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Sister Swap


"Oh, come on Marlene. You can't tell me you haven't thought about being with Tom at least once since you met him," Cheryl said with skepticism.

"I don't spend all day and night thinking about him," Marlene replied.

"But you've thought about what it would be like, haven't you?" Stacy chimed in.

Marlene's face turned crimson. "Stacy! He's your husband. You're my sister. I don't think it's right to..."

"Answer the question," Stacy said calmly.

"Just because you're an attorney doesn't mean you can cross-examine me, you little brat."

Stacy and Cheryl laughed, causing Marlene to even smile a little.

"OK. If it helps any," Cheryl said, "I've thought about Tom. I think he's sexy and I'd love to spend an hour with him."

Stacy grinned from ear to ear. Marlene sat stoically, although her pulse was racing and her body told her her younger sisters were right. She had often thought about BOTH of their husbands, but wouldn't admit it now.

"How about spending all day and night with him?" Stacy asked.

"Hmmmmm. That would be interesting," Cheryl sighed.

Marlene rolled her eyes, which brought more laughter from her sisters.

"OK. Here's what I've been thinking about," Stacy said, leaning forward in her chair for emphasis. "The trip we're all taking in two weeks should be great. Nassau is fabulous and the Atlantis Resort is so romantic. If the guys agree—and I can't imagine they won't—it would be the perfect opportunity to do a little exchange program. Call it swapping if you must."

Stacy paused and watched for a reaction, especially from Marlene. With no outburst apparent, she continued.

"I think the first and last day of the trip we should each be with our husbands. But the five days in between? I propose that each morning after breakfast, we put each of our room keys on the table, shuffled and hidden in some way. The husbands keep their own keys. Each of us takes a key. Whichever room it unlocks, that's who we're with until the next morning at breakfast. Then we do it again. You could end up with your own husband all week or somebody different every day."

Stacy leaned back and waited.

"My God, Stace. I'm wet just thinking about it," Cheryl said.

"And I think one of us should have access to a camcorder each day. Every night before we go back to our rooms, whichever one that is, we should all get together and watch the video," Stacy added.

Marlene did her best to hide the fact the whole idea was sounding better and better by the minute. But soon she'd have to commit one way or the other.

"I'm in," Cheryl declared. "I'm pretty sure Doug will agree."

Cheryl and Stacy looked at Marlene. After an interminable pause, Marlene said, "I'll talk to Mike."

Her sisters cheered in unison and high-fived each other.

"This is going to be SO cool," Stacy said with joy.


Anybody meeting the three women for the first time would hardly guess they were sisters. Looks; personalities; whatever criteria you used, they were different.

Marlene was the oldest at thirty. She was the shortest and had the darkest hair, principally because it was her natural color. She looked more mature than she was, but had an athletic figure that was the envy of many women her age. Of the three, she was by far the least likely to have cheated or even thought of swapping husbands with her sisters.

Cheryl was in the middle at twenty eight years old. She had lighter, short hair that was styled perfectly in a tomboyish, disheveled look. She was independent, bordering on wild. Flirting was her favorite hobby.

Stacy was twenty six, blonde by choice, gorgeous, and a first year attorney. She oozed sensuality and had already used her attributes to influence a county Probate Court judge by flashing just enough skin in the courtroom. Even other women stared at her in appreciation when she wore a bikini.

The women understood their differences and got along great. Marlene and Cheryl's husbands had known each other in college and were great friends. Stacy's husband, Tom, instantly fit right in.

Marlene's husband, Mike, was the question mark in Stacy's plan. At thirty three, he was seven years older than Stacy but certainly not a dinosaur. He had played small college football and still was in good shape. Like Marlene, he was conservative and quiet. Cheryl and Stacy simply considered it a challenge in their efforts to loosen him up socially. Both of them suspected he was more than competent behind the closed doors of a bedroom.

So they each headed back to their husbands to gauge the acceptance level of the swapping proposal. Cheryl got no argument from her husband Doug and Stacy got quick acceptance from Tom. Marlene relied on tried and true techniques.

"Think of it, honey. Twenty four hours of you and Stacy alone to do whatever you want."

Marlene wrapped her fingers around her husband's cock as they lay naked under the covers. She instantly felt him harden and the blood pulse against her hand.

