tagIncest/TabooSister In Law: Watching Over Me

Sister In Law: Watching Over Me


In the few years after college but before getting married to Jen, we lived apart. She was in Texas working for a large consulting firm and working her way up the consulting ladder, while I was in Florida working in accounting with a large regional bank.

We had dated for three years in college, meeting at a fraternity mixer with her sorority. We had a great relationship, even though sexually she wanted to take it slow.

I had my fun with probably too many women before meeting Jen and the notion of slowing down with the sexual escapades was welcome as I felt I was gaining more respect for her each day, and becoming a better man. Lord knows I needed it!

She still opened herself to me allowing me to regularly go down on her always smooth and wet pussy and I learned to make her climax in rapid succession with my tongue and fingers. She also gave the best blow jobs and was the only woman who was able to make me cum regularly by her fellatio. The only things that would make it better is if she would swallow.

Our relationship blossomed and after graduation we committed to each other, knowing we would get married once she moved back to Florida. Until then, it was an intermittent rendezvous is New Orleans, phone sex and mutual masturbation over Skype. Not bad really and it kept things exciting.

After our second year in college, her sister Aly came to the same university and settled into the sorority with Jen. Aly was a different personality with Jen and was more outgoing and had a very quick wit about her. She was a bit of a "granola-chick" always looking a little unkept and wearing baggy clothes, which hid her figure.

I always suspected she had a nice body, but didn't think too much of it as I was deeply entrenched in her sister's pussy most often and completely satisfied.

Aly and I also became really good friends as we had a few classes together before I graduated and we did some assignments together.

Aly and Jen were the most loyal sisters I had ever met, each having each other's back and completely supporting one another. Their family was tight, and their relationship was a prime example of how well their parents instilled taking up for one another in the family.

This came to light even more after we graduated and she moved away to take her new job. I was still in Florida and stayed close to Aly, as she was a good friend.

Her sorority sisters were an absolute hoot as well and over the next couple of years, Aly would include me in the parties they would have for Holidays or for her friend's when they turned 21. Needless to say it was a tempting situation, but Aly was there so I knew I had to be on my best behavior.

When Aly finally graduated a couple of years later, her family came into town and we had a big blow out. It was during the party that I found out that Jen was having some concerns that I might have been cheating on her with some of Aly's friends.

I was always open with her about those times I'd go partying with them, but she never mentioned how much it bothered her. Nothing had changed when we were together and the creativity we were having with the phone and Skype sex sessions never made me feel that anything was wrong.

As I was standing there mulling this over, Aly came up to me and asked what was wrong. I shared with her what Jen's concerns were, and to no surprise of mine, Aly said that she already knew that as Jen had mentioned it to her earlier in the evening.

Aly went on to say that it completely pissed her off because she knew I had been true for these past two years and that she had always been keeping an eye out for me to make sure I wasn't doing anything that would hurt her sister. I was a little taken aback as Aly was usually pretty chill about things, but she seemed really put off by her sister's accusation, as if it was a knock on her as well.

Later that evening, after about 4 more cocktails each, me, Jen and Aly were sitting on the veranda of the restaurant. Aly turned to Jen and told her how she was a little steamed about Jen's concerns.

As the good sister Jen was, she acknowledged she was probably over reacting. Her concerns were that I was getting bored with the long-distance romance and that I was probably longing for real physical interaction.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Jen had put in for a transfer but needed to complete a project in Phoenix before moving back to Florida. This was exciting news and certainly ramped up the pressure for me to make a firm commitment to marrying this girl.

By the way, she wasn't too far off of the about me needing physical contact, as I had regularly had to masturbate after the evening I would spend with Aly and her friends. The news of her homecoming was certainly music to my ears.

It was then that Aly made the offer to watch over me for the next few months until Jen returned. This was an overture that really wasn't needed but Aly must have felt this would make Jen feel better.

As it was, Jen threw arms around Aly and thanked her for taking care of her feelings, and for making sure I didn't stray. I have to say, sitting on the sideline watching this made me feel a little small.

Jen really meant know ill will towards me, but it kind of hurt in a way. We went on to have a few more drinks and close out the evening.

The next few months would be interesting. It was a few weeks later when Jen was working hard on her project in Phoenix that Aly called me to see if I was free that Friday night.

Knowing that I had nothing going on except a masturbation session with my favorite porn channel, I joined Aly at a local bar known for good drinks and, believe it or not, a really entertaining DJ and dance floor.

Aly picked my up at 9 PM and when she came to the door, my jaw dropped. She normally wore the baggy tops and scruffy jeans, but tonight she has on a form fitting dress that barely covered, what I was noticing was a very tight ass.

She was not overly endowed up top, but the spaghetti straps highlighted her shoulders and collarbone, which was always a favorite look of mine. Aly's hair was short, cut just above her neck line and she wore dangling earrings that glittered in the light of the front porch.

