tagGay MaleSissy Bottom Has a Nite Out Ch. 02

Sissy Bottom Has a Nite Out Ch. 02


Last night, my friend Eric and I had some really hot sex down at the Adult Theatre. Eric had me wear a pair of my wife's panties and I was a sissy fuck-boy for a whole theatre full of horny men. My wife is out of town for the weekend, so we are gonna be as lecherous as two bisexual fuck-buddies can be.

This morning, I awoke to the sensation of Eric's hand stroking on my stiffening cock. My dick isn't huge, but at 7 inches long and 2 inches wide, it's big enough. Eric's hand was wrapped around my cock, and I could feel the strength in his grip…firm, yet gentle. He leaned in and kissed my cock on the head.

"Good morning, slut" he said then chuckled. "I saved your panties from last night, I don't care what you tell your old lady, but I gotta keep 'em, man. That was too hot. I think we should go back and do it again tonight!" He looked at me and smiled, then he engulfed my now completely raging cock with his supple lips, and began giving me a slow, sensuous blow job. It was fucking great, and I just leaned back into the pillows and enjoyed it as much as I possibly could. Unfortunately, Eric sucks cock like the best of them, and in no time I blew a load of my spunk into his steamy-wet mouth. It was actually only the second time I had cum since we started our little weekend. Last night I was so busy getting all the other guys off, I only came twice in the Adult Theatre.

Eric swallowed every last drop and then asked me "So, what're we gonna do today?"

In all honesty, I had no idea, so I said "What do you wanna do?"

"I was thinking," Eric said "why don't we just hang out here and relax around the house. Last night was pretty wild, and I'm bushed"

"All right, I'm gonna shower" I said, and off I went.

We spent the morning doing just that, a light breakfast, football game and some snacks in the early afternoon…honestly, a pretty tame day. Until after the game, that is.

At about 7 o'clock or so, Eric got up and went into the bedroom, at first I didn't think much of it, but he was gone for a while so I asked him: "Dude, what are you doing?"

"C'mon in here" he replied.

When I walked to the bedroom, I was greeted by the sight of Eric, all of his six feet tall, blond haired, blue eyed and well-muscled contractor body on my bed. The light hair that sparsely populated his thighs was lit up by the bed stand lamp, and his arms rippled in the low light. He was on all fours, rocking back and forth to the fucking motion his right hand generated with my wife's largest rubber dildo stuck up his asshole. He was looking back at me and grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

"This fucker's a monster, man, but it feels awesome in my asshole."

In fact, it is a monster. I bought it for the wife as a joke. It must be 3 inches thick and a good 13 inches long. It has realistic (but oversized) balls hanging under it. Except for the bright purple color, it looks like a real, giant dick. My buddy had it stuffed in his asshole and was fucking himself with it. Even the wife's pussy had only taken it once, and that took a lot of time and lube.

I stripped off my clothes and climbed onto the bed next to Eric. Taking his cue by the fact that he had a dildo in his asshole, Eric wanted to be the bottom tonight, which was fine with me (my ass still hurt). I knelt next to his head and without saying a word to him, grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head back. I slapped my cock against his face a few times and rubbed it on his lips.

"Open your mouth, fucker" I said. Then I reached back and grabbed the dildo by the base, and quickly drove it all the way into his ass. He opened his mouth to gasp, and I stabbed my throbbing cock in between his teeth.

"Suck my cock, all the way down." I grabbed another handful of hair and I began to savagely fuck his face and throat.

Eric was moaning and groaning and slobbering all over my cock and balls. He really likes getting face fucked.

"Rub your nose in my pubes, bitch" I said "Take all that cock in your throat. I'll fuck your face while that big rubber prick is in your ass. You like that, don't you?

Eric grunted in agreement.

I pulled my throbbing dick from his mouth and spun him around. "Show me your ass, let me see where you like men to put their big hard cocks, you slut."

