tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSister Problems and Table Tennis

Sister Problems and Table Tennis


Author's Note: This is an edited version of a story I wrote and posted on Literotica in 2015.


Chapter One

Marie looked at her watch nervously. It was almost four o'clock that Saturday afternoon, and the party was set to begin at eight. She had worked so hard for this night, and she desperately needed everything to play out as planned. The nineteen-year-old brunette had spent most of the afternoon at Tom's house. This was her last chance to practice, and she was determined to make the next few hours count. Marie pressed her ex-boyfriend to deliver serve after serve across the table. While Tom's house needed cleaning before his party, Marie's priority was practicing table tennis. Marie invested a good part of the previous year learning the ins and outs of Ping-Pong. While she wasn't about to win any major tournaments, Marie felt confident enough to take on her most reviled opponent.

All of Marie's training, focus, and preparation were dedicated to winning a single contest; she was committed to finally besting her older sister at something, and this was going to be her night.

Marie, who dreamed of becoming a teacher, was about to start her second year at community college. Kristen, on the other hand, was finishing up her undergraduate degree at NYU and choosing among numerous law school options. Marie's parents, along with almost everyone else Marie cared about, felt as though Marie was settling. While she was perfectly content with her life, Marie's family, and her parents in particular, continually pushed her to emulate her older more successful sister.

Growing up, Kristen and Marie had been almost inseparable. They had come from a respected family and had plenty of friends. Kristen had always been very protective of her younger sister, and Marie idolized her older sibling. It was a given that if you made fun of or harassed Marie, you would deal with Kristen. In high school, Kristen's priorities changed. Her interest in boys, sports, and academics replaced the time she once spent with her younger sister. Marie hadn't accepted Kristen's newfound priorities well. Marie resorted to a variety of tactics to keep her older sibling's attention, but these only pushed Kristen further away. Kristen was her high school's valedictorian, captain of the cheerleading squad, and homecoming queen. Marie, on the other hand, was a decent student with average looks. Marie failed to make the cut in Kristen's social circles, and Kristen was more than happy to leave her little sister behind.

Over time, Kristen's apathy toward Marie turned to resentment. Kristen could no longer tolerate Marie getting attention or recognition, and Kristen was prepared to ensure Marie accepted the new order of things. By the time Kristen graduated, the sisters didn't have much of a relationship at all. It was Kristen's track record with boys that upset Marie the most. While Kristen never dated any one guy for more than a month or two, Marie longed for a steady boyfriend, but any time a guy would show interest in Marie, Kristen would insert herself into the equation. Marie started relationships with three boyfriends in high school; each of them eventually left Marie to either date or attempt to date Kristen. Marie's older sister dumped each of the boys within a few months.

Even after Kristen went to college, Kristen managed to sabotage Marie's social life. Kristen stayed in touch with high school contacts mostly via social media and reached out to any guys showing interest in her younger sister. A little online flirting from Kristen was usually enough to distract them away from Marie. Tom was one of the three boys lucky enough to both date Marie and get dumped by Kristen. Tom actually grew up with Kristen; they were in the same classes from kindergarten through high school. Tom, like most guys, had a crush on Kristen but didn't stand a chance with the school's most attractive girl. Instead, he settled for Kristen's little sister.

During Tom's senior year, he dated Marie for a few months. They hit it off well enough but never got past second base. Marie and Tom's relationship ended prematurely, however, when Kristen suddenly focused her attention on Tom. True to form, Tom dropped Marie for her older sister; Kristen then ended up dumping Tom with a text message the night after graduation. Marie and Tom stayed in touch but never dated again. Marie liked Tom well enough but couldn't get over his betrayal. Tom liked Marie well enough but couldn't get over Kristen. Somehow, through everything, they developed a solid friendship.

Even though Marie would never admit it, Tom was the closest thing she had to a best friend. While Kristen was able to build a social life apart from Marie, the younger sibling was more reserved. Marie was hardly a social outcast; she just didn't have many close friends. Starting before his junior year in high school, Tom threw an annual back-to-school party at his house. It was the one party he could throw every year where his parents would be out of the picture. Even Tom's younger sister, Tina, was usually out of town with her parents.

