tagFetishSissy Amy Loves Mummy Belinda Ch. 03

Sissy Amy Loves Mummy Belinda Ch. 03

bySissy Adele Howells©

Nurse Sue George sat opposite her best friend, Nurse Lynda Christopher. Both looked stunning in their royal, blue nurses uniforms. Lynda was a tall women in her middle forties, with dark, long hair, tied back in a bun. She wore glasses, but was attractive for her age. The best thing about Lynda Christopher, was that she sneezed frequently and enjoyed blowing her nose in her pretty, paper hankies.

"Come on then Sue, what is this news you are dying to tell me?" shouted Lynda.

"Belinda Beynon is going to bring her sissy, baby daughter over to see us. I met her on the street earlier and sugggested having dinner together."

Sue whispered into Lynda's ear about me. Lynda burst into laughter. Sue boasted to Lynda that Amy would be wearing her daughters baby clothes.

"You are such a tease Sue. You love humiliating weak bastards. You and Stuart love winding people up."

"The filthy pervert deserves it. At forty nine the twat should be married. Anyway the sissy will look so pretty in my Katy's clothes."

Belinda Beynon pushed my pram into the car park. Sitting on the steps was her best friend Helen Hancock.

"Hi! Belinda how are you? Who is this pretty little girl?"

"Hi! Helen, this is sissy Amy Beynon. Of course you can recognise who it really is."

"Yes of course, Hier! Amy Beynon, let Auntie Helen pick you out of your pram. That is a pretty dress Amy. Kinky, pretty, frilly panties, you lucky girl. Give Auntie Helen a big, sloppy, wet kiss, you kinky pervert."

Helen was pretty. She had long black hair. Not the most intelligent of women, Her fresh, red, lipstick lips, smudged against mine. She cuddled me tight against her pretty, white coat. Belinda laughed, as she wiped my nose with her hanky. We walked into the club. Kimberley Holmes was behind the bar. She was a tall women, in her forties with short, blonde hair. Kimberley's nose was large. She had a strong, Welsh accent. Kimberley was not that attractive, but was very sexy. Belinda gave her a sweet smile.

"Hi! Kimberley, how are you? Lagers please for us two. Could Amy have a baby bottle, filled with your lovely breast milk?"

Hi! Belinda, of course, your pretty little girl can have what she likes. Whose a kinky fucker then? A forty nine year old man in frilly baby clothes, you disgusting pervert. You are very cute though Amy Beynon. I'm your Auntie Kimberley. Wave to my husband, your Uncle Kevin. Watch your pantied ass though. Uncle Kevin has an enormous cock. I can see he is interested in you already."

"Well that's nice to know, Kevin can have me anytime he wants," laughed Belinda.

Kimberley removed her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra. Kim squeezed her nipple into a baby bottle. Using both nipples, she managed to fill a further two bottles. Then she held her nose and snotted into the milk. Helen passed me into Belinda's arms. She went over to Kevin to give him a blow job. Sue George was now waving to us, to come over. Lynda Christopher was pissing herself laughing. Sue was delighted to see me.

Hi! there, Amy Beynon, hieeee! My pretty sissy niece. You know who I am don't you?"

"Yeah, your my Auntie Sue George, Katy's Mummy."

"That's right Amy, Look who is sitting with me, Sexy Nurse Lynda Christopher. Say Hieeee! Auntie Lynda. Go on Amy, don't be shy. Lynda used to go out with your best friend many years ago. Ah! love her, Mummy Belinda is wiping your nose, You are a sweetie Amy Beynon."

"Hieeee! Auntie Lynda Christopher,love you."

"Hi Amy, You look so pretty in Katy George's baby clothes. What a cutie you are for Auntie Lynda, Atishoo! Atishoo! excuse me darling."

A torrent of green snot, spurted from Lynda,s large nose, catching me full in the face. Lynda blew her nose hard in her pink, paper hanky. Belinda stopped her wiping the snot from my face.

"Use your tongue Amy, taste Auntie Lynda's fresh gooey snot. Mummy Belinda is ordering you, to do it now Amy, or you will get your bum smacked in front of everyone."

