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Sister, Sister


This story is partly fiction, and the characters are over eighteen years of age. If you are offended by incest, or are under eighteen, you should read no more of this page. If, however, you believe that the mind is the greatest sex organ, and you support the First Amendment of our constitution, then read on. Perhaps in a few months, after it occurs, I will be able to recount another adventure with my sisters, M and J.

* * * * *

I had decided to take a few days off work to sort out things at the old family cabin on a creek in the Great Smoky Mountains, a few hours from my home in Atlanta. It was a great place to relax by myself and enjoy some much needed time away from the bustle of the city and the recent end of my marriage.

It was Wednesday afternoon when I arrived and I spent the rest of the day cleaning up the place which had been idle since the previous summer. By dark I had finished the chores, eaten a light meal, taken a long shower, and was ready to take it easy. Once I was ready to relax, it occurred to me I should have brought along some feminine companionship to assist the process.

When I finally settled back with my book that evening on the big day bed in front of the gas logs, the warmth of the fireplace slowly lulled me to sleep. As my head nodded, I heard a noise outside and suddenly became aware of a car turning out its lights in front of the cabin. When I heard foot steps on the porch and my younger sister's voice calling me to open the door, I was surprised as I had thought she was home in the city with her live-in boyfriend.

At the door I could see she had been crying, and I smelled the odor of alcohol. She was only a little tipsy, and she seemed to brighten when she saw me. We had never been close, but always had affection for one another. We were only four years apart, but since she had graduated from college three years before, we had not seen much of one another. She was an attractive woman, but tonight looked tired and upset. When I got over my surprise, I scolded her for driving and drinking.

On my repeated inquiries about the reason for her unexpected arrival, she confessed she had caught George, her lover, with another woman. She had left their apartment without even her purse to come to the old family cabin to be alone. She said she was glad to find me there though, because she desperately wanted to talk to someone.

We had a glass of wine at the table in the kitchen and talked of all the things going on in our lives. Finally, she asked to borrow a robe so she could take a shower and get ready for bed. I heard her go into the bathroom and close the door, and I went back to the big day bed to read my book.

A short while later I heard the bathroom door open, and she came in the living room with two more glasses of wine and sat down next to me. She looked lost in my old terrycloth robe. As we sat there staring at the fire, we talked of the problems with relationships in our lives. She had trusted George, and was unhappy, but glad she had discovered his infidelity before they had married. She was a beautiful, educated young woman with long auburn hair and a luscious body, and I knew she would find another man with little problem. I also knew, but did not tell her that she was strong enough to live on her own.

Our conversation led around an entire range of subjects, from current movies to dirty jokes we had heard at work. We sipped the wine, laughing, and then crying, as the situation and conversation demanded. The warmth of the room and laid back mood contributed to our mutual mellowing out from the problems in our lives, and the world of anxiety outside seemed much further away.

She leaned back into the cushions on the daybed and stretched her bare legs out toward the heat from the fireplace. She wiggled her toes and sighed, contented now that she was feeling better from the wine and conversation.

I stretched out next to her and she reached across me to put her empty glass on the table. When she did, the robe fell open and her leg brushed mine as her arm balanced on my chest. I found myself looking at her right breast and she giggled and pulled the gaping collar of the robe closed. It was obvious she had nothing on underneath. She blushed and said to me, "It's OK, you've seen it before."

I nodded and told her that I had, but pointed out it was when she was seven or eight, and she sure had changed since then.

She turned over on her stomach and asked me to rub her back, stating it would help her relax before she went to bed. I could smell the scent of soap and the jasmine scented lotion she had used since we were children.

I leaned over her and placed my hand lightly on her neck and began to caress it with soft strokes. She rose up on her elbows and slipped the robe down slightly so I could knead her shoulders. I began to move my hands down along the smooth skin of her back, and pulled the robe off her arms, one at a time, and then I softly rubbed her spine down to her waist. She lay down and put her arms out over her head and sighed, not stopping me as my palms worked along the middle of her back and down along the shapely curves at the top her buttocks. She asked me to hand her the glass she had placed on the table and, rising up to where just the ends of her breasts were flattened out on the bed, she took another sip, spilling some of the red liquid which ran down her throat onto her chest and then to the sheets.

