"Why are you always so mean to your sister?" I asked my cousin Sarah.

"Because she's mean to me!" Sarah yelled back.

"I am not!" Janet said equally as loud.

"You are too!" Sarah yelled as she threw a pillow at Janet.

Janet caught the pillow and threw it back in a sweeping roundhouse fashion. The pillow caught Sarah off guard and knocked her over the side of her twin bed. There was a loud thump and groan as she hit the floor.

I was up and off the chair by the desk in a shot. I should not have worried as Sarah came up off the floor fighting mad. She fired the pillow back at her twin sister like a rifle shot, yelling, "I'm going to kick your little candy ass for that."

The pillow caught Janet full in the face and knocked her flat on her back.

Sarah jumped up on her bed and dove across the space between her bed and her sisters. She landed on top of Janet and grabbed her long red hair with both hands.

Janet made a loud "Humph" sound as the wind was knocked out of her but she gamely grabbed her sister around the neck.

They wrestled around on the bed as I sat there with my mouth open. We were all in our late teens, were about to graduate high school, and had grown up together. The two of them had fought since birth but this was serious. Most of their fights were verbal barbs or throwing pillows and other such soft stuff.

For them to get physical was a first that I knew of. Oh sure, we wrestled around in fun but this was something else and had been brewing for some time now. Janet had brought a boy home for her eighteenth birthday party a few months back and Sarah had made a pass at him.

"Let go of my hair, damn it!" Janet screamed.

"I'm going to snatch you bald!" her sister yelled back.

Janet tried to roll her sister off but was not having any luck. Trying a new tactic, she grabbed her sisters left boob and squeezed. Now it was Sarah's turn to scream.

"I'll rip this saggy tit out by its roots, if you don't let go!" Janet yelled.

Sarah tried to roll away but Janet hooked her legs and clamped them between her thighs, squeezing hard. Sarah yelped in pain and anger as she ended up on her side with Janet's legs around her legs.

I was rooted to the spot by surprise at first and then by the view I was getting of Janet's ass as her short pleated skirt rode higher and higher. I was fascinated by the way, her ass and thigh muscles tensed up each time she squeezed Sarah's legs. Not to mention the fact that this was the first time I had seen either one of the girl's ass's since we had skinny dipped as children.

Sarah let go of Janet's hair with her left hand and grabbed her sister's wrist trying to get it away from her breast. The two girls were evenly matched and the same identical size and strength, she was not having much luck. She grabbed Janet's right breast and gave it a hard squeeze and then a harder twist.

Janet yelled in pain. Sarah twisted it again and shouted, "That'll teach you not to wear a bra!"

That was not news to my hormone enabled eighteen-year-old male eyes. I had spotted the twin bumps of her nipples in her cotton blouse the moment I had entered the room.

Janet released her death grip on Sarah's legs and tried to roll away from her sister's grip. Sarah was not going to relinquish her advantage if she could help it. They rolled back and forth, up and down the length of the bed.

First one fine ass was in view and then the other. Janet's concealed by thin white cotton drawers and Sarah's starkly bare except for the thong down the center of the crack. My teenage dick was standing up, trying to get a peek at the goings on over my belt buckle.

The rolling around ended abruptly when they got to close to the end of the bed. A loud thump announced their arrival on the floor. I quickly scooted the chair away from the scene of their struggle. I did not want a stray foot catching me in the shins even if I did want to have a ringside seat for the action.

Both girls had lost their respective handholds and were now wresting around trying to find an advantage. Janet ended up on top and straddling Sarah's hips. For a moment I got a full view of Sarah's cloth covered sex and the dark dimly visible secrets it cancelled. Then Janet's dress covered everything up.

Sarah grabbed Janet's blouse for leverage and I heard buttons bouncing across the floor. "Bitch, this is my favorite blouse." I heard Janet yell and then I heard fabric rip.

With a loud yell, Sarah bridged up and Janet tumbled backwards, her head right at my feet. I scooted back more as my eyes took in the full view of her bare breasts. Very, very nice my mind whispered. The twin perky cones were just that with the dark puffy domes of her auroras at the top and capped off with a pair of hard nipples.

I did not have a lot to compare them to in my limited experience, but fantastic was the word running through my mind as I licked my lips.

