Sister in Heat Ch. 01


My hand was on her breast. I don't know which of us put it there, and she was grinding her crotch into my groin. "Wrong," I managed to gasp out.

"Take me, John-"

My fingers bit into the skin of her ass, and then she was grinding, her shorts riding up. She cried out-

"Whoa! No!" We flew apart like we'd been hit by a car and I raised my hands up above my head. "Okay, no. Whoa."

Her lip was bleeding, and she looked at me with an expression equal parts despair and anger. And then she ran.

"Monica!" I ran after her, down the echoing alleyway, catching her only just before another set of identical and byzantine condominiums. "Hey!" I grabbed her arm and swung her around.

"I'm sorry!" she shouted. "Just fucking leave me alone!"

"Hey!" I said. "Calm down. It's okay."

"It is NOT okay!"

"Well-" I started. I stopped. "Well, I suppose not. But it's fine."

Monica brushed the hair out of her face and swallowed hard. "I didn't mean that...what I said. I don't want you to-"

"It's okay."

"I just...we were talking. I got confused."

"Me too."

"I want to go home now."

So we did.

* * *

We spent most of the car ride in silence, and by the time we got home it was dark and the lights were on in the living room and kitchen, meaning mom and dad were home. Monica fled the car before I'd even pulled it into the driveway, forcing me to crank up the parking brake and fumble with the seatbelt in an effort to catch her.

I had to grab at her for the second time today in the narrow space behind her gate between our backyard and the fence. If I hadn't, she would have jumped the backyard and been gone at Stephanie's house for who knows how long.

"Mon," I said gently.

"Shut-up, John!"

I swung her around into my arms, holding her by the waist until she stopped trying to squeeze out of my grip. Eventually, in exasperation, she quit struggling and collapsed against my chest. "You're stupidly strong," she said.

"And big. Don't forget big."

She groaned into my chest.

"Kid, it's okay."

"It's so not okay..." Her mound of hair rolled against my chest.

I reached down and gently hooked her chin under my finger. "Listen to me-"

"Stop babying me!" she said.

"Okay," I said, but I didn't unhook my hands from her waist. "Don't disappear."

"I won't," she said. She looked at me and quickly glanced away. "You think I'm a freak."

"I don't."

She actually pouted a little bit. "I could be a freak..."

This girl... "Whether you are or you aren't, I'm your brother," I said. "So I'm obligated to put up with you."

This seemed to make some impression on her, but instead of nodding she just pulled slightly away, locking her own wrists behind my back and glancing at me sidelong. "What if you weren't my brother?"

"But I am."

"But if you weren't?"

"What do you want me to say?"

She grinned sheepishly. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Of course."

She bit her lip. "Do you think I'm fuckable?"

"We're getting into freak territory now."

She grinned madly. "Good."

I shook my head, swinging her slightly from side to side. In our position, her waist was pinned against mine, and I could feel a warmth there...

"If we were just friends," she said, "and I needed help, you'd help, right?"

"You're scheming right now. I'm not hooking you up with any of my friends. I don't want that on my conscience."

She giggled. "I dunno. Brodie's pretty cute."


"But I don't think he'd take care of me - like you would."

"Yeah, well..."

Monica glanced briefly at the closed and darkened window at the side of the house, then slid closer to me, pushing her body once more into my chest. She pointed her nose up at me and spoke softer. "If we were friends..." she whispered.


"But we're more than friends."

Tenderly, she went up on her toes and kissed my chin, her eyes never leaving mine. Damn me for a fool, but that look in her eyes was at once dear and undeniable, and I couldn't pull away from it. We kissed, softly, secretly, on the lips. "You won't hurt me," she whispered into my mouth. "You won't judge me."

"This is a bad idea."

She slid her hand from around my waist, took mine, and ran it up her belly and into her shirt. "You do what I want, I'll let you do whatever you want..."

"You can find someone else-" I started, but of course I didn't pull my hand away. Her breast, her whole body, was on fire.

"I don't want someone else," she said. Her voice was still a dark, hungry whisper, her eyes bright pinpoints in the dark. "Not right now. I need you inside me. Tonight." She reached out and closed the gate behind us.

"This isn't something that can ever be undone." Sounds valiant, doesn't it? But my voice was breaking and my cock was rigid. Pressed into her waist, she was well aware.