These parties were anything but stereotypical keggers with drunken kids jumping off the roof into pools and with lines of horny couples leading into the bedrooms. Tom's parties usually consisted of between ten and fifteen friends watching movies and playing table tennis. Held the final Saturday before school began, the get-together always took place during the town's River Festival. Each year, Tom's party finished with a quick trip downtown. They would walk through the crowded streets and talk about the coming school year. Tom had always had a passion for table tennis. He would spend hours watching online videos of various competitions and tutorials. He played in several regional tournaments, but never threatened greatness. Tom's obsession even became a running joke around the school. Everyone kidded Tom that he played table tennis because he wasn't tall enough for basketball or big enough for football. Tom took the kidding in stride; but on some level, he knew it was true.

Tom taught both Marie and Kristen to play table tennis, but neither girl initially acquired Tom's passion for the game. The sisters eventually devoted time to improving their skills, but their focus wasn't thanks to Tom or to a love of table tennis. Instead, the sisters' embraced the game out of competition with each other; it could have been skeet shooting or water polo as long as it gave Marie an opportunity to one-up her perfect older sister. Marie remembered Tom's last back to school party like it was yesterday. Over the past year, in fact, it was pretty much all she had thought about. During that party, Marie lost a table tennis match and corresponding bet to Kristen. It was the most humiliating experience of Marie's life. She was determined that a rematch would happen this year and that she would win.

While most college freshmen were making friends and enjoying their freedom, Marie was practicing her serve. When other students were preparing for midterms, Marie was working on her forehand smash. Now, after a full year of preparation, Marie was ready for revenge. Marie was set for her rematch against Kristen. "Let's call it an afternoon," Tom suggested. "You can't lose. I promise you."

"Not after what happened last year," Marie insisted. "I can't take any chances."

"Come on," Tom begged. "It really wasn't that bad."

"Not that bad?" Marie argued. "You weren't the one passing out drinks wearing a thong and pasties."

"This is true. Still, you've been working at this for a year. How could Kristen possibly beat you?"

"Just one more game," Marie insisted. "One more game and you can get ready for your party."

"Deal," Tom replied. "But you're helping set up for the party."

"I'll help you set up already. Now serve the damn ball."

Tom was more than happy to spend time with his ex-girlfriend. While Marie would never win any beauty pageants, she was plenty attractive in a girl-next-door way. Marie had straight shoulder-length brunette hair and big brown eyes. She was shorter and curvy but nowhere near overweight. Every time Marie joked that her hips were developing faster than her b-cup breasts, Tom would refute her statement. Generally speaking, Marie was a good-looking young lady who would never be mistaken for a supermodel. Marie's self-consciousness about her looks was born primarily out of endless comparisons to her five-foot-eleven-inch sister. Kristen sported a blonde Penelope-cut hairdo with piercing blue eyes. She had developed firm grapefruit-sized breasts by the eleventh grade and toned her body with a rigorous athletic routine. Where other girls had magazines and movies for unrealistic body standards, Marie only had to look to her flawless, valedictorian cheerleading sister.

After their final practice game, Marie kept her promise and helped Tom get ready for his party. She set out trays of food and ice while he lined up his movies and video games. Any actual cleaning would have to wait until after the party. "So how many are coming?" Marie asked.

Ten, maybe twelve," Tom responded casually. "The usual."

"I just hope I can get her to play me," Marie said.

"Kristen'll play you," Tom assured Marie. He sent a playful punch into her shoulder.

"She'd never turn down a chance to show up her little sister."

"But, what if she beats me?" Marie asked. "I can't go through that again. Not after last year."

"Beats you?" Tom laughed. "You outplayed me a few times. There's no way Kristen's gonna defeat you, not after all your hard work."

"I don't know," Marie said. "I hope so."

"Relax. Everything'll go according to plan. I promise."

Marie knew Tom had no way of backing up his guarantee. Still, she was grateful for the encouragement. Just once, she wanted to get the upper hand on her sister. After tonight, Kristen would go on to become an international lawyer and the pride of her family. Was it too much for Marie to want this one thing? She worked so hard to make all this happen after all.

