tagFetishSissy Amy Loves Mummy Belinda Ch. 01

Sissy Amy Loves Mummy Belinda Ch. 01

bySissy Adele Howells©

My world had turned upside down, when realising that my favourite fantasy was about to come true. The story that I am about to narrate, is about my obsession of being a kinky, sissy, little girl. Everything seems so real and I could not stop myself from falling deeper into this kinky world of fantasy. For the benefit of the reader I am forty eight years of age.

There were three women inside the local cafe. The owner, Rose was about fifty four, with black, permed hair and beside her, behind the counter was her daughter Hayley. She was an attractive girl in her early twenties, with long, blonde hair, tied in a pony tail. They were chatting to a customer, called Belinda Beynon. Belinda used to be a friend of mine many years ago. She now must be about thirty six. Belinda was what I had always dreamed about in a girl. She was pretty, sweet and petite.

"Look! Belinda, your sissy friend is outside," said Rose.

"Well! Rose the idiot needs teaching a lesson," replied Belinda.

"Watch! and learn Hayley," Rose shouted.

"Of course Mam, slags run in the family," Hayley replied.

Hayley waved to me through the window. There was no walking away now and I walked into the cafe. Rose and Hayley stared at me, as I reached the counter. Rose ran her tongue over her pink, painted lips. Hayley wrinkled her nose and gave me a cute smile.

"Hi! sissy can I help you?" whispered Hayley.

"Just a cup of tea please Hayley," I replied.

Hayley shook her head and ordered me to sit next to Belinda at her table. Then to my horror, I could not stop myself removing all my clothes and throwing them on the floor. I sat opposite Belinda bollack naked. Belinda had not aged that much, except that she now wore a thin pair of spectacles over her black, beady eyes. Her brown hair, sat majestically on her shoulders. She stared straight into my eyes. Belinda was starting to take control of my mind. I had no intention of resisting. Rose let out a loud, common laugh.

"Hi! Sissy, it's been a long time since we had a cozy chat. Twelve years since we last spoke to each other. What a shame you acted like a complete prat, with your jealous attitude. Please don't interupt me, as I am going to tell you a few home truths. You had a pervy crush on me, but still did not manage to get inside my panties. Your best friend Robbie did though. Your getting jealous now. I have been reflecting on this all these years and now I am out for kinky revenge," said Belinda in a menacing voice.

Belinda would not listen to my protests. She shouted in my face, that I was a dirty little sissy and that I deserved to be punished. Then she spat in my face. Her saliva trickled down to my mouth. My tongue licked it away. Belinda carried on talking.

"My daughter Amy has grown up into a very pretty college student. I am desperate for someone to take her place."

"Yes Belinda I can understand that."

"That's where you come in sissy boy. You see I am pretty Belinda Beynon and need a pretty little sissy girl to care for, to bring up in my own Mummy way. You are that person sissy."

"What exactly are you getting at Belinda?"

"Your going to be my Sissy Amy Beynon and I am going to be your Mummy Belinda."

I got up shocked and frightened, but failed to notice Rose behind me, twisting my hands behind my back. They were tied tightly with Rose's black, silk scarf. Hayley had now removed her apron and white top. Then she unclipped her bra, allowing her breasts to bounce out on display. Hayley giggled at my blushing face.

"Think its going to be your lucky day Sissy Amy Beynon, or even baby Amy Beynon," said Hayley in a firm voice.

My eyes looked at Belinda in a different light. She looked so cute in her tight, white, thin trousers,with matching blouse and jacket. Rose lifted me on top of the table. She shaved my legs, arms and chest. Then sang me a nursery rhyme as she shaved my pubic hairs off. Belinda helped her, to cover most of my body with baby lotion and powder. I soon had soft, baby skin to be proud of. Belinda smiled at me and talked in her squeaky voice.

"Whose going to be a sissy baby for Mummy Belinda then? Pass the pampas Rose, before Amy has an accident," Belinda said, wiping her nose in her hanky.

Belinda giggled as I wriggled, as she forced my tight pampas on me. My penis was rammed tight up against the plastic nappy.

"Good girl Amy Beynon,now these tighter, cute, little, plastic, baby panties and over those, a very pretty pair of pink, frilly, baby panties. Oh! Amy you look such a cutie and there is so much more for you to wear," Belinda said softly.

Rose tickled the front of my frilly panties and pushed her finger into my mouth. Belinda pulled funny faces at me which made me smile. I sucked happily on Rose's finger, which had an unusual taste. No wonder really, as Rose had been picking her ass most of the morning.

Belinda put a pair of white, lacy, baby tights on me, followed by a pretty, white, satin, baby grow. Then white booties and gloves. I sucked harder on Rose's finger. My head had been shaved and a large, white bib was put around my neck, followed by a white, baby bonnet. Belinda smiled at me with a her pretty face. Rose removed her finger from my mouth and untied my hands. Belinda lifted me into the baby, high chair.

"Well! you are a very pretty, sissy Amy Beynon. Whose Mummy Belinda,s cute, little, baby girl then?"