"I can't believe three women wouldn't let their jealousies interfere," Mike replied.

Marlene finally had him erect enough to stroke him from base to tip.

"We don't exactly lose out in this deal," she said. "We get a week of sex, just like you. And we're adults. We know that at the end of the week our marriages will still be strong. In fact, it'll work because we've all been married long enough to let this happen. We know we've all thought about each other's husbands and decided we can handle swapping and then come back to our own man again."

Mike was silent.

"So, just imagine being able to run your hands all over either of my sisters' bodies. Being able to feel Cheryl's tight ass or hold Stacy's tits in your hands," Marlene said.

Each new suggestion caused a twitch in Mike's cock, which was now at full erection with the head bulging.

"Think of Stacy moving down to put her lips on your cock, kissing it and licking it."

Marlene moved down to mimic her descriptions.

"Or put you inside her mouth."

The cock disappeared between Marlene's lips and Mike thought he would explode. He pictured Stacy naked, the way he had so many times before. She was on top of him with her pussy over his face and he held her tits. It couldn't have been more than thirty seconds later that Mike was pouring streams of cum down his wife's throat while her sister's likeness floated through his mind.

Marlene swallowed and said, "I take it you're in."


By the time the three couples were on their way to Nassau, all the specifics of the plan had been worked out. The couples would sightsee or go to the beach during the days, as normal, regardless of who their 'spouse' was for that day. They would eat together as a group and spend the evenings as planned. The women were free to visit their 'home' hotel rooms for clothes or other necessities as long as the 'Privacy' sign was not hanging outside. However, they could not discuss the day's happenings with their real spouse. Most importantly, any member of the group could call off the swapping at any time for any reason. They had toasted the agreement, with each of them fairly certain they would not be the one to pull the plug on Stacy's idea.

As agreed upon, the first day was spent with husbands and wives in standard pairings as they settled in and explored their surroundings. The temperatures were in the high eighties, at least thirty degrees warmer than what they would have been experiencing back home. Stacy and Cheryl, in particular, were quick to pull out the tank tops and shorts and bikinis. Marlene, as expected, would take her time getting up the nerve to be such an exhibitionist.

It was never verbalized by anyone, but the tension among the six vacationers grew by the minute as the day progressed and then dinner was over. Eventually, the couples retreated to their separate rooms, purposely reserved on different floors to eliminate as much accidental contact with each other as possible. In less than twelve hours, their lives would change forever.

"Well, here we are," Marlene said nervously at breakfast the next morning. The circular table set for six would be perfect for their exchange of key cards.

Each sister had brought with her a large beach bag containing the outfits they would need during the day, in the belief that was better than having to go back to their rooms for anything and facing the 'Privacy' sign.

"Yep. Anybody want to cancel before we get started?" Doug asked the group.

Unanimously, the others shook their heads.

"What's the best way to do the cards?" Stacy asked.

Tom laid a large cloth napkin on the table. "Put your keys under here, girls."

Three identical keys were slid under the napkin. Tom reached in and mixed them up so that it would be impossible to know which was which.

"Who's first?" he said.

"Let's go by age today. Oldest to youngest," Cheryl suggested.

Marlene and Stacy nodded. Then Marlene's hand was under the napkin. She let go of the first key she touched, grabbed the second, and pulled her hand out. The other sisters followed suit.

"What about the camcorder?" Doug said.

"That's right," Marlene said. "How about for that we start with the youngest and go up in age each day?"

Everyone agreed, with Stacy becoming the anxious owner of the camcorder for the day.

"OK. When we're done eating, I think the men should go to their rooms. After ten minutes, the women should try the key in their own rooms first, and then start trying the other rooms until they find the one that works. At Noon we'll meet in the lobby. Sound fair?" Mike said.

"That works—if my hand quits shaking enough for me to do it," Stacy said.

The much-needed levity helped lighten the atmosphere and a half hour later, the men were headed for their rooms. The women joked about all the possibilities and decided it would NOT be a good thing if they each had their own room keys. Soon, they were on their way upstairs.

Mike had taken the ten minute interval to change into one of the resort's bathrobes. He paced anxiously until hearing the sound of a key card sliding in and out of the door. Then...silence. His heart pounded faster.

