tagIncest/TabooSisterly Love Ch. 19

Sisterly Love Ch. 19


On the train ride into the city there were two good-looking women in the same car as me. I gave them both a warm smile and must have also sent other, more silent vibes their way, for they both went out of their way to return the smile and brushed past me on several occasions before and after we arrived in the city. They seemed disappointed when I didn't rise to their fairly obvious flirtations, but I did have more important matters on my mind.

It was eleven AM when I arrived at Stephanie's apartment. I knocked three times, got no answer and let myself in with the key my sister had given me on my last visit.

I took the last Pepsi from the refrigerator, drained it in two gulps, burped and wandered into Stephie's bedroom. A pair of pale blue panties was strewn on the floor next to the bed. I picked them up and inhaled her fragrance—it was marvelous. I hadn't realized how much I had missed her smells. I lay down on her bed and extracted my dick, wrapped her soiled panties around it and began a leisurely masturbation.

Suddenly I heard the front door open and two voices laughing. One of which was definitely male. I jumped off the bed and still clutching the panties looked for a hiding place.

Getting out of the room would come later. Just then I needed to get out of sight. I didn't want to embarrass Stephie in front of her date, or even her boyfriend. It had been a few days since we'd spoken to each other and one never knew what might have happened in the interim.

She was giggling and sounded inebriated, but at eleven in the morning? I cursed myself for wanting to surprise her and not calling first. I listened as best I could to the brief conversation they were having. Maybe she wasn't plastered, it sounded more like she had a pleasant buzz going. The guy sounded sober as a judge, but could I be sure, after all what did I really know about the effects of alcohol?

I wound up crouching in the small space some joker called a closet a split second before they waltzed into the bedroom. They collapsed onto the bed without looking around, already mauling one another. I pushed the closet door open a crack and could see the lower half of Stephie's body as it was half on and half off the bed.

There was no way I was getting past them without being seen. I waited and watched, still holding the soiled blue undies in my left hand.

The guy was on top, sucking at her neck, moving down her chest as he unbuttoned her shirt. I watched as the faint light spilled over the smooth tops of her breasts pushing up and almost out of the lacy bra she wore. Despite my fear and jealous pangs, my dick jumped when I saw the guy lick them. Sis moaned. I was excruciatingly hard.

The guy slid off the bed and I heard my sister moan, "Do me, Baby. Do me like you did last night!"

He crouched there before her, between her legs, kissing her flat tummy just below the navel as his fingers fumbled at the button of her jeans. She raised her hips when he finally undid them, helping him pull the jeans down her long, silken legs. He tossed the jeans away, which landed at my feet, and then he pulled her socks off.

My sister helped him by pushing down her panties until he took over and removed them the rest of the way. Her cunt was smooth and bare except for a small tuft of hair above her clit.

I grabbed my dick, surprised that the panties were still wrapped around it. I stroked myself with the underwear as I watched the guy move his head toward my sister's naked crotch.

He grabbed her left calf with one hand and took her bare right foot with his other, guiding her right leg up and over as he pushed his hungry lips against her hungrier pussy. They were both moaning and gasping and I could hear the sounds of the guy's tongue and the folds of my sister's pussy slapping and sliding wetly together.

I hated having to watch them, but at the same time I was highly aroused by them too.

Stephie reached across the bed with her arms, clutching handfuls of the comforter and squeezing tight as if she were hanging on for her life. Her head was rocking from side to side, her dampened hair spilled over her face and even into her wide open mouth. She ignored the hair on her own tongue and did her best to breathe even as her breaths repeatedly caught in her throat.

I had to admire the guy's technique, he went at her even harder when she raised her ass and shoved her mound against his face. That's when he caught my attention, sliding the hand that had been on her calf up her leg and underneath her ass and sent his middle finger up her ass. Stephie screamed and sat up halfway, putting a hand on the back of the guy's head to make sure he didn't stop eating her. But this also put her in a better position to not only receive his finger, but to actively fuck herself against it.

When she began grinding and fucking his finger, the guy let her other leg go and placed it on the small of her back, probably to brace her and keep her a little better controlled so she didn't get carried away and break his finger. Stephie was very into this, and soon had steadied herself on the bed with both hands firmly on the mattress while wrapping her legs around the guy's head and locking her ankles together behind him. With her legs she held his face tightly against her cunt, which was so wet that the guy wasn't just licking but loudly slurping away.