"I am your pretty, adult baby Mummy Belinda. Amy Beynon is my name. I love you Mummy Belinda and you can humiliate me as much as you want."

My eyes were now focusing on Auntie Hayley. She was squeezing her nipple into a baby bottle, filling it with her warm, sweet, breast milk. Auntie Rose teased me, by tickling me under the chin and picking her nose at the same time. She knew this would turn me on. I screamed out with delight, in a high, pitched, baby voice. Hayley put the baby bottle to my mouth and forced the teat between my lips. I drank Auntie Hayley's breast milk as fast as I could. Hayley laughed and poked her tongue out at me.

Auntie Rose fetched some baby food over, in a very large bowl. It was filled with digusting carrots and peas. Belinda stirred it with a filthy spoon, which she had informed me was used by Auntie Pam Williams. Belinda then spat in it and forced it into my mouth. I was forced fed the lot in under a minute. Next was a larger bowl of banana mixed with syrup. I was now on Mummy Belinda's lap, as she fed me with a babies weaning spoon. After I had finished that, Belinda started to tease me in a sadistic way.

"Amy! I hope you dont mind me telling the girls your dirty, little, kinky secrets," said Belinda in a menacing voice.

"Please don't! Mummy Belinda, because I blush very easily," I said in a lisping voice.

Belinda laughed as Auntie Rose gave me a sloppy, wet kiss on my lips and continued with her teasing.

"Listen! to this girls, sissy Amy Beynon has a kinky obsession with an older women. When I mean older, thats exactly what I mean. Come on Amy, tell the girls the name of your wrinkley lover. The oldest swinger in town," shouted Belinda.

"No way! Mummy,no way!" I begged.

"Ah! she is so shy. Well girls, her name is Joan Harries and she is 83 years of age. She has short, blonde hair. Dyed of course and the biggest, ugliest nose you have ever seen," Belinda said in a taunting voice.

Rose and Hayley collapsed with laughter and chanted, that I was a dirty little girl. Belinda blew her nose in a small, white, paper hanky and continued to taunt me.

"Oh! dear Amy, your blushing. You do love Granny Joan's big, snotty nose dont you? By the way Amy,the dead live in fantasy land. Her sister Beryl is alive and well. You love Auntie Beryl Sullivan with her sexy, red hair. Whats your pet name for Beryl? Oh! yes ginger minge. Bonking Beryl Sullivan is yours to enjoy," chanted Belinda.

"Thank you Mummy Belinda. I love Joan Harries and I am always wanking over my pictures of Beryl. I love Beryl Sullivan so much. Would love to fuck her and Joan one night," I replied in a quiet voice.

Belinda blew her nose again. Sitting on her lap was a fantastic experience. My pampas and panties were so tight, that they prevented me from creaming inside them.

Belinda undid the top of her blouse and lifted the cup of her bra up. Her milky breast looked so inviting. She kissed me softly on the lips, then forced my lips on to her nipple. Her warm, sweet milk filled my mouth and I gulped down her breast milk. It wasn't long before I switched nipples and had a nice warm stomach full of Mummy Belinda's breast milk. She smacked my back, to burp me, then wiped my mouth with her snotty, white, lacy hanky.

"You are a good sissy baby Amy. You love having your kinky feeding. You love the taste of my pretty, snotty hanky touching your sweet lips. So you should you kinky little tart," said Belinda in a soft voice.

I was now feeling so aroused, that my finger crawled up Mummy Belinda's nostril and was happily picking away at her cute, little nose. Auntie Rose forced her filthy, paper hanky into my mouth. I didn't protest and loved sucking the snot from it. Auntie Hayley picked her nose and put a big, green bogie from her finger, into my mouth. We were all enjoying ourselves. Mummy Belinda's nose was full of sticky bogies and I proudly ate them in front of her. Auntie Rose managed to get me to eat another two of her dirty hankies.

Belinda looked at her watch and decided we had better leave, as she had arranged an appointment with Lina Sparkes. She was the local Italian hairdresser. I was to have my new Amy Beynon blonde wig and Belinda wanted her hair done. Auntie Rose brought out a pink pram, with pink, satin sheets and a frilly, pink pillow.

"Before we go Amy you must kiss your new Aunties goodbye. When you settle down you can have kinky sex with both of them," said Belinda in her teasing voice.

Auntie Rose picked me up and cuddled me to her breasts. Her baby talk made me feel so happy. She rubbed her nose against mine and put on fresh, pink lipstick. Rose snogged me hard on the lips. Her tongue exploring inside my mouth. There was not time to wipe her sticky lipstick from my mouth, because Auntie Hayley was hugging me as tight as she could. Hayley snogged me harder than her mother. I wet my pampas in excitement. Mummy Belinda put me in my pram. Tucked me in under the frilly sheets. She then wet a pink dummy in her mouth and placed it into mine.

"Thanks girls for a lovely time," Belinda said.

Auntie Rose and Auntie Hayley waved goodbye to me. Belinda giggled and pushed the pram outside. I felt nervous, but also excited at the prospect of meeting more people. Mummy Belinda would make sure that I enjoyed myself. I love being sissy Amy Beynon and love Mummy Belinda.

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