Janet threw me a puzzled look for a second and then Sarah was on top of her. The catfight was back on. Sarah straddled Janet's stomach and grabbed a breast in each hand. Janet made a grab at Sarah's bra and jerked. The front clasp broke under the pressure and Sarah's breast sprang into view. They were identical to her sisters.

Now it was Janet's turn to grab a pair of breasts and to arch up sharply at the same time. Sarah's face ended up in my lap. I'm not sure who was more surprised, she or I. It sure was not Janet.

Janet scooted away, spun around, and grabbed Sarah's breasts from behind. She yanked backwards and Sarah landed with a loud thud on the floor between Janet's wide spread legs. Janet wrapped her legs around Sarah's waist and squeezed.

"Do you give up, bitch?" Janet asked sharply.

"No way." Sarah yelled back as she fought to get free.

Sarah flayed around trying to grab some hair but Janet leaned back out of reach. Then Sarah rocked from side to side trying to turn on her side so she could get some leverage. That did not work.

Looking at me she yelled, "I could use some help here."

I scooted back to the wall and held up my hands. "No way, I ain't getting in the middle of this."

That was for sure. I was enjoying the show way too much to break it up. Anyway, I did not want either or both of them mad at me. I was young but I wasn't stupid, I knew better than to get between fighting sisters.

Janet released her grip on Sarah's breasts, wrapped her arms over her sisters, and pulled back. She now had Sarah's arms pinned where she couldn't use them. She squeezed hard with her legs. Sarah yelled loudly and struggled.

Sarah's chest was arched up from the way her sister held her arms. Her breasts were on full display to my semi virginal eyes. I licked my lips and had an evil thought that would get me killed if I even attempted it.

Janet must have been watching me and read my mind, because she said, "Go for it. I've got her, she ain't going anywhere."

I shook my head and waved my hands in a negative. "You'll have to let her go sooner or later. She'd kill me when you did."

"I said go for it, candy ass. You will never have a better chance. You ain't got a hair on your ass, if you don't."

Well, I didn't have any hair on my ass, as a matter of fact. I didn't have much hair anywhere, except on my head and around my dick. She was right though; this was the best chance I had ever had at getting my hands or mouth on a set of tits.

When I licked my lips again, Sarah shook her head and yelled, "No way! Don't even think about it. I'll kick your ass from here to hell and back."

"Do it or I'll kick your ass!" Janet said harshly.

When I started to move off the chair, Sarah raised a leg to kick at me. I grabbed her ankles and held them down as I knelt and then sat on her lower legs. Now Sarah was completely pinned.

My hands were shaking as I reached out and for the first time in my life touched a pair of breasts.

"Asshole!" Sarah yelled as my hands touched her. She struggled but that just rubbed her breasts and nipples on my hands.

I gently caressed her tits and then grinned at Janet over Sarah's shoulder. "These are the same as yours, right?"

Janet did a quick double take and then laughed. "Yeap, they sure are. They're exactly the same, we're twins remember."

"Oh yeah, I remember. I remember all the time. I remember when we used to go skinny-dipping together. I've wondered for years how much you two had changed since then."

My parents had moved to the city when I was around ten and we had just moved back at the start of the school year. Being the new kid in school in my senior year sucked big time.

My hands were now caressing Sarah's breasts with more confidence since Sarah had stopped struggling so much. Her face held anger but there was something else under it. I teased one nipple by flicking it up and down with a fingertip. The anger slipped to the side for a second to show.... What I wasn't sure but it was an interesting expression.

The nipple grew firmer and larger as I flicked it. I flicked the other one the same way, with the same result. Sarah made a soft sound in the back of her throat and then yelled, "Quit that. I'm going to kick both of your asses."

"No you're not," her sister whispered softly in her ear, as she pulled back on her arms harder.

Looking up at me Janet grinned and said, "Lick it and see what she does." I must have had a shocked look on my face because Janet added, "Go on, do it."

"No!" Sarah yelled as I leaned forward.

I flicked the nipple with the tip of my tongue much as I had used my fingertip. "No!" Sarah yelled again but something was missing from her voice this time. I flicked the other nipple the same way. Sarah struggled but did not say anything.

I took a deep breath to get up my courage and then sucked the end of the breast into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the soft end and the hard bud of her nipple. Sarah made a soft gasping sound and then moaned softly.

"See, she likes that," Janet whispered.

