tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSissy Sperm Bank Pt. 03

Sissy Sperm Bank Pt. 03


*This is a continuation of the Sissy Sperm Bank series. You should read the first two chapters first before you read this. I'm working on the next installment as you read this! Hope you enjoy it! Please leave a comment or send me an email if you have suggestions or just like the series! I live for the feedback so please respond and comment!


A line of thick hard cocks all for me, all waiting to deposit their sperm samples in this sissy nurse's mouth!

I looked up to the man I was sucking off and winked.

"Hey Daddy, I see so many of your friends here have been working hard priming their pumps, getting their sperm samples ready for me. It would just be a tragedy if I didn't get to let them try my mouth, don't you think?"

In between phrases, I was licking around his cockhead, toying with him. I felt so naughty! I could barely last a second of talking without needing to keep licking this fine specimen of man meat. This is the sissy I've become, just completely cock crazy! When there's cock on the menu, I am on all fours, mouth open and ready to suck and fuck!

He moaned at my oral affections, looking down intently as I adored his cock.

"Come on bro! Let us have at her!" Shouted one of his co-workers.

"If I don't get to fuck that mouth of hers soon, I'm gonna blow, dude!" Another piped up.

Clearly the guy whose cock I was teasing was too wrapped up in my sexy ministrations to want to respond to his buddies. He just kept looking down on me as I lapped away at his cock. Every now and then I'd suck just the cockhead in my mouth and "pop!" it back out, giggling a bit each time and batting my lashes up at him.

I was starting to get wrapped up in teasing this one cock, almost forgetting about the feast of cocks to my right. Can you believe that? But I was just having so much fun kissing and licking and sucking and admiring this one cock, I was deep in sissy cocklust by this point! Just point my head to a cock and I'll go worship until I get my fill of cum...and then some!

Some of the men started grumbling to each other about how they deserved my services.

"Come on, bro!" some yelled.

A tide of voices started to erupt and I heard a chant start to gather steam. Soon, all the men were chanting in unison:

"Give us the slut! Give us the slut! Give us the slut!"

I was so fucking turned on, hearing this men chant because they were so horny for my holes! This is why I became a sissy - to please men and as many men as possible!

The chant broke this man out of his pleasure-filled reverie.

"Fuck, fine already!" He yelled. "But make sure she's in one piece when she gets down the line. I haven't cum in a week and she better not be too spent to swallow it all."

He looked down at me to say something but before he could, I spoke first.

"Daddy," I said, still lapping at his cock. "May I please go help your friends get their sperm samples ready for me? I do so love your cock but I must get as many samples as possibly otherwise I won't know if the staff health is up to par and my Master will be disappointed in me. You don't want that do you, Daddy?"

He nodded his head, "Haha, we definitely wouldn't want that. Though I gotta wonder what the boss does to you when he's disappointed in you if this is where he sends you when he's happy with you. Go ahead, go suck the rest of these fuckers off!"

"Oh thank you Daddy! I can't wait to come back to your cock soon!"

I smiled up at him and let go of his cock slowly as I stood up on my heels. But I wasn't ready to move on from him yet...Not before I made sure he knew my worth.

"And Daddy," I said."

"Yeah, slut?"

"A slut like me is never too spent to get my fill of cum." I turned around, my ass facing him as I pulled up my skirt to show my underbuns (but not my sissyclit) before I rubbed my hands against them.

"Slap!" I spanked my ass hard.

I peaked my head back at him.

"This body was made for cock and cum." I said devilishly.

Whoops and hollers went up amongst the crowd of men. They were loving this show and enjoying the whore they got for the day.

Proud of my sexy flirtation, I smiled as I walked up to the next man. He was Latino, his skin bronze and his torso absolutely chiseled. Looking down, I saw a find cock, probably 8". He was stroking it almost lovingly as I took sexy little steps in my heels towards him, making sure my ass dropped and jiggled with each step so the man I had just sucked could enjoy the show.

