I usually wake up very early -- sometimes as early as 3AM. I am the kind of person who, once awake, has to get out of bed. Then, several hours later, I find my eyelids drooping and end up taking a nap. Fortunately, I am self-employed and work from home, so this is not a conflict. The morning I am writing about was no exception. Up at 4AM, coffee, reading and internet until 6, then back to bed.

The sun was bright coming through the window. I rubbed my eyes and decided to get up again on that Saturday morning. We had stayed up rather late the night before anyway, entertaining my wife's brother and sister-in-law, who had been our guests for the previous three days. The last I had heard, they were all going to some kind of a seasonal festival in a nearby community that morning. After I had returned to bed, I remembered hearing the commotion of them leaving. 'Ah!' I thought, 'I have the house to myself.'

I rolled out and padded naked to the kitchen. There was still some coffee in the pot. I was standing there sipping the coffee and gazing out the window at the back yard. I was considering some nude sunbathing when I heard a voice behind me.

"Hey! Is it your birthday?" I whirled around in surprise. My wife's sister-in-law had entered silently and was standing just inside the kitchen doorway. She had on a short terry robe and a broad grin.

"Huh?" I responded intelligently. Then I got it: I was naked, so, "birthday" = "birthday suit". Pretty funny. Okay. Ha-ha. I smiled sheepishly. "Busted!" I said. "Actually every day is my birthday if I don't have to go anywhere, or if we don't have house guests."

"Hey, it's okay with me," she said, crossing to refill her own coffee cup. Paul and I go naked at home, too." Then she asked, "Is the coffee okay? I didn't know how much you usually put in." Okay, if we were going to just ignore my nudity, I could go with that.

"Oh, sure. I thought Mary had made it." It tasted like my wife's coffee.

"No. Those two soaked the first pot up before they left." That reminded me.

"I thought you were all going to the craft fair today."

"I begged off. I can't stand that country craft crap," she said. Then she was standing next to me and leaning against the counter. I turned back to look out the window again. Mary and Paul are ten years apart in age. I am five years older than my wife, which makes me about the same age as Paul's wife, Jill. She is an attractive woman. Just over five feet tall, slender and taut. She is a runner, so she has that thin and wiry kind of runner's body. Her tits are very small. As she stood there next to me -- almost touching -- I caught a scent from her. Not perfume, soap or body odor. Or, if it was a natural aroma, it was a pleasant one. I was just about to excuse myself to go put a robe on when she said, "So. If it's your birthday, that must mean you have to get a birthday spanking, eh?"

I looked down at her, smiling and frowning at the same time. She was grinning again. She reached behind me and slapped my bare ass sharply. The swat was loud in the kitchen. I jumped and I'm sure my eyes bugged out. I moved out of her reach.

My thoughts rolled over and over. My wife has a spanking fetish. It always leads to extremely erotic sex when I spank her. I've even let her try spanking me, but it doesn't usually turn me on as much as her. Now I found myself wondering if the fetish ran in her family. I pictured Jill spread over her husband's knee and yelping as he delivered a sound paddling. My cock twitched.

I raised an eyebrow at Jill and said in my best villainous voice, "Don't start something you can't finish, Shorty!" Well, being a runner made her a competitor. She rose to the challenge. She swatted me again and spun out of range when I reached for her.

The coffee cups were left on the counter as I stalked her across the kitchen. She backed away, jerking her arm when I made a grab for it. But moving backwards in an unfamiliar room isn't the best defense. She bumped her hip against one of the chairs around the table. When she glanced to see what she'd hit, I pounced. I wrapped her in a bear hug and tossed her over my shoulder. I carried her into the living room, with her wriggling, shrieking, and pounding her fist on my back all the way. She was, however, almost out of control with her laughing and shrieking.

I flopped her onto the couch. In the struggle, the sash of her robe had loosened and her robe was almost completely open. She was, as I had thought, as naked as I was under it. Before she could escape again, I gripped one side of her robe and lifted. It had the effect of rolling her out of the garment and leaving her on her belly on the cushions. I quickly restrained her with a hand on her back.

