Janet suddenly broke the kiss and got up on her knees. She looked down at my jeans and grinned. She continued to stare at my crotch as she unzipped the side of her skirt and pushed it down off her hips. The skirt fell and pooled around her knees.

My mouth dropped open at the beauty of her long lean naked body as my eyes wandering lustfully up and down and all around.

"Your turn sis," Janet whispered softly.

Sarah swallowed hard and then got to her knees. She undid her skirt and pushed it down off her hips. She held it for a second and then let go of it. It fell down around her knees.

Now I had two beauties to look at. My head swiveled back and forth, back and forth. They were identical except for a small scar on Sarah's left hip and Janet had a little more hair on her sex.

"Well?" Janet asked in a soft whisper.

"Just beautiful!" I answered in a breathy whisper.

"Now it's your turn," Janet said as she sat back on her heels. Sarah did likewise and nodded.

I shivered and took a deep breath. My moment of truth had arrived and I was not sure I was ready for it. The problem was that I knew the girls would not take no for an answer. I had seen them and even kissed and tasted them to orgasms. Now they wanted their turn.

With trembling hands, I reached for my belt buckle. I unclipped it and then paused as my hands shook worse.

"Relax," Janet whispered. "We're not going to kill you any more than you tried to kill us, so there's nothing to be nervous about." Then she grinned and spread her knees apart, her hand going down to caress her outer lips.

Sarah looked over to see what Janet was doing and grinned as she did the same. "Just think about this and don't worry. It will be alright."

I took a deep breath and undid the button on my jeans. With fumbling fingers, I opened the zipper. I lay there for a second to get my courage up and then lifted my hips and wiggled the jeans down off my hips. I raised my knees and pulled the jeans all the way off.

Janet took the jeans and dropped them on the floor as I slowly lowered my legs. I now lay before the two girls in just my briefs. My dick was a dark ridge up the center with the dark reddish pink head peeking out the waistband. I trembled with excitement and a little fear.

I tried to watch both girls' faces at once. Janet just stared and slowly licked her lips. Sarah had blushed as I lowered my legs but now her eyes darted up and down over the front of my drawers.

Finally, Sarah whispered, "Well?"

I wiggled out of the underwear and lifted my knees to slip them off over my feet. I tossed them on the floor but kept my knees up. In unison, the two girls grabbed a knee and pulled downward. I let them have their way and then lowered my legs back flat on the bed.

My hard dick was now on total display for their hungry eyes, and believe you me, their eyes were all over it. I swallowed hard and tried to relax.

Janet was the first to move. Her hand came out from between her legs and hovered over my manhood for a second. I felt my shaft twitch in anticipation and both girls giggled.

"Did you do that?" Janet asked.

"I can but most of the time it does it on its own." I replied truthfully.

"Do it again," Sarah said.

I clenched my ass muscles and my dick jumped. Both girls grinned and then chuckled.

Janet's hand brushed my shaft and it jerked sharply this time. She jerked her hand back and laughed. "It tried to get me," She whispered.

"It doesn't bite." I said, making a joke.

"Are you sure?" Sarah asked with a grin.

"Nope, it only spits." I replied with a laugh.

"When does it do that?" Janet asked as her hand moved back toward me.

"Probably a few seconds after you touch me." I answered in a whisper.

Her cool fingers wrapped around my shaft and I groaned loudly. A girl had finally touched me, even if it was my cousin. Her fingers squeezed my shaft firmly and then moved up and down it slowly.

"It's so hot and hard," She said to no one in particular.

"Let me feel," Sarah whispered as she leaned forward to get a closer look.

Janet held my shaft straight up by the base and Sarah wrapped her fingers around it just above her sisters. I groaned and damn near came right then and there.

"We're not hurting you are we." Janet asked with concern in her voice.

All I could do was shake my head as my hips worked up and down trying to get one of them to touch the head. Sarah moved her hand up to the head and that was all it took. I was coming for all I was worth. Jet after strong jet of cum shot high in the air.

"Holy shit!" I heard Janet say as Sarah's hand disappeared with a squeal.

I felt part of my cum land on my belly but I did not know where the rest went and at that particular time, I really didn't care. My hips continued to jerk even after there was nothing else to shot. Janet's hand moved up and down my shaft from the base to the overly sensitive head. Each time she touched the head; my hips would jerk and shake.

