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My wife and I love to lie out in the sun nude. We do that at a farm out in the country. The man who owns the place only charges us a few dollars. There are a probably a half-dozen other couples who go there regularly. It's not a swingers club, if you're thinking that, but the rules are pretty relaxed so far as what goes on.

I don't know how we did it, but we finally convinced my sister-in-law, Julie, to join us at the farm. The only way we could talk her into it was by agreeing to go on a weekday when it would be less likely that there would be anyone around. Also, we told her that she wouldn't have to take her clothes off if she didn't want to. Julie said that she planned to wear her bikini.

"Are you sure I won't have to go nude?"

Susan replied, "Yes. It'll be okay. Stop worrying!"

I was really excited that Julie agreed to come with us. She is a very sweet girl. She just graduated from high school and lives at home with her Mom.

Sometimes she stays with Susan and me on the weekends. There have been a few instances when I've gotten to see her without very much clothes on, but I've never seen her completely nude. One time I just happened to be in the hallway getting something out of the closet when she came out of the bathroom after taking a shower. All she had on was a towel. She looked so sexy with her shoulder length straight black hair all wet and dripping. The towel just barely covered her. To my surprise, instead of scooting into the bedroom to get dressed, she just stood there for a few minutes and chatted with me. She had a shy smile on her face. I think she could tell that she was getting me hot.

There were a few other instances when I got to see her in her bare minimum. She has a cute little body. I would just love to fuck her if I had the opportunity! Of course, I've never told her that or deliberately acted in any way that would lead her to believe that I was interested in her sexually and I had always been very careful at home to make sure that I at least had something on when she was around. But I think that she knew what was going on inside my head. I say that because she caught me staring at her a couple of times.

So, when Julie agreed to come with us to the farm, the first thing that came into my mind was that I had better be on my best behavior. Don't stare at her or do anything that could cause a problem.

Anyway, this story is about what happened at the farm.

Tuesday June 26. The three us arrived around 10:00 AM. It was beautiful and sunny and not too hot. We had the place all for ourselves. We laid our towels on the grass in front of the pond.

It was kind of awkward at first. I just stood there for a moment while the girls took their blouses and shorts off. Susan had on a white bra and pink cotton panties (She looked kind of silly. I don't know why she likes to wear her underwear miss-matched like that.), but Julie had worn her bathing suit underneath. It was a modest blue two-piece.

Susan wasted no time in stripping naked. She looked so sexy! My wife is twenty-four years old and only five feet 2 inches tall with long straight black hair and brown eyes. Sue has a cute little body with curves that are in all the right places. I just love her breasts! They are so beautiful. I know, those of you who are guys want to know how big my wife's tits are. Let's just say that they are a bit above average in size for a girl who is so petite. They are firm and perky and they have light brown nipples surrounded by lighter brown-colored areolae. She also has a firm little bottom that catches the guys' attention.

Julie has some physical features in common with her older sister. She inherited the same straight black hair and brown eyes, but her hair is cut a little shorter than Susan's. Sue's hair goes below her shoulder blades, but Julie's only goes down to the top of her shoulders. Julie is also petite like Susan. They both have little feet. Julie's bikini top, although fairly modest, still revealed quite a bit of cleavage. I think the top may have been a little loose on her. I got the impression that, although Julie is basically a very shy person, she was not too shy about showing off her breasts. I watched as she redid the tie that went behind her neck. Julie's bikini bottom, a more perfect fit than the top, covered her most private parts, except that it did creep up in the back revealing a firm and tempting piece of ass that (dare I say?) made me want to hump and screw the h_ll out of her.

Susan saw that I was hesitating to get undressed and she gave me a quizzical look like, "What was I waiting for?" I think she was amused by my sudden shyness.

I couldn't stall any longer so I took my clothes off too. I mean, I took off everything. I was stark naked in my birthday suit with my cock dangling between my legs. I was very excited about being nude in front of Julie. It didn't help any that my wife was standing right there with her naked tits and pussy on display. My cock was quickly starting to get hard. Both girls had noticed it right away. Susan was smiling, but Julie was trying to act nonchalant about it and to not pay much attention.