I wasted no time returning the swats she had given me in the kitchen, with interest. She continued to struggle and called me names that would have made a sailor blush! She had almost worked her way off the couch in her struggles. I picked her up again, one arm under her stomach (just below the molehills that were her tits) and the other wrapped around her thighs. Turning, I sat down and deposited her across my lap. I was aware that my cock had hardened and was poking her belly. She could not have missed the phenomenon either. I also felt the heat radiating from her crotch. My hand on her back still held her from escaping. When I started to spank her in earnest, she tried to put a hand between her butt and my hand. I simply gripped it and held it under mine on her back. To assure my position, I moved one leg out from under her and threw it over her legs. Having thus effectively "hog-tied" her, I took the opportunity to rest a bit. The move also plastered my hard cock snugly against her hip and thigh.

I caught that scent again, now that she was laying naked across my lap. This time, however, it was mixed with a different aroma. I recognized this one: Woman. I knew then that she wasn't just playing any more. Nor was I. I had every intention of giving her what she had really been asking for when she began this scenario. But first I wanted to give her a good spanking as a warm up.

"So, Shorty," I said to her, "You think you're so tough?" My hand slapped across her ass and she jumped.

"YEOWCH! You COCKSUCKER!!" she shrieked. She sounded like a comic book!

"Ooh! Such nasty talk from those pretty lips! You kiss your mother with that mouth?" I swatted her again.

I gave her a couple more and she squealed. She wasn't so much trying to get away now, but she was writhing against my thigh and dick. I pushed her farther over my lap, until I felt her sparse pubic hair on my leg. She immediately pushed down, grinding herself against me. Then she moaned.

I swatted her several more times. I released her hand and she placed it under her with the other one. She arched her back and I spanked her five times on each cheek. She groaned and ground her cunt into my leg. My dick was still imprisoned under her and throbbed for release. I pushed her legs apart and slipped a finger down along her wet slit. I brought the finger to my lips and tasted her sweetness. I had to fuck her!

I lowered her onto her back on the floor. I followed, moving her left leg out away from the right and leaning forward. I inhaled her musk before I opened my mouth and began to eat her. She twisted her fingers in my hair and brought her knees to her chest, giving me total access to her tender flesh. I licked, sucked and bit her, being careful not to leave marks. She was going to have to try explain her red ass to Paul as it was. She tightened up and exploded with her first orgasm. I slowed my tongue down and waited, just keeping her going a little as the strongest waves washed over her. I wasn't ready to let her go just yet, however. She calmed down enough for the next level. I returned to licking her. I plunged my tongue as deeply into her as I could. She began the climb to another climax.

Before she reached it, however, I slipped two fingers inside her and moved my my mouth down an inch to tongue her ass. It drove her wild. I rubbed the ball of my thumb around her clit as I ate her ass the same way I had her cunt. The next orgasm came surprisingly quickly. It seemed stronger than the first. She was wailing all the way through it.

When she again caught her breath, she opened her eyes. They held that satisfied gleam I always love to see in a naked woman's eyes, knowing I am the author of her pleasure. I slid up her body and brought my aching cock to her heat. I took her hands, raising them above her head on the carpet. I moved my hips to rub my cock head along her oozing slit. Then I tipped my hips to begin to enter her. "Ooh!" she whispered, "No hands! I love that!" This is a trick I had learned made most women happy if they noticed it. It doesn't always work, but this time it did.

I pushed forward steadily until I was fully penetrating her cunt. I released her hands and she wrapped her arms and legs around me. She covered my mouth with hers and plunged her tongue in hard. She was hungry! We humped and fucked in that position a while. Then she rolled us over and rode me like a cowgirl on a bucking horse. It was my turn to moan and buck under her. She grasped my nipples and twisted them hard. That was the last straw. I began to spurt deep inside her juicy pussy. She started moving her hips rapidly back and forth, increasing the friction between our parts. It was the best orgasm I had had in a long time.

She told me later that she had another climax when I did, though I didn't notice it at the time. After a few minutes, she flopped off to the side and we lay there without speaking a while longer.

