tagSci-Fi & FantasySisterhood Ch. 02

Sisterhood Ch. 02


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. © Etaski 2010

This story is continued.


They left me there like that, the candlelight creating dancing shadows that swirled over the polished floor and teased my sensitive eyes. I don't know where they went, or even how they went, but it was soon apparent I was the only living thing in the chamber.

Time drifted, as I had little else to do except look at the candles' reflections and the shadows and shift my knees as they started to complain about the hard floor. I was aware of my nakedness, of my breasts hanging close to the ground and the nipples becoming turgid of their own accord before softening again, of the relatively cool air caressing my feminine parts still tingling from the cavity search.

Nudity rarely bothered me; the Drow were beautiful, and we have a fascination with beauty like our surface counterparts are said to have. The only time it had ever bothered me was when Juarinia wanted me unclothed for something; that was the only time I wanted desperately to cover myself. It wasn't shame, just a simple desire for any armor I could have.

I suppose I wanted some armor right now; the position which I was to hold (and which seeing the Red Sisters' standard was enough to make me obey) was a slave pose, one of supplication I hadn't ever needed to perform before, even at a Lolth ceremony. Being naked only intensified the feeling that I was expected to act the servant, and my fate lay at the whim of the eldest Red Sister who'd commanded me to kneel.

My back was starting to get stiff and I stretched it first upward, lingering, then arched my back down, trying to rotate my shoulders and hips a bit. Now if I could just give my knees some relief—

The deep, throaty hum behind me, as well as the puff of hot breath on my inner thighs, pushed any thought of body aches out of my mind as I froze in mid-arch, unable to move for a moment as I realized something was in the chamber with me. I hadn't heard it enter. How could that be? How could it have gotten so close—?

A long, rough tongue rasped along the folds of my sex and the cleft of my buttocks, and I gasped in shock, finally able to make my body respond to my commands. I abandoned my position and spun in place, planting my rear on the ground—still within the diamond—and closed my legs, facing the creature that had licked me. A complex mix of revulsion and arousal spread from my chest down to my groin as I immediately recognized what it was.

A Draegloth. Half Drow, half demon, always the offspring of a new Priestess of Lolth, conceived during a ritual whose energy was strengthened by a congregational orgy. I'd been part of the congregation only once so far; it had been fun, intense, a gluttony of sensation almost enough to drown out the pleasure-pain screams of the Priestess as she completed her ritual.

Her Draegloth had been born only ten years ago; this one looked much older. Seeing it reminded me of the orgy, the complete abandon in which I'd coupled with several nameless Drow, and hence, the arousal. At the same time, I'd been fervently grateful I had no interest or talent in the priesthood, for I'd never have to couple with a demon to gain power. Or so I assumed.

Yellow, pupil-less eyes narrowed at me from a black, elongated face. It had sharp teeth and a snout; very little of the bestial face except for the dark skin and the mane of white hair resembled a Drow. It was muscular, taller and stronger than me, with big hands and feet and claws on each digit. Except for the hideous face, it really was well-formed, a balanced and sculptured specimen...and as my eyes drifted down I was reminded of what I'd heard: that all Draegloth are indeed born male.

He was certainly a ready male, his chest moving deeper and faster as if catching his breath, and he weaved from side-to-side as if waiting on me to do something. He even whined briefly. I wasn't sure he could talk.

I glanced around the chamber; it was still empty. Just me and the Draegloth, both naked, and him with an erection. He was breathing in my scent with obvious pleasure, even if he dared not do more than lean his head over the garnet border of the diamond without touching it. I had no idea what to do, what was expected. I still didn't know why I was here, if I was just to be toyed with in some twisted games before being killed for some imagined slight to some bitter crone, or if this was something more.

He leaned down and licked my ankle and I flinched though it hadn't felt bad, just different. When I kept staring at and studying him, he hissed and reached with his hand to stroke his erection a few times, perhaps to delay some of the ache that would come if he wasn't allowed release soon.

