Sister Sucks Sleeping Sibling


'What movie are you getting?' she asked, excitedly. "I don't know...why?' I was intrigued at her enthusiasm.

'Well, I don't feel like going out either. Maybe we could grab some beers and watch a flick?' Jen was always trying to get me to buy her and her friends beer; she was 3 years away from legal drinking age. This, however, was getting more interesting... Once again, I decided to follow my instincts. They'd been good to me so far...

'OK', I said, 'I'll bring home some flicks and something to drink. Just be cool, OK? Mom and Dad can't find out I bought you beers. They'd boot me out on the street. Alright?'

Jenna agreed and we decided on some movies. I returned about an hour later with a case of beer and 2 videos. I brought the goods downstairs into the TV room; essentially a finished basement where the big screen tv, stereo system etc. were kept. Jen was waiting for me there. We watched the first flick; Jenna and I downed about 4 beers each. I was very pleasantly buzzed but Jenna was on her way to drunk. She had made the same mistake that I used to: trying to keep up with a more experienced drinker. The more intoxicated she became, the more I caught her stealing glances at me crotch. She had a strange, far-away look on her face as she gazed at the front of my cut-off shorts. 'Want another beer?' she seemed to ask every few minutes. Soon I could sense where Jenna was going with this and happily decided to make it a little easier for her. The next time she got up to pee, I dumped 2 beers down the wet bar sink and put the empties in the pile of beers that I'd drunk so she'd think I drank more than I really did. As she emerged from the bath, I said, 'Oh, man Jen; I don't think I can watch that other movie. I'm pretty trashed. No more beers for me.'

'AW! Bullshit, Andy! You said we'd stay in and party so that's what you're gonna do! There's plenty more beers and it's early! C'mon!'

'Ok, Ok, I'll have one more. But I'm really beat.' As I drained my beer and got up off the couch to get another I stumbled a bit, trying to create the impression that I was sloshed. Jen laughed. 'Wow, you really are drunk!'

'I told you! Now we're gonna have one more and I've gotta call it quits. I feel like I'm gonna fall asleep.' I cracked another frosty for my self and one for my sis. We gabbed about this and that; I really hammed it up with my sloppy drunk routine. She watched me intently all the while, searching for a sign. I gave her one. In mid sentence I pretended to nod off.

Jenna called out my name. She repeated it over and over, more and more urgently. Satisfied that I was out, she laid me down on the couch and took off my sneakers. Checking for any response, she said my name a few more times. I began breathing more loudly. She seemed to stand there staring for a few minutes, unsure of what to do next. Then she walked over to the fridge and grabbed another beer. Then she walked up the stairs and left me. Wait, I thought. Just sit tight and wait. I bided my time by fantasizing about what my 18 year-old sister's mouth would feel like on my cock. I was blessed with the 2 most beautiful sisters in the world and they were both blowing me! At least that's what I thought Jen was up to...I had begun to wonder as I lay on the couch alone in the tv room.

Thankfully, she returned. She was wearing that same pj set from the other night. She turned out the light and walked to the couch. Just to play it extra safe, she called my name a few more times. I ignored her. As she knelt by the couch, I opened one eye just that tiny bit (I had gotten very good at this in the last 2 weeks...) to see Jenna's small round tits inches from my face. Her nips were hard and poking at her soft pj top. She reached over and unbuttoned my shorts; then she unzipped my fly. Soon my shorts and boxers were being slowly pulled down to my knees. She must have been terrified that I'd wake up! There. My cock and hairy balls were fully exposed to my younger sister. She knelt there for a full minute watching it as it pulsed with the beat of my heart. Her breathing became more urgent as she reached over and grasped it in her delicate hand. She didn't jerk me off; rather she stroked it with her fingertips like she might pet a cat. She ran her fingers along the veins of my dick and across my balls. As she watched my cock grow, stimulated by her feather-light touch, I was overcome with the desire to feel her mouth on me. Was she going to suck it, as Jill had? The suspense was killing me.

