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Sister Act


Janeen was busy working on her homework when there was a light knock on her door.

"Janeen," her mom said. "I need you to pick your sister up at the mall."

"Didn't she drive?" Janeen asked.

"You know your sister," her mom answered.

It was answer enough. Janeen knew her sister. Knew she couldn't be depended on. Always in trouble. Always causing Janeen problems. Her mom too.

Janeen closed her book. "I better go pick her up."

"I can always depend on you," her mom said.

"Thanks." It was a pain looking after her sister, but Janeen was okay with the arrangement. Being the good girl had it's perks. And as soon as she finished a couple of years at the local university, she was transferring to a better one and away from home. Her sister would be stuck in this godforsaken town forever.


Janeen met her sister inside Macy's. She wasn't hard to miss there in the juniors section, wearing tight haltertop, a short miniskirt, and high heels. Her hair bleached blonde, with dark roots showing. Her midriff was bare and she showed a daring amount of cleavage. Janeen shook her head. Her sister the slut. And she was looking particularly so today.

"Tracy, are you ready to go?" she asked. "I need to get back home to finish my homework."

Tracy ignored her question. Instead held up two tiny miniskirts. "Which do you like better, the red or the silver?"

"Neither." Janeen said. They looked more like bathing suits than skirts.

"You are no help at all," Tracy said. "Here hold my bag."

Janeen held her bags while Tracy modeled in front of the mirror.

"I really need to go," Janeen tried again.

"God you are worrisome," Tracy said.

"Fine. I'm leaving without you," Janeen said.

"Okay...okay..." Tracy said. "You got any money?"

"No. I'm broke," Janeen lied. Her sister never paid anyone back.

"Rush...rush...rush," Tracy said. "Let me put these back, and I'll meet you at the front."

Janeen walked to the front of the store carrying the bags her sister had been given her. She walked slowly waiting for her sister to catch up. She stepped into the mall to have a seat.

She didn't get far. A strong hand caught her arm. "This way ma'am."

"What?" Janeen's heart began to hammer. "What's going on?"

"Just step this way," said a gruff woman in a dark blue security outfit. She was tall and a bit stocky. Hair short and manner abrupt. "Let's not make a scene. It's a security matter."

Janeen didn't have any choice. She was escorted over to her sister and both were taken to a room in the back of the store.

"Let's see what's in that package," the security officer said.

"It's not my package," Janeen said. "It's my sister's." She wanted no part of whatever her sister was in trouble for.

"Are you refusing to comply with a security officer?" the lady said. "I'll make a note in the report of your refusal. You may want to reconsider, at the trial they take such things into account.

"No...no.." Janeen stammered. Trial? Did she say trial? Oh fuck! "I just. I mean." And then she handed it over.

Inside the package were several short skirts and tops. A pair of pumps. It was clearly more than her sister could have paid for.

"These all have the security tags attached," the officer said. "How do you explain that?"

"I can't," Janeen stammered. Her heart pounding. Her head swimming. "I just came in here to pick up my sister. I didn't take anything."

Then she did the only thing she could. She turned to her sister. "Tell her Tracy. Tell her that I had nothing to do with this."

"I don't know why she took that stuff officer," Tracy said. "My sister has a problem with shoplifting."

Tears of despair welled in Janeen's eyes. "You fucking liar," she accused.

"Enough," the officer said. "Sisters, as far as I'm concerned you are in on it together. Some sort of shoplifting team. I'm going to have to search on you both."

A search? Dear Lord. Things just kept going from bad to worse.

"Do you have anything hidden on your persons?" the officer said. "This is your last chance to volunteer. Then I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask that you both disrobe. It will go much worse for you if you lie."

"I don't have anything hidden." Janeen said. Of that she was sure.

"I don't have anything hidden," Tracy said. "But I can't vouch for my sister."


"Please disrobe," the officer said.

Tracy started to kick off her heels and Janeen just stood transfixed.

"Wait," the officer said. "I want you to take off your sisters clothes and then she'll take off yours. That way if you have anything secreted away, you won't be able to pull any tricks with it."

"Start on her," the officer pointed to Tracy.

It was a momentary measure of revenge. Tracy was going to be searched too. Janeen took hold of the tube top and lifted, but Tracy refused to lift her arms. God, she was being a stubborn bitch again. "Please," Janeen asked.

Tracy lifted her arms so Janeen could remove the small top. Her breasts fell free and bounced nicely.