I watched, fascinated to a degree, but still not sure I could become interested in a half-demon that was scraping at my feet as if he were a pet begging for a pat on the head. It didn't make me eager to open my legs, honestly. There was no intelligent banter, no clever hunt, no power struggle and inevitable surrender. Games like that were what made me hot to couple. It would certainly take something more than whining to make me eager to bond with a Draegloth.

I could imagine, though, that if I was expected to do this for some unknown reason and we only sat here staring at each other until the Red Sisters returned, then they wouldn't be pleased with me. I'd be making things worse for myself...yet I couldn't simply go through the mechanics of mating just because they stuck a demonic cock in front of my face. The dead feeling between my legs, the resentment and distaste for the situation might be worse than any punishment they might give, because I would always remember it, possibly for centuries, and so would they. It could be used as a weapon against me if I lived. I had some pride, after all.

I decided, then, for my best interests that he had to do something to make me want him. And I had to communicate to him some hint of what that was. Already he was showing signs of discomfort and impatience, looking balefully at the garnet border he apparently couldn't cross past his shoulders. Muscles in his arms and shoulders flexed with tension.

I wondered what he would do if I was outside the border? Perhaps bowing and scraping for sex wasn't his first choice of seduction either.

I slid my foot toward the edge of the border; the movement caught his attention and his eyes were pinned to my progress. When I stopped just short of it, his yellow eyes glanced up at me but returned to my foot almost immediately as if he might miss the briefest opportunity of my toe reaching the edge of the border.

I felt my heart rate increase at the predator's gaze on my foot. Not just a dumb beast or a fawning pet. There was power there, something to give, something to take. He was half-Drow, I reminded myself.

Dare I do it? Did I have any idea what I was doing? Not really, I didn't, but I'd learned that fully half of gaining control of any situation was acting like I did. If nothing else, it would be more interesting than just sitting here...and it would be my choice. Risk nothing, gain nothing.

I scooted forward and thrust my entire foot outside of the garnet border. The Draegloth looked surprised for the split-second it took him to understand that I was his then he seized my ankle with one hot hand, yanking me almost completely out of the diamond with one pull. I was on my back staring up at him and kicked with my other free foot, striking him in his chest with my heel. He growled at me and dragged me the rest of the way out, close enough to him that he could kneel between my legs and lean over me. He bared his knife-sized teeth in a snarling, eager smile.

"DON'T YOU DARE!" I roared with all the bluster I could bring to bear, rising up like a snake and swatting him across the face open-handed.

The sound of the slap echoed perfectly in the chamber and he appeared truly dumbfounded and confused for as long as the echo took to fade. His grip loosened on my ankle and I slipped free, rolling to get to my feet to get distance, facing and glaring at him.

His snarl came back as he made eye contact with me; he charged me. I ran, and when he would get close to dragging me down, I would dodge and change direction. This could only go on so long in a bare, circular chamber, but it was enough to wind us. I could have dodged back into the diamond and gloated at him, but that would be a decision I couldn't reverse and I'd be there until—or if—the Red Sisters returned.

Instead I stayed outside the diamond and danced with the demon.

Before I got too tired, though, I spun around to charge back at him, throwing myself into his arms. It surprised him utterly, and I had my legs wrapped around his waist and one hand gripping his mane before he could throw me off. I drew back my free arm fully and slapped him again.

"You want to fuck me, Draegloth?! Do you?!" I shouted in his face, pouring every drop of venom and fury I could to increase the potency of the next hard slap. "Were you told that I was your reward for being such a good boy for the Priestesses? Huh, were you? Because I'll tell you right now, you brutish freak, I am NO ONE'S reward!"

I slapped him again.

He could understand what I was saying and I could actually read a familiar Drow expression on his dark face: essentially it translated as "How did you know that?" I've seen it quite a lot since coming to court. Sometimes I simply guess very well, or I get lucky. Sometimes I'm inspired during a heated rage, like I was now. Perception and intuition were twins I valued immensely.

"Tell you what, though," I said more calmly, almost soothingly, starting to smile as I felt his hands slide under my buttocks to support my weight better as he dug in his claws a little into my flesh. "Tell me your name, and maybe we can get to know each other better."

The Draegloth shook his head in refusal, a rough growl leaking from between his teeth along with a little saliva.