As a treat, she sat up and bent to clean our juices from my softening cock. But only for a few minutes. We stood up and walked down the hall to the bathroom hand in hand. We showered and dressed. I fixed us some eggs while she sat at the table drinking coffee.

"You are spectacular, Dan," she said calmly. I looked over my shoulder at her and smiled. I gave her a little bow.

"Thank you, Ma'am," I clowned in my terrible imitation of a southern accent.

"This was the first time I've been with anybody but Paul since we got together, you know. That was also the first time ever...I mean, when you stuck your tongue in my ass. Nobody's ever done that before to me, even Paul. God, it made me cum so hard!"

"Really? Well, I love it. I like my ass eaten, too. But it's something people have to develop a 'taste' for, you know?"

We suddenly were discussing her sex life with my brother-in-law. I didn't really want to hear about it, but I guess I deserved it. They hadn't been having sex all that much lately, she said. In fact it had been several weeks since she'd gotten laid. "I guess that might be the reason I responded so strongly to you -- that, and your talents, of course," she grinned.

So, I fell into the role of sex therapist. I asked about whether they were adventurous, what positions, when (during the day or week) they had sex, all that. It sounded like they had just fallen into a rut. But it also sounded like, except for spanking her sometimes ("Not nearly often enough," she said with a laugh.), Paul was kind of a dud. All I could do was suggest she try to liven things up with videos, or toys. I told her to plan out a scenario and try it on him.

"The only thing about that," I cautioned her, "is that you have to be prepared for rejection if he doesn't get into it." I knew what that felt like -- from both sides. "The thing is, if you love each other, you'll be able to absorb the disappointment. Just understand that two people aren't always on the same wave length, sexually. Ride it out. If the relationship is strong enough, it'll all work out."

I zipped the handle of the toaster down and glanced at her again. She was leaning on her elbows and staring into the depths of coffee in her cup. 'Uh-oh,' I thought, 'That doesn't look good.' I managed to change the subject and we discussed her work as a graphic artist while we ate.

She made some phone calls and I read the newspaper. An hour or so later, Mary and Paul came home. Two days later, I shook Paul's hand and hugged Jill as they left to return home. Six months after that, Paul called to tell us that he and Jill were splitting up. The next day, the phone rang. It was Jill. I told her that Mary was at the grocery store.

"Good. I really just wanted to talk to you, Dan," she said. "I guess Paul's already given you guys the bad news."

"Yeah, last night. We were really sorry to hear it. I guess my advice didn't work, eh?"

"Actually, it did some good. No, it wasn't our sex life that drove us apart. Paul's been having an affair with one of his students. I caught them in bed together." Paul had told Mary about that already. She had lost her temper at him, since she and Jill had gotten so close over the years. It eased some of the residual guilt I'd felt about fucking Jill.

"The reason I wanted to talk to you was to let you know that our...well, what we did made it possible for me to handle it without going totally ballistic. I couldn't really give him all the crap he deserved, because I had been unfaithful, too." We talked a while longer. When I asked what she would do now, she said she was thinking about going back to school and finishing her degree. "Maybe I can find myself a hot young professor that likes to be spanked," she laughed.

"Well, I'm sure Mary would want me to tell you to keep in touch. You're still family to us." I told her sincerely.

"Hmm...okay. Do you think we could ever...I mean...maybe have some more fun?" she asked.

Actually I had been fantasizing about that very thing. While Mary didn't know about Jill and me, we had been discussing broadening our horizons by inviting another person to our bed. So far it was just a fantasy. Mary had said she wanted to keep it that way, so far. Part of the problem was finding the right person. Now that Jill was available it all might fall into place.

"Could be. Just keep in touch, okay? I mean that. Things are changing here for us, too. I can't go into it right now, but keep an open mind." I told her. We ended the call, just as I heard Mary's car in the driveway.

I told her Jill had called. when I told her I had told Jill to stay in touch, she hugged me and thanked me. "I'd hate to think we'd never see her again." she said.

In my mind I told myself, "All things are possible."

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