tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSissy Pantyhose Twins Ch. 01

Sissy Pantyhose Twins Ch. 01


Twice The Fun...

Part One...

My Slut had received her orders in the envelope which was always left on the kitchen counter before I left for work. She was to perform whatever was mentioned in this envelope, each day, without question -- either during the day if so asked, or to be ready for me when I get home. Whether it was a new outfit, a specific outfit, or a task that she needed to undertake, it would be done. If a task was ordered, she would be ready to give me a full report on how it went once I arrived home. She never questioned nor disobeyed which made her a very obedient and suppliant Sissy-Slut at all times. And secretly, as we all know, sissy-sluts are just aching and itching to obey and perform for their Mistresses or their Aunties.

On this particular day, Slut-Jasmine read that her orders were the chance to wear a particularly sexy outfit, one which would create some naughty fun at the end of the day -- not that she would know what that outfit would be or what the fun would be, but her imagination got her hard and aching in no time. She was to shower and smooth down immediately. She was to dress in her usual 'at-home' uniform of black, 10-denier, totally sheer-to-waist pantyhose -- her girliecock just sitting there for all to see. Next, she would put on her red, brocade corset -- pulled tightly to cinch her ever decreasing girlie waist -- her small girlie breasts pushing snugly up into the cups of the corset. She would then slip on her red, patent leather stilettos with the 5" heel - her calves, by now, used to that familiar stretching and constricting sensation as she walked. She would sit at her dresser and apply a level of make-up that would say "I am yours, use me" without looking like a $3 dollar hooker - because a whore she was, just a slightly more sophisticated whore than those walking the streets. The only requirement with her make-up was the shade of lipstick to be applied. Mistress has only one colour that her sissy-sluts are allowed to use -- a deep, luscious ruby-red with just a hint of burgundy. And, a lipstick that always leaves a very slutty smear across pantyhose and lingerie when applied thickly.

Slut-Jasmine's special outfit was already laid out on Mistress' bed but she would not be allowed to enter that room until the allotted time. Nor would she even attempt to peek in and see what it is, Mistress always had some way of knowing, and if she did, punishment would mean not being able to cum for quite some weeks -- a displeasure Slut-Jasmine knew only too well. Once, a slight digression had Slut-Jasmine cum-free for almost 3 months. As a result, she dripped girliejuice, pre-cum every day, messing her pantyhose, panties, lingerie etc., so much that Mistress just had to let her cum to stop the mess!

Slut-Jasmine's routine on any normal day would be housework, making sure everything was spotless and in its place. She would be allowed to 'edge' as many times as she liked however, any leaking of girlie pre-cum would have to stay on her pantyhose -- at no stage would she be allowed to wipe it off or lick it off her fingers. Mistress would want to see how excited her slut had got during the day and what kind of mess she had made of herself. Most days, Slut-Jasmine would watch movies -- once again, they could never be anything other than lesbian, trannie or pantyhose porn. All designed to make her realize that she was nothing but a Sissy-Slut. Jasmine knew this but loved the re-affirmation so much anyway.

Slut-Jasmine's day passed in the usual way and, at the allotted time, opened the door to Mistress' bedroom. On the bed was a very sexy school uniform ensemble. Slut-Jasmine had wanted one for so long, and Mistress had finally found the right outfit. The blouse was, of course, crisp and white, but it wasn't the heavy cotton of normal blouses, but slightly lighter and nicely see-through. The skirt was a pinafore style, with shoulder straps attached, by buttons, to the waistband of the skirt -- the straps being in the same tartan as the skirt. The skirt was in a sexy tartan of dark blue, red, black and white...the pleats were many and it was a wrap-around kind...the front flap opening sexily across the thighs. On the floor were a pair of black, patent-leather Mary Janes with nice rounded toe and heel of about 4". A pair of white knee-high socks with a lace edge lay neatly beside the skirt. Added to all this was a very sexy white, lacy bra with a front hook along with the final item -- a pair of totally sheer-to-the-waist, 5 denier nude pantyhose. Slut-Jasmine noticed there were no panties however, this wasn't unusual, as the only times Mistress allowed her to wear panties was when all 'items' really needed keeping in check.

Slut-Jasmine marvelled over the whole outfit, running her fingers over the lacy bra, and feeling the light sensation of the blouse, and holding the shoes up for a closer look etc., her girliecock throbbed hard and hot under her pantyhose. Her nipples too, were tingling in their constricted confines of the corset. She wasted no time in undressing; being careful to make sure she folded her pantyhose carefully. She checked her nails and, to make sure she didn't snag the new pantyhose, pulled on a pair of light cotton gloves. She then undid the packet and removed the new pantyhose - she always felt a little tremor of excitement when pulling on a new pair -- the scent, the slight tightness, as they stretched up and over her smooth legs. Her girliecock was still hard and she revelled in the sheerness as she watched herself twitch and throb underneath them. Mistress had a wide, full-length mirror in her bedroom, as did she, and Slut-Jasmine took her time, turning and admiring how the sheer pantyhose looked. Next she took the lacy bra, pulling the straps over her shoulders she adjusted the straps and snapped the clasp in front - being a push-up bra her breasts looked nice and full.

