tagIncest/TabooSissy Loves Semen

Sissy Loves Semen


Have you ever found out something shocking about a brother or sister? And did that revelation lead to a new chapter in your own life? Listen to my tale of secrets and semen.

My name is Jason Stark. My family is the typical Mom-Dad-two kids upper middle class unit that makes up much of suburbia. I'm 22 now, and just home from college. My kid sister Sissy is 18, and she's becoming quite a handful for my folks.

Sissy was always an angel, and very good in school, but this senior year she has been hanging around with a rough crowd, and her grades and ambitions have suffered as a result.

My Dad actually offered me money to spy on Sissy's comings and goings, but as a pesky older brother I prefer to work my own angles.

Last Saturday, I was coming out of the shower with my towel wrap when I noticed Sissy's door was cracked open. Peering inside, I noticed the room was empty but Sissy's computer was on. I decided to do some snooping.

As I entered the room, I took in the sweep of Sissy's cheerleader trophies, her varsity sweater laying on the bed, and a cute lacy bra draped over the back of her chair.

Looking thru the lace curtains of her window onto the back yard, I saw Mom and Dad working in the garden, and Sissy was lying on her back on the patio sunning herself in a teeny yellow bikini.

I couldn't help but admire her petite blond good looks, and her cupcake tits and firm stomach glistened a bronze, beaded sheen in the mid-day sun.

Sitting down at the computer, I opened a few files that showed photos of Sissy and her teenage guy-and-gal friends clowning for the camera in a generally wholesome way, as teens have done for ages.

Under a file marked "my new complexion", I was puzzled to find a password necessary. Looking at the Pop posters on Sissy's wall, I soon deduced her password was "Spears", and I was into the file immediately.

My pulse quickened as I found I was entering a link to an Adult Porn site called "Amateur Facials". As I scanned the photos of young coeds grinning or dazed while plastered with cum, my 10 inch cock began to stiffen and lurch beneath the towel.

I pressed a button called "Slide Show", and the panorama of perversion rolled before me as I began to tug my now rock-hard and boiling hot cock.

All at once, I gasped as photo after photo of Sissy joined the parade: here she was, sweater up and tits out, drenched from scalp to navel in thick choad; another photo showed Sissy in our den licking cum out of the snatch of her best friend Erica's teenage cunt.

As I groaned loudly and stroked my cock harder, Sissy suddenly burst into the room with a clamor.

"Hey, you asshole! What the fuck are you looking at!!!"

Sissy raced to the chair and tried to grab the mouse from my hand. As she leaped over me, she fell hard on the floor between my legs and banged her head on the keyboard. As this was happening, a photo appeared on screen of Sissy with a big black cock buried in her throat, so much so that her eyes her filled with pleading tears for the camera.

At the sight of this, my cock began to spurt hot cum all over Sissy's hair, face, and chest. I took my hand off my cock in embarrassment, and still it spurted hot seed all over my little sister.

"Uhhhh---you jerk--it's in my eyes!" Sissy rasped, but at the same time her tongue waggled and lapped at her brother's forbidden load.

"Sissy- I can't help it- those pictures- suck my cock, please!" I cried in ecstasy, and I grabbed my rod and shoved it into her tiny whorish mouth.

Sissy winced and groaned in submission as she began to suck me deep into her cheek's hollow well, and my cum and her spit rolled down her chin as I moaned in delirium.

I took my eyes off my sister's bobbing head for a moment, and I saw Mom and Dad were still working the garden, oblivious to both their daughter's secret life and the shameful cock sucking incest taking place just twenty feet above them.

How could my cock stay so hard? It never softened for an instant while Sissy huffed and swoggled over the wet shaft in a tramp's hypnotic trance.

I began to describe the photos scrolling past, well aware as I was that Sissy knew exactly what they showed.

"Uhhgh- you've got cum all over the front of your prom dress in this one--how did you get in the house that night?"

Sissy moaned with each revelation, until she finally looked up at me while panting like a dog on a hot day.

"Feed me--I want to taste your load in my stomach this time." Sissy whined while pulling her little tits out of their cups and twisting her nipples.

I stood up over the desk and grabbed on to the top of the computer as I slammed my hips into my sister's sucking face. Sissy's hair banged against the keyboard as I used her mouth as a cum receptacle.

I was past the point of no return."Drink me,Sissy. Drink me down and tonight I'll come to your room and fuck you while Mom and Dad sleep."

We both whimpered in unison as rope after milky rope of brother-cum poured down Sissy's teenage throat. I pulled down the lace curtain with my clenched fist as I climaxed, and Mom looked up quickly from the garden at the commotion.

"Sissy- go take a shower." I managed, as I pulled my drenched cock from her gagging mouth with a plop. I ran to my room just as I heard my mother enter the house.

"Kids! Everything alright up there?"

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