I nodded and took a deep calming breath. "A picture of you two cuddled up naked in bed crossed my mind and it made my thing twitch. The head of it is super sensitive right now and rubbed against my jeans."

"Did it hurt you?" Janet asked.

"No not really, but it made my hips jerk."

"It must be like the way our clits get after we get off," Sarah whispered.

"Clits?" I asked.

"Uh, it's kind of hard to explain," Janet said. "I guess showing you would be the best way. What do you think Sarah?"

"Hey, this was your idea, you show him."

"Okay, I will," Janet said as she sat down on the side of the bed.

She leaned back on her left arm and raised her feet to the side of the bed, about shoulder width wide. Her short skirt was pulled high enough for me to get my first in person look at a woman's sex. I felt myself blush hotly as I openly stared at the point of all young men's lust and attention.

I noticed that Janet and Sarah both blushed as Janet raised her skirt and spread her legs wider apart. She brushed a finger over the puffy outer part of her sex and said, "These are the Labia major or outer lips."

She sat up and used two fingers to spread the outer lips. She used a fingernail to brush against two thin ruffled pieces of skin and said, "These are the inner lips or Labia minor."

Her fingernail moved high in the bright pink slit and flicked at what looked like a bump at the very top. I moved closer and knelt down. I could see a pea sized bump with a piece of skin partly over it. As Janet's nail flicked back and forth, the peas grew redder and larger, pushing the skin back farther.

"This is my clitoris or clit for short. It's the most sensitive thing on my body and if I rub it right, I can have a mind blowing orgasm," She whispered softly. "Afterwards, it gets almost too sensitive to touch."

My eyes were feasting on her sex and my mind was filing away everything I saw and heard. My real sex education was under way, I realized. Everything up until now was just hearsay and conjecture. I was face to face, literally with the object of all men's dreams.

Her finger moved lower and the tip disappeared from sight. "This is my vagina. This is where your thing fits." Then she blushed a beet red and stammered, "Well, not your thing but the one that I marry. Uh, the man's that I marry." When Sarah laughed, Janet looked at her sharply and added, "You know what I mean."

I looked up at Sarah and asked, "Is yours the same?"

She blushed and then nodded. Then she grinned and slowly raised her skirt up around her waist. My eyes dropped to her sex as she lifted her foot and placed it on the edge of the bed.

The only difference I could see between the two of them was that Sarah's looked wet and shiny. I asked about it.

Janet giggled and said, "It's your fault. Your sucking on her tits got her all excited. Women get that way; it's for lubrication when they have sex."

"Oh! Is that why she smells slightly different from you?" I asked Janet.

"Probably." She replied and then she asked, "Can you smell us from there?"

Now it was my turn to blush as I admitted sniffing their panties when they were not looking.

"Why the hell did you do that?" Sarah asked.

I shrugged and said, "I don't really know for sure, other than I wanted to know what you smelled like. I was curious."

"Are you curious about taste?" Janet asked softly, a big grin on her face.

"Janet!" Sarah yelled loudly, a look of shock on her face.

With a laugh, Janet said, "Well, you got your tits sucked and I was just trying to one up you."

"What do you mean about taste? The taste of what?" I asked. Janet grinned and patted her sex. "Oh!" I added and then licked my lips. "Do guys actually do that? I've heard stories but...."

"We've heard the stories to and from some very reliable sources," Janet whispered and then asked, "Would you do it?"

"To you?" I asked back as my mouth dropped open.

She nodded and I swallowed hard. Did I dare? Did I have the nerve? Did I want to? What would I actually do? How did one go about it? Man, the questions were getting deep and I was already on my knees.

"Uh, what does it taste like?"

"I love the taste of mine," Sarah whispered as she blushed from her breasts to her hairline.

Janet's head snapped around to look at her sister. Then she grinned and whispered, "I love the taste of mine too."

"How would I go about it?" I asked and then could not believe that I was actually considering it.

"I don't really know." Janet admitted as she leaned back on her elbows. "I guess you could just start kissing and maybe licking and I could tell you what feels the best."

"What if I do something wrong?"

"Then I'll tell you not to do it again. Just be gentle and don't bite is about all I can honestly tell you."

I took a deep breath and blew it out noisily. I inched closer to the side of the bed until my face was only a few inches from Janet's sex. There was a fine dusting of reddish blonde hair over the puffy part above her sex and the same over the outer lips. My head moved forward and back several times before Janet put a hand on the back of my head and pulled lightly.