"See officer," Tracy said. "Nothing underneath there but my breasts."

"Now the skirt." said the officer.

Janeen had to kneel down to take the skirt off. Leaving her sister in pink thong. God, what a slut. She was embarrassed to be related to her.

"All of it," said the officer.

Janeen took hold of the thong with trembling fingers. Lowered it down her sisters wide hips and then to the floor. Her pubes were shaved to a small triangle above her slit. Everything else was smooth and bare. Her sister was now naked - naked and smiling without a care in the world. It would be her turn next and she dreaded it. Her sister was doing fine being stripped, but that was expected, her sister was a slut.

"Now her," the officer pointed to Janeen, causing the young woman's knees to go weak. So weak she almost lost her balance as she stood up.

Tracy took off Janeen's shoes and socks. She stood up behind her sister, instead of in front like Tracy had been. She started with Janeen's blouse. Undoing one button on her shirt at a time.

"I don't think my sister has anything hidden in here officer," she said.

Thank God her sister was finally helping her. Janeen began to feel that at least she wasn't totally being abandoned.

Tracy took off her sisters shirt. Then she brought down a bra strap, and then the other. Then she took hold of the clasp in front of her cups. "Nothing hidden in here at all. Not even tits," Tracy said. "Trust me. I may be her little sister, but I'm her big sister, if you know what I mean."

Dear God, what was her sister doing? Janeen's cheeks blazed in embarrassment.

"Are you sure you want to see?" Tracy asked. "Such small cups, I can't imagine anything could be hidden there."

Janeen wanted to tell her sister to cut it out, but she just couldn't. Her shame was too great.

"Take it off," said the officer.

Janeen pulled a cup away, exposing a small pale breast and a brief flash of pink, and then covering her back up.

"I'm so embarrassed for her officer," Tracy said. "I just can't expose my sister like this."

"I said remove it," the officer said, her eyes intent on the slim mouse haired girl in front of her.

"But officer," Tracy said toying with the small cups, slowly moving them down, exposing more pale flesh, but keeping pink nipples hidden. "I don't think anyone has ever seen them except maybe me and my mom...."

"Stop your games and take off her bra," said the officer, her voice growing husky and breathy.

"See....nothing here worth seeing at all." Tracy pulled the bra open. Baring her sister. "Want to see underneath her breasts? Ooops there is no underneath, is there sis?"

Janeen just wanted to hide. To crawl away. Her breasts were firm and pert. No there was no underneath, and it wasn't easy being the sister of someone so endowed and eager to show off her attributes. Never more so humiliating than now. She wanted to turn away and hide her shame, but her sister held her fast from behind. She covered herself the only way that remained, placing her hands over her cute orbs.

"The pants too?" Tracy asked. "Or have you seen or not seen enough."

"Of course you will remove her pants," said the officer. "But pull out her pockets first. Make sure she doesn't have anything hidden."

Tracy stuck her hands deep in her sister's jeans. Too deep. Janeen gasped. Reached for her sister's wrists, exposing her breasts in the process.

"Nothing in here officer," Tracy said as she pulled the pockets out. "Nothing has been in here either if you know what I mean."

"Stop it," Janeen said, feeling more and more self-conscious by the moment. Once again covering her breasts, as her sister pulled her pockets inside out.

Then Tracy undid the button of her jeans. "What do you want to bet on what she's wearing underneath?" she asked. "I bet some old ugly big cotton panties. If I'm right, you'll let us go. If not, we'll work it out however you want."

"You are not in a position to bet anything," the officer said. "Now take them down."

Tracy pulled down her sister's jeans. Not just disrobing her sister, but stripping her. And yes, Janeen was wearing a cotton bikini. Not granny panties, but designed for comfort and not for fashion.

"Everything goes," said the officer.

"Please officer," said Janeen. "I promise. I haven't hidden anything."

"Oh but she has officer," Tracy said, taking her sister's waistband and tugging down a bit, exposing a round stomach and pelvic bone, and just the barest glimpse of brown curls. "She keeps what's underneath hidden from everyone - and I do mean everyone. I bet we find dust and cobwebs," she laughed.

"Stop it Tracy," Janeen retorted, her chin beginning to tremble. "Please officer, I'll do it myself. Tracy is...Tracy is making a mockery of this." But what she meant was me. Tracy is making a mockery of me and I'm nearly to tears.