She then took the blouse and slipped it on -- the buttons did up easily and she could see the lacy bra underneath creating a very sexy look. She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on her white knee-highs, making sure the lace edges folded over just right allowing the right amount of lace to border the top of them. Then came the skirt...Slut-Jasmine had been savouring this moment so much -- she undid the waistband and slipped it around her snug waist.

Tucking the blouse in, she slipped the straps over her shoulders and re-buttoned the waistband. The hem of the skirt was very short and came to just below her crotch. She noticed as she twirled in front of the mirror that if she leaned forward just a fraction, you could see her pantyhose-covered arsecunt. Obviously Mistress had made sure the skirt was short enough to be useful but not too long as to reduce any embarrassment. Slut-Jasmine liked to be embarrassed for Mistress, it made her all the more aware of whose slut she was and what she was put on this planet for. Finally, with trembling fingers, she pulled on her Mary Janes -- the ankle-strap fitting snugly across her foot as she stood to admire the entire outfit in the mirror. She turned and turned, admiring her sexy look -- her strawberry-blonde hair, as always requested by Mistress, was kept long and full, draping over her shoulders and down her back. It was then that she noticed the note on the bed, opening it she read,

"...I'm sure by now Slut that you are fully dressed and admiring yourself in my mirror --such a slut! But I bet you look cute in a slutty kind of way. There is one final element to your outfit -- place your hair up in two ponytails -- kind of a 'Sailor Moon' look -- you know how Mistress likes her hentai and anime fetish. And, your make-up may need toning down a little -- more schoolgirl slut than street-whore slut for tonite I think. Anyway, if I know you, your girliecock will already be hard and you will be dying to touch it -- bad luck bitch, this time there will be no edging! It should be about 4pm by now, if you have performed to the orders asked - and I will he home a little later tonite, around 7pm. This means that you have three aching hours to enjoy without touching yourself.

After you have finished reading this you are to go and put on your white satin gloves - this way I will know if you have played with yourself, or tried to lick off any girlie pre-cum, as your gloves will be stained with your girliejuices. Prepare dinner as usual, making sure to cook for four tonite as Auntie is coming over and bringing a friend. Oh, in the top drawer of my dresser you will find a new DVD -- you are to put this on and watch it while you cook. I think you'll find it interesting...hee hee! Well, that's about it, get cracking bitch, I don't need to remind you of how good dinner should be, at least that's one thing you're good for -- other than fucking and sucking...!"

Slut-Jasmine read the note over a few times, making sure she had all things covered. Auntie is coming! And bringing a friend too, hmmm, she thought, every time Auntie came over it usually meant Mistress was horny and looking for some seriously sexy fun and the fact that she was bringing a friend could only mean that maybe she, Slut-Jasmine, would have a playmate!?! Better not get ahead of myself, she thought, it will all happen as Mistress plans -- not a lot she can do about it except let her imagination run wild, which was already happening and causing some delicious throbbing her pantyhose! Slut-Jasmine went over to Mistress' dresser and opened the drawer, sitting atop Mistress' underwear was a DVD titled "Sissy-Slut Trannie Twins" -- the cover showed two gorgeous sluts kneeling down with their hands bound behind them, each in a nurses uniform, the hems pulled up to their waists in the front and the two sluts pressed tightly together, their pantyhose the only thing separating them.

They were locked in a tight French-kiss and the front of their uniforms open letting their breasts push hard against each other. They were also bound around the waist, obviously to keep them close to each other. Slut-Jasmine's hand shot to her pantyhose-covered girliecock eager to jerk it, when she realized that Mistress had ordered 'no touching!' For a split-second she contemplated fist-fucking herself quickly as she hadn't put on her gloves yet but, as always, Mistress would somehow know. She took her hand away and could only stare at this enticing cover she held in front of her.

Gathering up her things and putting everything right in Mistress' bedroom, she went to her own room and pulled on her satin gloves as ordered. She then put the DVD in and turned on the monitor in the kitchen, (Mistress made sure her sluts could watch movies from every room in the house -- there was even one in the toilet!). She set about making a lovely three-course dinner while the DVD ran. She had to keep stopping and squeeze her legs together and clasp her hands behind her back to stop from touching herself. The movie was so erotic, with twin sluts dressed in all manner of uniforms and outfits playing with each other, fucking each other, sucking each other -- over and over. There was cum from head to toe being licked and sucked off each other as Mistresses and overbearing femme-doms watched from the sidelines.

