tagIncest/TabooSissy Seduces Sarah

Sissy Seduces Sarah


Hello again, folks. This is Jason Stark speaking, and the thrills are coming fast and furious this summer.

In my companion piece I told of how I discovered my sister's whorish secret lifestyle. Needless to say, we've been fucking and sucking every chance we get since then. Doing it right under Mom and Dad's noses just heightens the illicit thrill of getting caught. Just last night I carried Sissy around in the kitchen impaled on my cock while the folks were watching t.v. in the next room.

Anyway, this segment is about my college sweetheart, Sarah. We're both 22, and I've given her an engagement ring this summer. I love her dearly, but I have never even seen Sarah naked. Sarah's family is very religious, very rich, and their virginal daughter would be a prize for any man. Sarah is 5 foot 3,with long brown hair, dark almond eyes, and massive breasts that are 42DD (I checked her bra in the drawer, once). She has a very fat ass that quivers and shakes in her ski pants, all balanced on firm thighs that taper down to ridiculously dainty ankles and feet.

Sarah and I have petted some, but she always keeps my hands on the outside of her clothes. Once we were kissing in the car and I got excited and pulled my cock out. Sarah gasped as I tried to put it in her hand, and after a futile struggle I just shot off all over the car window and into her hair. Sarah didn't speak to me for a month afterwards.

But now Sarah was coming to town to visit, and I decided to enlist my new-found fuck-buddy sister Sissy in a seduction plan. I would tell Sarah I was out running errands for the engagement party, but actually I was hidden in Sissy's closet hoping to finally see Sarah's glorious tits and ass in the flesh.

It was a Friday night, and our folks were out at the family cottage. Sissy purposely walked around naked in front of me all that day, her 5 ft. golden brown petite frame augmented by soft blond curly hair. Her tiny tits stood taut and achy from my playing with her puffy nipples all day.

Sissy didn't suck or fuck me though, just to keep me at fever pitch for Sarah's visit.

Finally, at 8:00 p.m. a taxi pulled up to our door. I ran to my hiding place, as pre-cum matted my thigh in anticipation of the show to come. Suddenly, I heard voices, and Sissy and Sarah entered the room.

Sissy was wearing a halter and cut off shorts now, and Sarah, true to her nature, had on a sensible blouse and slacks. No amount of billowing material, however, could mask the fact that Sarah's fat torpedoes would cause a priest to weep in shame and lust.

"Sarah, why don't you go in the bathroom and freshen up." Sissy offered. " Put on your night clothes and we'll relax and talk."

Sissy knew that Sarah would be too shy to undress in front of her. Sarah was very self-conscious at the way men stared and leered at her abundant chest.

As Sarah left the room, Sissy came over to the closet and grabbed a see-through nightie that covered almost nothing. She slipped it on, then bent down and gave my throbbing pecker a couple of hearty sucks.

"Mmmm...I can't wait to devour your girlfriend's tits." Sissy breathed confidently.

It took all my will power not to shoot off in my sister's mouth, but just then Sarah reentered the room. As I expected, she had on a conservative dressing gown that covered herself from neck to ankle.

Sarah gulped hard as she saw her future sister-in-law, for all intents and purposes completely naked in front of her wearing the gauzy teddy.

"You've got to be kidding me." intoned Sissy dryly, as she looked Sarah up and down.

"If I had your tits, I'd be showing them off every chance I got." said Sissy coldly.

"Si-Sissy you're embarrassing me." whispered Sarah with a shy smile, and she looked down at her tits with a combination of mortification and pride.

The girls sat on the bed, and Sissy maintained control by taking Sarah's hair brush out of her hand and began administering long, sensuous strokes to the gorgeous chestnut-brown mane.

"Sarah, that's some engagement ring you've got." said my tiny sister as she pulled my fiance back against her chest. "What did you have to do for Jason to get it?"

"Do? What do you mean?" flushed Sarah. "I'm a virgin, you know."

"No way! No way Jason hasn't plowed your pussy with that fat cock of his!" laughed Sissy, and I smiled smugly to myself in the closet as I ran my hand lightly up and down my 10 inch shaft.

"Wait--you've seen your brother's penis? How did that happen?" said Sarah, but as she attempted to turn to face Sissy, my sister's strong cheerleader legs scissored around her stocky frame.

"I've seen it. I've seen it hard." whispered Sissy."Have you?" At this, Sissy dropped the hair brush and began kneading Sarah's shoulders.

"I-I saw it once. It-it was big. God knows, it was big." said Sarah, no doubt recalling the night her hair was stained watching a man ejaculate for the first time.

Sissy began to unzip Sarah's nightdress in the back, and now her tiny hands were working Sarah's shoulders vigorously.

"That-that feels good." Sarah admitted softly. " Especially after my long plane ride."

Sissy turned Sarah to face my position in the closet, and with a sly smile slowly lowered Sarah's gown to her waist.

"Uhhh..what are you doing?" breathed Sarah, and I watched in awe as her massive jiggly tits spilled out and wobbled in the open air.

They were magnificent. Too heavy to stand out, they swayed and danced erotically. The aureoles were as wide as lily pads, and Sarah's dark brown nipples stiffened and extended like baby teethers under my petite sister's back rub.

"Jesus Christ, Sarah. These are the best tits I've ever seen!" exclaimed Sissy, and she reached up and began milking the puffy teats with desire.

"Oooo...Sissy! Stop! And don't take the Lord's name in vain!" husked Sarah, but her elegant nails clawing into Sissy's bedspread told a different story. I now knew that my sister would be eating my fiance's pussy in five minutes, and in years to come any man that got ahold of those tits would reduce Sarah to a cock-huffing whore.

Sarah moaned loudly as Sissy threw her backwards on the bed, and Sissy ripped off both their nightshirts and started to go down on Sarah.

"No! I'm not a lesbian! Stop putting your tongue -uuhh-there---uhhh--don't--lick it--please don't lick it---lick it --lick it---lick me...."

Sarah ground her fat thighs up into my sister's mouth, and clutched Sissy's hair with frenzied desire.

"OOO,Sissy! Dont tell Jason! Don't tell Jason! Don't tell Jason I came in your mou--Aiieeeee!!!"

Sissy had three fingers in Sarah as she munched her damp, glistening cunt, trying to breach her maidenhead as she chewed and blew on the fattest clit I've ever seen.

I couldn't take it any longer. Overcome with lust, I strode out of the closet with my purple pulsing cock pissing precum like a fountain.

I pushed Sissy aside, and made eye contact with my uncomprehending, orgasming fiance as I tore her dewy hymen to bloody shreds and started to cum deep inside her.

Sissy licked my nuts and lapped up Sarah's menses as we all howled in animal abandon.

As we began to recover our senses, Sarah looked up at me with tear filled eyes and pulled my desperate mouth to her massive, flushed tits. As I chewed and sucked in gratitude, Sissy once again began to eat my now broken fiance toward a toe-curling climax.

I now knew that both of my girls would do whatever was asked of them going forward.

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