Thankfully, Susan took my hand and the three of us ran into the pond to cool off. It was really fun. We swam and splashed each other. Susan kept trying to untie Julie's bikini top. I wish she had succeeded in pulling it off, but Julie wouldn't let her. Both girls screamed with laughter.

After we got done swimming, we lay down on our towels and enjoyed the sunshine. Susan was in the middle between Julie and me. The girls were actually kind of quiet. I think they were tired out from swimming.

I closed my eyes too and dozed off for a while.

Suddenly, I heard Susan say, "Why don't you take your bathing suit off?"

"I don't know..."

"There's no one here except Bill and me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Of course."

My heart skipped a few beats when I heard that.

And, sure enough, I watched as Julie untied her bikini top and took it off. She laid it at the bottom of her towel. Oh, she looked so beautiful! Her young breasts were so firm and perky! They stood right up in the air. It looked to me like she had little goose bumps. I tried not to stare, but I couldn't help it. I had never seen her topless before.

My cock was quickly becoming hard. I happened to be lying on my back and I thought about turning onto my stomach, but I decided to remain the way I was, at least for a few seconds. I wanted to continue watching her.

Julie looked at me with a shy, modest look. Here she was, openly displaying herself to me, her brother-in-law. It was obvious that she was very excited about it.

I could tell that she was hesitating to take her bikini bottom off. She was definitely self-conscious about doing that with me there. It's one thing for her to be topless and quite another thing to be bottomless too. But, after a few seconds, she slipped her bottom off and went completely naked.

She looked just beautiful! Her skin was smooth and soft all over. It was obvious that she hadn't gotten much sun..

My cock was now so stiff and hot. It was fully erect and sticking out like a sore thumb!

Julie suddenly spotted my erection. How could she not notice it? She had a shocked look on her face, like she was totally not expecting to see me like that.

I knew that I was blatantly exhibiting myself to her, but I only did it for a few seconds. Then I turned onto my stomach to discreetly hide myself.

I'm not sure what Julie thought about my show. I think it was okay for me to show myself for a few seconds, but any longer than that would not have been a good idea. The last thing that I wanted to do was to upset her.

I looked at Susan. Of course, she had witnessed my erection too. She had a naughty smile on her face.

After about a half an hour of laying in the sun, Julie decided to walk along the edge of the pond by herself. Susan moved a little closer to me on the towel.

"You know, when Julie took her bathing suit off, I saw that you got excited! Your cock was so hard! Julie saw it too! I was surprised you let her see you like that. I thought you looked very sexy!"

'You did?"

"Yes! Definitely. I love it when you show off your cock. I think he is just so handsome! You should do that more often."

Susan continued, "Do you know what I would like to do? I would like to tie your wrists and ankles to four posts and tickle your cock with a feather while Julie watches. Your cock would get bigger and bigger until it feels like it's going to burst. Julie would watch the whole thing. Then I would stop teasing you until you got limp and then I would tease you some more. Then I would let Julie massage your balls and make you stiff again."

"Finally, I would rub my tits in your face and, when you couldn't take it any longer, I would lower myself on top of your cock and fuck you until you cum!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. By now I had a huge erection. I nervously looked to see where Julie was. She was still at the pond and facing away from us, but only about two hundred feet away.

Susan giggled, "Oh. Look how stiff you are now! Am I teasing you? If you could, would you like to stick that stiff cock of yours inside of me?"

Suddenly, Julie turned around and started walking towards us.

"Julie can see!"

"So what? She's only my little sister."

"You don't care?"

"No. Stay the way you are."

"You are so bad!"

There was no way that I was going to let Julie see me like that. I quickly rolled onto my stomach to hide my hard-on. Susan laughed when she saw me do that. She thought it was very funny.

Julie sat back down on her towel. After about twenty-minutes, my cock finally settled down and I was able to turn onto my back again. I closed my eyes and listened to the two girls talk.

Eventually, Susan decided that the three of us should go for a walk on the dirt paths that circle around the farm. She wanted to show Julie what the place looked like.