My 10"cock was now fully erect. Once again, Jenna was impressed. She could barely get her fingers all the way around it; she let it go and breathed, 'Whoah.' Then suddenly, I felt her lips on the head. They were warm and incredibly soft. She repeatedly kissed my cock head gently and softly. Next, she began licking it up and down, pausing to smooch my balls with long, wet, sucking kisses. It felt exquisite. Finally she lifted the head away from my stomach and slipped it into her mouth. She wasn't as good as Jill was at sucking cock (she needed practice with her teeth) but it was still fantastic. I was so big and her mouth so small that she gave very noisy head. Slurping and sucking noises filled the tv room. She began a series of ultra sexy (but very quiet) moans and groans while she continued sucking me; I saw by the position af her arm that she was playing with herself again. 'Mmm, mmm, mmm...' My cock slipped from her lips to allow her to catch her breath, give her jaw a break and concentrate on her cunt for a bit. She panted in barely controlled lust. Then she was down on it again. Absolute heaven. Soon she was fingering herself so furiously that she temporarily lost control of herself. Her sucking became more forceful; her moaning became loud grunting. She must have caught herself just then; for she stopped everything suddenly and disappeared from my secret line of sight. I lay motionless, hard on aching and head spinning. Damn. She must have felt she went too far and decided to quit while she was ahead. I'd have to finish this myself after she went upstairs to sleep. Oh, well, at least I'll have the memory of my lovely young sister blowing me while she played with her pussy to aid me in jerking off.

She was still in the room; I could hear her heavy breathing, though I couldn't see her. Had to keep up the illusion that I was out cold. I lay in the darkened room, fully exposed and waiting for whatever might come next. Then I heard her approach the couch again. With eyes closed, I thought I felt her place her elbows on either side of my hips, so she could position herself between my slightly spread legs and suck me straight on. Then I felt her lips on my cockhead again....but it was very she inched my dick into her mouth I slowly realized that it wasn't her mouth at cock was sliding into Jenna's hot, wet cunt!!

My eyes immediately popped open. I saw Jenna squatting above my crotch, totally nude, one hand on the back of the couch and one holding my pecker steady as she eased herself down onto it, slowly bending her knees at my sides. After the initial penetration, she slid down the full length of my steel-hard 10 inches effortlessly. It was a very snug fit; she was red hot and dripping wet. I felt the tip of my cock find the end of her wonderful wet hole; if she wasn't so wet, we might never have fit together as she was such a small petite girl and my erect dick was pretty damn big. In fact, at that exact moment, it never felt bigger. In shock, I looked down at her, fully expecting us to be looking each other in the eye and finally dealing with the reality of what was going on. But all I could see was the top of her head as she looked down at our genitals as mine disappeared into hers. Her short blonde hair almost grazed my chest as she watched the penetration. Her little teenage cunt gripped my cock tightly, especially the muscles just inside her lips. Still looking down at our connecting groins, she slowly and carefully started moving her hips, resulting in a very slight inch-deep fuck-motion. It was probably all she could take of my massive dick. She raised her head up towards the ceiling and I awaited eye contact once again...but her eyes were squeezed shut as she arched her back in pleasure. She was obviously convinced that I wouldn't wake up. Now her sweet little titties were staring me right in the face; 2 erect nipples poked out of the small but perfect mounds and begged to be bit and sucked. But I resisted. She was lost in a haze of lust and desire and was concentrating on the feeling between her legs. I felt that if I shocked her out of this, it would end. And stopping my hot teenage sister from fucking me was the last thing I wanted to do.

Jenna had increased the length of her hip strokes. We were almost at the point of really fucking. She brought her head up again and I quickly went to sleep...She was still holding herself over me on her bent knees, arm on the back of the couch, never really coming down all the way; her ass hovered inches off of my balls with her every downstroke. Eventually she increased her fucking until most of my big dick was swallowed up into her sopping pussy with each stroke. She could take the whole thing in with ease now. My hips started moving; the pleasure I was feeling was too much to ignore. She felt me moving with her and put her hands on my chest. She transferred her weight from her knees and arm onto my body. Our pubic hair finally met, grinding together as we fucked. It was glorious. My hands found her ass and helped her up and down. She started making noise again and looked up into my eyes...I looked straight back. No more secrets. The look that immediately appeared on her face was strange; a mix of great pleasure and kind of a pleading... She kissed me on the lips and quickly blurted out, 'Please don't stop Andy. Please don't stop. Just fuck me it'll be OK just' I smiled back at her and said 'Jenna...You're so fucking good I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. And I don't want to...ever...'