Not wanting to run into her sister before the party, Marie borrowed Tom's bathroom for a quick shower and change of clothes. Marie had spent weeks planning her outfit for this evening. She needed something comfortable that could also pass for party attire. Marie left her hair straight even though she had brought a tie for use during her match. Marie started with a sensible white bra and orange cotton panties. The undergarments were chosen to be comfortable and sexy at the same time. Marie hoped nobody at the party would see her underwear, but she had to be prepared nonetheless. Marie slipped into a tight orange turtleneck shirt with open shoulders and three-quarter sleeves. She paired the top with black stretch jeans and ballerina flats.

After changing clothes, Marie returned to Tom's basement where she watched television while waiting for the other guests to arrive. At long last, her night had come. Marie was nervous; her hands were shaking and her stomach twisted in knots. Still, she remained resolute; she was going through with this one way or another.

Soon enough, Tom's first guests joined the party and immediately initiated their own game of table tennis. Susan and Jenny both attended the same community college as Marie. The three girls had gone to several movies and parties together over the past year, but Marie always felt like the third wheel. Marie liked Jenny well enough, but Susan was always somewhat of a bitch toward her. Marie chalked it up to Susan's possessiveness over Jenny. Marie grabbed a diet soda and pulled up a chair to watch Susan and Jenny play out their contest. After Marie's year-long immersion into Ping-Pong, she could easily spot the flaws in their games. It was funny, really. The two girls basically took turns serving. Any type of rally seemed well beyond their skill set.

As the amateur contest played out, the basement filled with an eclectic assortment of young adults. Mark, a reserved computer science major, took a seat in the corner by the television. Mark was nice enough but never really talked to anyone. He was wearing his trademark Polo shirt and khakis with tennis shoes. Sean and Shane, fraternal twins, grabbed a couple of drinks and blended right in with the group. Having come from a military family, the boys were social chameleons that could fit in with just about anyone. Throughout high school, Marie had a crush on the brothers but never acted on her feelings. Neither brother paid her much attention after all.

Lucas joined the party with his younger sister, Crystal, and his friend, Ben. Lucas was going to college on a soccer scholarship and dreamed of moving to Europe as a professional "futball" player. Ben was also an avid soccer player but couldn't boast Lucas' skill set. Despite already being eighteen, Crystal was about to enter her senior year in high school. She was the youngest at the party and, frankly, wasn't invited. Always fashionably late, Marie's sister was the final guest to arrive. "There you are, sis," Kristen said to Marie as she stepped into the basement.

"Hey, Kristen," Marie said nonchalantly. "You look cute." As usual, Kristen was dressed to a tee. The tall blonde modeled a blue and white autumn striped shirt with long sleeves and a low-cut square collar. The shirt showed off just a little midriff above her high-rise super skinny blue jeans with a ripped out knee. Her red pumps matched her belt and blazing lipstick.

"Thanks," Kristen responded without returning her sister's compliment. "Tom still didn't get rid of that ridiculous Ping-Pong table?"

"I guess not," Marie said.

"Well, you better be careful," Kristen returned with a chuckle and a wink. "You don't want tonight ending up like last year."

"Not a chance," Marie responded confidently.

Kristen didn't take the bait. Instead, she made her way over to Tom's makeshift bar for a beer.

"I think I want a drink," Susan said handing Marie her paddle. "Why don't you take over?" Marie accepted the offer and scored a couple of easy points on Jenny.

"Wow, Marie," Tom said for Kristen's benefit. "You're getting better at this. I got the next round."

Jenny handed Tom her paddle. "You can take over. I'm done playing anyway."

Marie was glad to see her sister watching as Tom delivered his first serve. With each volley, Kristen's attention focused more on the table tennis match and less on the rest of the party. Things were going according to plan. Marie knew she had to play well enough to keep Kristen's focus but not so well that Kristen would turn down a bet. By the time Tom reached the game's final point, Kristen was hovering over the table.

"I'll play the winner," Kristen demanded as Tom prepared for his serve. Tom couldn't resist showing off for his ex-girlfriends. He launched a high toss serve toward Marie, who didn't even get a solid swing at it. The game was over.

"I'm up," Kristen said reaching for Marie's paddle.

"Actually," Tom said. "Why don't you take my place? I need to keep the party moving along anyway."

"OK, then," Kristen said snatching the paddle from Tom's hand. "I'm not sure it'll be much of a game, though."

