tagBDSMSister Sub Ch. 02

Sister Sub Ch. 02


I wake up and stretch, my arms lifting into the air, fists clenched. I am in my own bed, and although it is comfortable, I'd rather by in Master's bed.

I had a dream about sleeping with Master. I love to wake up before him in the mornings and then slowly wake him up. I breathe onto his naked cock, my hot breath alerting him to my presence. I kiss and lick him, watching him grow in size. As he hardens, precum begins to drip from the tip of this cock. I lick it up, anticipating the cum to follow.

Once he is fully hard, I slide the entire shaft into my mouth. I pump it in and out of my mouth a few times before going back to the head and sucking on it. I know that if I look up, Master will be watching me. He likes watching as I serve his cock. I also know that he will take over, control each thrust. I keep my mouth open, and Master grabs my hair and pumps my head up and down until he cums down my throat. Mmm, such a wonderful dream to have.

But I am in my bed. I stretch again and my arm hits the pillow next to me. Oh! I forgot about my "sister sub", as Master calls her. I don't want to wake her up yet. I'm still getting used to having her around. I look over, expecting to see her curled up in her sleep. But she isn't there. In fact, her side of the bed doesn't look touched at all. She must be in Master's bed. I try not to hate her, I really do. But I don't understand why Master wants her around.

With the realization that she was in Master's bed came the feeling that this would not be a good day. Not even that delicious dream can compensate for the fact that SHE has my Master's attention this morning. I head downstairs to fix breakfast. Soon, I hear footsteps. It is Master. I know that sound anywhere. I immediately kneel, presenting myself to him, back straight, chest out, hands on thighs, legs slightly parted, eyes down.

"Good morning Master."

"Good morning." Master sees the table, already set for three. "It will just be the two of us. Your sister will not be down this morning."

I wonder about this, but I know better than to question Master. Last time I did, I couldn't sit down without pain radiating from my sore ass. I put the extra plate back in the cabinet and put the food on the table. As always, I wait next to my chair, head down, for Master to sit down first and tell me to join him. Once he does, I sit.

Master doesn't talk much during mealtimes, unless he has instructions for me. Ours is not a mutual relationship, each of us giving, like a marriage. It is based on my servitude to him. I am my Master's and I am here to please him. This morning he is silent. I can tell something is bothering him. He is acting the same way he does when he has to punish me. Oh, he likes to cause me pain, but only with pleasure. He does not like it when I require discipline. He would prefer I do as I'm told the first time.

Just as I am ready to remove the dishes from the table, Master speaks, "I want you to see to your sister."

I don't know what he means by this, but I agree and finish clearing the dishes. All too soon, I find myself standing in front of my Master's bedroom door. He has already left for the day, and he told me to take care of her. I wonder what happened. But I can't seem to open the door. I don't want to see her, lying there on his bed. I can just picture her propped up in bed with pillows, enjoying the bed I should have slept in last night, a satisfied smile across her face. I can even smell the scent of sex in the air, the heaviness of lust permeating every inch of the room. The more I stand there, the angrier I get. Finally I throw open the door.

And I see her lying on the floor next to the bed, whimpering. Her back, ass and thighs are covered in lashes from the crop. No skin has been broken. Master is good at what he does. He can cause pain without inflicting permanent damage. She must have really upset him last night. I rush over to her. She tries pulling away from me, until she realizes who it is. Then she latches onto me and sobs.

"What happened?"

"I tried to please him," she says through her tears. "I thought I was doing fine, but I was so tired. He wanted me to suck him off. Everything I tried seemed to upset him. I started out too fast, being to rough. Then I wasn't holding my mouth open enough when he took over. I felt like he was going to jerk my hair right out of my head! And then I couldn't swallow it all. I tried to. There was just too much."

I understood what she was talking about. When I first came to serve my Master, I felt the same way. But now, I love the attention. I just love it when he holds my hair and makes me take all of his cum. I tell her this, but she doesn't want to hear it. There has to be more. Master would never have punished her like this unless she really pissed him off. "Let's get you cleaned up. I have something we can put on your back for the pain."

But she still isn't listening. "Then, he wanted to fuck me. I was glad, I really wanted to cum. But, he wanted to take me in the ass instead. I had never had it there. I really didn't want it. I said no. I know I'm not supposed to. I couldn't help it. He got so mad. Kept talking about him being in control, he's the Master. I know he is. But it hurt, and I was scared."

It was then that I realize that, in a way, I have spoiled Master. She didn't respond like I do. I love it in the ass. And he wanted it. I wish he had come to me. But, he didn't.

She continued, "He ordered me to bend over the bed. She said he was going to teach me to obey. On the first lash with the crop, I jumped and tried to move away. He got even madder. You can see the punishment I got. I thought that was it, but it wasn't. Once he was done, he still fucked my ass. I'm just glad he took the time to use lubricant."

I finally coax her from the floor, and into the bathroom. I put some salve on her marks, and talk to her about the way Master likes things. She was really mad at him. But he is a good Master. She should have backed down and let him do as he pleased. Instead, she fought him at every turn. I feel sorry for her. If she didn't learn soon, she would not last in this house. And her next Master could be worse.

One would think that I would feel pleasure at the thought of her pain, since she did not satisfy my Master. But I don't. I actually hurt for her. I helped her rub the salve onto her wounds, noticing that they really weren't as bad as I originally thought. We go into our room. For the next two hours, we talk. We talk about what Master likes, what he doesn't like, what he expects. She lies on her belly, propped up with two pillows nestled under her plump breasts. I sit next to her, leaning up against the head of the bed. As always, we are both naked. My eyes trail down the length of her body, studying every curve. From her lengthy hair, which Master loves to use, to her lush ass, she is exactly what I would expect Master to like.

As hunger pains interrupt our conversation, we discuss what to do. She knows she has to make a decision. She can either continue to fight Master, or she can bend to his will. We make our way downstairs, and find something to eat. She is still wondering what she will do. I don't see how she even has a choice. She gave herself to him. He is the Master. We are here for his pleasure. As we are eating we here the front door open and shut. I immediately jump out of my chair and drop to my knees, presenting myself to him. She just sits there for a second. He must be giving her a look, because she soon joins me on the floor, following my example.

"Hmm, it seems you have started teaching her. Very good fucktoy," Master tells me. I wonder what he would call her. If he even lets her stay. "Finish eating and then join me in the living room fucktoy." He glances at her, and back at me before adding, "Alone."

Master walks out of the room. She and I exchange a glance, and finish our lunch in silence. While she cleans up from lunch, I go to see what Master needs. He is reclining on the couch when I walk in. I go over to him and present myself on my knees before him. He reaches out and strokes my hair. I moan.

"Fucktoy, you need to do something for me. I want you to train your sister sub. If her training displeases me, you will be held responsible and both of you will be punished. But, if I am satisfied with her training, I will reward you both. This is your second lesson. Lesson one was working together to please me. Lesson two is taking care of each other."

I'm not sure how I feel about being responsible for her training. But I know the answer that is expected of me, "Yes Sir."

"So, my little fucktoy, what do you want to call your trainee?" His hand continues to run through my hair. He knows how hard it is for my to think when he is touching me.

"I don't know Sir. Can I think about it?"

"Yes, you may. As long as you serve me while you are thinking. Now get over here."

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