She stared at me, her face inches from mine. 'Oh...Yeah...Ooooo, Andy, fuck me with that big cock....Oh, it's so's so good...Oh....that's it...Ever since I saw it...saw Jill sucking it...I had to have it in me....Uhhh...I had to fuck you...' I was matching her thrust for thrust; her ass was moving like a jackhammer. My hands found her hardened nipples and pinched them hard. 'Aauughh!! Ooooh, yeah baby...Fuck...fuck...FUCK...'

Suddenly the lights snapped on. 'You two better keep it down before you wake Mom and Dad.'

It was Jill.

She was standing in the doorway at the bottom of the stairs with her arms crossed, looking at us very disapprovingly. Jenna and I froze like 2 sexy statues; My dick began shrinking instantly.

She smiled. 'Oh, don't stop on my accout; the cat's out of the bag now, might as well go with it...' She stepped into the room. 'Go ahead.'

Jenna's stared in shocked disbeleif as she watched her big sister walk over to the couch and stood just a few feet away from us. Jen looked up at me, the scared little sister asking her big brother what to do. I was totally dumbfounded. As my dick rapidly diminished inside Jenna's puss, I looked sheepishly up at Jill and said, 'Um...this is really...she...we're...'

Jill looked very seriously down at us and replied, 'Andy, really; go ahead. I want to watch. Fuck her.' Jenna looked at her sister, smiled, and looked back at me. She started moving again and guided my almost-but-not-quite limp dick back into her cunt. She moved her hips back and forth until I felt the blood rushing back to my cock. Jill watched intently as we resumed our fucking. My little sister bounced up and down on my dick with renewed fervor. Soon we had resumed our previous rythm. Jen began grunting with every in-stroke.

'Yeah, that's right,' Jill breathed. At first, I sort of felt 'on display'; I'd never had sex in front of anyone before. 'Yeah, Jen, fuck him...fuck his big fat cock...' Her words spurred me on. As my big sister watched me and my little sister fuck, I became more turned on than ever. Jill looked on with an evil look as we slammed away at each other. Jill took a few steps back to take everything in and then began stripping out of her clothes. She kicked off her shoes, unbuttoned her blouse and slipped out of it. As I watched her removing her black bra, revealing her beautiful tits, our eyes met and I reached a level of sexual excitement that I never dreamed existed. Still furiously fucking my baby sister, who was making increasingly intensifying animal noises in my ear, I watched as Jill stepped out of her jeans and removed her pink panties. Jenna looked over at her older sister, now completely nude, and came intensely with a thunderous groan. She squeezed my neck so tightly I thought she'd break my back. When the tremors subsided, she grabbed my face between her hands and we kissed passionately; I slowed my upward strokes considerably and we made out for a few minutes, Jill's hungry eyes on us all the while. I didn't want to stop but Jenna gave me a gentle kiss and rolled off of me. My hard dick slid out of her hole with a nearly audible 'pop'. 'Jill he's so good,' Jenna said dreamily. 'It's so fucking big...' She leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips again. She gazed over at Jill, now seated on the arm of the couch behind me. I stil wasn't sure what Jill was up for; watching or participating; so I figured I'd follow their lead.

'So were you really awake all those times?' she asked, her eyes flitting between mine and my still swollen member at Jen's side.

'No. The first few I wasn't but I caught you walking in the room one night and decided to fake it and see what you were up to. It wasn't easy...' It was hard to talk. I was still in a combination of shock and sexual frenzy. I had one beautiful sister lying naked at my side and one sitting right in front of me and I needed to come badly. Jill sensed the urgency on my face. She reached down and put her hand on my dick. I was still hard as a rock.

'Did you like it? Andy? Did you like it when I sucked your cock?'

I let out a big sigh as she started man-handling my meat. 'Yes. Jill, you blow me so good...I loved cumming in your mouth.'