Her deep brown eyes were outlined in a black pencil thin liner that made them look sultry and sexy. This was the most made up I had ever seen Aly, and my loins leaped my pants.

With a twinkle in her eye and a quick wink, Aly looked at me and asked if I was ready for her to "watch over me tonight".

We took a cab to the bar which was our usual approach as we typically couldn't pass up the beer and amazing mixed drinks this bar had to offer.

We spent a few hours drinking, and with me ogling Aly's beautiful ass, before she grabbed my hand and took me to the dance floor.

The DJ had it pumped up and we were sweating it out for over an hour. I got loose and went down to my knees on one move when I looked up and noticed that Aly wasn't wearing any underwear.

With the flashing lights and dark backdrop, it made it difficult to make anything else out, but I saw enough to know that when she turned to face me, she had a cleanly shaven cunt.

Once I stood back up, I noticed that my rod was also beginning to stiffen and I knew I have to keep control. We danced a little longer, had a few more drinks and soon grabbed a cab to head back to my place.

At this point my head was racing but I knew Aly was probably just blowing off some steam. She made no overtures to me all night, but she did drink a hefty amount, a little more than usual.

Sensing she was still drunk, I suggested she stay the night. She agreed but said she was still hot and sticky from all of the dancing and needed to take a shower.

It was then I decided to do a "drunk and dial" and I Skyped Jen in Phoenix. She was three hours behind so it was still only 11 pm for her.

I let her know I had gone out with Aly, but did not let on that her sister was getting naked in our bathroom and ready to take a shower. We small talked a little and I confided I was a little horny.

She recognized my drunk face and new what I needed. Even though she was in work mode, she shifted into sexy mode and began asking me if I wanted to perform for her.

Knowing that Aly was in the shower made me hesitate for a moment, but then the alcohol took over and my inhibitions dropped. Jen talked me into a frenzy saying how she wished she could be there to lick by balls and suck on my cock.

She gave the best blow jobs and I was really missing that. I had my eyes closed as I envisioned Jen fully engulfing my dick and stroking my balls as she brought me closer to climax.

Just as I was getting near, I opened my eyes and realized Aly was out of the shower and standing in the doorway in Jen's robe, just watching. With the screen between me and her, Jen could not see what I was seeing.

Aly gave me a wink as if to say "keep going" and then she started to move towards me while taking off the robe. At this point, I was just about ready to blow.

Jen was also feeling herself up on the other end of the video call and I was losing my mind. Aly moved from the doorway to the chair across the table, so she was still behind the screen.

She sat on the top of the chair and placed her legs on the arms and gave me a full view of her wet, shaved pussy. I was in heaven.

My fiancé was on the screen, working on her owned shaved pussy, while I was watching her sister live, go town on her clit.

I told Jen that I was almost there and she begged me to hold on until she brought herself closer. She asked me to talk dirty to her so I started telling her what I would do to her if she were here.

I told her how I'd love for her to sit on the chair across from me, spread her legs and masturbate for me. At this, Aly winked again, and began following my directions as well.

I then told Jen that I'd love to see her play with her clit and slip a finger or two into her sloppy, wet cunt. Not missing a beat, Aly followed my commands while sister Jen started to shudder as she began to climax.

Still stroking my member, I came in volumes and spewed all over my chest and stomach. Aly was still shoving fingers into her wet cunt and brought herself to what looked like an intense climax where she had to place her hand over her mouth so she wouldn't make any noise.

Aly pulled her now drenched fingers from her lovely box and began sucking on them as Jen and I began closing out our call.

I was mesmerized and spent, looking over the screen at Aly as she cleaned her fingers in her mouth, one by one.

Jen was pleased that I had called and suggested that I go clean up and hop into bed. She said that she "owed her sister" a big one for keeping me away from other women and for getting me all worked up.

Jen wasn't sure what her sister did, but she was going to thank her for keeping watch over me. If she only knew how closely Aly was watching, I'm not sure she would approve.

At that, Aly gave me a wink and headed off to our bedroom. All of a sudden, I didn't mind being "watched over" at all.

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by Anonymous

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by underthecover00704/11/18

Thanks for the feedback

This was my first attempt at writing so I appreciate all of the feedback. I will endeavor to clean up the spelling/grammar errors, as well as get to making Aly a "real" sister in law in Chapter 2.

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by Anonymous04/11/18

“Sister in law”?

Not sister in law until you marry and thus needed two or three more pages or a second chapter.

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by NiceBHM4U04/11/18


Left me hard and wanting to fuck the sister-in-law six ways from Sunday lol

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by zatanaslover04/10/18

This needs at least a follow up after he's married.

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by chytown04/10/18

It's A Read***

Thanks for sharing.

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