'Oh fuck,' Marlene said to herself in the hallway. Then she headed for the nearest room, five floors down—Stacy and Tom's.

Cheryl got a green light from her card and entered her own room to the sound of the shower going and the bathroom door sitting open. She smiled and felt unexpected relief.

Stacy was on her way to Marlene's room, various thoughts scurrying through her brain. Perhaps luckily, her elevator and Marlene's crossed paths without either sister seeing the other. Stacy walked down the long hallway, approached the door to her sister's room, and inserted the key card. With considerable anticipation, she opened the door.

Mike had taken a seat by the sliding glass doors leading out onto the balcony when he heard Marlene's key not work. Now he grinned as his young sister-in-law put out the 'Privacy' sign, closed the door to the room, and laid her beach bag on the bed.

"Hi, Mike," Stacy said.

"Hi, Stacy. What a nice surprise."

Mike stood up and they looked at each other.

"This was my idea, you know," she admitted. "So, if you want to complain to anyone, I'm the one."

"Complain?" Mike said. "You're the one who should be having second thoughts."

She slowly walked over to him, her eyes surveying his arms and legs and the portion of his chest exposed by the robe. She had always known he was a very fit man, but Stacy looked at Mike now in a completely different way. She looked at him as a prospective partner.

"No second thoughts. Those aren't the thoughts I've been having while walking up here, Mike."

Stacy was close enough to touch him now, and she wasted no time. She moved her body against his and got on her toes to kiss him on the cheek. Almost before the kiss was over, she had her hand on the front of his robe, between his legs. To her astonishment, Mike was already responding.

"I hope you don't think I'm presumptuous putting the robe on," Mike said.

"Quit using legal terms with me," Stacy answered with a smile. Her hand lightly slid over his crotch and Mike resisted the urge to back away from the unexpected touch. His mind was slow to accept the fact that, this week anyway, it wasn't taboo.

"I love the robe. But I feel overdressed," Stacy added. "What would you like me to do?"

Mike bit his tongue when the first thought crossed his mind—a recollection of Marlene under the covers. "There's another robe in the bathroom."

By now, Stacy could make out the outline of Mike's semi-erect cock. She squeezed it once, smiled, and walked into the bathroom, deliberately leaving the door half open. Mike tried to make himself not look as he heard her undressing. Still, he caught a reflection of her in the mirror as she tightened the belt around her waist. A moment later, she was in front of him again.

The white robe barely covered her full breasts and hung open at the top of her legs. It was pulled tight around her small waist, accentuating her youthful, hourglass figure.

"Too bad we have to be downstairs at Noon," Stacy said softly. "I could stay like this all day."

They were drawn together by a mutual, undeniable desire that had been growing for all the years they'd known each other. Behind closed doors and with the approval of their spouses, Stacy and Mike started to kiss. It surprised both of them that the intensity increased to the level it did. Tongues met inside opened mouths and hands began to wander; for now, on the outside of the robes.

Mike put his hand on Stacy's ass and pulled up on the robe, gripping her cheeks a little harder as the kiss became even more passionate. His hands slid up her back, still outside the robe, but it brought her chest tighter against his.

Stacy could feel his cock, just as Mike could feel her breasts against his body. The movement of their bodies caused more and more skin to come in contact, which only heightened the pleasure for both of them.

As could have been predicted, Stacy was the first to take things to the next level. Her hands sought out the opening in the front of Mike's robe and reached for his stiff shaft.

"Oh Mike, that feels so nice. Please tell me what you want," Stacy sighed.

"I'd like to see you, Stace. All of you."

The words were like magic to Stacy. Nobody, not even Tom, had ever said those words in that way to her. It was honest and respectful and sexy. She was more than happy to comply.

Stacy took a step back and put her hands on the knot holding the belt together in front of her robe. With a little more hesitation than even she would have expected, she loosened the belt and felt the robe begin to open. She let the belt go and allowed the robe to unwrap at its own pace.

Mike did not hide his gaze at the partially revealed body of his wife's youngest sister. From her ample cleavage to her flat stomach to her silky smooth thighs and calves, Mike took in what little hints the open robe gave him of what lie beneath.

