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Sister Nun


Copyright Oggbashan October 2004

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

* * * * *

Freda talked me into it. Now what do I do? What do we do?

I should have known that any Halloween party that Freda wanted to go to would be wild but this?

We went as nuns. Not sexy nuns with abbreviated costumes, but full traditional nun's dresses, starched wimples and all. Underneath everything I still had my bra and panties. My concession to my fears about Freda's choice of party was to wear old but still presentable underwear. I expected them to suffer and possibly be destroyed. The nuns' costumes didn't matter. They were relics of an amateur production of 'The Sound of Music' and past their best, faded blacks and not so crisp whites. Underneath the skirt we wore three stiffened full cotton petticoats, not what nuns would wear, but they helped keep the heavy robes from impeding our legs.

As we walked to the party I felt the chill air swirling around my legs and cooling my pussy. I began to wish I'd worn tights. The head-dress felt as if I was a blinkered horse, or had my anorak hood pulled well forward. I felt vulnerable to anyone coming from behind. I should have listened to my fears, turned round, and gone home. Then I wouldn't be faced with the dilemma I now have.

My heart sank as we entered the house. I didn't know it was a masters, mistresses and their slaves Halloween Party. Freda intended to be a mistress. I was unprepared and before I knew what had happened I was cast in the role of her slave. Freda whipped a pair of fur-lined handcuffs out from under her costume as we waited at the door and before I knew what she intended my hands were cuffed behind my back. As I entered she slapped a piece of white tape across my mouth.

Freda dragged me inside by the rope girdle round my waist.

"Hello, Freda," A tall woman said. "I see you have brought your slave. New, isn't she?"

"Yes, Donna, and until a few seconds ago she didn't know she was coming as a slave."

"That's great! A new one for us and unwilling. You do know how to make our parties go. Shouldn't she be blindfolded as well? We don't want her to see too much too soon."

"That's a good idea, Donna. I assume you have a suitable blindfold?"

"Of course."

I shook my head violently as Freda and Donna removed my head coverings and covered my eyes with a padded blindfold. I felt my head coverings being replaced and fastened securely. Now I was totally at their mercy. A hand slipped through my arm and guided me into the main room. I heard Donna announce us.

"Everyone! Welcome Freda. She has brought us a new slave. This anonymous nun didn't know she was to be our slave tonight. Give them both a good welcome."

I felt hands all over me. They stayed outside my costume as they felt my outline, squeezed and mauled my breasts and pressed against my pussy. Freda was congratulated several times.

Then Freda said: "I think we should have a competition to see who has first turn with the new girl. Any ideas?"

Donna suggested that they started by deciding whether the contestants should be male of female. Apparently she has a medallion with a picture of a cockerel on one side and a cat on the other. She tossed it in the air and announced 'Cockerel'. There were several female complaints voiced but she silenced them by announcing that the pussies would have the second turn.

I tried to escape by heading towards where I thought the door would be. Many hands caught me and pushed me back to the centre of the room.

"Since we are all impatient," said Donna loudly, "and there are many new faces here, I suggest that the simplest and most enjoyable way to decide which man has first turn is to give our new slave to the man with the longest one. Show us!"

I stood there miserably as I heard cheers and boos as the men's tools were examined. There were three contenders who had to be measured with a ruler. Donna made a production of the measuring, teasing the men to do better. Eventually she announced the winner.

"Ladies and gentlemen. The winner is Andy. He is new to us but his dimensions just exceed the runners up by..." She paused. "...a full quarter inch!" There was a gale of laughter. "I am sure he can do better than that once aroused. Andy, the nun is yours. Take her."

'Andy?' Surely it couldn't be my Andy? Not my big brother? There are lots of men called Andy. However I knew that my brother's equipment was impressive. Lots of girls had begged me for introductions to him. I shook my head violently as a strong male arm circled my waist and pulled me out of the room. I tried to speak but the tape over my mouth reduced my voice to a couple of faint mews. Andy carried me up the stairs in his arms, my legs kicking frantically as we went. I knew that my brother was strong yet this man handled me effortlessly.

Once in the bedroom he laid me gently on the bed, slid my panties off and tied each leg to the bed. I was spread wide apart. Andy carefully lifted my robe and petticoats, bundling them round my waist.

"That's nice," he said, "A beautifully shaved pussy ready and waiting."

I struggled violently. His voice had told me the worst. He was my big brother and he didn't know he was about to make love to his little sister. We weren't like that. I loved Andy as a sister should, not as a potential lover.

Andy's hands suppressed my struggles. His lips touched my inner thighs. He kissed them gently, moving from thigh to thigh as he inched towards my pussy. Despite my horror at being sexually aroused by my brother my traitorous body responded.

His tongue slid over my skin, teasing me mercilessly. By the time his mouth reached my pussy it was moist and willing even as my brain screamed its voiceless protests. His lips met mine, paused for several minutes as he kissed and licked around the outer portal, and then his tongue gently insinuated its tip inside. My hips lifted towards him to try to make him penetrate further. He resisted my advances until I was desperate for his tongue to continue.