Eric wiggled his butt at me, which was delicious with that huge dildo in the middle of it. I grabbed his balls with my left hand and began to tug them down while I began drilling in and out of his butt with the dildo. I worked him over pretty good, making sure to keep pressure on his balls so he couldn't cum. I was really turned on, knowing that I was fucking my buddy in his asshole with my wife's dildo. If she only knew…

"Oh god yes! Please fuck me harder. Make me cum." Eric said. I let go of the dildo and slapped him hard on his ass with my right hand.

"Don't tell me what to do, bitch. I'll fuck you as hard as I like. You'll fucking cum IF and WHEN I tell you to, and not before. I you let so much as a dribble of spunk out of your cock without permission, I'll punish you like never before." With that, I squeezed his balls a little harder in my hand. Not painfully, but enough to send a message. Of course, I knew all this would really do is force some precum out the tip of his dick. The punishment is the best part! I slapped him once more on his ass and resumed pistoning the dildo in and out. This went on for a while until I rolled him onto his back and pulled the rubber cock from his well stretched asshole. I spread his legs and put his ankles on my shoulders like a woman.

"Tell me you want my cock, bitch" I said.

"Please, let me have your cock. Bury it in me and let me make you cum. Shoot your big load in my asshole. I love it there…"

I lubed my dick while he was talking and without warning, shoved it balls deep, all the way into his ass with one thrust.

"Ooooh godddd…!" he moaned.

His ass was a little loose from the dildo, which was actually a turn on for me. I began to fuck him hard and fast. I wanted this game to last a while, but I was too turned on. I fucked him hard and in no time. I could feel my balls boiling. I pulled my throbbing cock from his hole and straddled his chest. I stroked my cock a few times and then blew my load all over his face.

"Open your mouth, cunt!" I told him. Then I worked the last couple of spurts right into his mouth. "Swallow" I ordered.

He greedily gulped down my cum.

Then I reached down and grabbed his cock. "What the fuck is this? It looks like you've been leaking cum. I TOLD you not to do that, you fucking punk-bitch. Now I have to punish you for disobeying me." I squeezed his cock tightly, then reached down and grabbed his balls. "You'll have to make this up to me, bitch. I don't like being disobeyed."

I let go of his nut sack and walked to my wife's dresser. Opening the top drawer, I reached in and grabbed a pair of thigh high stockings and a garter belt.

"Since you seem to like women's clothing, tonight it's your turn. Put these on." And I threw him the stockings and belt. Eric didn't say a word, he just opened the package and began putting on the hose. Then he clipped the stockings to the belt and I told him to get my cum-stained panties from last night and put them on. Over that, I dressed him in a pair of khakis and a polo shirt.

I ordered him to get the car ready while I got dressed. When I got to the car, Eric was sitting in the passenger seat with a look of pure lust on his face. "These feel fucking incredible, man. I should start dressing like this more often."

"Shut up and suck my cock while I drive", was my response. "When we get to the theatre, you will march right up to the desk and buy us each tickets. Shake your ass a little bit, so everyone will know why you're there."

Eric leaned in and unzipped my fly, taking out my cock and sucking on it for the 10 minute drive to the ABS. When we arrived, things looked pretty good; there were quite a few cars in the lot. Eric did as instructed, and did a nice job of sashaying his ass. I know I wanted to fuck him, and judging by the looks from some of the guys in the store, I wasn't alone.

We went back to the theatre area and walked in. The place was busy. It was obvious tha some action was going on until we walked, so I reached over and rubbed Eric's dick, to let everyone know we were cool. Soon enough, all the guys in the room began moving around back to whatever they were doing before. A lot of jerking off, and a few couples jacking and sucking each other. I was surprised to see the young, college aged kid whose cock I had sucked last night was here again. He saw me and walked over and stood next to me. He groped my groin and I did his. Then I turned to Eric and said "drop your pants, fag" in his ear.

Eric did and college boy looked over and did a double take. Then he looked at me and I nodded. He went and knelt next to Eric and began rubbing his nylon covered thighs. Eric's cock was already pushing against the red satin of his panties. With college boy feeling him up, it would be no time before he added another come stain to the crotch.

"You look really sexy, man" said college boy "you like wearing women's underwear, dontcha?" I can tell you do. Your cock is really hard." To me he said "Can I see his ass?"

