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Sister-in-Law's Feet


Sondra is my sister-in-law. I know what you are thinking and I am kind of ashamed of myself too, oh well you know the power of the female foot as well as I do. Anyway two days ago Sondra and I went out shopping for my brother and the rest of our families. I drove into their driveway and rang the door bell.

Sondra answered the door wearing a silk button down shirt that showed a little of her tight stomach, black stretch pants and high heel platform strappy sandals. This is normal Sondra attire; she is very fashionable and likes to look good all the time. Well she did! Before I begin let me describe her to you so you can get an idea of what she looks like. She is 27 years old. She stands about 5'9" and no more than 120 pounds. Her hair is long and sandy blonde. My brother did a very good job in landing her!

Sondra is one of those girls who are not shy about anything. She admitted one time that her feet were one of her favorite assets, and I can see why! They are size 8 and the most perfectly shaped foot I have ever seen. She really could be a foot model. Anyway I always admired her feet because she almost always showed them off. Whenever we had family functions she didn't waste anytime kicking her shoes off and walking around bare foot.

I have taken a few chances and been able to touch them from time to time, but never like we would want to. I would comment on her new toe ring and bend down to look at it and hold her foot while I pretend to be interested in her ring. Stuff like that, never giving into what I really thought.

So let me tell you what happened. We walked around the mall forever. Finally we had bought everything we needed and we headed to my apartment to wrap stuff up. Of course I had a hard time not just starring at her feet the whole time. We get inside and drop the bags. She sits on the sofa and props her feet on the coffee table. We both comment on how tired we are. I grab her a soda and sit next to her on the sofa. I bring the bags around and start to take stuff out to wrap.

She says "We need to take a break before we do that, I bushed."

We flip through the channels on TV. I pretend to watch but you know where my eyes are fixed.

Before too long I say jokingly "Take your shoes off and stay a while!"

She says, "I think I will do you mind I think they might stink a little."

I tell her "Well if it is too bad then you will have to put them back on." I am joking of course. She pushes me in a playful way acknowledging the fact that I made a joke.

My cock was at full attention as Sondra leaned forward and undid the straps on her sandals. She took the heel strap off and slowly slid her foot out of her shoe. Then she did the same with the other. I noticed the straps had left little red marks on her feet so I know the shoes were killing her feet.

I tried to get up the courage to ask her if she wanted a foot massage. I didn't have to! Sondra doesn't say a word as she rotates around and places her feet in my lap. This is not out of place for her because she is very affectionate and doesn't think twice about something like that.

"Do you think I can convince you to massage my feet for me?" I am almost speechless with excitement. I pretend to protest because of the smell, but I am kidding. "Come on I'll be your best friend!" she kids.

I reach down and take her right foot into my hand, which is trembling with energy surging through my body. Her foot is warm and moist to the touch.

I tuck her other foot close to my cock as I kneed the balls of the right foot. She remarks how good it feels and thanks me over and over again. "No thank you!" I think to myself! I really can't believe what is happening! I caress her feet from heel to toe. I give her the best foot massage possible. I haven't looked up in thirty minutes.

I look over at her to see her reaction and she is fast asleep. I tickle the sole of her soft foot to see if she wakes up. I know her feet are very ticklish because she told me one time about shoe salesmen not being able to put shoes on her. I know if that does affect her then she is really asleep. I lower my head down slowly and smell the tips of her toes. They have the scent of moist leather and sweet foot sweat. I am really about ready to cum!

I raise a foot to my face and kiss the tip of her toe very lightly. Then I rest it back down in my lap, except I place it directly on my cock. Then I lean toward her and raise her knee up a little. This places the sole of her tender foot right on my cock. I push down on her foot and almost shoot cum all in my pants! I take the other foot and continue to massage it.

Finally I get the courage to lick it from the heel to the toe with the very tip of my tongue. It tastes so salty, I love it! I take the next hour and see how far I can go with her feet. I am able to stick my tongue between her toes, each of them. I kiss her soles all over and even take her big toe in my mouth. My sexual drive has taken over my brain once again and I'm not thinking well.

I slowly unzip my pants and pull my cock out. I lower one of her feet and touch the head of my cock. Once she doesn't flinch I place both on either side of my penis and push her ankles together. I try to thrust it in and out with my hips, but I can't. Sondra moves and sighs. This scares the crap out of me! Slowly I put things back as they were and pretend to look at TV as I massage her feet. Finally I have got to pee so I set her feet down and go to the bathroom.

On the way back out she is still laying there looking awesome. Her feet look so great. I have to get the camera! I come back in with it and find the best angle and snap, I take a picture. She doesn't move. So I take six more. Well the noise must have woken her. She looks at me with a sleepy-eyed and asks what I am doing. I make up a stupid excuse that I wanted to see if the camera worked or something like that. She doesn't even hear me. She rolls over on the stomach and settles back down.

The position she is in now gives me the greatest sole shot! I take several more. Finally I am ready to cum in my pants. Her feet are hanging off the armrest of my short sofa (loveseat) I go to her feet and place her ankles together again. I bend down and unzip my pants. Her shoes are right there so I pick them up for a smell and good licking of the soles.

Then I turn my attention to her soles. I smell and lick them a little but I am mostly just looking at them as I jack off. It isn't long before I cum. When I do I shoot my load in her shoe and I wipe the cum all on the insoles of her shoes. I am totally spent! I make sure the cum is a light coating so it dries fast. I wake her up and she says we can finish tomorrow (wrapping gifts). I hand her shoes and she thanks me for the foot massage. She remarks that her shoes are still sweaty! I love looking at her feet with my cum on her soles!

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