"So?" she said. "We're related, yeah. But we're friends. We're adults."

"Only legally," I said.

She smirked. She pressed her body harder into mine. "Could you stay hard while I'm on top? While I'm using you...?"

My heart was beating so fast, if I answered it might bounce right out of my mouth. When I finally did find my voice, I said, "You'd have to be quiet..."

"I won't wake mom and dad," she said. There was very little of the scared little sister left in her now. Her voice was devious, excited. "Besides, that's part of the fantasy, right? I don't want to wake you either."

We broke apart, sliding softly from each other's hands. "Am I doing this just because you're too horny to leave the house?" I asked.

"You're doing this because you want to fuck me, too," she said. "Admit it."

My cock was straining inside my pants. And she was right. I wanted to fuck her right there, against the house. The look in her eye, I think she'd only be too happy to oblige. "And this..." I said instead. "After this, what?"

"What do you think?" she said. "It'd be an awfully long summer if you didn't let me try out...some other things."

"You don't even know if you'll like it."

"Oh, big brother..." When she said it, it sent a chill down my spine. She wiggled her hips a little, coming closer, smiling. "If I don't like it," she slid down on her knees, "you can just make me like it..."

I didn't even try to stop her. I just watched her fingers work the button of my jeans, the zipper. I looked up once, behind us at the dark neighbor's house. Again at our darkened window. I felt the cool rush of the night air hit my naked cock, and my sister's gasp. "BIG brother," she murmured. And then I looked down and my sister was putting her mouth on my cock.

"Ah, Moni..."

She slid it over her tongue without hesitation. I groaned as she took inch after inch, deeper. It was too much to bear, and I leaned up against the house, my hand keeping me standing, and by reflex pushed my hips forward.

"Mm-mm," my sister moaned under me. She let me thrust again, into her mouth.

My other hand rested on her blonde head as I thrust my hips forward to fuck my sister's mouth. "Anytime," she gasped, pulling her lips away and using her hand to stroke me (the fingers barely reached around my shaft). "Anytime you want my mouth, Johnny. Your little sister..." She swallowed me. Spat on it. "I'll take care of you."

"You are a little slut," I groaned.

That pleased her. She moaned into my cock. "Your slut," she gasped, her voice thick with the spit and cum that coated her throat.

"We should go," I groaned, planting both hands atop her hand and sliding myself back through her lips anyway.

"Mm-hmmm," she moaned, staring up at me. It was too much to take. That morning I'd been staring at her giggling as she showed me her tit. Tonight, here we were, my pants around my ankles in our backyard and she on her knees, letting me feed her my cock.

"You're big, Johnny. So big." She held it in her hands, as if measuring it. "You're going to have to help me get it inside."

It took a supreme act of will to extract myself from that beautiful mouth, but somehow I pulled it off. Monica let out a crushing little moan and reached for me, almost desperate to bring me back to her soft lips, but I rested my hand on her cheek and shook my head.

"If you want me as hard as your fantasy, you can't finish me yet." My cock pulsed impatiently, almost as desperate to return to her tongue as she was to drain me.

"I want you to finish all over my face," she said with a wicked whisper.

I grinned and bent down to meet her gaze, waiting (and prepared to wait a while) for my cock to shrink enough to fit back into my pants. "That would be a little hard to explain to mom and dad."

She sighed. Then, "Won't you pop as soon as I - as soon as we - tonight?"

"I wouldn't be very much good to you if I did."

Monica bit her lip. Her brow creased as she gazed at my cock longingly, and then deep into my eyes. "And how good are you, big brother?"

"Good enough to give you what you need."

"I need it," she said, her voice catching in her throat as she kissed my mouth once more. "I need it so bad, Johnny. Thank you," she said, her tongue snaking out and the taste of me coming with her. We kissed for a long time, but that did nothing to assuage my raging hardon, so, at last, I pulled her away. I told her to go inside and tell mom and dad I was on the phone. I'd be in when I could.

As she got up I dabbed a sparkling bit of cum from the corner of her mouth, and she did the same for me.

I guess it was a terrible thing we'd done, and were about to do, but of course that made it all the more desirable. And in some twisted way, the fact that it was me, I knew, made her feel safer, stronger, and, if possible, hornier. Maybe a part of me was doing this for purely altruistic reasons, but there was a deep, insatiable part that just wanted this wild girl to ride my cock - and damn the world if it told us it could never be.