I grabbed a napkin from the table and wiped her face and neck, and as I did she turned slightly to me, exposing her breast which was wet with the liquid.

I moved the napkin across her throat and down the front of her chest, her eyes watching me as I dabbed the wine from her perfect breasts. She was raised up on her elbows, and when my hand brushed her nipple I heard a sharp intake of breath. She then lay back down and I continued the massage, my mind shaken at the thoughts in my head.

Gently, I pushed the robe down to her knees and admired her firm white cheeks, watching her muscles tighten and then relax as I squeezed her flesh. She took a deep breath each time I tensed my fingers on her firm hips, and the sides of her breasts pushed out against the blanket where they were flattened under her. I ran one finger along the thin tan mark on her back from her bikini, and she shivered when I drew it back again. Looking at her, I thought it admirable there was no sign of fat on her lithe body, which was sculpted as well as any I had ever seen. My sister was a remarkably sensuous woman.

As I rubbed my palm along her buttocks and down the backs of her thighs, she sighed again and her legs parted ever so slightly. I removed the robe from her legs and she lay naked under my hands. I rubbed and caressed her from the shoulders to the ankles until she turned her head toward me, smiling, as she asked me if I wanted my back rubbed, too.

I told her I did, and lay down next to her on the bed, turning my head away from her so she would not be embarrassed by her nakedness. I reached across the bed and retrieved the robe for her, but she dropped it on the floor when I passed it to her over my shoulder.

She ran her hands under the bottom of my sweatshirt and pushed it upward to my head. I pulled it off and tossed it on the floor as she lightly began to stroke my back and neck, squeezing the muscles and causing me to sigh with pleasure. As she leaned over me I could feel the heat from one nipple as it grazed my back each time she moved her arms. I could feel my penis stiffen, and my tendons and muscles loosen as she massaged my back, her hands moving slowly to my waist.

As we lay there I could feel her breathing quicken, and she ran her hands under the elastic band of my sweat pants and slowly pushed them down over my buttocks. I lifted my weight from the bed as she pulled them off over my legs and tossed them on the floor by her robe. It felt strangely natural that we were both lying on the day bed, nude and rubbing one another's bodies.

Moving her fingers along my buttocks, she stroked the cheeks and slid her palms along the insides of my thighs, parting my legs as she moved her hands up and down my legs. Each time she stretched out to reach my calves, I felt the lightness of her breasts as they moved over the tightened muscles of my buttocks. Finally, she leaned over me and with her lips close to my ear whispered, "Turn over now and let me rub your chest."

I could have done nothing else as I slowly turned over on my back and looked at her, leaning on one elbow. Her long hair was down over her shoulders and I moved my eyes to her breasts, watching the hardness of her round, pink nipples as they stuck out at me. The well trimmed patch of silky hair in the vee of her legs barely hid the lips of her vagina, and completely nude, she was stunning.

She looked into my eyes as I lay on my back, and she very slowly moved her right hand to my chest and rubbed lightly in a circle, her fingers brushing my nipples and kneading the muscles. In an unhurried motion her hand moved to my stomach, inching toward my hairline and my stiffened cock. She moved her face to my navel and I could see her tongue dart into it, licking the flesh. I was aching from excitement as she turned her attention to my penis and looked at the moistness seeping from the eye. She moved her hair from in front of her and tossed it on her back, and with one eye on my face she stuck out her tongue and touched it to the tip of my prick, licking the fluid and drawing it into her mouth. I moaned and she licked it from the base to the top several times, finally pulling just the head of my seven inch prick into her mouth, her cheeks sinking in as she lightly sucked the fluid from the knob. Then, she lowered her head slowly and took the entire thing into her throat.

I felt as if I would explode, but sensing that she quickly moved her mouth from my cock and smiled at me. "Not just yet, my beautiful, loving brother," she said in a throaty voice.

