tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSissy Plays the Game of Thrones Pt. 03

Sissy Plays the Game of Thrones Pt. 03


I felt the shocked and angry eyes of Jamie Lannister staring at me. My twitching butthole. My balls. The base of my cock, the rest of it buried in his sisters pussy.

His lovers pussy.

"What the- what are you?" Jamie asked, I couldn't speak.

I pulled out of Cersei's pussy and fell next to her on the bed, she sat up and smiled at Jamie.

"Oh little brother, you're cute when you're confused. Do you think she's a witch? Or is it a he? Do you wanna fight her or fuck her?"

I sat trembling as I watched Cersei start to remove her confused brothers armour, his eyes stayed locked with mine.

Cersei continued "she's beautiful isn't she? I got her just for us Jamie..."

Jamie was now down to his trousers, which she pulled down to reveal a large hard cock, I gasped.

Cersei looked at me "ah yes, I bet you can't resist a big cock can you little one?"

I blushed and looked away, not wanting to offend the queen mother.

I glanced back to see Cersei sucking on his big cock now, his eyes were still on me, but not with the jealous fury they contained earlier, but instead filled with lust.

I turned and got on all fours, so my asshole was gaping and facing Jamie. I sucked my fingers before reaching back and penetrating my ass with two of them, I moaned and slowly fucked myself with the fingers, putting on a show for Jamie.

I could hear Cersei sloppily sucking his cock, but then she stopped and got in front of me. Her pussy was eye level and knew what she wanted, I looked up at her as I took her clit into my mouth and began to suck. Cersei moaned and put her hands on my head, pushing my mouth deeper into her pussy.

I felt Jamie's hand on my wrist, pulling my fingers out my ass, I gasped and screamed into Cersei's pussy as I felt the long thick cock of Jamie's slide into my ass. He was a little quick and the thickness of his cock kind of hurt, it felt so different to the dildos I was used too, nothing can truly prepare you for your first dick.

I sucked on Cersei's clit as Jamie fucked my virgin ass, he grunted and I moaned as his balls touched mine as he pounded me deep. I felt that fake golden hand rest on my hip, it was cold but Jamie had enough control over it that he could use it to pull me onto his cock, making me squeal as he ravished me.

"It's so fucking tight, are you a virgin?" Jamie asked, continuing his pounding as he did.

"Yes!" I moaned into Cersei's pussy, she laughed at this and her hands raised up to her own tits and grabbed them, teasing her own nipples as I lapped at her pussy like a dog.

Jamie's cock really felt amazing in me now my ass was used to him, my own dick was rock hard as our threesome continued. Cersei moaned louder and I licked harder til she was screaming, she looked down at me in total pleasure and gasped "I'm gonna squirt little pig!"

I moaned as Cersei's pussy began squirting in my mouth and all over my face, Jamie picked up the pace more as he watched his sister gush all over me, I began to cum myself as his cock smashed my g-spot and my girl cock couldn't take anymore, as my orgasm subsided Jamie pulled out from my ass and I yelped in surprise, Cersei leaned over my body , holding her tits as a canvas for Jamie to paint with his cum, I felt one part of his load hit my ass, but the rest landed on his sisters tits.

She fell back onto the bed in front of me, I crawled over to Cersei and began licking Jamie's cum off her tits.

"Aw little one, did you want my brothers cum for yourself?" Cersei cooed at me.

I didn't respond, but kept licking the cum off her large tits, circling the cum soaked nipple with my tongue.

She laughed, before kissing Jamie deeply who had crawled over on the bed to her, he rubbed my butt as he kissed her, before laying on the bed, his gorgeous body looked so good, his abs were to die for, he truly was the strongest knight in Westeros, despite only having one full arm.

I finished licking the cum from Cersei, and hopped off the bed, they continued kissing, I didn't know what to do, I was stunned... what did this all mean?

I could see Jamie's cock was hard again and I gasped, what stamina!

He penetrated Cersei who moaned, and looked over his shoulder at me and said "this one you aren't involved in sweet child, but you are my handmaiden now. You keep our secret, we keep yours. We keep you from being executed. You have a room just for you that was prepared during our little fuckfest, go find it and someone will get you in the morning."

