tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSissy Prodigy Ch. 02

Sissy Prodigy Ch. 02


If you like adult erotica keep reading. if you are not 18 leave now. Everyone in this story is above 18.


We both woke up the next morning about ten o'clock and Sarah asked if I had any plans for today and I told her no, that I figured I could just hang out with her. Well if you are gonna do that we need to get you showered and ready. I hopped out of bed heading to her bathroom and jumped in the shower. I saw a razor in the shower and used it to clean up the "little cute parts" as Sarah used to call them when we played dress up. Since Sarah loved my hair so much I wanted to wash and condition it so we could maybe give it a new look too. Getting out of the tub I went for my bags to get some panties to wear and Sarah was on her computer with some of her friends chatting away. Looking I found a pair of my favorite black panties and slipped them on my body. "Who was that? I asked as she shut off the laptop.

"Just a girlfriend from school, she may meet us later if we have time Kel. I have something laid out for you on the bed Kel. But after I shower we need to do your makeup and hair, cause you ain't wearing that baseball hat with me today honey" Sarah exclaimed like a boss. I walked over to the bed looking at a ruffled denim skirt and skinny black top. The denim skirt fit like it was made for me, slightly stretchy with a zipper on the side. Not accustomed to wearing a bra I did the best I could to get it on correctly. The top wasn't really tight but with the tiny bra I had a cute set of make believe tits. Admiring myself in the mirror and adjusting my clothes I felt like a cute little high school girl.

Sarah walked out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her body stopping to look at me standing there. "Damn if I did not know better I would surely have mistaken you for a girl Kel!" Sarah said making me feel so good. "Honey you are a couple of breaths away from being that little sexpot I talked about last night in bed!" she added.

"Get in here Kelci" I heard Sarah say out loud. I walked to the bathroom door and looked at her smiling really big.

"That's your name from now on and I hope you like it too. I told my friends that my cousin was here for part of the summer and you wanted to hangout with us and meet some guys." Sarah said as she was doing her makeup. Walking over to the vanity and sitting down beside Sarah I grabbed a brush and started getting my hair ready for her to style. She used a flat iron and hot brush to get my hair really straight and curled it under in the back. She pulled small strands of hair from the front of my head to the back and clipped it up really cute. "OK goodbye Kel and hello Kelci" she said laughing as the makeup part began. I was turned with my back to the mirror as she worked her magic on my face. Sarah took her time to do my foundation, eyelashes, eyebrows, eye liner, and mascara. The last thing she did was pencil in my lips and applied some really hot lipstick.

"OK you can turn around now and look honey!" Sarah said and I saw the look on her face. I was so scared to turn around to face the mirror. Moving slowly I turned and saw my face and hair in the mirror. A tear formed in my eyes, but she quickly dried it so my makeup wouldn't run.

"Sarah you are the most amazing cousin anyone could ever have and I mean it, I really do! The hair, the makeup and clothes are all great." I say to her about to lose my voice.

Sarah holds up her cell phone snapping a picture of me sitting at the vanity. She said that she wanted to show her friends my picture since we might be meeting them later. "Well stand up and show off a little bit for me Kelci. I want to see how you are gonna do today with the new look" Sarah blares on to me.

I stood up and walked around her room as a totally new person and I loved it too. Looking down though I was bare footed and asked her what shoes she had I could wear. She pulled out a pair of short black heels and I slid them on my feet. Standing up I began to walk and show off a little as Sarah used her camera to get a few more pictures. She handed me a small purse for my cell phone and lipstick she insisted I carry. Heading downstairs we walked through the huge kitchen, Sarah grabbed a note from her daddy and two one hundred dollar bills. "Daddy left us some money so we could go out today. He wanted to make sure that you have a good time while you're here. So are you ready to go shopping you little tramp?" Sarah said laughing. "Damn he did that this morning" I was thinking.