My face was now less than an inch from her sex. I could smell her earthy rich aroma. So much for the fish theory, I thought as I stuck out my tongue and took a small quick lick along her outer lip. Her hand tightened on my head and she took a soft hissing breath.

I took another lick, this one longer and up along the edge of one lip. Janet sucked in a sharp breath and whispered, "Yes!"

I licked the other edge the same way. Her hips rolled up as I did and her outer lips were pressed to my lips. I kissed her pussy as I took a tentative lick between the tight folds and Janet shivered all over as she pulled at my head. I took that for a good sign and took a longer lick, parting the folds as I went upward.

"Oh, hell yes!" Janet almost shouted.

I tried to pull back and look up at her but she pulled harder on my head and yelled, "No, do that some more."

Her slit was wet and tasted much like her panties smelled only sweeter and muskier at the same time. I liked the taste so I had no intentions of quitting. I licked up and down her slit several times and felt it start to loosen and open up.

I ran my tongue down until I felt it touch a hole. Janet yelled and flexed her hips upward hard. My tongue slipped inside the opening and Janet damn near screamed. I thought I had hurt her and pulled my head out of her hand.

"No! No!" Janet yelled at me. "Don't stop. Do that some more." She lifted her hips and tilted them, her opening now plainly visible.

I lowered my head and stabbed my tongue into her hot wet depths. She yelled again and kept right on yell as I swirled my tongue around. I moved my head back and forth working my tongue quickly in and out of her sex. Her hips rose higher and so did the volume of her yelling.

Suddenly she clamped her thighs closed and did several half sit ups. Her hips were jerking hard enough to hurt my neck. I could not hear or see and most importantly, I could not breath. I swirled my tongue around inside her and hoped for the best. This just made her clamp down even tighter. It was a wrong thing from my point of view but not from hers obviously.

As I was running out of air, I brought my hands up and pried at her knees. I felt another set of hands and slowly Janet's knees started to open. I jerked once and then twice before my head came free and I took a deep, deep wheezing breath.

"Are you alright?" Sarah asked, worry heavy in her voice.

I nodded and sat back on my heels breathing heavily. I looked at Janet to find her on her side, curled into a ball. I looked at Sarah and asked in a frightened voice, "Is she alright?"

Sarah grinned and whispered, "Oh yeah, she's just peachy keen."

"What's wrong with her? Did I hurt her?"

"Nope, you just blew her socks off, if she'd had any on. She just had one beauty of an orgasm, believe me."

My mouth dropped open. I had given her an orgasm. I could not believe it. Then I was grinning like an idiot.

Sarah grinned back at me and nodded. "Do you want to try it on me?" She asked in a shy hesitant voice.

When I licked my lips and nodded, she blushed and moved over to sit on the side of the bed next to her sister. She laid back and lifted her feet to the edge of the mattress. Her feet were close together and her knees closed.

I knee walked over in front of her. When she did not move her legs apart, I put my hands on her ankles and slowly ran them up and down her legs. After a moment, I ran them up over her knees and down along the outside of her thighs. Her skin was so warm, soft, and smooth.

My hands caressed her outer thighs and hips for a few minutes. She gave a shiver and whispered, "I don't think I can do it."

"Yes you can." I heard Janet say.

"I'm scared," Sarah whispered.

I saw Janet shift on the bed and then there was silence. I continued to caress Sarah and waited. For what I was not sure but there wasn't much else to do.

A few minutes later, a hand appeared on Sarah's left knee. Slowly it moved down between her thighs. I heard Sarah whimper softly, but it had a muffled quality to it. The whimper got louder as the hand moved lower between her thighs.

I assumed the hand was Janet's. The fingers curled and the nails raked lightly at the tender sensitive flesh of Sarah's inner thigh. Sarah moaned softly as her legs spread apart slightly. The nails ran up and down a longer path and Sarah's legs moved farther apart.

I could now see Janet's head and she was sucking on Sarah's left nipple. Sarah had a hand on the back of Janet's neck and the other one on her right breast. She was rolling the nipple between her finger and thumb.

Janet's hand moved lower and cupped her sister's sex. Sarah's legs were now wide open. I kissed her inner knee as Janet's hand lightly stroked the outer lips. One fingertip was tracing the seam between them and slowly disappearing into the tight folds.

