tagTransgender & CrossdressersSissy Takes It Rough

Sissy Takes It Rough


Hi Sweeties! Guess what? Well, adult arcade sissy, Miss Terilyn Bardot, got her ass whipped but good the other night. It happen at an adult video arcade in Providence, RI.

One of the reasons Terilyn likes going there is because they could care less what kind of sex goes on in those preview booths. in fact they installed larger booths that hold up to 6 occupants. A lot of the adult bookstores, mainly the ones in Massachusetts, have signs posted to the effect of no sexual behavior allowed, or, one person per booth - violaters will be ejected...legal prosecution, etc. So that's why Terilyn likes the ones in Providence.

Anyway, Terilyn paid her 6 bucks and entered the arcade. Terri always gets a thrill whenever she goes into that arcade, because flanking the doorway are two lifesize photographs of naked women in high heels, and as she passes she thinks to herself that in just a few minutes she'll look very much like them.

After Terilyn got her booth, she put on a blonde wig, applied some hot red lipstick, and got naked to just a pair of sexy high heels. She cracked the door to wait.

This one short black dude came in and as soon as he saw Terilyn he went nuts. I mean, he was all over her, kissing on her feeling her up - he didn't even bother closing the door! He was babbling and acting like a rapist. He pushed Terri back on the bench and pushed her legs up, like he was gonna fuck her or something. He was trying to mount her and get his dick into her ass. Finally Terilyn had to insist that he wear a condom, which he did, then he fucked her with her legs up. He came quick, about 3 or 4 thrusts and he was done. Terri was kinda glad to get rid of him because he was acting psycho.

After he left Terilyn watched some more porn. I was there about a half hour before another black guy came in her booth. He was smiling. "Whassup, sissy!" he said.

Men who call her that - sissy - are usually guys who have done time and know the score.

"Hi sweetie", Terilyn answered him, acting as feminine as possible. "You like a nice hot blow job, Daddy?"

He took off all of his clothes. He was in his 30s, dark skin, lots of muscles and prison tattoos, like most African-American men, and he had a good 10 inches. "Get down on you knees, bitch", he said.

Terilyn obeyed him meekly, sinking to her knees at his feet. She was about to suck his cock but he said, "Lick my toes first."

Well, he didn't lift his feet, so Terri had to get on her elbows on the floor and lick his toes like that. She liked his toes hella long, until finally he told her to suck his cock.

He was acting very demanding, giving her orders, like the pimps in prison do to their sissies. Terri started suckin his dick. She's a relly good cocksucker, almost nobody complains about the way she sucks cock, but this guy was complaining that she wasn't using enough pressure. Terilyn kept tightening her lips and jaws, but it didn't seem good enough for him. he grabbed her jaws roughly in his hand and pinched down hard. "Bitch, I aint gone keep tellin yo ass, do it fuckin RIGHT!" And he slapped the side of her head...not too hard but enough for her to know he meant business.

Well, since Terilyn's been coming to the booths she's never been beaten up or anything, so she kinda wasn't expecting what happened. I mean, in the joint she'd had her ass beat a lot by her black master, but the closest she came to a ass whippin in the booths was one time in Worcester when a guy came in her booth yelling at her and accusing her of giving him crabs, which was bullshit cause Terri didn't have crabs. But he was screaming at her and he raised his fist like he was gonna hit her. And to make it worse there were a shit load of guys crowding around the door watching. But he never hit her, he just left.

But now, Terilyn definitely had bad vibes from this guy. She kept trying to please him but he kept getting more pissed off. He started cussing her out and slapping her face and the side of her head. She raised her hand - just to try to keep from getting hit - and it really outraged him. That's when he beat the shit out of her. He was yelling and he kept hitting her everywhere, on her arms, her head & face...her upper lip puffed way up and her right eye was almost completely swollen shut. Just then the door opened. Another black guy looked in. "What's goin on?" he said.

The guy who beat Terri up said, "MuthaFUCKA! What the fuck you ass want! Get the fuck out of here!"

The man looked at the Black man and the cowering white sissy. They were both naked, and she obviously had just got her ass whipped but good. She was crying. The man she was with, he had told her his name was Junior, slammed the door shut and locked it. Then he turned to Terri and said, "Look muthafucker - look what you done! You got everyone over here now!"

He started hitting her again. She was crying and begging him, "Please, Daddy...please don't hit me no more, I'll do whatever you say, honey!"

Then there was a loud banging on the door. "Security!" the voice said. "Open the door!"

Junior went to the door and opened it. It was the black security guard. He looked in. He saw Terilyn cowering behind Junior. "What's going on, man?" the security asked.