We hopped in Sarah's car and headed to the mall near her house. There was a "Dillon's" clothing store and I felt like a kid in a candy store looking around. They had some really sweet looking stuff with rather pricey looking tags too. Sarah guided me through the racks picking out stuff for me to try on. I had skirts, tops, and even a couple of cute mini dresses. I spent the next forty five minutes changing from one outfit to another to get Sarah's opinion. We kept most of what we picked out and walked to the checkout. All total I had 400 bucks worth of stuff when the lady finished ringing it up and asked for charge or cash. I gasped at how much everything was and knew most of it would have to go back on the rack.

Sarah spoke up and said charge as she slid a card through the reader. My mouth feel open and I looked at her in disbelief. The lady handed her the receipt and we went to the door. "Sarah you didn't have to do that, I could have put some of it back on the racks" I told her kinda loudly. When we got to the car she looked at me and told me not to worry about it. "I want this to be really fun for you so don't worry about where the money comes from Kelci. Just have a good time sweetie and enjoy yourself" Sarah tells me.

Sarah's cell phone rings and I can hear a guys voice on it as she is talking and she hangs up quickly. She then calls her friend Amy and I hear her say to meet us at TJ's. I ask where we are going and she says to meet Amy and some friends of hers to eat something. I agree and we stop at some cool looking place to park the car. Another car pulls up and Sarah waves to this girl driving who I assumed was Amy. We all get out and walks over to Amy's car. "Hi Amy, good to meet you" I say. "Thanks Kelci and it is good to finally meet you too, you look great!" she tells me. I could see why the two of them were good friends because Amy was just as hot and built alot like Sarah too. We walked inside of the restaurant and was seated in a large booth. I wondered why we had such a large place to sit but that would be answered shortly. Sarah and Amy seemed to know the girls who worked there really good. We ordered some appetizers and took more time to talk while they came.

The appetizers we ate were really hot cheese and chili peppers but were delicious. Amy stood up as were eating and I looked and three very good-looking men came over to the table where we were sitting. I cleaned up and Sarah introduced me to everyone as Amy called the waitress over. Tom, James, and Carl took seats with us in the large booth. I noticed Sarah approach Tom and gave him a hug as he kissed her on the lips, while Amy and James hugged and sat in the middle of the booth. Each one of these men seemed to be business types and dressed the role too. I sat down and the way the seats worked out quickly put Carl right next to me. Now Carl is a very good looking man seeming to be in his middle thirties, very talkative and sweet. With a light brown chocolate complexion Carl had to be the best looking black man I had ever met. His head was very closely shaved and seemed smooth as my behind.

Since we were next to each other the conversation was easy and I enjoyed him very much. The waitress brought drinks to the guys as we talked and I got to know Carl better. Sarah took the time to introduce me a little more to Tom and James and they welcomed me as her cousin. I smiled and really wondered what the connection was in all of this. I knew it wasn't a chance meeting or just dumb luck on our part. Carl said he owned his own company and had stores three other cities. He seemed to be really successful and by talking to him his education came out too. Small chat carried on for probably twenty more minutes or so at least. Carl complimented me on everything from my smile to how cute I looked in that denim skirt.

"Well we did some shopping today near here and Sarah wants to give me a makeover I think, but the clothes are in the car still. She should have her own show on TV if you ask me, she is great" I tell Carl.

"Well where did you girls shop Kelci?" Carl says.

"At Dillon's in the small mall near here is where we went and I loved the place. I really think I could stay in that store for hours." I blurted like a silly girl.

"Well if you want go there again just let me know and I can see to it that you get anything your heart desires Kelci. I own the store you're talking about and that one was my very first" Carl tells me. My eyes were wide open when he said that and as if on key laid my hand against his chest for a second laughing. I told him that was great that he was so successful and I loved his store's clothes.

"I just hope you found something to show off that pretty little body of yours Kelci!" Carl said and just looked at him and smiled. I leaned back over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek for the compliment making sure I didn't leave any lipstick.

Our conversation was really good and I was amazed at how comfortable talking to Carl I was too. Sarah seemed to keep an eye out every so often to check and see how I was doing. All I could do was smile and keep talking to Carl as we seemed to hit it off so good.