She lay back as limp as a rag doll and when he moved up so they were face to face, she kissed him-- not just planting her lips against his--but licking his face first, hungry to taste herself. When they did kiss, she sucked at his tongue and devoured his mouth with the eagerness he no doubt exercised on her when he'd been eating her out. And when she ended the kissing and licking, it was because he had is finger going in and out of her ass.

While I couldn't see his finger going in and out of her ass, I could see his arm moving up down, and judging from these movements I could tell this guy was fingering my sister's ass to her satisfaction. Each time his arm went up, she gave a loud, abrupt cry only to moan at the loss if it came out.

"Oh God!" she cried out suddenly, throwing her hands back onto the guy's head so now all four of her limps were clutching him to her. "Don't stop. Fuck me there! Oh yeah ... fuck me there!"

I was stunned. It wasn't Stephie on the bed with him, it must have been--it was--Candy!

The guy stopped kissing her and began eating her out while his finger remained in her ass. Within seconds Candy, and not Stephanie, lost it, going wild, shaking with the uncontrollable rapidity of a full blown seizure. She grasped the guy's head with her hands so tight I was afraid she might either suffocate him with her cunt or possibly squeeze him until he passed out from the pressure on his brain, but this guy was a trooper and took everything she threw at him. She screamed and screamed, but nothing distracted him from his expert work between her legs.

When her orgasm finally subsided, she collapsed back onto the bed, and that was when I had my first clear look at her face. It was Candy all right. That was when he turned his face toward the closet and saw me.

"What the fuck!" he said, but Candy was already kissing and licking his dick and not listening.

"Who is that? Is there someone else here?"

Still, hot as she was, Candy couldn't just ignore what this guy had said. She stopped kissing and licking him so she could look my way and see me.

"Oh shit, what is this?" the guy shouted as I watched Candy's eyes look me over.

"There's a fucking guy in the closet! What the fuck's going on? He's been watching us and jerking off!"

I was too scared to move or respond, but I knew I had to get out of there. The only thing keeping me from bolting for it right then was that I knew I needed to have some kind of explanation. The guy was older and almost twice my size.

"It's my boyfriend," Candy said, and it took me a moment to realize she was talking to the guy. I suddenly stopped feeling bad for myself and looked at her with a curious eye. I saw her hands still moving below her, fumbling at the guy's crotch. I saw her guide him between her legs, her body undulating as it responded to his insertion. She was so wet that when she sank against him, she was able to do so until he was all the way in. She wrapped her arms around him tightly and pushed her face into his neck, gasping.

"Oh fuck," she whispered.

The plan worked, and the guy was so overcome with being very suddenly and very fully inside her warm, wet, tight pussy that he couldn't even speak, and for a moment probably forgot I was even there. He remembered a few seconds later, but his alarm and anger seemed to have been left behind, because now he just sounded confused and curious.

"Your boyfriend?" he said, beginning to take over the motions of fucking her. He spoke through clenched teeth and kept his thrusts slow and controlled, trying to make sense of all this while also trying to stay focused enough to keep fucking, but not too focused that he blew his load prematurely. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"He's always wanted to watch me with another guy," she said, the words probably the sexiest sounds I've ever heard in my life. "I didn't know he was hiding in there either. But ... is it okay? Can he watch us, sweetie?" She thrust against him as she put in the request, promising him great pleasure that he'd never be able to turn down.

"This is ... fuckin' crazy! You're crazy!"

"Can he sweetie? You've already in me and I feel soooo good. C'mon, baby, give me a good fucking!"

He let out a long, ragged groan. It took him a few more seconds to find the concentration to form words. "Okay...oh fuck...yes," he grunted. "Oh my God, you are so tight..."

"How's this?" Candy said slyly, and I guessed that she had contracted her pussy walls around him, squeezing his cock as she had several times on my last visit.

"Oh, God," he shouted. "Oh, don't do that again or I'm going to cum. Oh fuck..."

He stopped thrusting and began breathing hard, with long, drawn out breaths; in through the nose, out through the mouth.

"We better let you settle down," Candy said, and she scooted up, letting him slip out of her.

