tagGroup SexSister Act

Sister Act

byMike Franklin©

I suppose that I felt guilty about fucking LeAnne's sister that day when I was fixing the garage roof, but every time I started to get down about it I just thought back to the way that Carolyn had looked, bent over, her totally perfect ass high in the air and my rigid cock sliding in and out of her pussy and started to feel instantly better.

Carolyn had done her part too and kept our little encounter a secret, though that evening after I had deposited my load inside her I could see that from time to time her hand would disappear between her legs and wipe away some of the cum that had escaped from inside her and dribbled down her legs.

A couple of weeks after that incident we were again over at Debbie's, LeAnne and Carolyn's mothers house, for an afternoon of swimming and relaxation. Debbie was gone for the weekend on a trip somewhere and so it was just me and the girls at the house.

It was Saturday and it was a scorcher of a day, with temperatures almost into the hundreds; it was a great day to know someone with a pool! I was in the guest bathroom getting my suit on when I heard a knock on the door. My trunks weren't yet on and I was mostly naked but I figured it was LeAnne and so I told her to come in.

"Whoa, nice suit," I heard Carolyn say. I whirled around and tried to cover myself, but it was no use. And what was the point? It wasn't like she was going to see anything she hadn't already seen.

Still, I felt like I had to put on the indignant act in case LeAnne happened to wander by. "Can I help you?"

Carolyn giggled. "So feisty! Relax, LeAnne is in the kitchen mixing drinks and she sent me back here to see what you wanted."

"How about a Pina Colada?"

Carolyn turned and hollered to LeAnne as she made her way back to the kitchen. "Bartender, two Pina Colada's!" I finished changing and met the two of them in the kitchen were they were both busy at the blender, adding ice, drink mix and alcohol.

I stood behind LeAnne and put my hands on her soft hips and kissed the back of her neck. She was wearing my favorite bikini, a small black and white striped number that was cut high on the bottom showing off a good portion of her ass and cut low on the top allowing a nice view of her ample bosoms.

Carolyn on the other hand was wearing a bikini with less material than the one I had seen her in before. That didn't seem possible given the skimpiness of the last suit she wore, but apparently it was. Her suit today was bright neon yellow, or what there was of it was bright neon yellow. It was just a couple of stings and three strategically placed triangles of fabric; one over each of her nipples and one in the front. Her shapely ass was totally exposed save the thin strip between her cheeks and the soft curves of her breasts were visible in front.

The drinks were ready and we went out to the pool where we sat on lounge chairs and sipped the icy concoctions. We spent a few hours by the pool; the girls tanning themselves while I read a book and tried not to get caught staring at Carolyn's body. Intermittently we would hop in the pool and cool off before basking in the sun again. We also had a few more rounds of drinks, well more than a few, and we were all feeling pretty good by the time we decided to call it a day.

I had just finished toweling myself off and slipping into some shorts when the girls called to me from Carolyn's bedroom. I knocked and pushed open the door and saw that both girls were standing in the middle of the room, still in their bikini's.

I swallowed hard, these two girls were so unbelievably hot, and each was sexy in her own way. LeAnne was a few inches shorter and more filled out, with ample breasts, strong sexy legs and a perfect hourglass figure. Carolyn possessed the prototypical dancers body, long and lean with a narrow waist and slender hips. Her breasts were small (and I knew sensitive) and her ass was the most perfect example of a woman's behind that I have ever seen. They both had long blonde hair and big blue eyes making it easy, despite their differences, to deduce that they were sisters.

"What did you need girls?" I asked as I entered the room.

They looked at me and then at each other. At length LeAnne spoke, "Carolyn is having a problem with her suit and she said that since you were so nice as to help her out of her suit the last time you were here, that she thought you would be so gracious as to do so again."

My heart sank. Oh shit, I thought, the game is up now. I tried in vein to think of something to say, but I was totally unable to form a single thought. LeAnne saw me looking furtive and smiled.

"Oh, you thought I didn't know? Of course I knew, who do you think told her she should fuck you?"

I stood there stunned. My terror turned instantly to disbelief; was I really hearing that my girlfriend had told her sister to seduce me?

"Think of it," LeAnne said "as payment for the work you did on the house," and she and Carolyn were both laughing now. "Now, are you going to help us out of these bikini's or not?"

