Sister’s Satin Panties


I put my cheek next to her nose and mouth and rewarded with her bourbon-tainted breath blowing on my face. She was breathing strongly but she was well and truly out of it. I shook her violently to try to wake her up but it was to no avail. I decided to leave her lying fully clothed on the bunk to sleep it off.

Then temptation struck!

I looked down at my sister in the dark compartment and couldn't help myself. I turned on the bunk light so that I could see her better. Her makeup had smeared on her pretty face; her lipstick was smudged and her mascara had run. I shook her again but she remained comatose.

I put my hand out and touched her ankle and was delighted by the feel of her warm skin through her sheer hosiery. My cock became rigid; for the first time in my life I intimately touched a girl's body. I slid my hand up her leg stroking her pantyhosed leg and marvelled at the feel of silky garment. With my other hand I reached into my sister's blouse and cupped her breast through her brassiere.

I was panting with excitement as I raised her skirt and looked down at her panty-clad crotch. I skimmed my hand further up her leg and stopped where the lighter tan nylon met the dark reinforced nylon at the top of her thighs. My other hand was caressing her titty and I felt her nipple harden to my touch. I slipped my hand inside her bra-cup and felt the soft creamy flesh of her breast and then flicked her nipple with my finger.

After stroking her thighs for a few minutes I summoned up the nerve to progress and my hand glided over the sleek material of her pantyhose gusset and came to rest on the tight curve of her belly. I lifted the waistband of her pantyhose and slid my hand inside and touched the glossy fabric of her dark-green satin panties.

My cock was now leaking copious amounts of pre-seminal fluid and I knew that I had reached the point of no return. I pushed my fears and doubts aside and glided my hands across the lustrous material of her panties. I removed my other hand from her breast and traced the seam of her pantyhose where the two parts joined. My finger crept into the crevice of her sex.

I could feel the folds of her pubis through the tight satin fabric of her panties and I stroked and fondled her for a few minutes. Her vagina seemed to radiate heat and I could smell a pungent odour wafting up from her crotch. My cock was tenting the front of my pyjamas and I pulled the cord at my waist to release them and clumsily kicked them off.

I lowered my head down into my sister's crotch and sniffed the wonderful scent of her sex; combined with her perfume it was a heady brew. I stared at her glossy green panties under the dark hose and then I noticed a little wet patch in the gusset of her panties. My fooling around had aroused her.

I licked at the wet patch and tasted it; it was wonderful and I knew that I was about to commit an unspeakable act but was beyond stopping.

I lay down on top of my sister and rubbed my cock on her pantyhosed thighs. The feel of the gossamer nylon on my shaft and the frenulum at the base of penis-head was exhilarating. I slipped my hand back inside her bra and massaged her breast as I humped away at her legs. I loved the sensation of her clothed body against my naked body.

I would have attempted intercourse if I wasn't sure that she was a virgin but I knew that that despicable atrocity would be discovered immediately she regained consciousness and the consequences would be dire. But even if my sister woke up and discovered what I was doing to her now, there would be hell to pay; but I was beyond caring.

I traced the seam of her pantyhose with my finger and then hooked my fingernail under it. I poked a small hole in the crotch and manoeuvred myself over her body so that the tip of my penis was next to the hole and then I slid it inside.

My cock slid into the folds of my sister's vulva separated from her vagina by only a single layer of satin panty. I lowered my face to hers and kissed her, sliding my tongue inside her mouth and began to hump her comatose body.

I would love to say that I spent the rest of the night dry-humping my sister but this was my first ever sexual experience with a girl and I was so excited that It didn't last long.

My cock slipped along her lustrous panty gusset, feeling the lips of her sex wrap around my glans as I pushed the silken garment into the crevices of her pubis. I scissored my legs against hers marvelling at the feel of her nylons on my sensitive skin. I kissed her mouth; tasting her lipstick and the liquor she had drunk.

I inhaled her scent and moved both of my hands to her hips and pushed her down into the bed as I fucked her panty-clad mound. My penis exploded and torrents of semen issued forth from my throbbing cock. My semen soaked her panty crotch and splashed over the front panel of her panties. I rubbed myself furiously against her as my orgasm washed over me.

Michele groaned but she never woke.

When I had finished I lifted myself off my sister's body and looked at what I'd done. I began to shake with shame, humiliation and fear. My pretty sister lay on the bunk with her skirt hiked up and her legs apart, her pantyhose torn and her panties drenched with my semen. Little puddles of white sperm pooled on her dark-green panty-panel and the crotch of her panties and pantyhose were soaked with my seed.

I got up from the bed and went to the vanity basin and damped a washcloth and returned to the body of my unconscious sister. I wiped away as much of the sperm as I could and then I straightened her clothing and pulled a blanket over her.

I lay in my bunk terrified and did not sleep a wink. When I head my sister rouse the next morning I braced myself for the repercussions of the vile act I had committed on her.

"Oh my head hurts................. what the????????" I heard her say.

I lay with my face turned away as she got out of her bunk and stood up.

"Jesus; what the hell!!!" she exclaimed and I surreptitiously turned my head to take a peek.

My sister was holding up her skirt inspecting the front of her panties and the little hole in the gusset of her pantyhose. Even in the dim morning light that filtered past the blinds and into the compartment I could see that her panties were still damp. Forgive me but the sight of my sister holding up her skirt like that caused me to become erect yet again.

She tentatively touched the front panel of her panties and then she poked a finger through the small hole in the crotch of her pantyhose and swabbed at the gusset of her panties. She removed her hand and sniffed her fingers quizzically.

Michele suddenly snapped her head my way and gave me a look of revulsion and disbelief. She dropped her skirt and went over to the vanity where she spent some time washing herself and brushing her teeth. She fixed her makeup and brushed her hair.

I waited for her to leave the carriage before I got out of bed. She was gone for quite a while and when she returned I was dressed and the bunks had been returned to their stowed position.

She sat across from me and after giving me a long quizzical look she started to say something.

"Mike; last night: did you.................." was as for as she got before I interrupted.

"So Michele; what do we say to mom about that railway worker that you were snogging with yesterday and about you getting severely pissed last night?" I said, looking her squarely in the eyes.

Her face took on a look of suspicion and dismay. A single tear fell down her cheek.

"We say nothing," she answered quietly.

"Yes; best we never say anything about what happened yesterday, I think," I replied.

And we never did. But the memories remained.

And now, here I was, thirty-five years later at age fifty-three, sitting in my sister's bathroom masturbating into her panties and recalling that fateful day on the train.

To be continued................

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