This story could have been put in several different categories, Group Sex, Incest, Romance, even Erotic Couplings, but I chose FIRST TIME, because that is what it was really intended to be about. I hope that no matter what category is your favorite, you will find something that appeals to you, and not too much that does not.

As always, feedback and comments, positive or negative, will be greatly appreciated. TC 5


I pushed open the front door with the corner of the pizza box, and called, "Hey sis! I'm home! With a pizza and a couple of friends. Plenty for you if you'd like some!" Meanwhile, I held the door as the two "friends", the Carrington twins, made their way up the steps and into the house.

Cindi's voice came back from upstairs, "Thanks, Danny, I'll be down in a minute!"

I pointed Edie and Abbie to the couch in the living room, and put the extra-large box on the coffee table. As I got back from the kitchen with four cold bottles of Heinekens and some paper plates and napkins, Cindi trotted down the stairs. I made the introductions and explained to my sister that the hike I had lead earlier was almost a bust because of the weather, but the Carringtons and another couple had shown up and as it turned out, we had a pretty good day.

It was a hiking club tradition to stop on the way home with the group for pizza, but as Edie and Abbie were the only ones that wanted to stop, I suggested that I'd just call ahead and pick up the pizza on the way home, and we could go to my house to eat it. Since they live in town, they agreed.

Actually, it's "our house", Cindy and I are joint owners since our parents died, even though she's my kid sister. I'm 8 years older, at 31, and was married, living in my own house at the time, but shortly thereafter, my wife filed for divorce. It was kind of messy, but when my lawyer's private eye showed her the video of her with her boss, she dropped the alimony, and I gave her the small amount of equity in the house, and the furnishings.

Cindi was more than happy to have me move back home with her, since she hated living alone in the big house. She had even discussed selling it with me, but I was reluctant, and, as it turned out, that was a very good thing.

We polished off the pizza, and when the Carringtons accepted the offer of a second round, Cindi headed back upstairs to watch TV. I cleaned up the debris, and when I returned, Edie and Abbie were at opposite ends of the couch, so I sat between them. We made the second beers last a little longer than the first, and had a nice chat about the day's hike and hiking in general. The twins were veteran hikers, having been with the club for many years when I started. I figured they were about 10 years older than I am. When the bottles were about empty, Edie moved towards me a little and touched my arm. "Abbie and I want to thank you for the great hike today, and the hospitality."

I started to say that no thanks was needed, but jumped when Abbie's voice, almost in my ear, said softly "We haven't thanked you yet, but we'd like to, if you'll let us." I realized she had moved until our bodies were almost touching. Her hand reached out and slid across my shoulders, and I felt her hot breath in my ear. Meanwhile, Edie moved over till her leg was pressing against mine, and I gasped as she slipped her hand under my shirt and ran it over my chest.

At first, I was shocked, not knowing what to think or say, but these ladies weren't bad at all, very fit, and looking younger than their years. When Abbie's lips covered mine and ground against them, I stopped thinking about it. When her other hand brushed over the front of my shorts, the bulge that had started there grew rapidly larger. I sat back against the couch, and Edie's lips replaced Abbie's, her tongue immediately sliding between my lips. Together, they pulled my T-shirt up my body, till most of my chest was exposed, and I had two hands exploring me.

When Edie's hand grasped the firm bulge in my shorts I made no move to resist, and Abbie pulled the T-shirt over my head. By now, I was committed, and as Abbie bent her head to kiss my hardened nipple, I returned the favor by grasping one of her breasts and squeezing. I was pleasantly surprised to feel how full and firm it was. She moaned, and her teeth caught the little nipple in her mouth and pulled. My eyes were closed, and I was gasping, when I felt Edie's hands working at the fastenings of my shorts.

Realizing where this was going, I decided I didn't want to take a chance on Cindi walking in on us, and I suggested to the girls that if they wanted to continue, we should move to the downstairs bedroom, they glanced at each other with big smiles, and quickly urged me to lead the way. I had hardly even closed the door when they both pulled their shirts over their heads and stood facing me together, wearing only bras and shorts.