"I'd say we found out how that worked, easy enough," Janet whispered.

"Yeah, but you did not end up with part of it on your tit like I did," Sarah whispered back.

I opened my eyes to see her smearing it around on her right tit with her forefinger. "It's really slippery." She added.

Janet ran her hand around and over the head of my dick. I groaned loudly as she replied, "It sure is."

She released me and chuckled as my still hard member slapped wetly against my belly. She brought her hand up in front of her face and sniffed. "It doesn't have much smell." She licked her palm quickly.

"Janet!" Sarah said loudly.

Janet laughed and said, "It tastes salty but with a spicy musky overtone. Not as bad as I thought it might taste, in any case."

Sarah looked at the fingertip she had smeared my cum with and then stuck it in her mouth and sucked. Janet grinned and shook her head. "Curiosity wins every time."

Sarah pulled her finger out of her mouth and whispered, "Not bad, not bad at all."

Janet looked at her hand and then grinned as she rubbed the sticky slick fluid on it over her left breast. She shivered and then rubbed some on her right breast. Then she used both hands to massage her breasts. She made a soft almost purring sound deep in her throat.

Sarah had been watching her and as Janet made that sound, she reached out and smeared the big blob of cum on my belly around with the palm of her hand. Then she smeared it all over her breasts as Janet had.

She gave a shiver as she used both hands to rub her breasts and then said, "It does feel good, doesn't it."

"Kinky is more like it," Janet whispered back. Both girls laughed.

Watching both girls playing with their breasts kept my dick hard and it would twitch from time to time.

"We're going to have to take a shower," Sarah said to Janet.

Janet nodded and then got an evil grin on her face. "Together, all three of us. That should be fun. I think we would all fit in mom and dad's shower."

"There's only one way to find out." Sarah replied as she got off the bed.

"It's been a long time since we've taken a shower or bath together." Janet whispered as she got off the bed.

Sarah nodded and then looked at me. "Are you coming or are you going to just lay there like a log. You're the one that made this mess so you should have to wash us both."

I grinned and sat up. "I don't have a problem with that. Two soapy slippery female bodies in a shower, that's not a problem at all." I gave them a leering grin and then laughed.

The girls looked at each other and then Janet said softly, "Just remember, you'll be fair game also. Four hands can touch more than just two."

I chuckled as I got off the bed. "I ain't scared." And I wasn't. I suddenly had a newfound confidence that I had lacked before. "Shall we?" I asked as I put an arm around each of their waists.


I had fantasized about having a girl in the shower with me but never two. That will teach me not to limit my fantasies. Two soft slippery bodies and four soft female hands exploring and teasing me were more than a fantasy; it was close to ecstasy. My dick never even thought about going down and throbbed constantly. I nearly came several dozen times.

My hands were not idle. I used them to explore every square inch of both girls. After my initial fascination with their breasts and sexes, I found I had a definite fetish for their asses. My hands kept wandering back to caress the soft muscular cheeks and the deep cleft.

"You sure seem to like my ass." Janet commented as my fingers traced the crease.

When my finger teased her tightly puckered asshole, she gave a jerk and then shivered. "You seem to like it to," I said softly.

Janet grinned and pushed her ass back against my finger. "What gave you that idea?"

"What's he doing?" Sarah asked.

"Show her," Janet whispered as my fingertip teased her more firmly.

My hand slipped down Sarah's back to caress her ass and then dipped into the crack. As my finger brushed her asshole, she gave a soft squeal and moved away from my hand. I returned my hand to her ass and did it again.

This time she did not squeal or move away, she just pushed her ass back and made a soft sound deep in her throat.

"See what I mean," Janet said softly and then moaned loudly as my soapy fingertip suddenly snapped through the tight ring of muscles and entered her to the first knuckle.

Janet shifted her hips and spread her legs wider as she stuck her ass out even more. My finger slipped farther in and she gasped loudly, coming up on her toes.

"What the hell?" Sarah asked.

"He has his finger in my ass," Janet whispered as she moved her hips back and forth. My finger moved in and out of her ass slowly. She made a loud groaning noise as a shudder ran up and down her body. She leaned forward and held onto my shoulder.