Monica must have felt the same way, because before she turned back to the garage she brushed my arm with her fingers. We didn't say anything. We just shared a gaze. A deep, meaningful gaze, secret and stark, unsmiling and absent of any flirtation. Her eyes searched mine, perhaps looking for the words to say what was in her heart - the good and the ill - but saw there was no need. I was as committed as she. Our lust had carried us this far and would carry us over that final precipice. And once over it, no, things wouldn't be the same, but we were willing to experience that ultimate taboo together.

She squeezed my bicep hungrily, and turned away.

* * *

It was weird, eating dinner in that house, with our parents asking us about the day, and summer, and our plans. I usually didn't say much anyway, and I was so lost in thought the minutes just flew by. But Monica, who was always bubbling over with chit-chat, told me it was the longest hour of her life.

As we ate, her toes crept shyly over mine beneath the table. I munched on my green beans, pretending to be oblivious, driving her crazy with the level of Zen I'd reached - or needed to reach - in preparation for the mighty sin we'd planned for that night.

We discussed it all after dinner. While mom took phone calls in her office and dad fiddled with the satellite, we sat on the couch pretending to ignore each other while we lost ourselves online. In reality, we were instant messaging, and Monica told me exactly how she wanted it to go.

After we'd all turned in for the evening, she'd come to my room. I was to be completely naked and lying flat on my bed. That was really all I needed to do - that and not cum until she'd done so herself. It was a good thing I did kegels, because I knew she wasn't going to make it easy for me.

I kept reminding her that she would have to be quiet while she fucked me (I had a feeling my sister was a screamer), and she kept telling me she knew - but every time she did I'd gaze up from my computer and she'd glance away, embarrassed. "Big brother knows best," was all she typed.

We agreed on a safe word. We might not even need one, but the more detail she got into about what she wanted to do to my sleeping body, the more it seemed like a healthy precaution. I'm a pretty big guy, and my sister fairly petite, but I was pretty sure once she was in control she wouldn't stop until her basest urges were satisfied. After many silly suggestions, she finally decided on "Lannister" (by far the silliest, and also soundest, choice).

I did ask her if she wanted me to wear a condom, but she assured me she was on the pill. And besides, sliding a naked, sleeping cock inside herself was a big part of her fantasy - the risk - the violation - the feel. The fact that it would be mine - her unknowing, responsible older brother - well, at that point she lost the ability to type, slammed her computer closed and dashed upstairs. She told me later she'd started masturbating immediately after locking her door, and didn't stop until nearly midnight.

It did nothing to slow her down.

* * *

Unlike my sister, I actually slept that night. I said goodnight to my parents around 9pm and headed upstairs, showered, brushed my teeth, and settled into my bed, naked, watching the ceiling fan. The weight of the day fell down on me like a soft, heavy weight, and I had just enough mind left to turn off the light before drifting away. My parents went to sleep not long after; Monica said they stopped murmuring around 10:30.

She waited as long as she could.

One hour. Two hours.

Even now, I can't imagine what her little heart was going through in those endless hours, hammering against her ribs and making her beautiful breasts bounce with every beat. She had to be sure all was quiet, had to be sure she could make her way from one end of our familiar hall to the other, undetected.

It was almost 1am when she opened her door, turning the knob so softly it barely made a sound at all, pulling it back and sliding it closed behind her. How many times had she done just that in high school to meet Stephanie and her gang? It was rare that she'd escaped to meet a boy - maybe once or twice, she'd told me, and even then she never stayed long. She was never that desperate then, never that amused by the boys who convinced her to go. It was better to risk the punishment for late night drives in the car with her girlfriends when there was nothing else to do but be young and unfettered.

Now she was 20, her lithe legs bare, her thin t-shirt clinging to her body as she made her escape once more - not to a waiting car but to the closed door of her elder brother.

She turned the knob with the same endless agony that had turned her own, reflecting, as I often did, that on any other night she could make the same trip between our doors without care and wake not a single soul in the house. But tonight was different. Tonight she wanted to be absolutely sure she woke no one - least of all the one inside.

I think I woke when she slid the door shut behind her - that instinctual sense that someone is near you alerting my animal brain - but I know I was awake when she first called my name.