Good thing my body was paying attention because my mind was still grappling with the idea that my girl knew, no, had wanted me to fuck her sister. I moved to them, reached and untied both of their tops, tugged on the front of them pulling both free. These two blonde goddesses were standing before me topless and ready for action. My cock went from zero to straining against my shorts instantly once I realized that I was going to get to fuck them both.

I bent my head to LeAnne's breast and took it into my mouth and gently sucked her pink nipple, feeling it become hard and rubbery in my mouth. My tongue flicked over her breasts, coaxing her nipples to become fully erect.

While my mouth was concentrating on LeAnne I put my hands to work on Carolyn's breasts. Even though her tits were much smaller than her sisters, they were very sensitive. She had these little nipples surrounded by dime-sized areolas that were a dark pink in contrast to her pale skin.

I moved my mouth from LeAnne to Carolyn and found that my touch had already brought her nipples to full standing; I sucked on each of them in turn, nipping at them softly with my teeth, causing Carolyn to cry out softly.

LeAnne got to her knees and pulled down my shorts. The instant my cock was free I was in her hot mouth. Her lips were so soft and smooth and she started by dragging them seductively across the head of my cock, occasionally flicking her tongue out and teasing me. She dribbled a large glob of saliva on my shaft and used her hand to spread it over me. When LeAnne had me sufficiently lubed her pushed me into her mouth, past her smooth puffy lips, and deep into her throat.

My mouth moved from Carolyn's breasts to her lips and we kissed. Our tongues darted in and out of each others mouth in a very sexual and provocative kiss. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and ran her soft tongue over mine in much the same way that her sister was currently using her tongue on my cock. I moved my hands down to her perfectly shaped ass and cupped one of her small cheeks in either hand. She was still wearing her suit bottom but since there wasn't much there to begin with, there wasn't much in the way of my hands.

I grabbed the ties that held Carolyn's suit bottoms in place and tugged, undoing the bow and causing her tiny yellow bikini to fall to the floor. I ran my hands up over her slim thighs and over her taunt stomach, down through the soft hair between her legs and into her waiting pussy.

My finger slid inside her easily; she was already soaking wet. I pushed until I could push no more and began to finger fuck her tight pussy with a fast and furious. Carolyn went weak at the knees and grabbed my arm for support, her mouth falling open as she breathed heavy with pleasure.

LeAnne was still working expertly on my cock; once she had me totally coated in her saliva she began to work me into her mouth, deeper still, and into her throat. She was now moving her mouth up and down my entire length in slow movements; starting at my head and gently slipping her lips over my shaft until my entire cock was deep in her throat. She held me there for a moment, letting me enjoy the feeling, then would just as slowly proceed back up.

Someone suggested that we move to the bed and we piled on Carolyn's big fluffy bed in a big tangle of limbs. Both girls were kissing me, my mouth turned from one to the other always occupied by one or the other's tongues. I slipped my hand between Carolyn's legs and began to finger her again while LeAnne took a moment to remove her bikini bottoms and then spread her legs so that I could likewise probe her with my other hand.

I lay there with fingers in each sister, kissing each alternatively, while they both used their smooth hands to stroke my dick. We lay that way for a few minutes before I slid from between them and down to my knees before the bed. Grabbing each girl in turn, I positioned them with legs spread wide at the edge of the bed and began to feast on them.

First I started with LeAnne – hey if she was going to go out of her way to arrange these great sexual trysts then I was damn sure going to make sure I satisfied her. My body tingled with passion as I took a moment to observe the scene before me; two red hot blonde bombshells, totally nude, smoothly shaved pussies spread wide open, waiting for me to do whatever I wanted.

I put my mouth on LeAnne and shoved my tongue past the soft pedals of her pussy into the wetness beyond. I virtually attacked her; shoving my tongue deep inside her and swirling it around her hole over and over. My fingers were on her clit, rubbing and pressing on it to compliment the actions of my tongue.

With my other hand, I kept working at Carolyn's pussy, trying to loosen her tight slit up so that I could get two fingers inside her. I pushed my middle finger into her and curled it, finding her spot immediately. As I applied pressure her back arched and her hips pressed against my hand. With a soft cry of pleasure, she orgasmed.