"Oh man," the guy panted as he rolled onto his back on the bed. "You are one lucky son of a bitch." When I realized he was talking to me, I looked to Candy to catch her expression. The boyfriend cover had been her idea, but that didn't mean she liked it. It was very well the only thing she could say to keep me from either being killed or maimed for the rest of my life.

But when I saw her, she wasn't giving me a dirty look. Actually, it was a naughty look; on the bed on all fours, her big breasts still hugged against her in her bra, her hair a mess but her eyes focused on me with a sly grin on her lips. The arch of her back was deep, making her ass look all the more inviting, and her flat tummy moved in and out greatly from her deep, passionate breaths.

"What should I do to let him settle down, baby?" she asked me.

I wasn't about to suggest fucking her myself. I wanted to badly, but I wouldn't force her into that position after she'd just saved me. I think she knew what I was thinking by the look on my face, and so to either spare me from having to come up with something, or to keep me from suggesting something that would be impossible for her, she gave her own suggestion.

"Should I suck his balls?" she asked me. "Do you want to watch me suck another man's big nuts? Huh, baby?"

"Yeah," I said, surprised that it was the truth. I had no reason to be jealous of him, but I was turned on to the idea of watching her with another guy. It had been hot so far. And the idea of getting to play her boyfriend, listening to her commands and requests as if we actually were a kinky couple, was definitely helping.

"Oh, God, this is fucked up," the guy moaned. You don't know the half of it, I thought.

"But you don't want to stop, do you?" Candy asked seductively. She crawled toward him and took hold of his cock again.

"Hell, no," he said. "This is fucking awesome." He pulled his shirt up over his head, and Candy took the chance to wrap her lips around one of his nipples and suck it. As she did, she put a hand in his crotch, sliding it down his shaft before cupping his balls.

I could now make out every minute detail before me and my newfound excitement at seeing Candy pleasing this stranger was making me bolder. I wanted to enjoy this. Candy may not have wanted me to see her getting laid, but she didn't have to ask my permission to fuck this guy, either. She had advanced her lie with that, and so I advanced it by getting up and reaching for the light switch.

"I'm gonna turn on some lights," I said. Thankfully, Candy's response was a small moan of approval as she continued sucking on the guy's nipple. I left the confinement of the closet and ventured into the bedroom and found the light switch. It had a dimmer, and I made the most of it, leaving the room with a soft glow to it.

I looked at the guy's face and saw him glance at my dick, too. It made me aware that the pale blue panties were still tangled around it from when I'd been masturbating with them.

And whose were they anyway?

I plucked them off and tossed them aside.

"Don't go getting any ideas about a threesome, pal," he said menacingly.

I waved that idea away and we returned our attentions to Candy as she had him stretch out and spread his legs with his thick pole pointing north and his balls hanging below. Candy crawled between his legs, sticking her ass in the air and lowered her head to his crotch.

She didn't bother to start slow, but instead began licking him hungrily, though her concentration stayed on his testicles and never strayed up his dick. She licked and sucked him, first one ball, then the other, then both, and he moaned the whole time, occasionally shuddering when she hit a good nerve.

I wanted to ask Candy where Stephie was, but couldn't under the present circumstances, and so I stood there like an imbecile watching, not touching myself for fear of ejaculating anywhere near the guy. And Candy, damn she was good at this--continued torturing him with the pleasures of mouth and tongue while not allowing him to cum.

If you can believe it, some twenty minutes went by and she was still playing with his testicles. Somewhere in between I got tired of standing there and sat down in a chair after positioning it where I wouldn't miss a thing going on the bed.

"Should I let him play with my titties, baby?"

I heard her, but didn't realize she was speaking to me until she repeated herself.

"What do you think, baby? Should I let Wendell play with my titties?"

I was nodding before I could speak. But Wendell?

"You like my big Ta-Ta's, don't you?" Candy said to me. "Tell him how great they are."

""Try her Ta-Ta's, Wendell, they're fuckin' fantastic," I said, falling right into the role.

"Oh, I know, man. I can see that," he replied, seemingly more comfortable as the guest in this scenario.

"She has really scrumptious nipples, too. You've got to suck on them, Wendell."

