Becky and Stacey were really close, not only were they sisters but best friends as well. With only 16 months between them, their parents had raised them like twins. Always dressed them the same as youngsters they took them to swimming, dancing and martial arts classes together. In fact, it was no surprise that they ended up going to the same University.

Being the older of the two, Stacey was into her second year by time Becky was able to join Stacey in a rented two bedroom flat, which was paid for by their parents. Things were going well. Stacey helped Becky settle in and in no time at all they were out partying the weekends away while doing well with their studies during the week.

That was until the end of October. Becky had just celebrated her Nineteenth birthday. They had gone out as usual, but Stacey could tell Becky wasn't herself that night. She thought nothing of it. But a couple of weeks went by and the feeling that something was wrong had started to nag at Stacey

Stacey finally decided to raise the issue with Becky just to make sure she was ok but planned to do so the following evening.


The next day the girls got up, had breakfast and headed off out. Both had full days at University so wouldn't see each other until the evening. It was just after Lunch as Stacey was heading to her next class when it emerged that the Lecturer had gone home ill. (As it was a double lesson, her afternoon was now free) Stacey headed off home to relax in the bath before tea. As Stacey arrived home she tried her key in the door only to find it was unlocked. Strange, she thought, I must have forgotten to do it when we left.

As Stacey entered the living room she discovered Becky on the settee wearing just a pair of jeans. Her hand was buried deep inside her jeans as she rubbed her pussy hard.

"Holy Shit Becky, what the hell's going on?"

Needless to say Becky hadn't been expecting her big sister to arrive home so soon. For a moment the room fell silent.

"Please I can explain," Becky stammered.

Both girls were in shock, but then Stacey spotted it. Sitting on the coffee table was Becky's laptop, which was open. Becky made no attempt to stop Stacey as she moved across the room to get a view of the screen. She just huddled into a ball to cover her naked breasts, that had been on show for the last two minutes.

Stacey's jaw dropped as the video that was playing started to take focus. A naked blonde girl, maybe in her early 20s, was tied to a cross whilst being whipped by a much older man.

"I've got to get out of here," Stacey said as she turned and fled towards the door.

Tears had started to roll down Becky's cheeks as the shame welled up inside her.

Two hours passed. Becky lay in her bedroom while the sick feeling kept repeating in her stomach. What have I done, she thought. Will Stacey tell Mom and Dad? Will she even speak to me again? Neither of the girls were virgins, but they had been raised in a pretty conservative family and, although they were close, the most details the sisters had shared were the headcount and names of any previous sexual encounters.

Becky had been lying on her bed for another hour when she heard the sound of the front door being shut. She knew Stacey had returned and straight away she could feel fresh tears again. She entered the living room as Stacey was stood in the opposite doorway by the hall.

"Please, I'm so sorry," Becky cried. The thought of falling out with her sister would just destroy her. "Don't hate me," she begged.

Stacey rushed across the room and cradled her younger sister in her arms. "Of course I don't hate you" she said. "You mean everything to me Becky. I'm so sorry I reacted badly, it just took me by surprise, that's all."

Stacey pulled Becky close to her chest as she trembled in her arms.

"Are you going to tell Mom and Dad?" The fear in Becky's voice began to grow.

"No, why would I?" Stacey exclaimed. "You've done nothing wrong, I just want us to sit and talk about it so I can understand it all better."

After they had chance to calm down and relax, Becky opened up to Stacey about how she had always longed to be dominated and controlled. Not just in the bedroom but completely. She even confessed that earlier in the month, during a night out, she had got chatting to a guy who turned out be into the BDSM scene. She had gone back to his place and he tied her up. She remained fully clothed and he never touched her sexually, but this first real experience had opened her mind to a world that she was craving. Since that moment she had spent any opportunity she could get to search for any kind of material that could set off the butterflies in her stomach. Stacey was furious that she had gone back to the guy's to be tied up. "Are you crazy? You could have been kidnapped or murdered. I can't believe that you would take such a risk. What were you thinking?"

"I was a bit tipsy," Becky said, "We didn't keep in contact so it won't happen again."

"So is this what you really want?" Stacey quizzed. "Being dominated humiliated and controlled?"

Becky sheepishly nodded.

"Look Becky this is all a bit scary for me. I won't sleep at night knowing if you are safe or not. From now on I need to make sure no harm comes to you. So first of all there's no more hooking up with strangers, is that agreed?"

Becky nodded in agreement.

"OK Becky so tell me how you plan to go forward with your fantasy." Becky started to regain a bit of confidence as she told Stacey about a club she had found not far from the University that held events every Friday.

"Good. That gives me time to get you ready," replied Stacey. Becky wasn't quite sure what that meant but let it pass. In all honesty she was just relieved their relationship was still intact.


The days went by and Friday was nearly here. Becky thought about what she might wear to the club, but didn't really have an outfit in mind. In the back of her head she half felt that it would fall through and she would go back to surfing the net to get her fix. Friday finally arrived. Stacey had lectures in the morning but Becky was free all day.

"Morning sleepy head," was all Becky heard as Stacey leaned round the bedroom door. "So what time does this BDSM gig thing start then?"

"Huh oh around 10pm," was all Becky could manage.

"Ok see you later" and off Stacey went. Becky looked at the clock on her bed side table, 8:15am! She rolled back over and fell back to sleep.