"He's what?" Sarah asked loudly and then gave a low yelp as my finger slipped into her ass. Her hips moved in short choppy jerks for a second and then she also leaned over and held onto me. I moved my slippery finger back and forth inside her and she groaned loudly.

Both girls were moaning, groaning, and whimpering as I continued to finger their asses. Suddenly, Janet gave a loud moaning yell and her hips jerked back and forth, as her asshole clamped down on my finger tightly in fluttery little grabs. Sarah was not but a minute or so behind. No pun intended.

After a while, Janet blew out a noisy breath and whispered; "Now that was interesting. One minute it was feeling very good and the next second I was coming my brains out."

"Uh huh," was Sarah's witty mumbled reply.

I slipped my fingers out of their asses and put my arms around their waists. There was something to file away for future reference, I thought to myself with a big smile as both girls still hung onto me for support.

Janet blew out another noisy breath and slowly straightened up. "Chalk up another interesting discovery," she whispered and then laughed. "I sure didn't know that could happen."

"Me either," Sarah whispered as she straightened up.

They both looked at me. I shrugged and shook my head. "Don't look at me, I was just playing around, exploring as they say."

Janet put her hand on my dick and moved it up and down slowly. I took a hissing breath as she did. She grinned and said, "Maybe we should do some exploring of our own. What do you think sis?"

Sarah giggled as she added her hand to my shaft. "Sounds like fun to me. I just don't want to get messy again."

"If you keep that up, you're sure as hell going to make another mess." I told them as my hips started to move back and forth slowly.

Janet squatted down and watched my dick slip back and forth through their hands for a second or two. "I'll bet that this would just blow my mind if it was inside me," she whispered almost as if she was talking to herself.

"Janet!" her sister yelled. "Don't you dare!"

Janet chuckled and shook her head. "I was just thinking out loud. It isn't as if we haven't talked about it and how we thought it would feel to finally lose our cherries. I know two of my fingers sure feel good and I'm sure yours do to."

"You scared me there for a moment," Sarah whispered softly.

Both girl's had stopped moving their hands and I was glad, my legs were starting to shake.

Janet looked at my trembling knees and then up at my face. "What's wrong with you?"

I took a deep breath and whispered, "I'm pretty close to coming again."

"Oh!" She said sharply and took her hand away.

Sarah got an evil grin on her face and moved her hand up and down slowly as she aimed the head of my dick toward her sister.

Janet saw what was going on and yelled, "Hey! Don't point that thing at me."

Sarah laughed and stroked me faster.

I was on a hair trigger and just as my orgasm started its meteoric rise, Janet leaned over and sucked the head of my dick in her mouth. Needless to say, I went off like a bomb at the feel of her hot wet mouth on the head of my dick.

I let out a loud yell and Sarah yelled, "Janet?" at the same exact instant. Janet sucked greedily at my dick as I shot off for all I was worth. It felt like my spine was ripped out of my body and I sagged back against the wall and slowly slid down it.

Somewhere along the way, Janet released my dick and so did Sarah. I was in a dense fog as far as my brain was concerned and my body was one big twitching jerking mess of disassociated parts.

"Yuck, the soap tasted terrible." I heard Janet say from somewhere far away. "But the rest was tasty to say the least."

"I don't fucking believe that you did that!" I heard Sarah say loudly.

I opened my eyes to see Janet grinning at Sarah. "You bet your cute little ass I did that. I had to see what it tasted like fresh out of the.... Well, fresh anyway."

Sarah grinned and replied, "You bitch! You've always got to be the first at everything, always trying to one up me."

"You'd have done the same to me, if you had thought of it first." Janet shot back.

Sarah laughed and nodded, "Yeah, that's true but it still doesn't make it fair."

"I'm sure you'll get a chance before the night is over." Janet reassured her.

About then, the lights went out with a loud clap of thunder. The girls squealed and I jumped. It was a mad free for all as we tried to rinse off the soap all at one time by the Braille system. By the time we were finished, we were all laughing.

Luckily, the girls could find us towels in the completely dark bathroom. We dried off as best we could and then Janet went for a flashlight. Sarah held onto me tightly.

"I don't like the dark. Not complete dark like this anyway," She said with a tremor in her voice.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. "It'll be alright. Janet will find a flashlight in a few minutes."

"I sure hope so," Sarah whispered as she turned around in my arms. Her warm firm butt was now pressed against my upper thighs.