Her sister wasn't far behind her and as my efforts on LeAnne intensified I brought her to her fist orgasm of the day. Her hands reached between her legs and held my head to her, trying to pull my tongue deeper inside her still. LeAnne's orgasm was long and hard, her legs shaking slightly as she rode the crescendo of pleasure.

Once LeAnne's orgasm subsided I moved my mouth from her and relocated it on her sister. I looked up at LeAnne as I approached her sister, half expecting her to ask me what the fuck I was doing. Instead she looked down and me and smiled and I put my head between Carolyn's legs.

Everything about Carolyn's is long and thin, her pussy not excluded. Using my fingers I spread her lips apart and found her clit, teased it to its full extent with my tongue and then put my mouth on it and sucked it forcefully. Her slender body quivered, revealing the pleasure she was taking from my actions.

I moved my mouth from her clit and spent a few minutes licking at her hole, spreading my saliva and her wetness over the area making sure that I could penetrate her with my fingers easily. When I felt she was ready I slid a finger insider her and then another; she was so tight I barely had room to move them.

Slowly I worked my fingers inside of Carolyn's tight pussy, eventually getting her to loosen up to the point where I was able to finger her with a nice smooth rhythm. My mouth was on her clit again, sucking and biting on the sensitive flesh. With my other hand I fingered LeAnne's sloppy wet pussy fast and hard.

Both girls came at seemingly the same instant, soft moans chorusing from their lips as they did. Carolyn's fingers grabbed the blanket on her bed and dug in. The juices flowed from her pussy, coving my fingers and running down into the palm of my hand.

I pulled my fingers from them and stood up. Even though it had been quite a few minutes since my cock had any attention, it was still fully erect and ready for action. I moved back between LeAnne's legs and positioned myself at the entrance to her wet pussy. I penetrated her easily, aided by the wetness her orgasms had left behind. My cock buried inside her to the hilt and I held it there, letting her feel me totally filling her. I withdrew and slammed back into her, again holding my cock deep inside her. Then I pulled out of her completely and moved over to Carolyn.

Even though I had been inside her before, I worried about hurting her. It had taken some doing to get two fingers inside her and my cock is much larger, thank you very much. But when I placed the head of my cock between her soft pussy lips she didn't protest and so I slowly inserted myself inside of her.

It was slow going. It took some work to push past her resistance and get deep inside her, but I went gentle and was soon exploring the depths of her pussy. Once she was accustomed to my size, I pushed a few quick, gentle strokes inside her and then pulled from her and lay down on the bed between the two sisters.

Both were instantly all over me, rubbing their naked bodies against mine, kissing my neck, ears and mouth. Their hands wrested over my cock, pulling at me, stroking me, making me crazy with desire. I pushed Carolyn's head down, urging her to take me in her mouth. When she did, I pulled LeAnne on top of me, straddling my face, and once again ate her pussy.

LeAnne's pussy was insanely wet. I plunged my tongue inside her immediately, causing her to gasp with surprise and pleasure. Carolyn went to work on my cock, stuffing it in her mouth to the hilt – amazing me yet again that she could deep throat my entire cock. She choked and gagged, pulled her lips off of me and slurped the thick strands of spit that clung to my cock back into her mouth. Carolyn worked on me feverously and I in turn worked on LeAnne in the same way.

While I was eating LeAnne I moved my hands over her body, marveling once again at the muscular shape of her legs and ass, the tight muscles of her stomach, the perfect heft of her full breasts. I tweaked her nipples roughly as I licked her, causing her to grind against my face in response. She was getting close to another orgasm and I tried to put the feeling of Carolyn working on my cock out of my mind so that I could concentrate on getting LeAnne off.

Carolyn pushed the entirety of me into her throat and held me there, her cheeks puffing out as she choked herself with my girth. At the same time I had brought LeAnne to the brink of orgasm with my tongue and then surprised her by shoving three fingers into her wet hole; she exploded immediately. Her hips pressed me into the bed, slid back and forth over my tongue working to squeeze every last drop of pleasure from the experience.