Normally, I am completely naked when I go for a walk. I usually deliberately don't take anything with me at all. Not even a towel. I want to be totally bare. I love the feeling of vulnerability that I get when I am naked outdoors. My entire body is on display to anyone who might happen to come along the path. I can feel my cock dangling between my legs. Susan often goes with me and she'll be naked too. Sometimes we hold hands. It is so romantic.

I instinctively reached down to grab my towel to take it with me. As I said, I usually don't do that, but with Julie with us and the way Susan had teased me earlier, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to take something with me to cover myself, just in case.

Susan saw me reaching for the towel and she stopped me.

She said, "Leave that towel here. We're just going for a walk. There's no point in you having to carry it."

I guess I couldn't disagree with her logic.

Before we left, Susan decided to take her cell phone with her.

"Why do you need to take the phone?"

"Because I may want Julie to take a few pictures of us when I'm sure there's no one around."

She said that because we really aren't supposed to be taking pictures when we're at the club. It's against the club rules to take pictures, but we do it anyway. We just make sure to be discreet about it. I've taken lots of nude pictures of Susan out at the club doing all kinds of things. For example, one time I snapped a picture of her when she was painting a picnic table. She looked real sexy in her birthday suit. Susan isn't shy at all when it comes to being photographed naked.

So, the three of us were totally nude as we started out on our walk. I tried not to think about how exposed I was. My wife and my sister-law both looked so sexy. What if I got excited again? I didn't have anything to cover myself with. Not even a towel.

It wouldn't have been a problem if it was just Susan and me. But with Julie with us, I needed to make sure that I was on my best behavior.

I felt, shall we say, a little sexually tense?

I mostly listened as the two sisters talked almost non-stop as we walked. Julie was obviously happy and excited to be in the buff.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!"

"What do you mean?"

"I never thought I'd be walking in the woods stark naked."

"Bill and I do this all the time. It's relaxing to be able to go nude. Besides, there's no one here today except us."

"Yes. I'm glad we decided to do this on a week day."

We came to the far end of the farm to the log fence that separates us from the neighboring property. There was a cow on the other side of the fence only a few feet away. I said hello to the cow. The girls thought that was funny.

Julie said, "What would whoever owns that cow say if he could see us standing here naked like this?"

Susan said, "I don't think he would be completely shocked because he knows what goes on here, but I guess we would be giving him a quite a thrill, don't you think?"

Julie just giggled.

Susan and I were standing at the fence close to each other looking at the cow when, all of a sudden, she started to rub my ass. I guess there's nothing wrong with that. She is my loving wife. But Julie was standing right there and she could see.

I tried to think about something else, but Susan kept touching me. She was making me so horny! My cock was starting to get hard and to stick up although it wasn't so stiff that Julie would have noticed it right away. I was so afraid that I was going to completely lose control.

I think I would have been okay if Susan had stopped doing what she was doing but, instead of stopping, she turned to face me, stood up on her toes and put her arms around my neck and started kissing me. I tried to resist, but Sue kept kissing me.

She giggled, "Don't you want to kiss me?"

"Yes. Of course I do."

She started kissing me again.

I could feel her naked breasts pressing against my chest.

Within an instant, my cock was fully erect and sticking up in the air like a flag pole and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it!

There was no hiding it! Julie could see it all. She was standing there with her mouth open and her hands on her face.

I was so embarrassed! My face was all red and I had absolutely nothing to cover myself with.

Susan was laughing and giggling. She thought this was very funny.

"Look how big you are! Did I cause that to happen?"

"Susan, you are embarrassing me!"

I thought of turning around to hide myself from Julie, but I decided not to because it would only have made things worse.

Julie exclaimed, "I can't believe you guys!"

Susan turned to me and said, "There's no reason for you to feel embarrassed! It's just Julie and me. There's no one else around."

Susan handed the cell phone to Julie and instructed her to take our pictures.