"Then who have you been showing it to," said her sister. "Tell me his name. He has a name doesn't he?"

But there was no name. Janeen stood defeated while her sister pulled open the front of her underwear, looked inside and laughed. "Oh sis, you really need to shave. It's like a jungle underneath here."

Janeen's shame was so great, with burning cheeks, her hand moved down to cover her crotch from the officer's hungry eyes, as her sister stripped her of her panties and the last vestige of her pride.

"Come on officer," Tracy said. "Do you think there is a way for us to work this out between ourselves?"

Janeen felt a bit of hope at her sister's suggestion. She didn't want to go to jail. Her knees grew weak at the thought of a record and what that would do to her chances at nursing school. But the officer's hot hungry gaze was on her, not Tracy, and it scared her to the marrow.

"I believe I can think of a way," the officer said. "I want to see you kiss. The two of you."

"That's disgusting," Janeen exclaimed. Truly disgusting. Not only was it her sister, but her sister was a slut.

"Shhhh..." Tracy whispered in her sister's ear. "We don't have to do anything. We can just pretend. It's not so bad." She moved in for a kiss.

However Janeen was having none of it, and turned her head to the side. "I'm not doing it."

The officer pulled a plastic baggie from Tracy's pocket book. "Lookie what we have here. Drugs."

"They're not mine!" Janeen said. This was truly going too far. "They're belong to her!"

"If you think about it," Tracy told the officer with a sly smile, "You'll see that it came out of my sister's purse. I'm ready to do whatever you say if you know what I mean."

Janeen watched in horror as the security officer dropped the bag into her own purse. Took out a polaroid and snapped a quick picture of the evidence. Dear God no! Was everyone against her?

"I believe you just went from a misdemeanor to a felony," the officer said. "Do you want to work it out like your sister, or would you rather I call the cops."

At first Janeen had respected this officer, but now she saw that the woman was no better than her sister. A criminal. A pervert. But, that pervert held all the cards. In a defeated voice, Janeen said, "Work it out."

"Good girl," the officer said, and nudged several articles of stolen clothes to Janeen. "You wanted them bad enough to steal them...let's see what you look like in them." Then to Tracy: "You put your old clothes on."

Janeen hated putting on the clothes. They were the sort of clothes her sister wore. Slutty. Small. Soon both sisters were dressed in tight skirts and halter tops. But the officer wasn't finished there, she made Janeen put on some of her sister's makeup. Not all of it, just the garish lipstick, mascara, and eye shadow. She looked over at her sister. God, what a tramp. Only now, Janeen knew she must look like a tramp as well.

"Perfect," the officer said. "A perfect pair of sister sluts. Now, kiss little sluts."

Tracy moved in front of her sister, tilted her head up, and kissed her sister on the lips. Janeen stood with lips pursed tightly and let herself be kissed. How disgusting. Her revulsion roiled her stomach.

"I think I'm just going to call the police," the officer said.

"Wait," Tracy said. "My sister's just not a very good kisser. She's a bit of a - a bit of a stick in the mud." Then she whispered to her sister. "Look bitch, you better play ball. I know you don't like it. I don't like it either. But, if we don't do like she says, we are going to be in big trouble. So at least pretend goddamnit!"

"I'm sorry," Janeen said. "I'll try - I'll try again."

"That's my good sluts," the officer said. "Now stand in front of each other."

The two girls moved to obey.

"Wrap your arms around each other's waist and pull each other close."

The sisters stood in front of the officer, arms hugged around each other.

"Look into each other's eyes my little sluts," the officer said. "Now Tracy, give your sister a kiss. Kiss her like you mean it."

Tracy took a handful of her sister's hair and pulled her down so she could kiss. Their mouths touched. Lips parted. Janeen started to fight the embrace, but once she could see that her sister wasn't actually trying to stick her tongue in her mouth, she relaxed into her embrace.

"Now switch."

Janeen attempted to kiss her sister the same way she had been kissed. It felt awkward, it looked even more so.

"I'm not buying it," the officer said. "You're trying to pull one over on me. Okay blondie, move your mouth away a little bit. You too small tits."

Janeen gladly moved away.

"Now stick out your tongues," the officer ordered. "Get it out there small tits, I know you can to better than that."

On no! She was going to make them really kiss! Janeen's tongue snaked out. Straining obediently.

But there was nothing Janeen could do but obey. She watched in horror as her sister did the same and fixed her with an angry glare. This was her fault.