"Yes Mummy Belinda, love you so much."

Lynda laughed, as I licked her snot into my mouth, smacking my lips eating it.Mummy Belinda forced the bottle of Kim's snotty, breast milk into my mouth. The three bottles were soon empty. Sue George started to tease me.

"You love me, dont you Amy. Auntie Sue George loves you very much. Hi! there, my pretty niece. You look just like my Katy, in her baby clothes.
Good job my husband isn't here. Stuart would freak, if he could see his crossdressing cousin."

A loud panting noise could be heared at the corner of the bar. Kevin had lifted Helen up against the wall. Her black trousers and panties were around her ankles. Kevin was fucking her in front of everyone. Sue George was not going to leave me alone. She knew by picking her nose, Sue could twist me round her little finger. Sue gave be a wicked look.

"You want to wet your pampas for me. Auntie Sue George would love you to wee wee in your girlie pampas. Just relax, baby Amy.Watch me picking my nose."

" Im wetting myself for you now, Auntie Sue. I feel so kinky in your daughters clothes."

"Your welcome Amy Beynon. Maybe one day you will be my Sissy Katy George."

Lynda Christopher,pressed her snotty hanky against my nose and mouth. Then she sneezed into my face again. An enormous erection in my soaking pampas, made Lynda screech with laughter. Sue pulled a sticky bogie from her nose, sticking it on my lips. I unzipped her Nurses uniform. It slipped to the floor. Sue looked stunning in a black, satin bra, with matching panties.She also had a suspender belt, holding up her black stockings.

"I know you want to fuck me, kinky Amy Beynon. Let me remove your wet pampas. Now that's what I call an erection. You look so lovely, in your Katy George, frilly panties. You must feel such a twat. I love my kinky pervert. You are so sweet Amy."

"I love you Auntie Sue George."

Sue giggled, as she sat me on her lap,forcing her lips on to mine. Fondling her breasts through her bra was ecstasy. Sue encouraged me to pick her nose. Her sticky bogies were a treat to eat. Sue lifted up my dress, putting her hand inside my frilly panties. Her bra came away in my hands. Her panties and stockings were around her ankles. Lynda cleared the drinks off the table. Then I fucked Sue George on the table. Our tongues were twisted together, as my cock humped, my cousin's pretty wife.

"Oh! Amy you kinky bastard. Fuck me until I cry for mercy. Suck my lips you cute little twat."

Sue rang her husband on her mobile, as she was being fucked. She told Stuart, she was in the gym doing her exercises. Stuart was totally unaware, that his pervy cousin was screwing his wife, wearing his daughters clothes.

Lynda laughed out loud as my semen flowed into Sue's hairy minge. Lynda did'nt realise that she was next for my perverted lust.

"Cor! Auntie Sue, you are so sexy, I will be your daughter one day. Nobody will stop me."

"Just let them try, to stop us having fun. You are a better fuck than Stuart. Hi! there Amy, Hieeee my kinky babe."

Belinda pulled Lynda's Nurses uniform, above her waist.Belinda ripped her tights off, fondling her blue panties. Lynda had a large ass,which made me dribble at the mouth. Pumping my last drops of semen inside Sue was great fun. Sue then got dressed. In five minutes another enormous erection poked through my panties. Sue was now snogging Belinda. I grabbed Lynda Christopher.

"Touch you toes Auntie Lynda. Off with your panties you fucking slag. Lie face down on the carpet, while I fuck you from behind. You can ring your husband as well, as you are being fucked. Lynda smiled,as her uniform was peeled off. Her bra was removed, her massive breasts, rested in my hands. My cock, with a thrust, took Lynda from behind.

"Hi! Dave, its Lynda here, pant! pant!. I'm fine thanks. Just doing some exercises. Oh! Amy you cow, sorry Dave, just had a funny turn. Think my sissy girlfriend wants to talk to you"

Hi! Dave, just fucking your sexy wife. That's right Lynda "cunt fucking" Christopher. Your wife has fantastic breasts. Think she loves me better than you. Lynda wants to say goodbye for now."