"Well hello there Daddy," I grinned, clearly excited to try his nice cock. I ran my hands along his big biceps and chest.

"Hey there lil' chica," his voice has a slight accent. "I was gonna empty this load on one of them putas at the truck stop, but I think you deserve it more."

"Oooh yes Daddy! Thank you so much for letting me have the honor of taking your cum instead of one of those girls. I promise you'll enjoy giving me the sample more than you do to them."

"Prove it," he said.

A sissy like me loves a challenge! I was gonna show him that sissies can't be beat in the cocksucking game.

Squatting in front of him, I took stock of the big cock in front of me. This was gonna be fun!

Looking up at the owner of this big cock, I put my finger to me lips teasingly and said, "Oh Papi, this is one grande sized cock! Can those truck stop girls handle all of it?"

"Lil' chica, those putas try. When I can't fit it in their mouth, I just spin 'em around and fuck their pussies raw."

"Well isn't that a shame, Papi. What a waste of cock! I believe that no inch of cock should ever go to waste!"

As were were verbally sparring, I had grasped his cock in one hand and pumped back and forth. This was a wonderful cock, not too small not too big. Nice and thick just like I like 'em!

He chuckled at what I had said.

"Yeah lil' chica, I like that. I like that."

I looked up at him while stroking his cock and responded.

"Well you're gonna like this a whole lot more, Papi."

I literally dove headfirst into his cock, stuffing as much as I could into my mouth as quickly as I could. My mouth let out a gagging sound as his cock hit the back of my throat but that didn't stop me. I just crammed my head further towards his crotch.

"Gggghh" the muffled sound came out of my mouth.

No sooner had the words, "Ah fuck chica!" left the mouth of the guy before I had this whole cock stuffed down my throat, my nose rubbed firmly against his shaved crotch.

But I didn't stop there. In my mind, I counted, "10 Cockassippi, 9 Cockassippi, 8 Cockassippi" all the way down to 0 as I relaxed all the muscles in my throat. His cock got to enjoy 10 beautiful seconds of my warm wet mouth and throat. My hands were clutching his muscular thighs as my face slowly let up off of cock, each spit-covered inch of cock revealing itself to the watching crowd. Finally I got to the head of the cock. I put my hand back onto his cock before releasing that precious end.

Catching my breath, I looked back up at the man.

"So, Papi, better than those truck stop girls?" I panted.

"Fucking-A lil' chica, you should get a fuckin' award for deepthroat. Those girls got nothin' on you."

"Thank you Daddy," I slyly replied.

I worked his cock a few more minute, every now and then diving back in and deepthroating his cock, enjoying the loud moan he'd emit when I did so. I loved doing this to men, they were absolutely in my control when I deep throated, their whole bodies surrendering to my oral worship. This just reinforced how much I loved my new life. What girl wouldn't love just being able to bring such pleasure to big strong alpha men? This was PURPOSE.

Taking a nice long suck of his cock once more, I released his cock from my hands and asked this buff Daddy if I could move on.

"Papi, don't you think your friends need my services? I wanna show them how much better I am than any truck stop girls they use!"

"Oh lil chica, you do that. I'll keep this cock nice and hard for you."

"Thank you Daddy! I'll keep this mouth wet and warm for that cock!"

I dropped from a squatting position to my knees and then all fours. Crawling over to the next guy, I wobbled my ass for my Latino Daddy, my skirt riding up slowly.

On my hands and feet, I got to the next man in line. I could only see his feet from my position but as I stared up I got quite a surprise. I barely got up on my knees when my head bumped up against a something hard. I looked up and was greeted with the fat head of a really big cock! Those last two were fantastic cocks, don't get me wrong. But this one must have been 10 inches! Like all sissies, I'm a size queen and nothing gets my holes tingling more than the sight of a XXL dong!

"Oh.my.gosh." I was almost speechless in excitement!

"You like that big dick, girl?" The voice above said.

I was still staring at the dick when I replied.