I sucked more of the smooth firm breast into my mouth and bathed it with broad strokes of my tongue. Sarah moaned again and pressed the breast forward. I sucked in more of it with the same result. I now had most of her smallish breast in my mouth.

Her flesh tasted sweet but with the salty overtones of her sweat. Its smoothness and spongy firmness excited me. I savored the feel and ran my tongue all over every square inch I could reach. Sarah moaned loudly as a strong shiver ran up and down her body.

"Now you're getting to her," Janet whispered in encouragement to me. "Do it to the other one now."

I slowly released that breast and then planted a kiss right on the hard nipple. Sarah made a soft whimpering sound and then moaned loudly as I sucked in the other nipple. By the time, I had her whole breast in my mouth, Sarah was making a moaning whimpering sound almost continuously, and shivers were running up and down her body.

"How do you like them apples?" Janet asked in a whisper at her sister's ear. Sarah's head was now laid back against her sister's shoulder. "Does it feel as good as we always imagined?"

I glanced up just in time to see Sarah nod. I slowly released her breast and then moved over to the first one. It felt cool and slippery as it went into my mouth. Sarah took a deep gasping breath and pressed her tit tight to my sucking mouth.

"Oh yes, his mouth feels so hot," Sarah said as she released that breath. Then she moaned loudly as I swirled my tongue around and over her sensitive flesh.

Janet slowly released Sarah's arms as I sucked and licked that breast. The first I knew about it was when Sarah's hands came up and tangled in my long hair. She did not pull me away; she pulled my mouth tighter to her.

I could see one of Janet's hands toying with Sarah's other breast out of the corner of my eye. She pinched and then rolled the nipple. When she did, Sarah arched her back more and moaned very loudly. I took the hint and moved my lips and tongue back to the nipple on my breast. I nipped at it lightly with my teeth.

This brought a loud yell from Sarah that scared me. I tried to lift my head but she pulled it back to her with surprising strength. I sucked on the nipple for a second and then nipped it again. She took a sharp hissing breath and thrust her chest out.

"Oh, she really likes that," Janet whispered softly. "Do it some more."

I nipped her nipple several more times and then switched to the other one, which Janet held out for me. Janet was now cupping and gently squeezing her sister's firm breasts, as I kissed, licked, and nibbled on the nipples. Back and forth between the two prizes I went. Sarah would jerk and moan each time I nipped her.

"I've got to find out what that feels like." I heard Janet say.

"You're going to just love it." I heard Sarah whisper back between soft moans. "It shoots a spark down to your pussy every time he does it."

"Damn, I win the fight and you're having all the fun. What's wrong with this picture?" Janet asked with humor in her voice.

"We could move up to the bed," Sarah whispered. "But he only has one mouth."

"Yeah, that is a problem, isn't it?" Janet whispered back. After a moment she added, "We've got mouths to."

Sarah stiffened a second as Janet spoke and then moaned loudly as I sucked her whole breast into my mouth. My tongue was going a mile a minute as Sarah whispered, "That's very true, but you're my sister."

"So?" Janet asked. "We're damn near the same person anyway. We are identical in damn near every way. It wouldn't be much different from when we masturbate. I touch me and you touch you, but we're touching the same identical thing."

This came as a shock to me, and my mind wrestled with the problem of how girls jacked off. I had seen pictures of naked girls down there and I had seen these two naked when we were kid but how did it work for them. I had a few ideas but no solid facts.

I came up for air and did the only thing I could think of. I asked Janet.

Janet laughed and replied, "With a rub, rub here and a rub, rub there, how else."

All I could do was look confused.

"I think he's as big a virgin as we are," Sarah whispered.

"I think so to." Janet agreed. When I nodded, Janet grinned and whispered, "We'll show you if you'll show us."

My body yelled hell yes, but my brain yelled no way. I froze.

"I think you scared him," Sarah said to her sister.

"Yeah, I did." Janet replied with a chuckle. "Hey George, Earth to George? Is anyone home?"

I suddenly had to take a deep breath. I had been holding that last one and finally ran out of air.

"Well, he's still alive," Sarah, said with a laugh.

"Yeah, kind of... sort of," I said as my brain slipped back into gear. "You guys shouldn't tease me like that."

"Who's teasing?" Janet whispered, "I was dead serious."

"Your mom and dad would kill me and then my mom and dad would kill me, so dead is an appropriate word.

