussy will do the trick sometimes."

Mom just told me flat out, and though Amy would be really surprised by this, I myself wasn't. I somehow knew that mom had it in her to enjoy the pleasures of both sexes.

"Amy will sure be glad to hear that, to hear that you're bi," I told her. "I had a feeling you were, mom."

"That's because you've always been very perceptive, Jimmy."

Mom just looked inward for a few moments and thought all this over.

"So Amy really said I turned her on, that she'd love to have a go at me?"

"Yes she did," I explained. "It's what we were talking about last time, mom, how women around your age are at their sexual peaks. Well Amy said that a lot young gay and bi chicks, like her, are turned on by older women for just that reason, because they're supposed to be real hot in the sack."

"And that's what I am, huh? An 'older woman' who's hot in the sack?"

"Yeah, but that's not all you are to her, you're her mom, like you're my mom."

"And that makes me something special, is that it?"

"That's right, knowing you're our mom and that you're sexy as hell on top of it just gets my dick that much harder, gets Amy's pussy that much steamier. Guess you got yourselves a couple of real freaks as children, a couple of real horny motherfuckers, a son and a daughter. Well your son's a motherfucker anyway, Amy's still dreaming about it."

"And you both got yourselves a pretty freaky mom, huh?" she said, smiling. "So my own daughter wants to do the dirty deed with me?"

"She's dying to, mom."

"Well, shit! I'm game. I've had a hell of a time doing it with you, Jimmy," she said. "Maybe me and Amy should have a go at it too, you wouldn't mind, would you, baby?"

"Mind? I think it'd be great."

"Good, I knew you'd feel that way."

The funny thing is I had just a read a story on an erotic site I sometimes visit online. It was about a woman and her adult daughter who, together, decide to vacation in Amsterdam. There, in Amsterdam’s red-light district, with its whores on display and its garish porn shops, they become inspired. Inspired and aroused. They wind up having scorching sex not only with each other, mother and daughter, but with another visiting couple. That story, especially combined with my own recent experiences with incest, sure got my dick hard. And made me think about my mother and my sister sharing intimacies with each other.

Now, bringing up the subject of her and sis, I could see mom's mind was really buzzing as she schemed what she'd do about all this.

"Listen Jimmy, the next time you see Amy I'm sure you'll be telling her all about today, how I finally let you fuck me the normal way, how I sucked you off. Keep telling her anything you want about you and me and what we do. But don't say anything to Amy about how I know you and she have made it with each other, okay? You can let her know you found out I was bi, that's fine. But don't tell her you said anything about how she wants to make it with me. I want to seduce her. Hell, let's seduce Amy together, Jimmy."

"That sounds like a plan, mom," I said, thrilled at the prospect.

"This is getting me so excited," mom said, coming up to me and reaching down to unzip my pants. "Have you got it in you for one more round, I know you've already socked it to me plenty tonight?"

"Got anything special in mind, mom?"

"Well, today you finally got to screw my pussy, and later on I sucked you off. So how about I grease myself up and you ream out my hot, tight ass like you did last time, I loved that!"

So we took off our clothes and mom got ready. Then I spend about a solid hour pounding it up mom’s lovely bottom.

The next time I saw my sister she was just dying to have me fill her in on the latest escapade with mom, which I did, telling sis that mom finally let me fuck her cunt and sucked me off, swallowing my cum. She pretended to mope a little, like she no longer was one up on mom in the sex acts department but, actually, I could tell Amy was thrilled to hear how my sexual adventures with mom had progressed.

"Another thing, I found out is that mom is bi, she gets it on with chicks."

Amy's eyes really lit up hearing this, as I expected they would.

"How did you find out? How did she come to tell you that?"

Now I couldn't tell Amy I had divulged to mom everything about me and my sister and how Amy had told me that she lusted for mom, and that it was after telling her those things that mom and I got around to talking about her being bi.

"Oh when I was going down on her, eating her pussy, I asked her whether another woman had ever gone down on her," I lied. "And she told me that yeah, she'd done that. And liked it too."

"Wow! That is so wild, hearing you tell me this!" Amy said, her eyes blazing with excitement.

"Yeah, sis, so now maybe you can do it with mom, too."

"Sure, if she wants to do it with me, bro," Amy cautioned. "Just because she's done it with you doesn't mean she'll want to do it with me. Making it with your own son, that's one fantasy. Getting down with your daughter, that's something else. If anything, maybe it’s even freakier."

"Well, if there’s one thing mom has proven, it’s that she likes it freaky.

I let that sink in, then continued.

“And mom also mentioned she thought you were looking real cute and sexy these days," I said. That much I could tell my sister.

"She said I was cute and sexy!" sis repeated, thrilled to hear that.

"Uh huh, that’s exactly what she said.”

But I couldn't tell sis all of what I knew, facts which would make it abundantly clear to sis that mom had every intention of enjoying her nubile young body.

"Listen, Jimmy," my sister said, a twinkle in her eye, leaning closer. "What would you think of this? Maybe sometime I can go over to mom's with you. We'll all get loose and then you can figure out some way to sort of start fooling around with her in front of me. Maybe she won't mind, doing it with you when I'm there, especially if you make the first moves. And then maybe you can invite me to join in, you think something like that could work?"

"It might, we can give it a try."

"And listen, don't tell mom you told me she was bi, okay? Let me act like I don't know."

This was too much! My mom had asked me to join her in seducing Amy. And now my sister was suggesting that I team up with her so together we could seduce mom. I loved the position I was in. I knew everything, but mom and sis, they only had part of the picture. Amy didn't know I had told mom about her and me, or how Amy lusted for mom. Or that mom and I had talked about together seducing Amy. And mom wouldn't know that I told Amy she had the hots for her.

This was going to be a trip, the next time me and mom and my sister would be together, one hell of a trip, I had a feeling!

"Now you got me excited, telling me all this," my sister said, pulling off her T-shirt. "So how about you and I having ourselves a little fun."

We started having ourselves fun close to midnight, and didn't stop until the sun came up. By the time we were through, my sister and I were sweaty and satiated, every hole of hers had been filled, every twisted desire satisfied. She lay there on my bed, the weak light of the early morning sun bathing her sinuous body, her face smeared with my semen, her legs spread wide to air out and cool off her scorching pussy as she lazily fisted my no longer rigid, but still thick and meaty cock.

About a week later my sister called me.

"Guess what, Jimmy,” she said, her voice excited. "Mom just phoned me and asked whether you and I would like to go over to her place for dinner next week. Isn't that great! What an opportunity for us, huh, being together with mom for an evening, just you and me. What we talked about last time, maybe we can really make it happen, wouldn't that be fuckin’ wild! Mom said she's going to call you this morning to invite you."

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