tagBDSMSister Sub Ch. 01

Sister Sub Ch. 01


Master has a new plan. And I don't like it. He knows I'm selfish. I want him all to myself. Oh, I don't mind if he shares me. I like the attention. But, I don't like to share him. I know he wants me trained. And I'm sure that in some way, this is a good part of the training. But I hate it. What if he picks someone gorgeous? I imagine a trim blonde, blue eyes, size 5, perfect curves. She'll outshine me for sure. And then Master will want her, and I'll be sitting on the sidelines. I hate the sidelines. That's where I stayed all through school. Never the popular girl.

Oh no, Master is back. And he has her. Grrrr. And there she is. Wait a minute! She isn't blonde and gorgeous! She's average, like me. Maybe not quite as heavy, but that's ok. I am losing it. Brown hair, like mine. Hmm, I think her eyes are green. Yuk, perfect teeth though. Not me. Oh well. Hmmm, I guess she's ok. But I still don't want to share.


Master made me share my room with her. Even my bed. Although I like sharing the Master's bed, he sometimes would rather sleep alone. But to share with her! And she is in there, in his room, alone, with MY Master! This is not cool. I pace my room, waiting until I can leave it. I left the door open, so I can see his door. But Master told me to wait here until he leaves his room. Who knows how long he will be in with her. I am seething. I have to get control. If Master sees me like this, I'll be punished for sure!

Finally Master comes out of his room. I know he can tell I am not happy. He just looks at me, and walks by. Crap, he's not happy with me either. I head downstairs to start supper. I can hear her in the other room, talking to MY Master. She must have come downstairs after I did. Maybe I can make her food really spicy? Then she can't meet his needs and he will send her away? Hmm, no, then he'd know I did it, and I'd get punished. I can't think of a thing I can do.

I must be too loud, slamming dishes around. I look up, and there is Master, looking at me. I can tell he isn't happy. He slides his hand behind my neck. Mmm, maybe he'll kiss me? Ouch! No, he pulls my hair, forcing me to look up into his eyes. "We will not have any problems. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Master, I'm sorry Sir." His other hand comes around from behind him. He is holding clamps, three of them, attached by a chain. He rubs my left nipple in between his fingers, getting it nice and hard. Just as I am starting to enjoy it, he puts the clamp on it. He moves to the next one. He knows the right one is more sensitive. I tense up, knowing the pain is coming. I breathe hard through my nose, trying to will the pain away.

"Spread them," he commands. I spread my legs. He squats down and teases my clit. I moan. Oh yes,this feels great. He licks it, and sucks on it just a bit. My legs are getting weak. And then he clamps it too. I squeal.

"Now, be nice and I will take them off after dinner."

I hang my head, pain radiating from my clit and nipples. "Yes Sir"


Master liked his dinner tonight. I made his favorite. Yes, ok, so I'm trying to suck up. I'm still sore, still wearing the clamps. I know he was unhappy with me earlier, but now he seems happy with me. He even put his hand on my leg during dinner. I am happy now. Maybe he will let me sleep with him tonight.


Master told me to meet him in his room! Yeah! Maybe I can sleep with him tonight!

I lightly skip to my Master's room. I hope he lets me suck his cock tonight. I just love to suck Sir's cock. So hard, so thick. Turns me on just thinking about it. I open the door, all grins... and see her. She is just standing there, naked, like me. I don't know what to do. So I just stand there. And in walks Master. Mmmmm, I get turned on just looking at him. He keeps me wet all the time, and he doesn't have to do a thing. Just thinking about him makes me horny.

He walks up to me, and gently removes the clamps from my nipples, one at a time. He rubs each one, rubbing away the ache. Then he bends down and removes the last one. This time he does nothing to relive it. I now know he is still not completely happy with me. I thought wrong earlier.

Master walks over to her and tells her to strip him. I stand there watching. How I wish those were my hands, taking off his clothes. Oh! Look at his cock! So wonderful. Hey, she's way too close to it!

He commands her to her knees in front of him. Then he commands me to kneel next to her.

"Now, I know that neither one of you has served with another sub. This week will be a training period for both of you. You will learn to serve me before your own needs. You will do as I say. I want both of you to suck me off. Take turns and be nice."

He looked at me with that last part. And that's when I noticed the crop in his hand. Ok, I can obey. He is my Master and he knows what's best for me. Besides, I'm still hurting from my last punishment!

I start off licking under and behind his balls. I know where he likes it. She goes straight for the head. I lick and suck on his balls, and around his balls while she sucks on his head. I can tell he is enjoying it, but he still makes us stop. He tells us he wants us both to kiss the sides, at the same time. I look at her, and she looks back at me. That's when I realize it. She doesn't want to share either. With just a look, we agree to work together.

We begin to kiss and lick all over his cock. The first time our tongues touch, we each jump back a little. But before Master can correct either one of us, we go right back to his cock. I slide the head of his cock into my mouth, while she continues to lick, suck, and nibble the length. We totally lose track of time, pleasing Master. Soon, all too soon, he makes us stop. He pumps his cock a few times and tells us both to open our mouths. He shoots loads of cum all over our faces, aiming for each mouth, but hitting noses, chins, and cheeks.

Master looks down at us, covered in his cum, and smiles. "Now, I want you to clean each other off. Mouths only."

We look at each other. I sit back away from her a little. That's all it took. Master swats me with the crop. I yelp, not expecting it. He glares at me. I hang my head. I really hate to be on Master's bad side. I lean forward and lick her cheek. I taste Master's cum. After all the times of swallowing his cum, I have come to enjoy it. So I go for more. Soon, her face is almost clean. Master makes me stop so she could clean me. It feels weird, having her lick my face clean. But, eventually, I get clean and I finish cleaning her. The only place neither of us cleans is the others' lips. Master has been watching though. We each lick our own lips. Master taps the crop on his leg. I jump forward and quickly run my tongue across her lips. She looks at me, startled, and does the same to me. Master smiles.

"Lesson one complete my little sluts. Now you know how to work together to please your Master."

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