Sissy Sisters


This was the letter I wrote to an older Sissy in an attempt to convince Her to accept me as Her littler sister and use me.


Stop, You make me blush. I too luv wearing feminine luxurious things. I believe now I need to wear sensuous feminine things under the direction of some one else. Could that possibly be You. Please.

You would treat me like a little tom-boy sister that requires lessons about being a lady. To be a lady one must dress as a lady and You would firstly have Your Little Sissy Sister strip down naked for Your inspection. To assert Your authority You would take the opportunity of her vulnerable nakedness by having her stand still while You trailed Your hands all over her body. Gently exploring, tweaking, commenting, owning her nakedness while having her tell You how much she adores her Older Sister and so wants to have her Older Sister turn her into the little sissy she should be.

When You are satisfied You start to dress Your little sissy slut sister. Holding out a pair of ruffled lace knickers You ask casually if she would like to wear them for You, smirking because You can already see that she is utterly smitten by the thought. When she reaches for them blubbering her willingness to wear such sexy ruffled panties You pull them away teasingly enjoying her whimper of frustration. Holding them out of her reach You whisper "Beg," and like magic You watch approvingly as she sinks to her knees begging You for the opportunity to wear such pretty lacy things for You. Your foot slips from beneath the hem of Your lovely satin dress towards her, without being told she knows to bend forward kissing Your foot, Your ankle, brushing her fingers delicately over Your nyloned calves while You sigh with pleasure.

You have dressed Your little Sissy Sister in ruffles and lace. She totters about on impossibly high heels that accentuate her sexy legs. Girly ankle socks with lace trimming make for a saucy accent to the very lady like heels. Her stunning legs disappear beneath a stiff very short petticoat and skirt ensemble that cinches about her waist tightly. You have not allowed her breasts as yet feeling that she is more suited to a training bra that will remind her of her place. You enjoy sending Your little sissy sister about here and there to accomplish simple tasks so You can watch the product of Your transformation in motion. Well placed mirrors giving You extra glimpses of Your creation. She feels Your eyes upon her and begins to play up for You. Teasing glimpses of lacy ruffles, flirtatious looks, tarty little gestures that inevitably become annoying and eventually You send her to fetch Your hair brush smiling approvingly as she flounces off unwittingly in search of it.

Upon her return and without ceremony You haul her across Your lap where she topples helpless. With one arm You sweep her petticoat and skirt away from her panty covered bottom pinning her in position. Holding her there, exposed, vulnerable, You explain to Your little Sissy Sister that she if she wishes to act like a slut she will treated - SMACK - like - SMACK - a - SMACK - slut - SMACK!!! You enjoy the reflection of Your Sissy Sister over Your lap in the mirror while You tell the little bitch that You are not going to put up with her behaviour accentuating each word with well placed smack to her firm bottom ignoring her squeals of pain and blubbering pleas for forgiveness as You turn her cheeks crimson. By the time You have tired You turned the little slut in a whimpering mess that is promising You anything to stop.

Thrilled with the surge power the spanking has given You over Your little Sissy Sister You push her from Your lap into a simpering heap on the floor at Your feet. While she whimpers You use the pointy toe of Your high-heel to trace her body possessively. Using it to raise her chin You inspect the streaks of tears down cheeks knowing that her glowing bottom is reminding Your little Sissy Sister that she is now Your bitch. Your toe brushes over her lips and You smile approvingly when she kisses it. She is now so very Yours.

You allow her to worship Your foot. Then Your ankle. Slowly raising the hem of Your dress to allow her to worship Your calves, knees, thighs. With a sigh of satisfaction You watch her in mirror as she slips beneath Your dress while spreading Your legs as her delicate lips kiss their way gently over the lacy tops of Your nylons then the creamy bare flesh of Your inner thighs. Her poutty lips, her hot mouth and then her moist insistent tongue caress Your flesh making You shiver with excitement. Your legs spread further giving Your little slut access to Your most sensitive regions. You breath deeply as she pauses there beneath Your dress worshipping the temple You are allowing her access to. You gasp audibly as she slowly deliberately presses her face between Your hot steamy thighs to kiss ever so delicately then brush her lips over Your swelling panty covered sissy clit.

You gasp with pleasure watching in the mirror the vision of this submissive sissy slut kneeling at Your feet. Her scarlet red bottom protrudes invitingly from her skirt and petticoat her body disappearing beneath the luxurious folds of Your gown to where You feel her head buried between Your thighs. It is not long before Your sissy sluts mouth has You panting with wanton desires. She caresses, teases, her mouth, lips and tongue are everywhere. Probing caressing tasting Your sissy clit. At some point You become aware that she has slipped Your panties aside and her hot mouth has enveloped Your hardening sissy clit sucking it gently between her lips. Your hands reach out to hold her head bobbing slowly up and down beneath Your dress on Your now throbbing sissy clit as her fingers gently probe Your sissy hole. Her tongue dances over Your sissy clit wetly as Your little sissy slut draws You towards Your orgasm.

Your breath comes in shuddering gasps as Your clit pulses filling Your little Sissy Sisters mouth with Your hot sticky cum. Your hands cling to her head as Your hips thrust forward as another surge of Your cum floods the sluts mouth. She can't handle the volume of Your orgasm and You can feel the hot wetness spilling from her lips as she struggles for control. You spurt again, and again, fully lost in Your orgasmic pleasure. You pull Your dress away so You can watch as the slut struggles with the volume of Your orgasm enjoying seeing Your cum drool from lips and drip from her chin. With a hand full of hair You pull her away from Your clit holding her close so You can feel the hot wetness of her cummy breath over Your sex sensitive clit. You smile as the wanton little whore opens her mouth to show You Your creamy white cum coating her tongue.

With the toe of Your shoe You cast her off noting the hungry glint of lust lingering in Your little Sissy Sisters eye. The bitch pants for control as You languidly survey the result of Your orgasm dripping from her chin. What a perfect little slut You have for Your pleasure You think triumphantly to Yourself. "Go freshen up sweetie," You coo at her, "We have company coming." You add giggling as Your body tingles with anticipation of the coming festivities. You watch the little bitch struggle for composure as the realisation of what You have just told her sinks in. Hunger to submit Your little sub Sissy Sister to further excesses grips You. Adrenalin surging through Your body accentuates the flush of passion spreading over Your body. Your own sissy clit begins to swell as You as review in Your mind what You have arranged for the sub sissy miss pensively licking her lips on her knees before you.

You have dressed Your little Sissy Sister in a very short bright blue satin dress with a bodice that hugs her chest and waist then flares out from her hips over a stiff white lace fringed petticoat, beneath which You catch glimpses of satiny ruffled white knickers as she flounces about preparing the room for Your soon to arrive gentlemen guests. Her thigh high sock are accentuated with blue bows and her long blonde tresses are tied back with another. You sit regally in all Your own satin splendour with Your feet tucked coquettishly beneath You as wait.

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