"Johnny?" It was a breathless, almost hoarse whisper. "Johnny, are you awake?"

I lay motionless, my naked body cold from lying under the fan but my heart already beating like mad.

"Johnny," Monica whispered, her feet softly padding on the carpet, coming closer in the near darkness. The moon was gone, hidden away. "Johnny, I couldn't sleep... I was so..."

She came around the bed, to the foot of it, and stood there. Softly, very softly, the mattress shifted as she sunk her hands into its surface. "'re..." A shaking, tentative hand brushed my ankle. "You're naked..."

A little gasp from her. Hearing her voice had already started the blood flowing to my cock.

"Oh! You're...hard..."

In that darkness, in that silence, the sound of her fingers sliding through my sheets was like an avalanche, and the sound of her breath rising over me like a wind. "It''s so big..." she whispered, her knee creeping up next to my calf. And then, the same tentative touch, shaking even harder now, her breath even louder. "It's so hard..."

Then my sister did something a man would have to be comatose to ignore. She dragged her tongue from the base of my shaft (down in the depths of my scrotum) to the very tip of my head, lovingly tracing the line of my vein. She let out a deep, deep moan.

She slid her hands against my waist and slid her mouth down my shaft, opening her throat to try and fit it all. She straddled my naked thigh, and I could feel that she was naked from the waist down, her labia wet and warm and shaved. She began to grind it into my leg.

"Oh, Johnny...I'm so wet," she gasped over my cock. "I'm...Oh, God."

Monica leaned back and took her shirt by the hem, sliding it off her body in one smooth motion. I regretted that I wouldn't get a look at her breasts as they fell heavily from that skimpy shirt, nor grasp them as she straddled me, but that anticipation, and knowing I had to keep myself as motionless as possible, only made me harder.

Her palms slid up my cut abdominals, up the hairs on my chest. She grasped the muscles in my shoulders, and pushed down as she lifted her hips. "Johnny? Are you awake?" she whispered. She began to slide her hips around, rubbing the head of my cock against her wet pussy. "Big brother?" The head poked easily into her snatch. "Oh..." She sank it down, down until the head popped in. "Oh, God..."

She sank down, and sank down, and sank down, her buttocks quivering all the while, the muscles in her thighs like industrial cables as they gripped me. My cock slid into her as easily as a greased piston, and yet she was still tight, still as tense as a coiled wire. My sister sank down on my cock until I was fully inside, and then her whole body shuddered. I had filled her, and that was what she had been craving all summer.

"Ohh..." she groaned. "Oh fuck..."

She pushed down into my chest, her ass rising up until my cockhead was perched just at the entrance of her body, and then she let herself drop back down, her buttocks resting on my balls. "Ahn..." she gasped. Her hands slid up my chest again, to my neck, and her thumbs dug into my adam's apple. "Don't wake up," she pleaded. One hand slid up my face and dug into my scalp. She raised herself up and slammed herself back down on top of me. She groaned again, her grip tightening on my neck and scalp. Her pussy gripped my naked member.

"That's it," she grunted, shifting herself forward with me still inside her. She didn't rise up this time but moved her hips only, gyrating in my lap as she shifted my cock around. The bed creaked and strained as my sister used her powerful hips to grind on my cock and hit all of the places in her uterus she wanted to touch. "Ahh..." she gasped. Her toes curled against my calves. Her grip tightened around my neck. She rocked back and forth, soaking the base of my shaft in her prodigious cum. "Oh fuck..." she gasped.

She arched her back, sliding up, and slammed her ass down on me. "Ahn..." she grunted as softly as she could. She did it again, the slam of her buttocks on my thighs a wet, dirty sound. "Ah...!"

A quake started in her belly that radiated throughout her skin, shaking her breasts, vibrating her ass. She reached between her thighs and began to play with her clitoris. She had her toys, and she was using them, finding the limits of her pleasure.

My sister used my body. As fast or as slow as she liked, she did all the steering, shivering and shaking both from the waves of sensation rising from her pussy as much from the exertion of lifting her big, beautiful ass - again, and again, again. She fell into a rhythmic pounding, digging her palms deep into my chest as she slapped her pussy down on me. If mom or dad awoke, that sound would be unmistakable. But I wasn't going to tell her to stop.

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