Julie took some pictures of Susan and me kissing while standing in front of the fence. She also took some pictures of us holding hands. My cock was fully erect and sticking up in the air all the while Julie was snapping our pictures. I couldn't believe how turned on I was! I was both excited and embarrassed at the same time. Julie, on the other hand, tried to be professional about it, concentrating on taking the photos.

Susan said that she wanted Julie to take some pictures with us sitting on the grass. Susan told me to sit down on the grass and she sat down next to me. Julie snapped a few pictures. I didn't think anything of it until Susan unexpectedly said,

"I want Julie to take a picture of you all excited!"

Suddenly, Susan started sucking on my cock.



Julie kept taking pictures of me. She made sure to focus on my erection. I was so excited! I'm sure that the pictures were triple XXX. She was seeing me in all my glory. No one except my wife had ever seen me that way.

But Susan wasn't done yet. She started kissing me again and pulled me on my side toward her.

I said, "Are you sure that you want to do this in front of Julie?"

"Yes. I know my sister and she'll be okay with it. It isn't as if we're having sex with her. She's just watching."

I pressed my stiff cock against Susan's pussy while we lay facing each other on our sides. I could feel that it was sopping wet. I sucked on and kissed her all over.

Finally, Susan whispered, "I want you inside of me."

I didn't need to be told twice. Sue was lying on her back waiting for me. I got on top of her and slid my cock deep inside her tight little pussy. It felt so good! I was gentle at first but then I thrust it in and out with abandon. There was no holding back. Sue was moaning from all the pleasure. She had gotten me so horny that it was only moments before I came.

Suddenly, it was over.

Sue and I held each other and kissed and then we stood up.

Susan started giggling. She said, "I guess it's a good thing no one else is here."

I replied, "I can't believe you took that much of a chance. You know, someone could have seen us."

"Yes, I know. But sometimes you just have to take a chance."

I looked at Julie, but I didn't say anything to her at first. I was very concerned about her reaction. She had just witnessed Susan and me having sex. I'm sure that when we ventured out on our little hike that the last thing in her mind was that something like this was going to happen. After all, as I said earlier, she just recently graduated from high school. But the thing is that I really didn't know at that time how much of a bond there was between the two sisters.

We continued on our walk.

It was a few minutes later when I started to apologize to Julie.

"Julie, I'm sorry for what just happened. I hope you're not pissed."

She said, "It's okay. I'm not angry. I understand that a guy doesn't always have much control. It's my sister's fault, not yours. She's the one who seduced you."

"Okay. Just as long as you're not angry."

"No. I'm fine. In fact, it was kind of nice. I never got to see anyone make love like that before."

Susan giggled when she heard Julie say that.

"Is that what we were doing? Making love?"

"Yes! Wasn't it?"

"Yes. Of course."

That's the end of the story so far as to what happened that day. I'm sorry if you're disappointed. I know you wanted me to tell you that I had sex with Julie or that the three of us had a three-sum or some other perverted thing. Come on! Get real! That just didn't happen.

But, what I can tell you is that Susan really opened up a can of worms when she had sex with me front of Julie. Julie was so much of a tease to me after that. I'll give you a couple of examples.

Julie came out to the farm with us a number of times after that. She always went nude, not even bothering to bring her bikini with her from home. She was a natural nudist, enjoying swimming and hiking and laying in the sun, all completely naked. I discovered that she was a bit of an exhibitionist too, especially when there were boys around. She told Susan and me one time that she was standing and talking with this one young man when he got an erection.

"You guys really have a tough time don't you? We women don't have to worry about having an erection, but you guys... All you have to do is look at a girl and your thing starts to stand up."

After that, when Julie stayed with us at home on the weekends, she was no longer so concerned about what she wore. Sometimes she would walk around with nothing on at all. I guess she figured that we had already seen each other naked and that there wasn't anything to hide.

There were a few times when she came out of the shower all dripping wet and she didn't bother to cover herself in front of me. Sometimes she would even come downstairs to the living room stark naked. I guess there's nothing wrong with that. Just because a person is nude, it doesn't mean that they want to have sex. But, the thing is, there were times (especially when Susan wasn't in the room) when it I could tell that Julie was flirting with me.

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