Rebekah waited with impatience for her master to arrive. All day she had thought about what he was going to do to her and she was already wet thinking about him. No one else was home and she needed to him so badly. There was a knock at the door and she bounded off the couch and, almost, to the door. She paused a moment to hide her excitement and to slow down her heart. Opening the door slowly, she saw her master standing there though he insisted she call him sir. Carl was six feet tall, brown hair and deep green eyes that she always got lost in. His gaze was intense as he stepped forward and swept her up into his arms; kissing her passionately and carrying her back into the room. Rebekah could barely think as she melted into his arms and wrapped her arms and legs around him. All too soon and not soon enough, the kiss is broken and the she is set back down. They smile at each other and gaze at each other fondly.

"Hi, little one, how are you today?" Carl asked.

"I'm good, sir... I was bored though..." Rebekah responded.

His hand cups her cheek as he continues to smile at her.

"What about you sir?"

"My day was good ... especially since I got a message from a naughty little girl,"

Rebekah giggled as she nuzzled his hand. He made her feel so wanted and his touch was so caring yet firm.

"What did it say?" she asked coyly.

"It said to come over and prove what kind of slut she is and who she belongs to" Carl said, very seriously.

"Oh she sounds very naughty.... is she naughty? And are you?"

"She is such a bad little girl, I am going to spank her then strap her down and take her in every hole she has that I can," Carl responded, as his fingers wrapped themselves in her hair; pulling softly.

"Oh she is lucky.... I want that..." She said, a low moan coming out of her as she felt the tug on her hair.

He laughed and suddenly she was grabbed and tossed over his shoulder as he headed for her room. The trip was short but she felt his hand caressing her ass, prolonging it. Rebekah heard the door open as she was carried into her room. His hand gave her ass a swat before he tossed her onto the bed. She moaned for a second and then squealed as she bounced a little on the bed. It took her a moment to focus and orient herself and she watched him sit down next to her on the bed. Reaching to his waist he took off his belt. It was black leather with a silver fittings and she had felt its touch on more than one occasion. She tired hard to behave but she always was a little naughty and she knew she deserved all the spankings, the fuckings and the discipline he gave to her. Rebekah always had a wild side, unlike her sister Stacy who was the good little girl of the family. They were very similar in looks but in actions they were vastly different.

Carl patted to his lap and smiled as he folded the belt in half; making a loop of black leather. Rebekah shook her head, not wanting the kiss of the belt yet but she saw him frown but still she made no move to lie across his lap. A growl issued from his throat as he grabbed her and pulled her across his legs; she struggled at first but he pinned her arms with one hand. The belt whispers as he slides it across her skin; down her back then to her ass and comes to rest there. Pulling her skirt up and her panties down, Carl looked at her smooth pale skin and shapely ass with a hunger that was barely contained.

Shivering in anticipation and just a little fear as the belt just rests there, the leather cool against her skin. The first blow is merely a tap, just barely slapping against her ass. Rebekah yelped though more out of surprise than from anything else. She ceased her struggles as the next blow contacts her ass with a sharp crack. Smiling, Carl watched her dark hair fall over her face as she let a soft moan and squirmed slightly on his lap. The next time the belt fell it was harder than the last, leaving an imprint of the leather weave of the belt on your white skin. The young woman yelped and the turned to look at her master, surprised at the power of the blow. He brushed her hair out of her face and slowly stroked her hair, as he rubbed the leather belt against her reddening skin.

"What was that for, sir?" Rebekah asked.

""For sending me that naughty message of your little pussy all wet, baby."

"But I thought you would like it, sir."

"I did like it but you were teasing me while I was at work, getting me all hard and not being able to do anything about it."

She blushed and lowered her head quickly but not before he saw a little smile on her face. Crack, the belt came down on her ass as his arm swung down quick and steady. She squealed and moaned as the pain surged through her body. She loved it when he punished her; she knew that it was naughty and she was glad that her master had caught her. She needed to be trained and disciplined.

"You did it on purpose little one, I know you did so you might as well admit it and all will be forgiven," Carl said sternly yet kindly.

Rebekah just shook her head in denial.

The belt slapped against her ass again and again. Light one time and the next hard, he rotated the force and the level of contact on her skin. She moaned and yelped and squirmed and squealed as he spanked her. It hurt but yet it felt wonderful to feel that leather on her ass and his hand on her body. She blinked away a few tears and bit her lip, trying to not surrender. Rebekah wanted it to end but wanted it to continue; she was getting wet and dripping onto his leg. Her hands digging into the bed, gathering two fistfuls of sheet in her hands as she writhed under Carl's discipline.

"You should admit it little one or I will be forced to punish you some more and that will make me angry," Carl said, bringing the belt down hard on her raised ass.