"You have one. All demons do," I replied firmly, "and I'm not asking for the one that binds you to this plane. I want to know what your mother calls you. If you and I are to join, I have to know that much."

He looked away from me; he couldn't help it. He'd been told he could have me and he had been eager to rut, but the repeated slaps—how I'd seen the new Priestess discipline her own young Draegloth in public once—had regressed him. Now he listened to me as he might his mother, his mind distracted from thinking I was just a hot sheath where he could sink his sword. He was confused.

I saw his eyes flicker toward a section of the candles and I noted the location. Someone was watching and listening, of course, and I was encouraged; if he looked to whoever was there for support, it meant I'd genuinely shaken him.

He wasn't really kissable on the mouth, but I pressed my lips into the side of his neck and tasted the oddly spicy flesh. I felt real excitement, now; the idea of mating with him in a similar manner to the ritual which had spawned him had real appeal to me. When power flowed between beings, lust rose as part of the high. I was far from the only Drow that found power exchange to be her aphrodisiac of choice.

I adjusted the way my body held to him, pressed my buttocks eagerly into his hands and pressed a warm sex against his softened genitals. There was a small but immediate response.

"Tell me your name, Draegloth," I whispered sensually to him, my eyes half-closed as my breathing increased and I kissed his skin, nipping at his collar bones.

My attentions and the continued swiveling and squirming of my hips against him brought him quickly back to the state he'd been in when he'd first lapped his tongue between my thighs. His breath heaved and he quivered a little, still standing and holding my weight; perhaps he was feeling muscle strain as well only didn't want to interrupt what I was doing.

I lined up his erection so the tip rested at the entrance of my body, and I held it there. He tried to give a thrust upward but I lifted myself with him so there was no further penetration, just my warm, wet nether-mouth caressing and teasing the sensitive flesh of us both. He started forcing my buttocks down and onto him, and I drew my hand back, threatening to slap him again. He stopped.

"I told you what I want," I panted. "I can stay in this sweet agony longer than you can, you know. I can even climax like this, no insertion needed. I'll get mine for certain, but you...? It's your choice, my good boy."

He blinked when I called him that.

The teasing went on for a good long while; he was in a furious state of arousal and couldn't do anything more subtle that try again to force me to sit on him, which I stoutly resisted and even had to strike him again.

It fascinated me that he wouldn't even try to smack me back, even though one unrestrained punch from him would likely knock me unconscious. He was very well trained. He once made a motion as if to kneel us both down on the ground and I hissed a challenge at him with enough venom to give him pause, and he stayed standing.

He wasn't easily swayed...not at all...but finally, finally—

"Kerse," he rumbled through a mouthful of teeth.

"So you can talk." I grinned, pleased. He couldn't be articulate, if that one harsh syllable was any indication...but it was good to know a Draegloth could speak. "Kerse. Your name, I take it."

"Ssirranna," he hissed back, the corners of his wide mouth rising in response.

So someone had told him my name.

I said, "We've a deal, then."

I impaled myself on him and groaned, wet enough by now that it had only taken one thrust to be balls-deep. He almost howled in relief and I felt his hands slide up to my back and the claws press in as he gripped me harshly. Kerse immediately knelt to lay us both down on the reflective floor, putting me surprisingly gently on my back and settling himself fully between my legs before he began to pound me with almost desperate need.

The rough, fast pace was exactly what I wanted; I climaxed within minutes, my scream of delight echoing around us. Kerse was driving hard into me and I was surprised he'd even lasted this long, even more surprised when he pulled back his lips to expose clenched teeth...and suddenly pulled out. I groaned in disappointment!

The Draegloth reached to grip and stroke himself to completion instead, spraying his seed across my buttocks to drain in a puddle beneath me on the polished floor as I felt his hot gasps on the skin of my neck and in my hair.


Then I thought understood.

Kerse wasn't allowed to spend himself inside his "reward." His mother didn't want to blatantly risk him siring offspring, no doubt for her own well-considered reasons.

It must have taken intense conditioning to put a block like that in one who was half-demon... Their lack of control during moments of lust was well known. It spoke an unsettling amount of power to whoever owned this Draegloth.