"Not yet," Candy said, and relishing her role as a seductive temptress she began rubbing her still bra-clad tits up and down the guy's erection. "I think he should fuck them first. Ask him if he wants to fuck them."

I looked at him and even gave a smile. "I don't have to ask, do I?"

"Hell no," he responded. Wendell nodded at her chest then looked at me, seeking permission.

Wow, I thought. He was getting really comfortable with this. And when I saw Candy nodding, I left the chair and joined them on the bed.

"Here, I'll do the honors," I said looking directly at Candy. She nodded and I knee-walked to her side and unfastened the clasp. Candy moved her arms the way women do and the bra fell to the sheets leaving her Ta—Ta's fully exposed to Wendell and me.

Her swollen nipples were protruding at least a half inch from her areola when she dangled them over Wendell's face and open mouth.

"You'll have to change positions if you're gonna fuck them, Wendell," I said with all the authority I could muster. He was a lot bigger than me—and older too.

Of the three of us, it was Candy who really knew what she was doing. Taking control of the situation from me, she aligned her gorgeous tits with Wendell's twitching dick and smothered it between her Ta—Ta's squeezing them around him as tightly as she could.

Wendell groaned happily.

Personally, I marveled at his staying power. After all, Candy had been playing with his balls forever, or so it seemed. And when she raised herself up a little, a string of pre-cum stretched from his big, wet cock head to the deep crevice between her tits.

She looked down, saw that it wasn't wet enough for him to glide through her ample cleavage and spat on him, spread the saliva with her hand, and then enveloped him with her boobs once again. This time she started thrusting her chest, and he responded in kind with his hips, fucking her cleavage, the wet squishing sounds of their rubbing flesh filled the room.

"Hey man," Wendell said, "Wanna join in ... you know?"

"You mean it? I mean, you don't mind?"

"Not if Candy doesn't."

We both looked at Candy.

"So ... you want a three-some, huh?"

Wendell and I nodded our heads like eager puppies.

Candy laughed, "Why the fuck not?" She said, and we were off.

I took the lead, figuring Wendell would accept it and knowing Candy didn't care. I pulled her close and kissed her. Candy slid her hands down my torso, stopped at my shorts and tugged them past my knees. I sort of kicked them off until they fell to the floor.

"Ohhh, I feel soooo naughty," Candy squealed happily.

Wendell and I laughed at that. We stopped laughed and just stared when she cupped her pussy and giggled, "I'm soooo fuckin' wet guys. Soooo wet!"

We're gonna get you a lot wetter than that," Wendell growled. She laughed raucously and said, "Make me cum, guys. Make me cum and cum and cum!"

I was mere inches from her pussy and took in the glistening drops of juice on her inner lips a second before reaching out and running the tips of my fingers along her crinkled lips.

I wasn't sure of what Wendell was doing to her, but her hips jerked to meet my finger and a long sigh escaped her lips. Her eyes were closed; her mouth was open and her tongue kept flickering over her lips.

"Oh, yes," she moaned when I touched her sensitive nipples. Candy had once cum just by getting her tits fondled. Stephie had gotten her of that way. I was there and saw her do it.

Wendell leaned in and I backed off as he sucked on her stiffened buds. At about the same time the nail of my middle finger scratched along her labia and her hips started to gyrate.

"Oh yesssss," she sighed. She opened her eyes and found my hardon pulsing inches from her nose. "Ohhh, lookit you! I've never seen it so hard."

I cupped her cunt and gently squeezed her pussy using a kind of sawing motion. I felt the tiny bump that was her clit under the soft skin. She was more than wet--she was flooding the sheets.

"Oh ... So nice ... So nice ... Oh, yesssss," she mumbled to herself. She was deep in her own horniness now. Hardly aware of which of us was doing what to her, only responding to it with a sigh, a jerking of the hips and pressing her ta—ta's up to meet Wendell's sucking mouth and licking tongue and widening her legs to accommodate my mouth at her center.

I decided to fuck her before Wendell did and guided my dick into her saturated snatch.

I heard her whimper but it one of complete arousal. I slipped in with ease. She moaned, but I think Wendell might have gotten carried away and bit her tit to hard. I know my cock didn't hurt her. She was so slick and wet that it felt as if I was sliding my cock in lukewarm butter.

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