LeAnne slid off of my face and Carolyn released my penis from her mouth; the girls switched places. LeAnne took my cock, still coated with Carolyn's saliva, into her mouth. Carolyn slid her lean body up my chest and straddled my face, placing one knee on the bed and the foot of the bed beside my head giving her the ability to lower or raise herself as she desired.

I placed my hands on Carolyn's amazing ass and guided her down onto my tongue. Her lips parted and my tongue snaked inside her, tasting the juices that oozed from her depths. She pushed herself down on my mouth, allowing me to slide even deeper inside her. Then she raised herself slightly until I was just able to glide the tip of my tongue over her soft pussy lips.

Carolyn assumed total control, dictating how she wanted me to use my tongue on her. She would lower herself close to my face so I could lick deep within her and then raise up so that I was gently tracing the outside of her pussy with my tongue. She would slide her hips forward, causing my tongue to slide to the very bottom of her slit. Carolyn would then slide the opposite direction and place her stiff clit in my mouth where I would suck on it delicately until she changed the position again.

While Carolyn was using my tongue for her pleasure, her sister decided to use my cock for a similar purpose. LeAnne let my cock slide from her lips and positioned herself over my engorged penis. She placed me at the entrance to her hole and slowly worked her way down my shaft until she had stuffed herself to full capacity.

LeAnne balanced herself on the balls of her feet and leaned her hands on my chest for support. Once she was loosened up, she began to fuck me with short, quick strokes that slammed my cock against the deepest part of her pussy with each push.

Though my cock was being ridden with a great deal of passion, my mouth was still being occupied by the smooth slit belonging to Carolyn. Her slender fingers threaded through my hair and pulled my mouth up against her pussy while her hips drove down against my face. She held me there, pressed firmly against me and fucked my face with her hot pussy.

My hands were still planted firmly on her ass and as she began to move against my face more frantically I felt her muscles tighten just before she came. Carolyn's pussy exploded and my mouth was flooded with her juices which came pouring out of her depths in incredible quantities. I stopped licking her and concentrated on swallowing the liquid that was rushing into my mouth, basically trying to keep myself from drowning.

Carolyn continued to press me into her mound and ground her hips against my face as she came, moaning things like "holy shit" and "oh my god" over and over. LeAnne must have been inspired by her sister's orgasm and promptly had one of her own.

LeAnne rose until I almost slid from her and then in one quick move slammed herself back down, impaling herself on my large cock. That did it, sending her over the edge. I felt the strong muscles of her pussy squeeze the base of my cock, flexing with each pulse of pleasure.

The room fell silent as both of these beautiful women rested against my respective parts gathered their breath. My tongue lapped at Carolyn's pussy lazily, tasting the drops of liquid that still clung to the soft pedals of her pussy. I reached my hands down and felt for LeAnne's full breasts, found them, caressed them softly and played with her nipples gently.

Once they had both sufficiently recovered, they each dismounted and rolled onto the bed in a heap. There was soft, subtle skin every where, which part to devour next was up to me.

I moved behind Carolyn who way laying face down on the bed, head turned to the side, golden hair cascading down her shoulders and back. I pushed her legs apart with my knees as I positioned myself behind her, felt for her wetness with my finger, then pulled my hand away and replaced it with my cock. Her pussy was indescribably tight, but the last orgasm had left her hole well lubed. With a little gently coaxing I was able to slide first a quarter of my cock inside her, then half, then the whole of it until I was buried up to my balls in soft pussy.

Carolyn's pussy was a study in contradictions; so tight that I could barely enter her, but so long that she could take every last bit of my cock inside of her. Propping myself up on the bed with my hands, I began to fuck her with long, slow, gentle strokes. I withdrew until just the head of my cock was left inside her and then with great deliberation would proceed back into her depths until I had given her all that I had to give.

I knew from our previous encounter that Carolyn liked it hard and rough but for now I was in control. I kept fucking her slow and deep until I couldn't contain my desire any longer. Rather than give into my lust, I slid my cock from her and moved over to LeAnne.

She lay on her side, watching me as I fucked Carolyn, absently running her hands between her legs. LeAnne rolled onto her back as I moved between her legs. She took my rock hard cock, still coated in her sister's wetness, in her hand and guided me home. LeAnne was already stretched out and my cock banged against her depths on the very first stoke.

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