"Now make those tongues dance my little sluts."

It was humiliating performing for someone else's enjoyment. Worse so because she was being forced to do it with her slut of a sister.

"Now you with the bleach blonde hair, suck on your sister's tongue," the officer ordered.

God, could it get any worse? Janeen stood there while her sister sucked her tongue, sucked it like she would suck a man.

"Now mousey brown hair, you turn to suck your sister's tongue."

Janeen couldn't help but grimace as she pursed her lips and took her sister's tongue in her mouth and sucked.

"I don't have all day girls," the officer said. "Fuck it. I'm just going to call the cops."

"You better do it right bitch," Tracy whispered to her sister. "Now smile and suck my goddamn tongue. All you got to do is do what I do. Now stick your goddamn tongue out and learn a thing or two for once."

And with that she tossed her dyed blonde hair, smiled a smile that held no joy, gave a 'mmmmmmmmmm' and went took her sister's tongue in her mouth and sucked. Sucked it so hard it almost hurt. Sucked so hard, Janeen couldn't resist as her tongue was pulled out from the roots.

"Okay small tits," the officer sneered. "Suck your sister's tongue."

Oh how she hated her sister. It wasn't that easy for her. It wasn't that easy for someone who wasn't easy. But, Janeen did her best to pretend she was just this once.

She tossed her brown hair. Then she said, "mmmmmmmm", and went for her sister's tongue. Sucked it in her mouth. Wondering just where that tongue had been before. In and out she sucked that squirmy pink appendage, her distaste written clearly on her face, but the security guard seemed pleased.

"Deeper," the officer ordered. "Get those hungry mouths together. Tongues out sisters. Both of you. I want to see those cheeks moving from your sister's tongue. That's it sluts. You are doing good...real good."

But Janeen didn't feel like she was doing well. Her heart began to pound. She was feeling ...tingly. Tingly in a way that she shouldn't be. Not like this. Not with her own flesh and blood.

"Now let me see some hickies on each other's necks. Do her first slut. Show her how it's done."

Tracy nuzzled her sister's neck, gave a small kiss, formed a lock with her lips and sucked. Hard. In the neighborhood, boys said she could suck the chrome off a bumper. They weren't far off.

Janeen gave a gasp. The kiss hurt. But it hurt in a delicious way. And then her sister as doing it again. Marking her. She had seen girls with hickies. She knew what she thought of them. How common the girls must be to allow someone to suck their neck like that. Now it was her neck, with not one, but two...now three red marks. With growing horror, Janeen realized she was growing more and more turned on. The tingling wasn't subtle anymore. It couldn't be ignored. She needed this to stop, yet the officer just said do it some more Tracy, I think small tits likes it.

"Please Tracy," Janeen whispered. "Mmmmmmm-please stop. It ...hurts...."

But Tracy didn't stop. Not even when Janeen's hips began to grind against her pelvis. Not even when both sides of her sister's necks bore red/blue welts. Only when the security officer said,

"Your turn small tits," the officer said. "Do your sister."

Janeen was glad for a respite. Glad she could suck on her sister's neck, lest she embarrassed herself further. Glad she could get even. She secretly wished her sister would lose control as she had earlier, but her though her sister gave a fake little moan and ran her fingers up her sister's back, it wasn't doing anything for her. She had long since graduated from kissing and a little neck sucking.

"Now suck your sister's titties," the officer ordered. "You go first this time small tits. Let's see you suck those big titties."

"Please officer...don't make me do this," Janeen begged.

"I'm getting tired of having to repeat myself with you." the officer said. "Now do it, or you can do it with the girls in jail. Oh I bet those women in jail would just love a skinny little cutie like you."

Her sister was a slut, but she was a definite improvement over whatever she might find in jail. Janeen swallowed her fear and lifted up her sister's halter top. Tracy's breasts fell out and the large orbs gave a delightful bounce.

"I thought you would see things my way. Okay small tits, I want to hear you say, you are so big little sis," the officer said.

"You are- you are-" Janeen stammered. The words came so hard and brought up so may harsh feelings of inadequacy had felt since childhood. "You are so big little sis."

"Now kiss those fat titties."

Janeen tried to imagine herself as someone else. Tried not to think of what she was doing to her very own sister. Tried not to think of the hard nipple against her lips.

"Tell her you've been dreaming of this for years."

But it was impossible to ignore what was happening when the officer kept telling her things to say and do.

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