Sarah was moaning softly in a continuous whinny voice. As I kissed and licked my way toward Janet's slow moving hand, Sarah got louder. When my cheek brushed Janet's hand, I kissed and licked my way back up the other thigh. By the time I reached her knee, Sarah was shivering.

When I looked up, Janet was now sucking on Sarah's other breast. She had her head turned my way and winked at me. I smiled as her hand moved off Sarah's sex. She motioned me forward and then ran her hand up and down Sarah's inner thigh.

I kissed my way down the other thigh and then took a lick along one of her outer lips. She tasted stronger than Janet had but had much the same flavor. As I licked and kissed her outer lips, I moved my hands up next to my head and caressed her.

I was planning ahead, if she slammed her thighs together as Janet had. I wanted a way out if I needed it. Janet might not notice my distress as Sarah had.

Armed with the little knowledge I had gained earlier, I took my time and explored other areas. I listened to the noises that Sarah made to try to gauge what she liked and what felt best. Sucking on her inner lips was good and nibbling on the tender flesh even better.

When my tongue ran over her clit, I found the jackpot. She gave a muffled yell and arched her hips up, pressing her sex tighter to my mouth. I glanced up as I sucked on the tiny bud and saw Janet kissing Sarah.

I flicked the bud with the tip of my tongue rapidly, as I had her nipple and she was yelling and trying to close her thighs at the same time. I quickly moved my hands and arms up to hold them wide. Her hips were bouncing up and down so hard and fast that I had trouble holding onto the little bud.

I moved back abandoning her clit. I put my hands under her knees and pushed up and outward. Her hips were still jerking but my next target was in full view. I leaned forward and stabbed my tongue into her very wet opening. I almost jerked back as a gush of fluid filled my mouth. I swallowed automatically and continued to tongue her.

Sarah's hips were rolling back and forth at a furious rate as she was almost screaming into Janet's mouth. Since I had not hurt Janet doing this, I figure I wasn't hurting Sarah.

A moment or two later, I felt a hand aimlessly swatting at my head. It was Sarah's hand so I took this as a signal to quit. I lifted my head and sat back on my heels. Her hips continued to work for a few seconds longer and then they collapsed onto the bed.

As I sat there, watching Sarah's twitching stomach and quivering thighs; I realized the head of my dick and the part of my stomach were it was pressed were sticky and wet. I grinned as I also realized that girls were not the only ones to get wet when they were excited.

Janet had her head resting on her sister's shoulder and she was smiling as she looked at me. She was lying on her side and her left knee was pointing toward the ceiling. The hand that had been between Sarah's thighs earlier was now slowly moving over her own sex. She sighed deeply and flexed her hips as a finger brushed something sensitive.

"Do you want me to...? Uh.... You know...." I asked in a hushed whisper.

She shook her head slowly and grinned. "Not right now. I had two or three small ones while sister here was trying to set a new worlds record. I'm fine, I'm just teasing myself."

I shifted my position and Janet whispered, "Why don't you get up here on the bed?" I moved up and lay down on the other side of Sarah from her.

She grinned at me and added, "Your face is a mess, all shiny and wet looking."

I licked my lips. "Yeah it is." I replied, grinning like a fool.

Janet's eyes drifted down to my jeans and she whispered, "Your face ain't the only place you're wet."

"Guys seem to do that lube thing to." I told her softly.

Sarah moaned softly, shifted her hips, and slowly closed her legs. "Am I dead yet?" She asked in a hoarse whisper.

"No such luck," Janet whispered back. "I'm still stuck with you."

I watched her breasts move up and down slowly. "You're still breathing."

"I wasn't at one point," She whispered back. "I couldn't catch my breath."

"Damn sis, mine was great but yours was way out there. What did he do differently?"

When Sarah did not answer, I said, "I think it was the little clit thingy. When I licked it she yelled a lot louder." Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Janet's thighs tensing up several times.

"You licked her clit." Janet looked at me her mouth hanging slightly open. "You didn't lick mine."

"I went the other way on you. I decided to explore a little on her. Then when she was jumping too much for me to continue doing it to her clit, I did to her what I did to you. Was that the wrong thing to do?"