Moving her face to me, she put her lips close to mine and kissed me deeply, her tongue this time working its magic on mine. I could taste her passion as she ran her tongue into my mouth. Her breasts pressed against my chest and her hand went again to my cock, stroking it up and down with two fingers as she crushed my lips to hers.

I pushed her over onto her back and she gasped as I pulled her right nipple into my mouth, rolling my tongue over it and biting it gently with my teeth. I moved to the other nipple and did the same with it, discovering a new side to my beautiful sister.

From the center of her chest, I ran my tongue down to her navel, and beyond as she spread her legs to let me taste her musky, swelling cunt. The patch between her legs was soaked as I pushed my tongue into her vagina and sucked the wetness that ran out and over my face. She moaned in ecstasy as I lapped up her juices.

I rolled over on my back and pulled her on top of me and kissed her deeply as she wrapped her legs around me and guided my cock into her. She sat erect over me as I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down and impaled her deeply on my penis, watching as her breasts moved each time she rose up and down on me. She moved faster and faster and I pushed hard as my cock exploded deep inside her. She screamed as she came, then moaned as each successive spurt went inside her. She relaxed and moved off me, laying her face next to the matted hair around my shaft, which was wet with our juices. She began cleaning my prick with her tongue, drawing each wet mouthful back into her lips and milking my prick for more as it became soft. As it softened she pulled it back into her mouth and sucked so hard it left me with ecstatic pain.

We lay locked together for a few minutes, our sweating bodies merging as one as we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke a while later and the gas fireplace hissed as I watched her open one eye and look at me. I was at a loss for words, but she spoke before I could say anything.

"We could have been doing that for years, and we can keep doing it for years, if you want."

The desire climbed again, and taking the initiative I turned in the opposite direction on the bed and placed my face next to her light brown patch. Rolling on my back, I pulled her onto me and spread her legs over my head, kissing the lips of her vagina and licking it with my tongue, the taste a strange mixture of our juices. As I felt my prick stiffen again, she pulled it into her mouth and gently moved it in and out with the same rhythm I used to push my hardened tongue into her. We lay like this for a time until I could feel the throbbing increase as my load reached the bursting point. As she moaned with the movement of my tongue, I shot another load of hot sperm into her, this time down her throat as she swallowed several times without gagging. Again, she sucked my cock until every drop was savored on her tongue and swallowed.

I felt so drained I could barely move, but she rolled me over on my stomach and began to knead my thighs with her hands as she pulled my legs apart until I was spreadeagle on the bed. Next, she moved behind me and began kissing my lower back. She moved down my crack and I could feel her tongue and lips exploring it. She put her arms around my waist and pulled me up slightly so she could reach my stiffening rod again with her hand. As I drew my knees up I could feel her lick my anus, and I was overwhelmed with lust as her tongue pushed into it. The sensation quickly brought my prick back to life as she alternately licked my ass and stuck her beautiful tongue into it.

My desire was at a new height as I put my hands behind her head and this time forced my dick back between her lips and pushed hard until I felt it touch the back of her throat. The bed was wet and our bodies soaked with sweat as I drove my member in and out of her lips, pulling her face against me by her hair as I fucked her mouth furiously. She moaned, and as her finger pushed deep inside me, I shot my third load into her throat, this time gagging her as I rammed my dick in as far as it would go. She was too exhausted to suck it more, but turned over on her back and panted as I used my fingers to move the white flecks of cum on her chin into her mouth. As she lay there panting, I rested my reddened prick across her mouth and milking it, let the remainder of the liquid moisten her sore lips.

We fell into a deep sleep, and I woke only once to see her nuzzling my soft penis which she held close to her lips.

I awoke again as the dawn broke, and when I looked I saw her in the kitchen, wearing my robe again and pouring coffee. I went into the bath room, and returned again to the living room, pulling off the covers to change the damp linens. When I finished, I got back in bed and pulled the covers over my naked body to fight the chill of the morning.