"Well ladies I think it is time to go, because these gentlemen have to get back to work" Sarah says as she stands and grabs her purse. I slid from the booth and stood up as we were to leave. Carl stood up beside me and grabbed my small hand in his. He thanked me for such a good time said he hoped to see me again later if I wasn't busy. I looked over at Sarah as he said that and I told him I would surely love to if it worked out. Then Tom whispered to Sarah and she said that we would see them later after work. Carl held my hand a little harder as I turned to him and I was really shocked when he gave me a kiss on the lips. I blushed I am sure and thanked Carl just before losing my breath.

We walked out of there saying goodbye and surely my smiles gave away my thoughts. Me and Sarah got to the car and it was all I could do to contain myself. I hugged her around the neck and could not stop smiling. "I think you did great Kelci and Carl seems to really like you too" Sarah says.

"You seriously think a man like Carl could be attracted to me Sarah? And what the hell would I do when he found out that I am not really a girl. I could not handle the embarrassment of that at all. I would die in my heels to get discovered by him of a heart attack. But he is one good looking man that I would love nothing more than to let him spread my little ass cheeks and ...." I caught myself saying. I looked over at Sarah with a scared as hell look on my face.

"And do what Kel?" Sarah said and smiled really big. "Slide something up that tight little rear end of yours?" she added.

Sarah started the car and we pulled out of the parking lot, getting back into traffic around the mall. Neither of us said anything for a few minutes until she broke the ice first. "If you are wondering about me and Tom, well I have been seeing him for months and Amy met James about the same time. They are really good to both of us, so the deal works two ways. They get to have a little piece of ass on the side and we enjoy the financial side of having a piece of plastic to fund our little shopping trips or whatever we want. Who do you think bought me this car Kel and all the clothes I wear? Guys like them love girls like us so we both benefit from the deal. If I was in your shoes right now, I would be trying to figure out what I was going to do if Carl did want to peel my panties off my ass. Me and Amy are to meet them tonight at eight o'clock at Tom's house near the beach."

After thinking about what she just said I look at Sarah and say "So how do I or Carl fit into any of this little plan for tonight."

"Tom said he would call me later with the plans and part of that is whether Carl is coming along too. I don't think that little kiss you got back there will be the last you see of Mr. Dillon, Kel. I told Carl about you a few weeks ago and yes he already knows about your extra equipment you have between your legs. I just had no freaking idea everything was going to work out so good for you two to get together" Sarah says with a really big ass smile on here face. She looked over at me and we both laughed really loud.

"So tell me more about how Carl knows already and how you told him about me" I say to her.

"All of these men love young girls and the younger the better as far as they are concerned. I showed the guys a picture of you one day and Carl lit up like a flashlight. It was of you in the little Britney schoolgirl outfit from last summer. He loved that picture of your little ass in that miniskirt and hose. It wasn't until later that I told him the rest of the story about you though. He never flinched and has hounded me for the last couple of weeks wanting to know when you were coming to visit. Carl is actually the most successful of the three of them and has plenty of money to play with too Kel. He could make your little summer vacation very interesting if you play your cards right" Sarah says having my full attention.

"Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a blonde or if nothing else get some highlights in your hair Kel? I think we could get you a new look on that pretty little head of yours. Let me call a friend of mine and see how busy she is this afternoon" Sarah says. On her cell phone I heard one part of the conversation as I wait, then she hangs up the phone. "You have got to be the luckiest person in the world Kel, because I have never gotten in to see Leah that quickly. "Are you ready for a makeover Miss Kelci?" Sarah asks me as we pull up to the mall entrance. We walked inside and into a plush looking ladies clothing store with a salon in the back. Sitting down we grabbed some hair design magazines flipping through them for a "new look" as Sarah called it. I found a really cute hair design for my hair length and Sarah agreed too. It was a teased look with half curls and a side part on top.