I lightly slapped Eric on the ass cheek. "Turn around and show him your ass, pussy boy. Don't make him wait again, or you'll be sorry. As it is, every man here who wants to can fuck your mouth and asshole tonight, as punishment for your earlier disobedience." With that, I looked at college boy and said "Enjoy."

"Bend over the chair and show us what you got" I told Eric. He did, and I saw that other men in the room were starting to take notice of us. I smiled and nodded at every one of them who made eye contact, and before too long there were 7 or 8 men standing around Eric, who was still bent over the theatre chair. College had pulled the panties down to Eric's knees and was working a wet finger into Eric's already loosened asshole. A 30's looking dude stepped in front of Eric and without saying anything to him, stuck a 6 inch dick right into his waiting mouth. College boy then rolled on a rubber and began stuffing Eric's asshole full of hard dick flesh. Eric was moaning around the dick in his mouth.

"Suck it good, bitch" I said, whispering in Eric's ear. "Drink his cum like the little punk you are."

Mr. Blowjob grunted and quite obviously began pumping a load of jizz into Eric's mouth. As Eric gulped it down without spilling a drop, I noticed that all of the other guys had pulled their pricks out. It was a diverse crowd, mid 20's to mid 50's but they all had average or better cocks. Two middle aged guys were stroking each other while watching the action. College boy was fucking Eric's ass hard and fast and couple guys were rubbing Eric's nylons. Eric finished swallowing his first load and as soon as the dude stepped back, his cock was replaced by the next one. This guy had the biggest cock of the group, probably 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. It was straight as an arrow. And this dude like d it rough, like Eric does. Big Dick literally grabbed hold of Eric's ears and began slamming his cock into Eric's throat. He fucked his face with a rapid series of deep thrusts, then pulled out and stepped back.

"I want his ass next" Big Dick announced.

As if on cue, College Boy grunted and filled his rubber with cum. He pulled his cock out of Eric's ass and began pulling his rubber off. "Let me" I said, and I carefully pulled the rubber off his dick. I then pulled Eric's hair, removing his mouth from the cock he was sucking and turning it. "Open up" I said, then I poured the cum out of the rubber into Eric's open mouth. "Swallow, bitch." I told him.

Big Dick then stepped behind Eric and spit on his latex covered dick. He rubbed the head around Eric's asshole, then pushed himself inside and began fucking Eric hard. Eric went back to sucking a 6 inch cock attached to one of the middle-aged guys who were jerking off earlier. Soon, while Big Dick fucked him, Eric was swallowing another load of fresh cum. That dick was replaced by yet another one and Eric began sucking his 4th cock in a row. I could tell he was loving this. Big Dick was a rough fucker and he was really hammering his cock in and out of Eric's abused asshole. Eric was enjoying it so much he was loosing concentration on his dick sucking, so the guy in his mouth grabbed the back of his head and began face-fucking him. Now Eric had Big Dick hammering his asshole and his face was being used by a fit, 30-something guy with a 6 inch dick. It was too much for me to handle and I slid under Eric and began to suck on his cock while stroking his nylon covered legs. Eric began to moan and groan like a madman and within seconds of me taking his fat cock in; he began to shoot his sticky spunk into my mouth.

Big Dick cried out "Aw fuck, I'm gonna cum!" and I reached up and grabbed the base of his shaft. I pulled him out of Eric's ass, ripped the rubber off, and began sucking his fat cock just in timer for him to add his load to my already cum filled mouth.

When he finished, I slipped out from under the pile and grabbed Eric's head in my hands. I had him kneel in front of me, and while two guys were watching and stroking heir cocks, I tipped Eric's head back and spat my mouthful of cum onto his face. Then I used my own hard prick to rub it around and shovel it into his waiting mouth. Eric then sucked my cock and I savagely fucked his throat. I was so fucking turned on that it was only a few minutes and I drove my cock into the back of his throat and shot my load right into his belly.

I then sat down in a chair and watched as 3 more guys had their way with my little garter belt wearing sissy. Eric did manage to cum one more time before we left, and he swallowed all three loads, one right from his asshole. It was hot.

And just think, we still had one day to go.

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