I sat on the edge of the bed, and Edie made short work of stripping me of my shorts. My cock was clearly outlined in my briefs, with a large wet spot at the tip. As Edie knelt in front of me, Abbie climbed next to me on the bed, took my face in both hands, and locked her lips over mine, trying to reach my throat with her tongue. As I covered both her breasts with my hands, I felt Edie's lips kissing me through the cotton, moving slowly up and down. She moaned as she sucked at the wet spot, savoring the flavor. I was savoring the feel of her lips squeezing my swollen cock head.

I quickly stripped the bra from Abbie, and she ground her chest against me, her large breasts pressing the hard nipples into me. I grasped them again, kneading them, feeling their weight, my thumbs now pressing against the nipples. She moaned into my mouth and her body squirmed against me.

I felt Edie's hands tugging at my briefs, and in a moment, they slipped off my feet. Both her hands grasped me, and started slowly stroking. Then I felt her lips softly kiss the tip, and her tongue lap up the pre-cum glistening there.

Abbie's hands were all over my torso, but when I grasped both of her nipples in my fingertips, her head went back and she growled deep in her throat. I stared at her as I pulled and twisted, and she writhed at the pleasure on the edge of pain.

It was my turn to gasp, though, as Edie's lips suddenly engulfed me, sliding half way down my shaft in one quite stroke. Her tongue ran up and down the tender bottom of my cock, and I shuddered, eliciting a satisfied groan from her that vibrated against my shaft. Then she pushed her lips even farther down me, till I could feel her face nestling in my pubic hair. She sucked and slurped, and if it wasn't for Abbie in the way, I would have loved watching her.

As I continued to torture her tender nipples, Abbie's breathing was becoming ragged, but when I slipped one hand from a breast to the front of her shorts, she pushed away from me and stood up. Her chest was heaving as she undid her shorts and slid them down her legs along with her panties, her eyes never leaving mine. Of course, my eyes were fixed on her, as she was now completely naked.

She immediately climbed back next to me, sitting, and turned to lock her lips over mine once again. In that position, I could easily grasp a breast with one hand, and slide the other over her pussy, and I did. She was soaking wet, and moaned loudly at the first touch. I ran my fingers up and down her slippery lips, then curled two of them into the entrance to her cunt. Her hips lifted, and she forced my fingers deeper inside of her, and when I pulled hard on her nipple again, she almost howled, thrashing, trying to press against both my hands.

Edie's lips were sliding rapidly up and down my cock, and if it were not for the distraction of Abbie, she probably would have had a mouth full of my cum by now. Somewhere along the line she had slipped her shorts down to her ankles, and her hand was now inside her panties, and she was rapidly fingering herself, moaning in time with the thrusts of both her mouth and her fingers. She was drooling so much that saliva ran down my cock, over my balls, and dribbled on the floor. I took both hands from Abbie and put them on the back of Edie's head, pulling her forward, until her lips were mashed against my crotch. I wanted to feel the pleasure of being as deep in her throat as possible. She looked up, and her eyes smiled at me, as her tongue lashed around my shaft.

When I finally released her, she stood up, kicking off both shorts and panties. She then reached back and released the bra she had still been wearing. Both of them were now naked, as was I. Without a word, they both came over to me, and pushed me back on the bed, where I quickly slid to the middle. They both climbed up next to me, and Abbie took her turn with my cock, and Edie's lips locked over mine, after she whispered, "whatever you just did to Abbie, I want some too! I grasped one of her breasts and started kneading, while my other hand slid between her legs. She was much wetter than Abbie had been, and I wasted no time with preliminaries, sliding two fingers into her as far as they would go. I finger fucked her with long hard strokes, and when my fingers caught her nipple and pulled hard, her lips left mine and she let out a loud, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Yes!" Her legs momentarily closed against my hand, then her hips bucked as she tried to get my fingers even deeper. In response, I pulled even harder, twisting and squeezing.

The wet sounds from Abbie were becoming louder and louder, as she slurped her way up and down my cock, one hand holding me at the base. I could feel saliva running over my balls again. Her satisfied sighs told me she was really enjoying herself. Sometimes two really is better than one, as I would never have been able to withstand the onslaught from either one of them, but my divided attention lessened the sensation.