A young lady walked from the back to greet us and Sarah introduced her to me as Leah. We chatted for a moment and showed her the style I wanted from the magazine. She loved it and I went back to her booth to get started. Leah washed my hair to begin cutting and Sarah said she was going to look around in the clothes while she worked her magic on me. Leah was very sweet and I loved talking to her as she worked. Before she dried my hair she wanted to do some work on my eyes and skin she said so I just sat back and enjoyed the special treatment. I felt like a little star the way I was getting pampered by Leah. When she was about through Sarah came walking back in with a long garment bag with something she had bought in the store. I asked what it was and she just shrugged me off with her shoulders. Leah turned me around to show off her work and none of us could believe hot good it looked. I teased it up a little with my fingers to feel how soft it was and looked at Sarah for her reaction.

"You little winch you are making me jealous now. We had better get you home before someone snatches your pretty little ass up" Sarah says and we all laugh. She pulls out another piece of plastic and pays Leah, telling her to include a nice tip for herself.

"Now don't you girls go do anything tonight that I wouldn't do myself! Leah says as we exchange a hug and head out the door. We smiled heading out of the store and I asked Sarah what it was she bought. "You and Carl are going to love me after you see what I have in this bag. I surely hope you have that little body of yours ready baby. I don't think you are going to make it through this week with that little cherry of yours intact Kelci" Sarah tells me acting real serious.

"So what makes you so sure that I am going to see Carl again today anyhow. I really hope I do see him and would love nothing more than to get that chance with a man like him. If he is so interested in me as you say, I will hear from him, right?" I say to Sarah walking through the mall. I look over at Sarah and she has her cell phone open and snaps a picture of me and the new haircut. She starts hitting her keys really quick and I try to grab it from her to see how it turned out.

"What did you just do Sarah? I ask laughing.

"I just sent it to Carl's cell phone to see what he thinks about your new look Kelci. He did just spend two hundred bucks on an outfit for you to wear tonight when we meet them, so I just sent him a little tease picture for you honey!" Sarah says laughing her ass off. "Carl called me while you were getting your hair done and we took care of all that over the phone. He told me what he liked and I just did what I could to help the two of you have a little fun tonight. He is meeting you over at Amy's apartment at eight o'clock and the two of you will have all the time you need to get to know each other. The rest of us are going to be over at Tom's place for dinner" Sarah explains.

I walked along in the mall and not really saying anything except a slight grin to Sarah. Pondering how tonight is going to go with Carl and knowing I have asked for it to happen. I decided right there that I was going to make the best of it and could not wait to feel that good looking man next to me again. I just hoped he was going to enjoy me as much I was him. Feeling like this added a little sway to my tiny ass as we walked through the mall. Noticing that I was getting a few looks from men and giving them a smile back was really hot. We made it outside to the car and left heading over to Amy's place. Passing some places that sold cars, I was looking at some really cool ones and I told Sarah that I would love to have one of those cool convertibles.

"Well if you play this situation out right with Carl you could own one in no time Kel. That man has tons of money and he doesn't mind spending any of it either. When he sees you in the little black outfit I have in the bag, there are a lot of things you can get. It just depends on how bad you want it and if you are willing to do what it takes to keep it too" Sarah says as we pull up at a very nice apartment building.

"This is where Amy lives? Damn this is nicer than anything near where I live" I say, looking around at the cars in the parking spaces.

We got out of the car and walked up to the door of her apartment. Sarah unlocks it and we walk inside with the bags from our shopping trip. It was many times nicer than any place I had ever been in before. Walking around taking it all in for the first time I was speechless. Huge flat screen TV on the wall, nice leather furniture, everything in its place and then I walked to the sliding glass door to look outside. I saw some people out by a beautiful swimming pool and a hot tub on Amy's patio. "You mean to tell me that her boyfriend pays for all of this Sarah?" I gasp.

"Every penny of it and enough plastic to keep her up for a long, long time sweetie" Sarah answers. I sat down on the huge leather sofa looking around some more. Sarah called me to the stairway and showed me the upstairs area. There were two bedrooms that looked like something out of a magazine. "This will be your bedroom while you are here Kel" she says sitting the bags on the bed. Both bedrooms had their own large bathroom and walk in closet. I sat on the bed thinking this could be where me and Carl would spend tonight. "Why don't you put on the outfit I picked out and we can get you ready for your date with Carl" Sarah tells me.

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