"You beat me one time," Marie argued as she pulled her orange hair tie from her pocket. "One time."

"One time?" Kristen joked. "You still have those cute pasties, anyway?"

"Shut up," Marie snapped tying her hair in a ponytail. "We playing or no?"

"Why not," Kristen said as she tossed the ball to her sister. "You serve first."

Marie picked up the white plastic ball; she held it in her open palm as Kristen kicked off her pumps. Marie went to throw the ball into the air but stopped short. "Tell you what," Marie said looking her older sister dead in the eye. "How about another bet?"

"Another bet?" Kristen jabbed. "You know you can't beat me, right?"

"Then why not put your money where your mouth is?" Marie returned.

"Fine then," Kristen asked. "What's the wager?"

"How about the loser serves drinks in her underwear?" Marie wanted much more out of the bet but had to bring Kristen along slowly.

"That's kind of lame," Kristen responded. "You did more than that last year."

"OK, then," Marie added. "The loser also has to go to River Festival in her underwear."

Kristen thought for a minute staring intently at her younger sister. Kristen was obviously intrigued by parading her half-naked sister through downtown.

"OK," Kristen said. "Let's do it. First to win three games takes the match."

"But of course," Marie said with a grin.

By now everyone had gathered around the Ping-Pong table. Even Mark had come out of his corner to witness the contest. Everyone present except for Jenny, Susan, and Crystal had been at Tom's last party. They all remembered Marie stripping down to a thong and bulls-eye pasties then serving a round of drinks; everyone seemed more than excited for a repeat performance.

Chapter Two

For better or worse, the match was on; Marie's trap was set. The loser of the sisters' table tennis match would have to parade through the downtown River festival in her underwear. Of course, Marie hadn't spent a year practicing to stop at her sister's bra and panties. Marie wanted more, much more. Before Marie could raise the stakes, however, she needed to assure Kristen that victory was preordained. Marie prepared herself for the first volley. She attempted a short backspin serve, but the ball failed to cross the net. On the second serve, Marie cleared the net but didn't get any spin on the ball. Kristen slammed the ball back across the net and completely out of Marie's reach. It was already two-to-zero as Kristen prepared for her own first serve.

Kristen wasn't a table tennis technician, but she was naturally athletic with excellent coordination. She also knew how to deliver a solid high toss serve. As the game reached four-to-zero, Marie remembered how tough a competitor her sister really was. Even so, Marie wasn't anywhere near ready to let her sister off the hook.

"That's OK, Marie," Lucas yelled out. "Just don't lose your focus."

Marie split her next two serves but failed to score on either of her sister's subsequent rallies. The game was seven-against-one and getting out of hand. While everyone at the party had consumed themselves with the sisters' game, it wasn't turning out to be much of a contest.

"I hope you're wearing clean underwear," Kristen joked as her sister missed another serve.

"I'm just getting started," Marie answered before tendering a weak backhand spin serve.

Kristen drove the ball back across the net barely hitting the table's corner. She followed that up with two perfect high-toss serves and won the first game eleven-to-one. Tom glared at Marie as the sisters switched sides. Marie looked back nodding as if she wasn't worried. Tom was indeed concerned for her. Marie started off the second game much stronger than the first. Kristen lost her first serve after Marie fought off an intense rally. Kristen did score with her second serve, but Marie followed up with two points of her own. The promising three-to-one start for Marie, however, ended with an eleven-to-six victory for Kristen. Marie was one loss from having to serve drinks in her underwear.

"Can we take a break before the next game?" Marie asked her sister. Marie set her paddle on the table and started toward the stairs. "I need to use the girl's room. I'll be back in a minute."

"Time for a quick underwear check?" Kristen scoffed as her younger sister headed up the stairs. "Hurry back. Everyone's anxious to see more of you."

As excited as the group was, the guys were especially disappointed that Kristen was winning so easily. Ben, Lucas, and the twins were openly rooting for Kristen to lose. Throughout high school, Kristen was that one girl every guy wanted but couldn't get. The idea of Kristen having to strip for them would be a dream come true even if she was just stripping down to her underwear. Two games into the contest, it looked like they would have a better chance at seeing world peace.

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