"Hell no!" I heard Sarah say. "It was perfect. It liked to have taken the top of my head off. I started to come and then when it got to sensitive, you moved down and stabbed that hot tongue of yours in me. I just took off again. That was the longest and most intense orgasm I've ever had."

"Yeah, I know. When I stuck my tongue in there, I had to swallow, so much of that lube came out." Janet and Sarah both just looked at me. "What?" I asked.

"You swallowed that?" Janet asked with a note of wonder in her voice.

"Well, yeah. There wasn't much else I could do. Anyway, it was just reflex. I already had it all over my face and tongue so what was the difference."

"Your face is a mess," Sarah said with a grin.

"You did it. Well, most of it anyway." I replied, grinning back at her.

Sarah got up on her elbows with a soft groan and then rolled over toward me. She licked my face and then laughed. "His faces tastes just like my pussy."

"Well, duh!" Janet said with a laugh. "It probably tastes like mine to."

"Come over here and see," Sarah said, grinning at me.

"Oh you'd just love that wouldn't you? Then you could tease me about licking your old slimy pussy juice."

"It ain't slimy, it's wonderful," I said to no one in particular.

Janet climbed over the top of her sister and me to lay done on my other side. "I know that silly. I'm just giving her a ration of shit."

I turned my head just as she started to lick my face. The next thing I know, we were kissing. I had never kissed a girl before except for my mom and one weird aunt, but this was entirely different. Janet seemed to know what she was doing and guided me along gently.

When she lifted her head and broke the kiss, she looked at Sarah and whispered, "Your turn."

Sarah looked at her for a second and then leaned over to kiss me. It was softer and sweeter than Janet's was but it was growing stronger by the second. When Sarah moaned softly in her throat, she jerked her head back.

"Okay, that's enough," She said and then gave a little shivering shake.

I looked from one girl to the other and then asked, "Who taught you two to kiss?"

"We did." Janet replied. "We practiced on each other. We didn't know of any other way of going about it."

"Oh," I said as a vision of the two of them kissing floated across my mind. My manhood gave a slow twitch for some reason.

Janet leaned over and licked my chin. She rolled her tongue around in her mouth for a second and nodded. "He tastes like me too." Then she grinned and winked at Sarah. "Now we know what each others pussies taste like. If kissing each other was such a big turn on, I wonder what that would do."

Sarah started to laugh and then sobered suddenly. "Oh shit!" She whispered softly.

"Exactly." Her sister replied with a grin.

"Huh...." I started to ask a question.

"Don't even go there," Janet said. "We don't know right now but we'll figure it out sooner or later."

Sarah laughed nervously and said, "Why don't you go wash your face."

Janet laughed and licked my chin again. "Why? One of us will just get it messy again in a little while."

The phone rang down stairs about then and Sarah jumped off the bed and ran out of the room.

Janet leaned over and kissed me again. My hand came up and caressed the soft warm skin of her back. She murmured softly and moved closer to me. Her nipples brushed my chest and she shivered as she pressed her breasts tighter to me. They felt so good and so warm against my skin.


By the time Sarah returned, Janet was lying mostly on top of me, her right leg between mine. My hands were roaming freely over her back and dipping ever so often down into the top of her skirt to caress her smooth round ass. My dick was throbbing as her hip shifted against it ever so often.

"Hey you guys, break it up!" Sarah said softly.

Janet lifted up and looked over her shoulder. "Why should we do that?"

"Because I want in there to." Sarah replied with a laugh.

"Wait your turn, greedy." Janet told her with a grin. "Who was on the phone?"

"George's mom."

I jumped and almost rolled Janet off the top of me. "What did she want?" I asked nervously.

"There's a big storm headed this way and she wanted to know if you were staying over here or if you wanted her to come get you." Sarah paused to grin. "I told her we were studying for a big test and asked if it was alright for you to stay over. She said it was fine for you to stay but that you needed to be home around ten in the morning."

"Yeah, they're going to visit one of her friends in the hospital tomorrow and I have to watch my little brother." I told them.

"Alright, we've got you for the night," Janet said loudly. When I looked at her funny, she went back to kissing me.

"Hey guys, no fair," Sarah said as she climbed on the bed.

Janet broke our kiss, laughed, and grabbed her sister. She started kissing Sarah right on the lips as she had been kissing me. I watched them kiss as I slipped my hand around Sarah and stroked her back. My other hand was back under the waistband of Janet's skirt.

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