He slid further in with an expertise that showed long practice. My frantic mewling turned to a sigh as he found the spot. The rush of blood through my body as Andy produced my first orgasm swept away my brain's last protests. All I wanted now was more. Andy obliged. I lost count of how many times I had surrendered to his probing tongue.

Eventually his tongue left me. I felt his weight across my body as his tool approached. I longed to wrap my arms and legs around him and pull him deep into me yet my bonds prevented that. Andy's tool gradually pushing deeper and deeper inside me told me why my big brother was so popular as a date. Even when I thought I was completely full and unable to take another millimetre his erection continued to slide inwards. His tongue had prepared the way. Without that foreplay I would have been unable to take so much of him. Now he started thrusting slowly, forcing my body against the bed. I wanted him to speed up, to overcome me in a violent passion, yet he continued to be gentle.

I responded to his thrusting as best I could, flattened under his weight. As he withdrew, I followed. As he thrust, I thrust back. It seemed impossible that I could take any more of his length. The impossible became possible.

I tensed my vagina around him holding him as he withdrew, relaxing as he pushed before clamping again after the thrust.

"Yes! Yes!" he cried softly as my grip tightened. Soon afterwards he came into me and sagged his full weight across me.

Then the horror hit me. My brother had fucked me. I had enjoyed it.

Tears dampened my blindfold. The sobs I couldn't voice shook my body.

Andy lifted himself on his elbows. His hands plucked at my head-dress, unpinned it and laid it aside. He carefully removed the blindfold. I blinked at the light and tears ran down my face as I looked up at my brother who was still buried deep in my pussy.

"Sarah?" Andy's voice was quiet and the shock whitened his face.

I nodded. The tears were running freely. Even so I noticed that he was dressed as a devil. He was in a skin-tight black costume except his tight-fitting hood with red plastic horns was lying on the bedside table.

Andy eased the tape from across my mouth. I still couldn't speak. My throat had a large lump in it.

"How?" Andy said.

"Too easily" I whispered back.

"What do we do?" he asked.

"Stop?" I replied softly. I was still well aware of the remains of his massive erection held in my pussy.

Andy wrenched himself out of me as if I had become red hot. Part of me resented the speed. My body remembered the pleasure guiltily.

Andy hurriedly unfastened my legs from the bed and helped me to sit up, pulling my petticoats and robe down.

"We must get you out of here." He announced firmly. "Without anyone knowing who you are."

"Freda knows." I said.

"So she does." Andy said abruptly. "And she knows very well who I am. She knew what would happen when I won the competition. Now she knows I've fucked my sister. She could have stopped it with a word. She has a lot to answer for. Wait here. I'll get the handcuff key off her and be back."

Andy rushed out of the room. I dried my tears on my sleeve. Andy had been a wonderful lover. I couldn't do it again, not with my brother, although he had been better than any man I'd had before. My tears started again. I had been well and truly fucked. Would any man ever surpass Andy's performance? Would I spend the rest of my life trying to find someone who could thrill me as much?

Andy carried Freda into the room clasped in his arms. Her arms were roped behind her back, her mouth was stuffed with cloth and her legs were tied together with pantyhose.

"Freda didn't want to come. I persuaded her." Andy said in a matter of fact voice.

Freda glared at me. At that moment I hated her more than I had ever hated anyone.

"I have arranged with Donna that Freda will take your place as the competition prize. Donna has first turn of the women. She's greasing her largest dildo to shove up Freda's ass. Freda is unpopular and I think she won't enjoy the rest of her evening."

Freda was struggling uselessly in Andy's arms. He threw her on the bed. He pushed the material in her mouth wholly inside before sealing it there with the tape that had been across my mouth. He pulled the cuff key from her robe's pocket and released me. I took pleasure in fitting the cuffs to her. We fitted my blindfold under her head-dress. I might have tied it just too tightly. When she was prepared as a duplicate of what I had looked like Andy lifted her from the bed.

"I'm taking her back to the party. Everyone knows that she is a substitute and that this nun is Freda. After Donna, the slaves are going to have Freda. Many of them have scores to settle and their masters and mistresses will encourage them to take their revenge. We're leaving by the back door. I'll give the handcuff key to Donna. Back soon."

Freda was still struggling as the door closed behind them. I rubbed my wrists where the cuffs had been. I retrieved my panties and put them on. My pussy still throbbed from Andy's assault. It wanted a repeat performance and soon. My brain objected as my body grew warm with remembering Andy's tongue rousing it to heights of pleasure.

When Andy came back he led me downstairs and out of the kitchen door. There were excited sounds from the living room as Freda was being assailed. Andy helped me into his car. My full petticoats needed more space than was available in the two-seater. He drove away sedately. I relaxed. Andy is a good driver and never drinks when he is using his car. A few minutes later I sat forward.

"Andy! Where are we going? This isn't the way home."

"No, Sarah, it's not. I'm taking you to my flat for tonight. We don't want to face our parents until we've talked this over. OK?"

It sounded reasonable. We talked. We admitted that we had enjoyed each other and now we had done it there didn't seem to be any objection to doing it again. We did. We enjoyed it again. Afterwards I slept wrapped in my brother's arms. It seemed the right place to be.

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