Once Stacey was done with University she headed into town. She wanted to pop in to the local Ann Summers to see what kind of things she might see at the party that night. After picking up a couple of sexy Bra and Pants sets for herself she headed to the back of the shop. It wasn't exactly an S&M shop and most the stuff was mainly geared for couples. Hmm that might be useful picking up a collar from shelf. Stacey spotted a couple of other items that she like the look of so quickly scooped them up and made her way to the counter.

It was early afternoon when Stacey arrived back. Becky was on the settee watching some daytime programme. She had been keen to avoid Stacey walking in on her again so the laptop was tucked away. One fright was enough for them both.

"Look Stacey I was thinking about later, I'm sure I'll be ok on my own. Nothing will happen," Becky declared.

"That's right little Sis because I'll be looking after you". Stacey responded.

"So I can either help you get ready or you can just stay there in your comfys and we will stop in and watch a movie."

"But I promise you Becky I won't be letting you do this by yourself". Stacey warned.

Becky flopped down in her chair. "I don't think I can go through with this anyway Stace, I've got nothing to wear and I don't to want to look like I have never stepped foot in one of these clubs before".

"Becky I can see how unhappy this has made you so hang on here a minute, I have an idea."

Stacey dashed off to her wardrobe. She remembered a French Maids outfit that she brought for a Halloween party a couple of years ago. She just hadn't gotten drunk enough to wear it herself on the night though so there it had sat unused in the cupboard. "You can wear this, go and start getting yourself ready and we will have a couple of drinks and then you can try it on."

Becky looked the dress up and down and felt a lump forming in her throat. But as she turned and made her way to the bathroom she started to smile to herself as the butterflies returned. She must have lay in the bath for an hour but eventually she got out and did her hair and makeup slipped on her dressing gown and re-joined Stacey.

"Wow Becky you'll have the guys fighting over you in that," Stacey laughed. Ha-ha I know I need a Bacardi and Coke first to settle my nerves before changing. I'll make it a strong one Stacey answered. The drink was quickly downed followed by two more. "Right! time to get you ready". Stacey declared. Becky went to her bedroom and slipped into a pair of Black Stockings and Suspenders with a Black See through strapless bra and a tiny pair of Black frilly Knickers. Stacey joined her in the room and handed Becky the dress.

Oh my god no wonder Stacey backed out of wearing it she thought. It barely came down low enough to cover her modesty and puffed out at the bottom in the style of a ballerina dress. It had a tight body and at the top it was shoulder less.

Becky was concerned about her ample 34D breasts popping out but the dress fitted well enough to keep everything in place.

"Hold out your arms" Stacey instructed. Becky did as she was told as Stacey pulled out the Ann Summers bag. Inside she had 2 pairs of Leather cuffs. They cuffs could join together by a simple chain and carabiner clip that went through the metal D rings that were attached to each cuff. Stacey attached one cuff to each wrist and then another cuff just above each of Beckys elbows.

"Turn around Sis". Stacey said. She then joined the two elbow cuffs together with the chain and carabiner clip that screwed shut. And then repeated the process on the wrist cuffs. Although her arms were not close together pushing her arms back behind her was enough to push Beckys huge cleavage nearly out the dress. "Hmm not bad". Stacey pondered. "You won't be getting the elbow cuffs off in a hurry but you could unbuckle those wrist cuffs." Stacey quickly dived under her bed searching for something. "Got them" she said as she pulled out the padlocks that had been attached to her suitcase. "These will do for tonight."

She quickly removed the clip from the D rings on the wrist cuffs and replaced it with the padlock and snapped it shut. She then repeated it on the eyelets of the wrist straps to prevent the cuff being removed. There I think that looks better. Becky blushed blood red and just stood there obediently. Next out of the bag Stacey produced a collar and buckled it round Beckys neck. It was around 2 inches tall so not too uncomfortable. As Becky was about to question the need for the collar Stacey pulled out a ball gag and promptly inserted into Beckys mouth. It buckled round the back of her head leaving her unable to protest. To finish off the outfit Becky had to wear a pair of black 3 inch shiny high heel

Right go and wait for me in the living room. I'm going to get ready. Beckys heart pounded as she strutted into the living room. Was Stacey going to make her walk the streets like this? Surely they would go in a taxi. But the club was only 20 minutes away on foot if they cut through the campus. Her mind started to race overtime. As she waited she decided to test her bonds. She struggled against her cuffs but all it did was push her cleavage out of her dress even more. There was no way she was getting out of her restraints.

Meanwhile Stacey had settled down in the bath. It was only just past 9. So they had plenty of time as the club wouldn't be open until 10pm. She decided to pick a Black Lycra dress as her outfit that finished just above her knee. She had no idea if this was appropriate for the person in control but to be honest she didn't care. Her only concern was that Becky was safe. She found a pair of Black stilettos that had a 3 inch red heals and slipped her feet in. She did her own hair and makeup as she would if going to any ordinary nightclub and went to join Becky in the living room.

Wow what have you been up to? Stacey readjusted Becky's dress so her breasts were not bursting out and double checked her cuffs. Becky looked Stacey up and down with jealousy wishing her own dress would come down as far as hers.

Ok lets get you to this club then. Uuwwe uurgh huu mumbled Becky though her gag. Stacey had buckled it on so tight not even any drool was escaping. Stacey had no idea what she was trying to say and just went to the hall to get her coat.

I don't think a coat is very practical for you dressed like that so you can wear my fur poncho. Stacey slipped it over Beckys head and it rested just above the bottom of the dress. Stacey went into her pocket and pulled out a leash that she clipped to Beckys collar. Come on Becky it's cold tonight so we need to walk fast to the club. Beckys eyes bulged as the reality dawned. Her journey into BDSM had begun.

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