Pretty soon the meal was prepared and with only a few minutes left until Mistress and Auntie would walk through the door, Slut-Jasmine lit candles on the dining table and checked to make sure all was ready. She turned off the DVD and knelt by the doorway ready for Mistress. On the dot of 7pm Mistress walked through the door chatting away excitedly with Auntie and, in tow, was a very demure young girl. Slightly younger than Slut-Jasmine and dressed exactly like she was! It was very hard for Jasmine not to stare...this young thing was the same height and build as she was, with slightly larger breasts, but legs, hips, face were almost alike -- it was uncanny -- even down to her long, ponytailed strawberry-blonde hair! As Jasmine stared in disbelief a sudden realization came over her and she thought back to the DVD she had just been watching --her girliecock shot to attention in an instant.

Her naughty thoughts were suddenly halted with the stinging tone of Mistress' voice, "Just what the fuck are you thinking about Slut?!!? Where the fuck have your manners gone? How dare you ignore Auntie and I. Assume the position immediately!"

Quickly Slut-Jasmine knelt close and pulled up her skirt to reveal her throbbing girliecock, she opened her mouth as wide as possible and clasped her hands behind her back. Mistress allowed Auntie to step forward...she tugged her hobble skirt all the way up to reveal her smooth girlie-mound, her girliecock tucked tightly beneath her girdle and control-top pantyhose.

"Unsnap me Slut!" demanded Auntie, and Slut-Jasmine reached up with shaking hands to unsnap the crotch of Auntie's tight girdle. Once done she resumed her position -- school uniform pushed all the way up, girliecock exposed, mouth wide open and hands behind her back again. Auntie moved closer and shoved her mound hard into the slut's mouth. Grabbing Slut-Jasmine's ponytails, one in each hand she proceeded to mouth-fuck Jasmine's lipstick coated mouth.

"Suck it Sissy! Make me cum! Show Auntie how good you really are!" As Auntie pulled her forward and humped her tucked-away girliecock into Slut-Jasmine's mouth she could feel her sucking harder and harder with every push.

"Oh God Sis...OH FUCK! The little slut is going to make me cum too soon!! SHIT!! YES! Y-YES!! FUUUUUCKKKNNNNGGHHHHAAAAAAHHHH I'M CUMMMMING!!"

Slut-Jasmine kept sucking and licking as hard as she had been taught, (she couldn't pull away even if she wanted to -- not that she wanted to anyway!) as Auntie jerked and humped her orgasmic girliejuices into her own pantyhose. Slut-Jasmine could feel the sticky juices seeping all over her hungry mouth while she hungrily licked Auntie clean.

Once Auntie had finished she roughly pushed Slut-Jasmine back and turned to the young slut with her, "Sissy, be a good little slut and clean me up please? Oh, and Jasmine, watch closely. Kneel beside her and take notes, she really is the best. Even Sis thinks so!"

Auntie opened her legs wide as the young slut knelt right underneath her and lovingly flicked her tongue all over Auntie's crotch, lapping up any extra girliejuices that may have escaped. Slut-Jasmine knelt close enough so that their pantyhosed legs were touching, adding to the excitement, and watched in total fascination as this sexy slut devoted her complete attention to Auntie. As the slut continued, she surprised Slut-Jasmine by slipping her hand up under Jasmine's uniform and lightly stroked her pantyhose-covered girliecock.

Slut-Jasmine looked up quickly at Mistress thinking she would be punished for allowing herself to be pleasured but Mistress just smiled, leant down and whispered, "Don't even think about cumming slut!"

Pretty soon the young slut was finished and as quick as she started pulled her hand out from under Jasmine's uniform. Mistress then offered, "Well, that was a nice how-do-you-do Slut. I think we'll leave my little 'greeting' for later tonite, you seem to have had enough fun for the moment. Now, get into the kitchen and start serving dinner, we're all starving from our little exercise and there's probably a long nite ahead of us too!"

Mistress, Auntie and the young slut -- who Slut-Jasmine had not even been introduced to yet, all sat themselves down and prepared to be served dinner. Slut-Jasmine made sure everyone had wine and that all plates were on the table before she sat down. It was then that Mistress offered a toast, "Slut-Jasmine, I have been telling you for so long now that you need to have a friend to play with during the day and Sis and I have finally found the right Sissy for you. And Slut-Chrissie, my sister, Auntie has been looking for a playmate for you too. Well, tonite my sissies you get to meet each other and hopefully begin to form a long-lasting and beautiful relationship as Sissy Twins. Seeing as you were chosen first Jasmine, it was only right that we find someone to match you. It took a long time but I do believe, Sis, we've come up with a rather perfect match!"

The two sluts looked at each other, smiling and knowing that their training and their subservience could only lead to wonderful times together. Auntie reached under Chrissie's skirt and Mistress reached under Jasmines -- what they both found were two very hard and throbbing girliecocks -- obviously very happy to be in the situation they now found themselves.

"Let's drink a toast to the two most gorgeous, sexy, sissy and not to mention, slutty pantyhose-whores a Mistress and Auntie could want."

As they ate and chatted and got to know each other, all Jasmine and Chrissie could think about was how much fun life had just become...

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