I took my hands from Edie, and one found her ass, which I began rubbing, and she ground her pussy against my leg. Then my other hand found one of Abbie's cheeks, and I massaged that firm round globe. When my finger slid down her ass crack and between her legs, her mouth pulled up off my cock, and she started gasping raggedly. She sat up on the bed, then turned around and quickly straddled me. She wasted no time, as she grasped my cock and slid down on it, gasping with pleasure as she slid all the way to the bottom. Of course, I gasped with her, into Edie's mouth, and when Edie realized what was happening, she pushed herself up as well. In an instant her legs straddled me too, facing Abbie, and she lowered her dripping cunt to my face.

I grabbed her hips in both hands and guided her to my mouth. Her juices dripped onto my tongue as I slid it through my lips. She was already open, and I locked my lips over her, sliding my tongue as deeply as I could into her. She moaned and ground herself down onto my face as my tongue swirled inside her. Her cream was literally running into my mouth, and I swallowed time after time.

Abbie started by slowly sliding up and down my swollen cock, but quickly, she started bouncing, fucking me rapidly, her ass slapping against my body. My hips started rolling in reply, meeting her thrusts down on me. I could hear her breath, as she panted with every stroke, sometimes chanting, "yess, yess, yess!" She started moving faster, ramming harder down on me, and let out a loud "Oh yeah!" and I felt her cunt clench around my cock. I knew it would be a matter of moments.

Edie, meanwhile, was grinding down on my face, and when I slid my lips up from her cunt to her clit and sucked on it, she gave a ragged moan, then growled and pressed against my lips even harder. I ground my tongue against that hard little bud and my lips squeezed and pulled, and I could feel her shaking in my hands. Her breath was uneven, catching in her throat, and she leaned forward on her hands, pressing herself back even harder onto my mouth. My teeth grazed her tender clit, then caught it, and when my tongue ground against the captive she squealed, and a flood of her cum washed over my face. She was squirting, and I could not begin to swallow all of it, as it ran down my face, dripped off of my chin and onto my chest. High pitched whines escaped her lips as she panted and gasped.

Perhaps that is what pushed Abbie over the edge, as she rammed herself down hard on me and let out a loud "OH SHIT! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" and I felt her juices gushing over my buried cock, on which she had impaled herself.

The two of them fell, almost simultaneously, face down, on either side of me. Abbie's head was facing me, and she crawled up over my chest, and locked her lips over mine. Edie's head was by my hip, and I felt her throw an arm over me as she pushed herself up onto her knees. Unbelievably in the next moment, I felt her begin to lick her sister's cum from my still-hard cock and my body. I had both of Abbie's cheeks in my hands, rubbing, admiring their smoothness, and it sounded like she was purring, with her tongue buried deep in my mouth.

Suddenly, Edie pushed herself up again, and straddled me, sliding down my cock in one quick thrust, her ass pressed against my legs and groin. She sat there and rotated her hips, grinding her pussy against me, and we could both feel my cock moving deep inside her.

Abbie looked back and saw that, and quickly followed suit, straddling my face and lowering her wide open cunt to my lips. She was even wetter than Edie had been, of course, and the remainder of the cum that had flowed over my cock ran into my mouth. I grabbed her hips hard and yanked her down onto my face, burying my nose in her slit and my tongue in her cunt. I growled as I devoured her sopping pussy, and she ground herself against my lips.

Edie leaned forward, put her hands on Abbie's shoulders for balance, and started pumping her cunt up and down my shaft. She was squeezing tight and felt wonderful. I could feel the cum beginning to boil in my balls. Abbie was moaning as my tongue swirled inside her, and when my lips slipped up to her clit and sucked hard on it she let out a loud "OH, oh god! OH OH OH!" She fell forward and her hands went to Edie's shoulders. When I ground my tongue down against the hot little bud she bucked, rammed down on my face, and once again, I felt cum gush over me.

Edie was now slamming herself back onto my cock so hard she was making the bed shake, and I bent my knees and started meeting her thrusts and ramming myself into her. A few more strokes and she slapped her ass down onto my body, sitting there and grinding. She gave a series of quick moans and gasps followed by a long groan, and her cum flooded out of her. The two sisters were leaning on each other, now thoroughly spent, gasping. But Edie had cum so quickly I had no chance to join her. I would gladly have started thrusting into her again, knowing it would take very little to tget me over the edge, but both of them lifted off of me and lay on either side of me, heads by my hips.