I gathered my clothes as Jamie fucked Cersei hard... I kinda felt jealous. She moaned and screamed as I got dressed, I left the room and walked down the stairs, listening to her like I used to listen to the girls in the whore house.

From the whore house to the Kings castle, what a journey.

I found a guard at the bottom of the stairs, he most certainly could hear Cersei's sounds, which made me wonder how much he was paid for his silence. And also made me wonder if he had heard mine.

"Hello Miss Waters, I'm glad you had fun with the Queen mother and her brother." He smirked at me.

Guess he heard me then.

I blushed and looked down at my feet, embarrassed as hell.

"Follow me" he continued.

I was escorted to a small room with a bed in, it was basic and not as nice as my room at the whore house, but at least here I was free... or so I thought.

The next morning I was awoken and escorted to Cersei's chamber, and shown what it was to be a handmaiden by the other girls.

It was a fairly simple job, it was simply a matter of do whatever the queen mother needs. If she needs her bed made, make it, if she needs her chamber pot changed, change it, do her hair, do her make-up, listen to her ramble on about her babies, listen to her bitch and moan about Tyrion (who was yet to visit me, I was furious about that, why invite me here and never see me?), and for me an extra job.

Lick her pussy when needed.

Sometimes Cersei would lock her chambers whilst I was cleaning, step out of her panties and just sit on the bed and spread her legs, at first she commanded me, eventually it was silence til she started moaning, she would just sit down, spread her legs and I would come over to her like a dog and lick her pussy til she came in my mouth.

Don't get me wrong, it was fun to lick her pussy and I enjoyed it, but I never got any pleasure in return and I never saw Jamie again while I was her handmaiden, I deluded myself into thinking I would get consistent cock here, but now I had been starved.

I spent a lot of evenings with my dildo, fucking myself in my chamber and biting my pillow so I didn't scream as I fucked the cum out of myself. But now I'd tasted real cock, my dildo couldn't compare.

To put it bluntly, I was getting bored.

That was until, one night whilst dildo fucking myself in my chamber, I heard a rather urgent knock at my door.

I quickly squeezed my ass so the dildo popped out as I put on a nightie which hid my hard cock. I opened the door and frowned, as stood before me was Tyrion Lannister.

He walked into the room and said "close and lock the door behind you."

I did as he asked but then turned round and said "fuck you, I don't want you here, you abandoned me!"

He shook his head and sighed "Kelly i'm the only reason you are here, and you need my help. I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit you but things are very complex in Kings Landing, but please listen to me"

I scowled at him. He continued:

"Kelly, I've heard that Cersei has told the king of you, and you are to be a part of one of his games."

I went white with shock and fear. I'd heard rumours of the kings games, numerous prostitutes had gone missing or mysteriously died during these games.

Tyrion saw my face and nodded "Yes Kelly, your life is in danger, but there is no need to run. I know how to play these games, and I know how you can escape with your life."

I shook my head "Tyrion... I'm not strong enough I'm just a whore, a handmaiden at best!"

"Listen" he said holding my hands in his small hands, "I believe in you, I do. You need to survive this twisted game he wants to play. And the only way you can, is by being the twisted child he is. From what I know, his games involve sex, torture and pain, and always include at least two players. To win, you must present yourself as a woman he would want to play with again, you must be an excited child, ready to give out pain and punishment. I know you can do it Kelly."

I listened and absorbed his words, he walked over to the chamber door "I must go Kelly, good luck."

I sat on my bed and cried, I was to be a whore, a whore forced to do something she didn't want to... this was exactly what I was trying to avoid.

However survival was of the utmost importance, I could not die here.

I practiced in my mind, thinking of how I would act for the King.

The next evening, Cersei opened my chamber door as I sat on the bed.

"Kelly, the King would like to see you. What an honour!" She smiled an evil, knowing smile.

I looked back at her and beamed "wow, what an honour".

I would win this game.

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Please continue this amazing tale. I love the show and I love this series as well. Hoping you decide to write more chapters of this story. Would hate for it to end like this.

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