"It aint nothin, man," Junior said. We just havin' a argument - cool?" The security looked at Terilyn. She was standing there naked, high heels, lipstick, and wig.

"You ok?" The guard said to her. Junior gave her a hard look.

"Yeah," she answered. "I'm his bitch.we cool." The security guard laughed. "Well ok then," he said. He turned to Junior. "Aiight, brutha...just try an keep it down...aight?" Junior laughed and they bumped fists. "Aight, bro," he said.

Junior turned to Terilyn. He wasn't smiling anymore. He grabbed her upper arm roughly and said, "You gone suck my dick, ho, an you gone suck it proper...you dig?"

Terilyn nodded, "Ok Daddy, I promise I do you right, Daddy", she said, kneeling. This time she pleased him, probably because her swollen lip made the blowjob feel better for him. After awhile he had Terri get up on the bench and cock her bare buttocks up so he could fuck her. He pulled out a pill jar that had vaseline in it, smearing the grease over his boner. He finger fucked Terri's anus with 2 fingers then he mounted her and eased his bone hard cock into her tight anus.

Man! That fucking cock felt HELLA good! Junior really knew how to fuck a bitch. And Terilyn gave him a sweet one because she kept clamping down on the base of his dick with her tight anal muscles.

As he was fucking her she saw the door open, just a crack. It was the security guard. Junior couldn't see him because of the way he was turned, but Terri could see him, watching and enjoying the show, like watching live pornography.

Junior fucked Terilyn for a long time before easing his greasy dick out her fuck hole and ejaculating into her open mouth. Terilyn had Junior's scum dripping from her pretty face and she looked at the security guard. He quietly closed the door.

Junior wiped off his dick on Terri's dress & got dressed. He told her to give him whatever money she had. He grabbed her stuff and went through it and took $35.00. He left and Terri got up and watched some more of the sexy porn.

She felt so fuckin' cheap sitting there, naked and beaten with cum dripping from her nose and chin. The door opened. It was the security guard. He came in and put his hand under Terilyn's chin, raising her head. "Whooo-EEE!" he said. "Y'all done got you ass beat good!"

The sissy nodded. "Yeah," she said. The guard felt up her legs. "I saw him fuckin' you," he said, his hand cupping her tits and his fingers pinching her nipples. Terri was getting hella horny. "Want me to suck you cock, Mista?" She asked him.

He looked at her and took her dress. "Here," he said. "Wipe dat shit off you face. Terilyn wiped the semen off, and the security guard took out his cock. It was thick and bone hard, 12 inches. The queen kissed it and sucked it, but he pulled back.

"Please, Mista," Terilyn said, pleading - begging, "Please let me suck it, I promise I make you feel real good, honey man."

She was feeling his big strong legs, begging him for cock. "You can suck it," he said. "But you got to know right now I want some pussy, I want to fuck." Terri held his dick in her hand.

"Really?" she said. "Well, ok, Daddy, I'd LOVE to feel this thing in my ass." Terilyn bowed her head and gave him a crazy sweet bareback blowjob. She sucked his cock and nuts and played with his legs. Then he fucked her on the bench. He laid her back and put her skinny, white legs up on his big shoulders and worked his bare cock into her greased up vagina. Man! That hunk's cock felt hella sweet in her naked ass. He was kissing her mouth and pounding her ass hard. Then he said, "I'ma cum, baby!!" And he pulled out and she got down on the floor with her mouth open.

He held his dick, squeezing down on the base to keep from cumming until the sissy was on her knees. Then he let go and Terilyn felt a big slop of hot snot slap across her beaten face, then another, and another, until her face was literally pasted with semen. Oh god! what a fucking white sissy WHORE! Then she hungrily licked and sucked his big hardon clean with her mouth. He pointed to the floor. There was a used condom lying there. It had streaks of shit on it from whom ever had been fucked by it. It had been lying there since before Terri got there. She looked at it.

The security said,"Don be wastin that shit." The queen picked up the condom. There was a good quarter cup of cold semen in that scumbag. "Drink it." the security guard told her.

She laughed and held it up and let it run it to her open mouth. Fuck! It was ice cold and bitter, but she did as she was told and swallowed it all, retching a little bit.

Well, that was Terri's night. Everytime she looks in the mirror she sees the effects of the beating and it makes her dick get hard again. It feels soooo good to obey black men, because they are the only REAL men around. That's why white women always turn to black men, because they are sick of their puny white husbands and boyfriends. And once they get a taste of what it's like to be with a REAL man, they don't ever go back to white.

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