Edie quickly grasped my cock, and Abbie slid her lips over it. As Edie stroked at the base, Abbie's lips pistoned up and down over my head. They leaned and kissed each other, then Edie started slurping at my balls as Abbie's mouth started sliding up and down the length of my shaft. After a minute or so, they both started kissing and licking my cock from opposite sides. Then Edie took over and started sliding her lips up and down my shaft, lips squeezing hard as she went faster and faster. Abbie's hand was gently massaging my balls. Now I was concentrating only on the throbbing and tingling in my cock, attention no longer divided. In another moment, I exploded, first into Edie's mouth, and when she pulled off of me, all over Abbie's face. The two laughed and giggled, and had a great time lapping up every drop they could find. Edie licked Abbie's face clean.

The two of them crawled up to me and covered my face and chest with kisses, taking turns ramming their tongues deeply into my mouth. I had and arm around each of them, and their warm bodies felt wonderful pressing on mine. But it was late, and they quickly decided they had better go. They managed to find their clothes, although I think they swapped panties, and dressed as I watched. I managed to pull on my shorts in time to escort them to the door. As they headed for their car, Edie turned and shouted, "Thanks for a great hike today, Dan, and a nice evening too!"

Abbie added, "We'll have to do it again, sometime soon!"

As I closed the door, I shook my head, wondering what had hit me. I quickly took a shower in the downstairs bath to get all the cum off my face and cock and various other places. Then I slipped my briefs on, and tip-toed up the stairs, not wanting to wake Cindi, who I assumed had long been asleep. I was about to close the door to my room, when I heard some rather strange sounds. It was music, mixed with an assortment of gasps, moans and exclamations, both male and female. I realized it was coming from Cindi's room, where the door was slightly ajar, and I could not resist taking a look to see what was going on.

When I peered through the crack, I could see the large monitor of Cindi's computer, and clearly, there was a porn video playing on it! Shocked, I pushed the door open a little wider, only to see her sitting at the desk, her head down on her arms as though sleeping. She was wearing a long, T-shirt style nightie. Then I saw, from the reflected glow of the monitor, her panties resting on the floor, still around one ankle. This really made no sense to me; it was totally unlike the quiet, reserved Cindi I knew. She never even had a boy friend, though she did go on an occasional date. She had been a skinny kid in high school, but recently had blossomed into a curvy young lady with a nice figure. I always figured it was only a matter of time till some guy grabbed her. I admit I felt a little jealous about that, although, of course, I wanted the best for her.

I was conflicted about what to do, but I was concerned for her, and finally, said softly, "Cin, you ok?" I thought I saw her jump slightly, but for a moment she didn't really move.

Finally, she looked up at me and said, "I'm fine, go to bed!" I was aghast! Her face looked like she had been crying, bawling!

Forgetting I was in my briefs, I ran into the room and knelt down by her, cradling her head and wiping her face. Gently I said, "Oh sis, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," she replied, "there was just a really emotional scene in the video." When I looked at the screen there was a guy pounding his cock into a young woman's ass. Emotional seemed very unlikely, and I recognized the web site as hard core porn. I had considered joining it after my divorce.

I said to her, "That's a subscription site, how did you get that on here?"

She replied, "I belong to it, it's as close as I'll ever get to real sex." She started to sniffle again. I felt a little subconscious, looking at and talking about a porn site with my little sister, but my protective instinct overcame that feeling.

"Oh baby," I said, "you have grown into a beautiful young lady, one I'm proud to call my sister. You will have guys salivating, falling all over you. I wrapped my arms gently around her, cradling her.

"None I'm interested in," she said quietly. I felt her hands grasp my arms, seemingly needing me for support. I leaned over and kissed her gently on the forehead. When I did that, she wrapped her arms around me and pressed herself against me, hard enough that I could feel her body through the nightie. "Thanks for being my big brother," she said, "you're the greatest!" I could see she felt a little better, and when I smiled at her, she smiled back at me.

I was about to leave and wish her good night, but she said, softly and rather haltingly, "If you like watching this stuff , maybe you could watch with me sometime."

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