She hesitated and the belt came down again with another loud crack.

"Yes, sir, I was teasing you... making you hard at work."

"And?" He asked, the belt sliding softly across your traumatized flesh.

"And what sir?" she replied as she shivered.

"And are you sorry?" he asked even though he knew the true answer.

"Yes sir, I'm sorry I was naughty," she lied.

"No you aren't, you wanted me to come over and punish you and then fuck you. Didn't you?"

She shook her head in denial and the belt came down on her butt. The pain coursed up her body and she yelped again. She had no chance before the belt slapped on her ass again. He gathered a fist full of her hair and pulled her head back as he spanked her repeatedly. By the end, tears were running down her face and she gasped for breath.

"You are right sir, I am sorry sir I wanted you to come here and fuck me. Please sir, your little slut is sorry and she will do anything to make it up to you.," she stuttered out.

"Anything?" he asked, relenting in his punishment.


"Good girl, let me think," He said, stroking her inner thigh with his finger tips; moving them up to her very wet pussy and teased her clit.

"Yes sir," she responded as she spread her legs apart slightly, to allow him better access. His touch was driving her crazy but she managed to contain herself so as not to distract his thoughts. She loved the things he came up with for her to do.

He pushed his fingers inside of her and stroked her on the inside; the other hand played with her hair. Time passed as he played with her and after a while she was unable to repress a moan of pleasure as his fingers toyed with her pussy. Carl looked down at her in surprise as he pulled his fingers out of her and ran them lightly over her ass, both of them still dripping her juices.

"Sit on my lap baby, I have to whisper this to you," Carl told her.

She climbed to her feet and quickly sat on his lap; wrapping her legs around him. She was excited because when he whispered things to her they were always the naughtiest things that someone could do to her.

"Okay sir, I am ready," She informed him.

He kisses her lips, softly at first but with growing passion. His fingers slide back into her little pussy as she sat in his lap. Wrapping her arms around her neck and returning his kiss, she moaned into his mouth as they kissed. They both got lost in the passion and lust behind their contact with each other. Finally, after time had passed, Carl broke the kiss and his fingers stopped their playful exploration of her body. Holding her tight and nuzzling her neck he began to whisper in her ear.

"Your sister is listening again baby."

"Really sir? I told her not to do that any more."

""I heard her bump into the door baby; she is being a sneaky little wench."

"Oh, I will go tell her to go away," she said as she started to climb off of him.

He squeezed her tight in his arms and held her in place before she could finish that action.

"Oh no, I have a much better idea for someone being as naughty as she is," Carl said in a tone she recognized very well. It was his controlling side coming out.

"Oh no sir she wouldn't be interested in this ... she is a good girl, not naughty like me."

"She is naughty enough to listen and probably peek in at us so I would say she is naughty enough to punish for her actions. Or are you arguing with me baby?"

"No, sit, I will do whatever you say but if she wants to stop you have to let her, please. If you do I will do anything and everything you want, I will bring you a friend of mine if that is what it takes to spare my sister."

"I promise I will let her go when she tells me to stop," Carl promised.

"Okay...," she said, hesitantly.

"Take off all your clothes and lay down on the bed and I will play with you for a bit but I want you to be loud baby. Can you do that for me?"

She didn't reply as she spread herself out on the bed and waited for his attention. She had to be honest with herself; the thought of doing something to another girl was thrilling and made more so by the fact it would be her sister. Carl climbed on top of her and slowly kissed his way down her body. Starting at the lips, then the neck, then down her throat, he worked his way to her breasts. He teased each nipple in turn before moving his way down her stomach, slowly kissing and licking her skin. His fingers stroked the skin where his lips just left as he came closer and closer to her pussy. She started to moan, a little forcefully and grabbed his hair in her hands; trying to make him go faster. He resisted her urging and continued to toy with her, showing her who was in charge. That just made her all the more frustrated and horny, bringing louder moans to the surface. She felt his hot breath on her clit as his tongue gently flicked it as he went down further. Squirming, she lifted her hips up trying to force his tongue inside her but to no avail as he pulled his head away. Moving back up, her body and bringing one hand to stroke her pussy as he did so, he kissed her softly on the lips.

"Moan for me baby and loud so I can surprise your sister," Carl whispered to her.

She moaned and made soft pleas as his weight left the bed and he quietly moved to the door. Yanking it open, a young lady spilled into the room; she had the same dark hair but was a tad more petite than her sister. Stacy looked up with shock at the man standing above her. Not giving her a chance to over come her shock, Carl grabbed her arms and pulled her to her feet.

"Carl, let go of me," Stacy yelled, as she tired to pull away.

"No I don't think so, if you want to spy why don't you take a closer seat," he said, dragging her to the bed. "Baby, Grab the straps we have to make sure she isn't going to run away."