'Mmmm...and she swallowed every drop...'said Jenna as Jill popped down onto the couch with us; I had to fight the urge to jump her right then and there and fuck her silly. Keep it cool, Andy. Keep it cool. You're gonna get what you want, I thought. I was staring at her boobies; they jiggled as she stroked my meat. 'That's right,' Jill whipered, a slight tremor in her voice. 'I love swallowing your cum. I crave it. I couldn't stop myself. I want some right now...' She had snuggled up against me and was whispering directly into my ear as she jacked me off. 'I couldn't wait 'til the next time I could suck you off...Maybe from now on, I won't have to wait...maybe we can do it every time we're together...' My heart was pounding like a hammer in my chest. I reached up and put my hand on Jill's breast; a dream from my childhood come true at last.

'Yeah..sounds good to me!' Jenna said as she sat up on the couch. "Jill--let him fuck you. Don't you want it in you? Look at it!' Jen still could not get over how big my dick was.

She looked down into my lap at the big cock in her hand. ', but...' Jill was worried about her boyfriend back at school.

I could take no more of this; I had to shoot my load and I wanted Jill bad. 'I want to do you too, Jilly. But I understand...' My hand dropped from her breast down to trace the tattoo around her navel; then further down into her neatly trimmed bush. I found her cunt wet and warm, slippery from her own juices. 'But would it really be cheating if you did it with your own brother? It's not like I'm some pick-up in a bar or something...' Jill lay back against the arm of the couch and spread her legs wide, providing full access for my probing fingers. I found her little hard love-button easily and gently rubbed over the top of her pussy lips with my thumb. She closed her eyes and sighed heavily. 'C'mon. Jilly. Let me put it in you.'

Without a word she turned around on all fours and faced the opposite direction, tilting her awesome ass up in the air and presenting her pussy to me from the rear. 'Oh, yeah...put it in! Do her, Andy! Fuck her!' Jenna was thrilled that her sister was about to experience the same sensations that she had minutes ago. I got into position on my knees behind her and pressed my cock head up against her moist mound. After a bit of gentle probing, I slid my cock into my big sister's dripping wet hole. She let out an agonized wail; for a moment I thought perhaps she was in pain, but she made no effort to stop me. My hands on her ass, I began pushing/pulling her back and forth. Jenna got up and walked around to face her sister. 'See? You like his big dick, Jill? Huh? You like it?'

'Mmmmmmm.....Mm Hm...' was all she could manage. I watched my sisters tits swing as I fucked her from behind. Jill angled up and her and Jenna were face to face. They began making out; tongue kissing each other and fondling each other's breasts. My big sister's pussy was not quite as tight, but to my surprize it was even warmer and wetter than Jenna's. I could feel her wetness spreading down over my balls. 'Ooooooh, fuck.....Ooooooooh, fuck....,' Jill pleaded. I reached around and grabbed Jill's tits, one in each hand and continued banging against her fine ass. Jenna sat on the arm of the couch and spread her legs wide facing us. She pulled the petite pink lips of her pussy open with two fingers and demanded, 'Eat me, Jilly. Eat my pussy. Please!' Jill bent down and pushed her face into Jenna's groin. She beagan licking and sucking her sister's slit with a vengeance. 'Ooooooooooh, Jill....Eat me...lick my pussy, baby....lick my cunt while he fucks you with that big fat dick...Oh, yeah....' I looked down at my glistening cock sliding in and out of my big sister's pussy; her little brown butthole opening and closing with each stroke. Jenna's eyes met mine; there were tears in her eyes as she gazed at me lovingly. 'Jill's eating my pussy, Andy. It feels so good...Mmmmm....How do you like your sister's pussies, Andy? You like to fuck your sister's cunts?' I couldn't respond. Coherent thought evaded me. We had a classic 3-way going on and there was only one thing left to do...I bent towards Jenna and we began to suck face. All three of us were moaning like mindless idiots as we built our fucking and sucking into a crescendo...we all 3 came together. Jill raised her head up to the sky; on all fours she looked likea wolf baying at the moon. 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhh......' She shook and bucked against me as the inner walls of her vagina squeezed. I pulled out of Jill at the very last second; come shot from my cock in thick white gobs. Most of it hit Jill's ass and back but one squirt ended up in the beautiful brown hair at the back of her head. Jenna bit her lips together as hard as she could as she came, trying to stifle the scream as she pressed Jill's head into her pussy. We collapsed in a heap on the couch and feel asleep, a tangle of sweating, naked bodies. Life for us would never be the same.

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