My manhood had been soft when I first held her but now it was slowly on the rise. I could feel it pressing against Sarah's tailbone. It got stiffer and slowly rose up, sliding across the warm skin of her lower back. I shifted my hips and it slipped between us and was now a hot bar down the center of her lower spine.

Sarah rubbed against it and me for a second and then chuckled. "I think you like holding me."

"What's not to like?" I asked softly as I followed the wet outline of her hair down to kiss her neck.

She shivered and whispered, "I like it to."

I kissed and licked her neck as far down as I could reach without breaking the contact between our bodies. Sarah came up on her toes so I could reach more of her neck. I could feel the top of the crease in her ass rub against the base of my hard shaft.

I bent my knees out to either side of her legs and squatted until my manhood was fitted tightly in that warm silky cleft. Sarah shivered and pressed back tight to me. I kissed her neck where it met her shoulder and squatted a bit lower, and then moved back up, rubbing myself in the crack of her ass.

She shivered and made a soft whimpering noise. I moved my hands up and cupped her breasts gently. Between my hands on her breasts, my dick rubbing at the crack of her ass, and my lips on her neck and shoulder, Sarah was soon moaning softly and helping me rub up and down her ass.

I'm not sure what would have happened if Janet hadn't returned about then with the flashlight.

"You two seem to be having fun," she said as she shined the light on us.

Sarah made a little gasp of surprise and moved away from me quickly. "I'm afraid of the dark, remember," she said too quickly.

Janet laughed and replied, "You had better be careful what sneaks up behind you in the dark. You might find something long, hot, and hard getting shoved up that tight little ass of yours."

Sarah laughed nervously and then whispered, ""Would that be a problem or an asset?"

Janet burst out laughing, as did Sarah. I laughed along with them but did not really understand the joke. Why did they find my sticking my dick in Sarah's ass so funny? I decided not to ask, although the idea did appeal to me greatly.

"We need to find some candles," Janet said.

That jerked me away from visions and fantasies about Sarah's ass or Janet's ass for that matter, since they were almost one and the same. In any case, my dick preceded me as we filed out of the bathroom and began the great candle quest.

It was not much of a quest, as Sarah knew exactly where the emergency candles were kept in the kitchen. We were lighting candles when the phone rang. Sarah snagged it off the wall and answered it.

"Yes Aunt Sue, the power is off over here also," she said into the receiver. My heart raced for a second, it was my mom.

"We were just fixing to make some supper when the lights went out," she said next.

"There's no need for you to do that, we'll just make sandwiches. We have a lot more studying to do and sandwiches will be faster and easier anyway."

"Yes, we'll be very careful with candles and we'll stay inside," she said grinning at Janet and me.

"Okay, goodnight Aunt Sue and yes I'll set the alarm for George."

She hung up the phone still grinning. "Any questions?" She asked.

Janet laughed as did I and we both shook our heads.

"A sandwich does sound good," Sarah said turning towards the icebox.

"Me to," Janet said as she walked past me. She looked down, grabbed my dick, and added, "You probably need one to, so come on."

I had no choice but to follow her.


We made sandwiches and drank cokes. Eating with two beautiful naked girls made things very interesting but I am surprised that I didn't bite a finger off without noticing it, especially when Janet dabbed mustard on one of Sarah's tits and licked it off.

I did the same to Janet and she damn near dropped her sandwich the first time I nipped one of her nipples. She did drop some lettuce on the floor but did not make a move to pick it up. She pushed my head away with a deep moan.

"Wait until I finish eating and we'll do that some more I promise," she said as she gave a shivering shake. Looking over at her sister she whispered, "Damn, that feels good."

Sarah grinned around a mouthful of sandwich and nodded.

We finished our meal and cleaned up our mess. Sarah bent over to pick up the dropped lettuce and I moved quickly over behind her and grabbed her hips. I bent my knees and pressed the length of my hard on between her ass cheeks.

When I did, Sarah gave a soft yell of surprise and then pushed her ass back against me. "What the hell are you doing?" She asked with a soft laugh.

"I don't know but it looked like fun." I told her. She laughed and wiggled her ass from side to side. "It feels good on my end, how about yours?"

She and Janet both laughed and then Sarah moved her ass up and down. My shaft sank deeper between her satiny cheeks.

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