Jane brought the coffee and toast in on a tray and sat on the bed, the light breakfast between us. Her hair was combed and she looked better than when she had appeared at the door the previous evening. She needed no makeup to enhance her appearance, and I looked at her, not believing my experience the night before with this sexy woman I now knew in a different way.

She sensed my loss for words, and sipped her coffee as she spread honey on the warm toast. Looking at me with her big eyes, she said, "Don't try to explain last night. We needed each other, and what are siblings for if not for comfort?"

I could only nod as I drank my coffee and ate the toast she had prepared. I was surprised, but felt no guilt at all. I thought to myself that George was even stupider than I had ever suspected, to lose a woman such as Jane to a passing affair.

Jane had majored in literature in college, and was herself a talented writer with deep insights into many things. She had not showed such talents when she was young, but as she grew older her keen intellect had slowly surfaced.

As we sat on the bed, enjoying the early morning and the newly found feelings we were experiencing, she began to talk of her libido and the things it drove her to explore. As I listened to her thoughts, she astounded me when she spoke of her only lesbian partner, our older sister, Mary.

My jaw dropped when she told me how she had seduced our thirty-five year old, single sister during a visit to Florida the year before. She had not intended to do so, but had involved herself with Mary as they slept together on a double bed in a rented motel room at the Atlantic coast after a night out on the town.

Mary was a serious woman who worked as a nurse in a large hospital. She had an excellent sense of humor when the mood struck her, but rarely showed it, and then only to intimate friends. The two things the women shared were the same stunning looks, and auburn hair which hung to the middle of their backs. If not for the age difference they would have been mistaken for twins.

On the night of their first sexual encounter, Jane said they had fought off the advances of several younger, drunken college students in a lounge as they sipped wine and ate dinner by candlelight. Later, they had sat on the beach and watched the water darken in the Atlantic as the sun dipped down behind them.

The small room they returned to was on the ocean side of the motel on the second floor, and they had turned off the air conditioner to let the warm sea breezes from the open sliding glass door caress their bodies as they went to sleep on the one double bed provided. As they lay on the bed together in just their bras and panties, they spoke of how their closeness was a fortunate thing between sisters who were mature. and, just as my experience with Jane had developed, theirs had come about with Mary's offer of a back rub.

Jane said she had turned over on her front and was watching the stars out the window, when Mary began kneading her shoulders with the expertise of a professional nurse. Jane had been lulled by Mary's soft hands, and they whispered to each other as our older sister stroked her back, and then unhooked her bra and rubbed soothing lotion onto her slightly burned shoulders.

When Mary finished with her massage, Jane returned the favor in kind, rubbing Mary's back and smoothing the lotion into the soft flesh of her back and shoulders. Jane had marveled at our sister's beauty and the loveliness of her perfect breasts. When Jane slipped Mary's thin, lace bra off her, she felt excited as her fingers pressed on Mary's back and along the side of the breasts which were mirror images of her own. When she finished caressing Mary's back, Jane stretched out on her belly with Mary at her side, one arm resting lightly on Mary's back.

As they talked, Jane turned onto her side to face Mary and their nipples accidentally touched, sending an electric shock up Jane's spine and causing an unexpected tingle in her loins. She explained to me that she was overcome with an irresistible urge to take Mary in her arms. Mary's soft beauty aroused sexual stirrings in Jane's loins and her heart suddenly beat with a new, strangely romantic kind of love for her sensual sister. They were close enough to look into one another's eyes as she placed her hand on the back of Mary's neck and drew their mouths gently together in a sisterly kiss which surprised them both as it turned passionate.

As their tongues explored each other's mouths, Jane said her hand moved to Mary's breast as if the fingers and palm had minds of their own. She kneaded the nipple in her fingers and felt it harden to her touch.

Mary had pulled back from her and shuddered slightly, but did not move Jane's hand from her breast. In the dim light, Mary looked at the hand on her firm bosom, and then back into Jane's eyes. Jane then moved down to Mary's left breast and suckled the nipple between her lips as Mary leaned back and softly began to moan. Their passions warmed, and Jane took Mary's other breast in her mouth and alternately licked and sucked gently on that nipple.

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