"Bye! Dave, Carly will make your dinner. I've never been ridden like this before. Amy is pumping me now. See you darling."

Turning Lynda over my red, hot cock plunged into Lynda's slit.Fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples,as Lynda sneezed into her hanky. Then I snogged her, fucking my kinky nurse on the carpet. Belinda was running her hands through Sue's curly hair.

Belinda gave me a wave, while my cock was humping Lynda. Belinda kissed Sue's rosy cheeks as she asked her about this evening.

"Would you like James and I, to come over your house for an orgy. Your husband Stuart is very dishy."

"Lovely idea Belinda, James can fuck me all night.Have you a baby sitter for Amy? My Mummy will look after Katy and Thomas."

"Oh! yes, Amy's favourite old age pensioner. Joan Harries won't refuse. She loves Amy."

Belinda snogged Sue. Belinda's bra was removed. Sue fondled her milky breasts. Belinda responded by forcing her tongue into Sue's mouth. Kimberley had rushed upstairs to fetch her Mummy, but Jean was annoyed, as she was going shopping. As I continued to fuck Lynda, my finger picked my sexy, nurses, snotty nose. Lynda wiped her snotty hanky over my mouth. My semen overflowed into Lynda's slit. Then I drank her breast milk from her lovely, sweet nipples.

There was so much sex going on, the sound of eighteen stone of obesity coming down the stairs, wasnt heared by any of us. The bar door swung open. A common voice shouted across the room.

"Stop! you dirty buggers. I'm Jean Drummond Lloyd and no sex will take place without my permission, especially, when I'm not involved. Nurses get dressed. Get back to work, you pair of sluts. Belinda, get your bra back on."

Jean was dressed to go out, looking kinky in her long, black, leather coat, with a flowery scarf round her neck. She pulled up my pampas, then my panties. Straightened my dress. Picked me up in her arms, cuddling me against her coat.

Hier! Amy Babes, my kinky chicken. Auntie Jean will take care of you now. What a shame I'm going out, but that won't stop you picking my big, ugly nose, will it babes."

"I love you Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd. Please let me pick your nose."

Putting my arms around Jean's neck, she accepted a long, sloppy, wet kiss. She took my finger, putting it to the edge of her nostril. Then the picking of Auntie Jean's nose was about to begin.

"There's a good Amy Beynon babes. Clean Auntie Jeans nose, of snitchy snots. Your my kinky niece. Pick both nostrils my kinky bugger, Before I go shopping, come and sit on my lap for five minutes. Auntie Jean wants to wank you off."

Sitting on Auntie Jean's lap, giving her long, sloppy, wet kisses was an enjoyable experience. Kimberley poked faces at me as I snogged her Mummy. Jean's hand crept up my dress,
stroking my balls. Then it was inside my pampas. She held my cock firmly. She was now wanking me off.

"Ooh! You filthy bugger Amy Beynon. Some members want to introduce themselves."

Hi! Amy, I'm Pam Williams, your kinky club secretary. You can fuck me anytime you want.You must fuck my daughter Hayley as well."

"Hi! Amy sweetheart, remember me, Auntie Cheryl Rodgers. I work in the Post Office. Make me pregnant soon sweetheart."

Jean was on the verge of making me spurt my cream, until Linzi Murphy walked in, after playing squash. She removed her top. Her breasts were large. Then she lifted up her skirt revealing her white, squash panties. My semen spurted into Linzi's face. My hand reached out ripping her panties off. Then I creamed into Auntie Jean's hand. Jean kissed me hard on the lips and left the club. Belinda put me tidy. She then put me back in my pram. A dummy soaked with her saliva was put into my mouth.

"Thanks everyone for lovely time. Taking Amy now to meet my sister Joanne. Come on Amy my sissy daughter. Your going to fuck Joanne. Also her boss Sue Walkey, you lucky girl. Oh! she wants my white, lacy hanky again. Keep still Amy, while Mummy Belinda wipes your nose."

Belinda pushed my pram outside. What adventures would take place? I was looking forward to anything now.

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