"Up," I panted. "Get off me."

He obeyed, lifted himself up and backward to sit on his haunches, his shoulders drooping with exhaustion.

"You're such a good boy, Kerse," I crooned as I sat up and reached out to stroke the side of his face with something approaching tenderness.

He made an unintelligible sound and tried to turn his face from my hand, though he didn't try very hard. The tone reminded me of an adolescent that was trying to shrug off an over-flattering compliment but responding to it nonetheless.

I'd won.

I heard soft footsteps, and the only reason I did was because one set reflected the quick gait of someone who was very agitated.

I looked over my shoulder and saw three of the Red Sisters returning: the eldest, the elder who had collected me, and the youngest. It was the middle one who was giving away her emotions in her walk. I stood up out of the puddle of ejaculate, aware of the cooling wetness that glazed my rear end but turning to face them nonetheless, my back straight with confidence.

"You're outside the diamond, Sirana," the eldest commented as the three stopped before me.

"Forgive me that I thought the adjustment necessary, Red Sister," I replied.

I thought she smiled. I wished I knew if that was a good sign or not. My collector, however, was scowling at me, but she muttered a harsh foreign word to Kerse. He bowed his head, standing to begin walking toward the darkness beyond the candlelight. I noticed that he did look behind him once, at me. Then he disappeared from sight.

"You were supposed to simply mate with him, not talk to him, not call him by his name!" my collector spat, pointing her finger accusingly.

"I didn't know that," I replied casually, enjoying her agitation and the fact that, whatever their goals were, I knew things weren't going according to plan.

"You've just made an enemy of his mother, young one," she continued. "He will be distracted by you whenever you're in his sight. She will not like that at all."

I shrugged. "Maybe I won't be in his sight again."

The middle Sister snorted. "You can pray."

I turned toward the eldest. "May I ask...who is his mother?"

The eldest shook her head. "You may not ask, it is not your place. But you may find out regardless." She began pacing around me again, studying me. "I see that Kerse scratched your back a bit."

I shrugged. I could feel the sting now, but at the time...it had felt good.

"You enjoy it rough?" She was behind me and touched her fingers to the sticky wetness on my backside, tracing the crease at my buttock and upper thigh, thoroughly coating two fingers with Kerse's spending.

"Where appropriate, Sister, yes," I replied a little cautiously.

"What about with more than one?" She walked around to the front again and popped her fingers into her mouth, tasting the Draegloth's seed with apparent enjoyment.

I shrugged again. "I've done it before."

"Simultaneously?" Her eyes twinkled wickedly as she smiled.

"Yes," I nodded. Every orifice had its own unique sensation. Sometimes when the need is intense, sometimes in ritual...you want those sensations all at once. Nothing else was powerful enough.

"Unusual for one so young. Sometimes such adventurous spirits take a while to mature. Oh," she added most casually, "you must clean up your mess, Sirana. This chamber is to remain dry and polished."

I looked at the small puddle, at the spray of Kerse's release, then back at the eldest Sister, who seemed immensely amused.

I could see why. I wasn't going to ask them for a cloth because I trusted my reading of the eldest: in this Game, it would be a mark against me even to ask. So I really had two choices, naked as I was: my hair, or my tongue. One would leave a stiff, ridiculous-looking mar to my gleaming white tresses for the rest of this ordeal; the other was a small performance and fleeting mental image for the other three. I decided to make it a very memorable one.

"Of course, Sister," my smile was as amused as hers, "forgive my lack of decorum."

I dropped to my hands and knees and leaned down to bring my lips in contact with the cool liquid. I slurped in loudly as if I was supping from a spoon, hummed in pleasure, then sucked in more. The floor was nearly dry already. I thought I heard both a giggle from the youngest and a sneering scoff, likely from my collector.

"Are you mocking us, Thalluensareci?" the middle Sister muttered through clenched teeth.

I lapped up the last bit, licked my lips and straightened up, sitting on my knees with my legs folded under me. I looked at them, not quite meeting their eyes but looking at the red leather armor of their chests. "Of course not, Red Sister. Why would I mock you? Who would dare? I'm only doing as instructed."

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