Then he watched as Stacy put her small hands at the top of the robe and slide it off her shoulders. The next few seconds seemed to last an hour for both Mike and Stacy. As the robe slid down her arms and, finally, to the floor, Mike began to take in the magnificence that was Stacy's nude figure. Stacy felt like a stone statue, unable to move in the nervousness of being naked in front of Mike.

They smiled simultaneously.

"Wow. You're incredible," Mike told her.

"Thanks," Stacy replied shyly. "I hope it's what you expected."

"Well, I never expected to see you naked. So it's far better than what I expected."

Stacy detected the ever-growing bulge in the robe between Mike's legs.

"It looks like I got one vote, at least," she said, her eyes giving away her meaning. "May I?"

"You may."

Stacy untied Mike's robe, but didn't take it off. She spread it open and just looked at the thick cock as it attempted to reach full erection. She and Cheryl may have tried to predict what he'd be like in bed, but they never imagined the reality of the size of his cock.

"Very nice, Mike. I'm afraid to ask if it gets bigger?"

Mike laughed. "You have all day, and night, to find out."

"I'm not waiting," Stacy said, pulling off the robe and tossing it aside.

She was on her knees in a flash, stroking the cock and teasing it with her fingers and lips. A moment later, Mike's ultimate dream came true as Stacy put her mouth around the cock and slowly slid it in and out. He heard her moan as she quickened the pace and tightened her lips around the shaft.

Mike looked down at Stacy's blonde hair as it bounced up and down, and her tits as they rolled back and forth with her movements. She was an angel sucking him like a pro. When he began to realize once more that this was his sister-in-law and not Marlene, the excitement took him right to the edge of cumming.

Recognizing the warning signs and tasting his precum, Stacy looked up at him and asked, "Can you cum on my tits, please?"

Mike almost laughed at the words. The most beautiful young woman he knew was asking if he'd cum on her tits after sucking him off. He could only smile and nod.

After another half minute of her tongue and lips, Mike took hold of the cock and aimed it at her chest. Stacy looked up with joyful anticipation as Mike grimaced and prepared for the pending orgasm. With a loud grunt, he frantically jerked on his cock and shot the first stream of warm cum onto Stacy's chest. She watched shot after shot pour from the end of his cock and onto her body. He covered her from her neck to her navel in strings of semen. Several drops dripped from her nipples onto her legs as she sat back and allowed him to finish.

When he was done, Stacy exclaimed, "That was fucking awesome, Mike. I'm impressed."

He wanted to thank her, but was recovering. Stacy saw cum leaking from his cock and eagerly cleaned him up with her tongue. He almost had to tell her to stop before he came again.

"So, it's my turn to ask you what you want," Mike finally said.

"That's easy," Stacy replied. "We have all day to fuck. Right now I want you to eat me."

She practically jumped to her feet and fell backwards onto the bed before the cum could flow down her body. She pushed the beach bag off, spread her legs in an erotic invitation to her brother-in-law, and smiled devilishly.

The sight was one Mike would never forget, and made him wonder how many times that week he'd have the fortune to see it. He moved between Stacy's legs and looked for a second at the accumulation of semen on her body. He didn't need anything to excite him further, but the cum sliding down the sides of her tits did it.

Mike put his hands under Stacy's thighs and lowered his mouth to her neatly shaven pussy. Light glistened off the moisture that was collected around the opening to her slit and he knew it might not take long to make her cum. The first swipe of his tongue started well below her pussy and didn't stop until he was past her clit.

Stacy's muffled whimper was accompanied by a slight raising of her ass off the bed to meet his mouth. Mike went back down to her slit and gradually inserted his tongue until he could feel the warm interior of her cunt. More moans told him Stacy was doing fine.

He fucked her with his tongue for a minute or two, and then moved up to the spot he suspected would begin the orgasm she desperately needed. The moment he licked her clit for the first time, Stacy cried out, "Oh God, yes! Right there, Mike! Yes!"

For all of her husband's stamina in bed, Stacy wasn't used to a man who knew how to pleasure her this way. Sex with Tom was often fast and furious. This was heaven. And when Mike closed his lips around her clit and sucked on it, occasionally stabbing it with his tongue, Stacy nearly forgot about the joys of a big cock.

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