Rebekah wasn't sure about this but did as ordered, grabbing the restraints that were tied to each bed post and tucked away under the mattress so no one could see them.

"On second thought grab the handcuffs... that way we have most of the bed and she will stay put."

Shaking her head, she grabbed went over to a drawer and brought out her shiny metal cuffs and handed them to him. Carl hand cuffed her sister to the bed by one hand and used on of the straps to bind her leg to the bed.

Stacy was still in shock, not exactly understanding what was going on and how she got to this point. Her struggles had been half hearted not believing that Carl would do anything to her with her older sister in the room. She had been wrong.

"Carl takes this shit off of me and I won't say anything," she commanded which he ignored.

He grabbed her sister and put her back onto the bed. Strapping Rebekah down next to her sister, he smiled at both of them but his excitement was obvious to see. Kissing her passionately; his left hand stroking the muscles of her thigh as his other grabbed her hair pulling her deeper into the kiss.

Stacy tried not to watch but her sister was making out with her boyfriend next to her and she found what his hands were doing mesmerizing. His fingers went up and into to her sister and there was no resistance at all as the slide right in. Rebekah was moaning into his mouth as he fingered her little pussy.

Rebekah knew her sister was watching and that just turned her on more as her master played with her pussy. She was so turned on and wanted him inside her but she was already close to cumming. Taking a peak at her sister and seeing her watching Carl's fingers as they fucked her sent Rebekah over the edge and she gushed onto his hand.

"Oh god, Carl don't stop please don't stop," she said as she broke the kiss and orgasmed.

Stacy watched her sister writhe and squirm but was held down by the restraints though one leg was free and she could see it quivering as her sister panted and moaned.

Part of her was disgusted but part of her was fascinated by the what her sister was doing and feeling. Stacy had always known her sister was naughty and had spied on her and her boyfriends but this was much more real. She barely noticed Carl's cum covered fingers playing with her bare leg. Stacy was wearing shorts that day and a very clinging top. She never did anything really but still liked the way guys stared at her.

Carl leaned his head down and licked between Rebekah's legs, tasting her sweet cum from her pussy. His baby always tasted so good after she came for him and he loved it. She immediately started to moan again as his tongue went inside her and his upper lip caressed her clit. She turned her head and saw her sister sitting next to her and their gazes met. She turned her head away and closed her eyes as Carl nipped at her clit.

Stacy was getting really turned on by what was happening just inches away and it disgusted her. She tried to force her eyes shut but as soon as she did they would pop back open. Her free hand crept down towards her shorts and trying to disguise what she was doing her; she started to rub her clit as she watched. The other two were both caught up and didn't notice anything. She saw his fingers join his tongue inside her sister's pussy and the moans got louder. Stacy wondered what it would feel like if Carl was doing that to her and what her sister would say if he did. Managing to repress her moan at the thought but she still played with herself as she watched.

"Carl, please fuck me sir. I need it please," Rebekah said, forgetting that her sister was there and wouldn't have cared if she remembered.

Bringing his head up to hers and kissing her; she could taste herself on his lips which made her moan again.

"Is that what you really want, baby? For me to fuck you?"

"Yes sir please, I need to feel your cock inside me."

Carl stood up and pulled his pants off in with on quick motion, taking his boxers off at the same time. Unlike Rebekah, he was more than aware of her sister watching. So he kneeled in between Rebekah's legs and slowly pulled off his shirt, making sure to give the little sister a good view of his very hard cock as he did.

Stacy looked ... she had to and while she had seen others and snuck peeks of his before never had she been this close to it. He wasn't porn big but he was big and she could see precum dripping off the head of his cock. She stuck out a finger and caught some as it dripped and quickly tasted it. It tasted very different from the few guys she had before but good; then she noticed that he was watching her with a finger in her mouth and a very smug grin on his face.

Looking into her eyes, Carl moved positioned himself to enter Rebekah's pussy. He slowly and deliberately pushed himself inside Stacy's sister in front of her eyes. She saw Rebekah's flesh parted and stretched to accommodate his member. They both gasped, one louder than the other, at the entrance and slowly pulled almost out. Carl took his time pushing in and pulling out of his little slut but he switched his gaze between them. As he fucked Rebekah, he noticed that her sister had her hand in her shorts and it was moving furiously. All of this turned him on and he started fucking her fast and hard; not caring about anything but the feel of her flesh and the eyes that were on him.

The older sister was in heaven as she matched his rhythm. This was so hot; she reached out and touched her sister's arm. Rebekah glanced at her sister and was amazed by her actions; her sister had never shown a dirty streak and here she was on the bed masturbating as Carl fucked her older sister. That was enough to set her off again and she struggling in her bonds to hold onto him but couldn't so she wiggled and groaned in frustration.

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