"I...I love it! It's so big...and thick...and juicy." I was entranced.

"Sluts like you go crazy for big dick, don't they? Go ahead, nurse, admire it all you want."

I had almost forgotten about the nurse character I was playing in this blowbang fantasy that Master sent me to fulfill for his workers. I looked up to get a look at the alpha male owner of this big dick. He wasn't especially handsome or in great shape, but that didn't matter. All that mattered was that this man was endowed with a big cock, and that cock was all mine today! That's another thing that separates sissies from women. Women want the romance, the knight in shining armor, the handsome man who they can show off to their friends. But not sissies. All us sissies care about is big cock, period. And we don't want our knights in shining armor, no. we want our men in the form of Masters and Daddies. Alpha males who know how to take charge of a submissive sissy bitch. We live for cock, and we crave men who know how to give it to us, I mean really give it to us. I'm talking men who understand the depraved thoughts that go through our minds and enjoy making those thoughts a reality.

"I am in love with this cock, Big Daddy." I was enjoying giving each of these men a special nickname. "It's exactly what I want, exactly what I need. It's what sluts like me live for. A BIG COCK for a BIG SLUT." I enunciated the last few words, making sure everyone in the room and especially Big Daddy knew what a whore like me was all about.

"Damn straight, slut." Big Daddy replied. "This is the kind of cock and sluts dream about."

"Yes it is Big Daddy!" My heart was racing, I couldn't wait to enjoy this super sized dick delicacy.

A naughty thought entered my mind.

"Big Daddy, may I try and get a better look at this magnificent specimen? A nurse is trained to see a challenge from all angles."

He looked quizzically down at me, unsure of my motive.

"I don't see why not. But don't keep me waiting."

"Yes Big Daddy! Thank you Big Daddy!"

I crawled around his leg until I was behind him. All eyes looked confused as they stared at me while I was on my knees behind this man. Hunching down on all fours, I scooted in between his legs. Then I peered up. This was quite the view! My head was just under Big Daddy's big sack and I could see the majesty of his whole shaft. From here, I could really admire the view of a mighty cock. This was usually the position I liked to be in when pleasing my Master with another sissy. The other sissy would be sucking on the head of the cock while I'd be under his legs lapping away at his full sack and big balls. I loved this feeling of my vision being completely taken up by manhood and my body literally being underneath an alpha male. I felt so subservient and trapped by big cock!

"Oh my god, so big." I uttered in awe. "Just...so big."

I looked up at this sack and couldn't resist. I opened my mouth wide and sucked in one of his balls. Mmmm, this was like savoring a caramel hard candy. I felt like I could sit here all day, sucking away at his balls. This was where his hot cum was made and I needed to keep it warm and taken care of!

I could hear the men in the room laughing at this sight. They must have thought it was so absurd how slutty I was, watching a whore like me just go crazy over big cock to the point where I needed a better angle to worship it!

Big Daddy cackled, "Hahaha. Damn, you are one hungry little slut. It's like you're an calf feeding from a cow. Like you need to suck cock and balls to survive!"

I released his other ball from my mouth.

"Oh yes Big Daddy! I wouldn't be able to survive if I didn't get cock and cum to keep me going!"

I went back to adoring his balls with my mouth. Each ball felt so heavy, storing up a load of cum that I anticipated would eventually come out like a torrential rain all over me.

"Well why don't you come out from under there and show the boys what a big cock looks like in a hot girl's mouth."

I didn't miss his compliment, even though I was still wrapped up in lathering up his balls with my spit.

"Yes Big Daddy! I think I was able to get a good estimate of your cum sample from here. Now I should really help that sample make its way down the shaft!"

I crawled forward. But as I did, I kept my head up and tongue out, sliding my wet tongue along the underside of his shaft. My eyes were open the whole time, just enjoying watching every inch of this cock. I hadn't even had my first taste of all the cocks in the room and I was already on overdrive! This was about to get even more fun!

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