"Mom and dad won't be back until tomorrow night," Sarah said and then grinned. "We sure as hell won't tell anyone, we don't want to die either."

"Come on, don't be such a baby," Janet said and then laughed, "Except when you suck on my nipples." She moved her hands away from Sarah's tits and rubbed her own. "Damn, they're tingling from me just thinking about it."

I watched her hands for a second and licked my lips. "I.... Uh.... Well...." I stammered for a moment as I tried to think of a way to say what I wanted to say.

"Go ahead and spit it out, you aren't going to shock or embarrass either of us," Sarah said.

"Just myself," I said under my breath.

Janet laughed and then sobered as she admitted. "Look, we're all virgins here and we don't have any more of a clue than you do. So there is nothing to be embarrassed about. You've seen our boobs so you are ahead of us in a way. Don't be a chicken. Come on, at least take off your shirt."

"Yeah!" Sarah chipped in.

They had me on the spot now. They were right about the boobs but I was shy about my hairless skinny chest. I'm tall and lanky. Not bony skinny but my muscles are long and thin instead of bulgy. The guys are always kidding me about being a beanpole. A few have found out just how strong I really am, the hard way.

I took a deep breath and raised my hands to the bottom of my tee shirt. Before I could let myself think about it, I whipped the shirt up and over my head. I tossed it at Sarah and sat there waiting for the jokes.

Sarah caught the shirt and grinned at me. "See, that wasn't so hard, now was it." Her eyes dropped to my lap and centered on the large bulge in the front of my jeans that my tee shirt had been hiding. Her mouth opened but she did not say anything.

I realized that Janet's eyes were glued to the same spot. I squirmed on the chair and then Janet whispered, "It's peeking at us." My hands flew to my lap and covered the head of my dick as I blushed a deep red, the skin on my neck and face growing warmer and warmer.

Sarah moved her sister's legs out of the way and scooted forward to pull at my forearms. "Don't do that. Just relax, everything is alright," she whispered with a touch of awe in her voice. I let her pull my hands away.

Janet stood up and then reached under the sides of her skirt. She wiggled her hips, slipped her white panties down below her knees, and then stepped out of them. She reached over her sister's head and dropped the panties in my lap.

"Here are mine." She told me.

Sarah looked over her shoulder at her sister and then got to her feet. She removed her panties in the same way and dropped them in my lap.

"Here are mine," she whispered.

Janet slipped off her blouse and nudged Sarah. Sarah grinned and removed her blouse and the bra. They both dropped the clothes on the floor. Neither girl wore shoes or anything else except earrings and the short pleated school skirts.

I sighed and leaned over to untie my tennis shoes. I removed them and my socks. I wiggled my toes as I sat back up straight. "Now what?" I asked shyly.

The twins looked at each other and then Janet said, "I don't know. Lets get on my bed and we'll play it by ear."

"It's not your ears you want played with," Sarah said with a giggle.

When they turned around, I brought each pair of panties up to my nose for a second. They smelled very much alike but Sarah's scent was stronger and seemed a little earthier. I stood up and walked toward the bed. I dropped the panties on Sarah's bed and stood next to Janet's trying to figure out how three of us were going to fit on that twin bed.

Janet looked at me funny and asked, "Is something wrong."

"The bed is kind of small." I replied.

Janet looked at her sister and nodded. "It is, ain't it?"

"He's right." Sarah added.

"We could go into mom and dad's room or the guest room." Janet offered.

"The guest room." Both of them said at the same time and then laughed.

They got off the bed and each one took one of my hands as they led me down the hall to the bedroom at the far end. It was small but had a full sized bed in it.

"If you guys have a third bedroom, why do you two stay in one room?" I asked in confusion.

I shared a room with my younger brother and could not wait for my older brother to move out so I could have my own room. Sharing a room on purpose did not sound right from my point of view.

"We like it that way. We like to be close," Janet said in reply.

"We even sleep together sometimes, especially when there's a storm." Sarah added.

My mind flashed a picture of the two of them cuddled up in one bed. My hard dick gave a quick sharp twitch that almost made me groan as it rubbed the sensitive head across the rough material of my jeans. My hips gave a little jerk.

Janet noticed and asked, "What was that all about?"

I stammered around again until she said, "Look, we've got to be honest and open with each other or we're not going to learn anything. You answer our questions as best you can and we'll answer your as best we can, ok?"

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