Sisterhood Ch. 01


Given enough time, my hair was free-flowing and covering my shoulder blades, the ties and pins added to the basket. I was then instructed to remove my jewelry; the youngest Red Sister held out the basket so I could drop them among my other effects. The eldest Sister stepped behind me and combed her fingers carefully through the white tresses several times; I knew she was searching me, but it felt good in a way and I sighed to ease some of my tension.

Then I felt her gloved hand on the back of my neck, applying pressure. "Be so kind as to take hold of your ankles, Sirana."

I nearly spun around; the muscles in my pelvis flexed protectively as I understood that she had one more search to do. She squeezed my neck hard, prevented me from turning, and roughly forced me to bend over. She kicked at my ankles like a beast of burden to get me to widen my stance, so my toes would touch the side points of the diamond. I'd honestly seen plenty of males placed in this position. I'd even ordered it; it was fun, it was humiliating, especially for the reluctant ones.

Not so fun when it was me, and probably meant to be more humiliating.

"Take hold of your ankles, Sirana. Don't make me say it a third time."

My hands grabbed at their instructed purchase, and I tried explaining, "I don't have anything inserted right now, Red Sister."

She ignored me. I felt the soft leather of her gloved fingers trace my sex; she was gathering what moisture there was. It wasn't a lot; I believe I was still too scared. She pressed a finger into me and I cringed at the discomfort as she felt around inside, satisfying herself that there wasn't any foreign object currently stored in my birth canal. One could be surprised how often there was in any given Drow; I couldn't blame this Sister for checking, or for being thorough.

This accepting attitude also allowed me to anticipate that she would check my third orifice as well, so I didn't tighten up at the first probe to where it would only hurt me if she had to force it in. Instead I relaxed, allowed the digit to penetrate me more easily. It wasn't slick enough and was very uncomfortable, painful, but it also didn't last very long. I breathed a sigh of relief when she withdrew.

"Good, Sirana. Good. Now get on your knees and spread them out. Touch your feet together. Now hands on the stone, bring your palms together, elbows out. Touch your forehead to your hands, keep your eyes down. Make yourself fit the diamond, imagine you are a spider waiting in her web.

"Now, continue to wait until we return."

I heard no snickering as I complied and it did make me wonder... There was no additional pat or touch, no final, pointless insertion from her. They weren't just playing with me?

She—and they—glided away. And I waited.


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