"Anita, the movie is about to start get back here." Clara called from the couch. It was movie night for her and her sisters, and it was a tradition for them every Friday night since college. Her sisters always would come over to Clara's place which at the moment was a large flat apartment in a small town. The flat consisted of two bedrooms splitting off of a medium sized living room which doubled as a foyer and a kitchen just to the right of the front door. Clara and Nancy where on the couch snuggling together while Anita was using the bathroom. All three of them were identical triplets (25, Brunette, blue eyes, slim body, 34 J cup), who were perhaps a bit too close compared to most siblings.

Anita came in the living room only in her panties as her large naked breasts swayed back and forth. "Okay, okay, I'm here."

"Come on! Get inside!" Nancy said in a giddy cute voice as she lifted up the blanket revealing that she and Clara were similarly dressed. It was what they were most comfortable in when they were all alone together so they never considered it weird that they all were mostly naked around one another.

"Well hold on now what are we watching?"

"The Shape of Water," Clara replied.

"You said you wanted to see it," Nancy said anticipating Anita to disagree with the movie choice.

"I know, but I think I have something better." Anita said giddily as she went over to her packed duffle bag she had brought for the weekend that she left in the foyer.

"Oh come on, you always do this," Nancy pouted.

"She's right you know." Clara agreed as Anita opened up her duffle bag, and pulled out her surprise.

"Trust me. You girls will love this idea more." She held up an old vhs player and a worn out copy of the 1994 movie Little Women.

"Where did you find that?" Clara said with a chuckle.

"I visited Daddy's house before coming here and found it amongst his things. I figured we could start the weekend movie binging with this, for old times' sake."

Back when the girls were only ten on a Friday night, they had just gone through a rough time of witnessing their parents go through a divorce. Their parents had joint custody of the girls at the time and they had a few days where they were allowed to be with each parent. They were allowed to be at their dad's place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, with their mother picking them up at 9 and taking them back to her place. That Friday night was essentially the girls' first movie night they had ever had and the movie they had watched was Little Women. When they started watching it they were still very distraught with their parents getting a divorce and they were almost always upset. When they started watching Little Women that night they had snuggled together under a blanket and they felt relieved while watching that movie. In fact they felt closer together when watching it and the feeling of togetherness relaxed them during those times. Unfortunately they never finished the movie as their mother came to pick them up that night. Ever since then they always had movie night to try and recapture that feeling of togetherness they had shared, though no other movie ever quite gave them that feeling like Little Women did. They never were able to finish the movie as their father lost the tape during that time to never be found until now.

"Oh my god, does that even work?" Nancy asked.

"Only one way to find out, if it's okay with you guys?"

Nancy and Clara looked at one another before quickly agreeing.

"Pop it in," they said in unison.

Anita went to work connecting the vhs player to the tv, which needed an adapter as the tv was so much newer. Once connected she hit the fast rewind button and let the vcr reset the movie as she jumped onto the couch and snuggled with her sisters. The tv was a large blue screen as the vhs whirred and whirred until it started to slow down. Old digital words appeared on the blue screen saying stop then automatically switching to play as the blue screen switched to black and the movie started.

As soon as the title screen started to roll, the sisters immediately felt that feeling of togetherness they had felt when they were younger, and had always been trying to recapture.

"Holy crap, you guys feel that?" Clara said with a shiver. Both her sisters nodded with huge smiles on their faces.

"For once, your alternate choice was a good one," Nancy said to Anita jokingly as she pressed as tightly as she could against Clara's right side.

"For once? Sister I always make good choices. You just don't know it," Anita retorted back also jokingly as they all giggled. She then followed suit with Nancy and pressed up against Clara's left side.

They held one another in a pseudo hug with Clara's arms wrapped around the adjacent sisters' shoulders and Nancy's left arm and Anita's right wrapped around Clara's back while their outer arms wrapped around Clara's front. Their legs were all tangled up in one another and their torsos were so close together that it caused their large bare breasts to mash together. They pulled the blanket tightly around themselves as they made a makeshift cocoon of comfiness.

They were completely and utterly content as the feeling of togetherness flowed through their bodies. Though while the feeling was welcomed and long missed it still felt a little differently then they remembered it. About thirty minutes into the movie the feeling of closeness was manifesting in ways they weren't expecting. Most notably their nipples became hardened with a tingling prickly sensation centered there. None of the sisters acknowledged it even as they were poking one another with their nipples. There was a slight bit of embarrassment at the thought of being turned on by one another so they did their best to ignore it. Yet the burning erotic sensation originating from their close proximity to one another remained. For some reason the feeling was more powerful now. More than likely the feeling was manifesting this way because they were mature women now as opposed to when they were kids and the feeling was innocent and mundane.

As they continued watching the movie, the feeling continued to grow as their hearts started to beat faster and faster. They held each other tightly as they became more and more aroused, hiding their feelings with a giggle and a smile as if nothing were out of the ordinary. Yet as the movie continued they couldn't hide their arousal as all three sisters pressed so close together could feel their panties were moist.

"So, I can't believe it's taken us this long to watch this movie finally," Clara whispered to her sisters trying to be distracting. As she said this she gently tried to push her sisters back from her politely, but was shocked to see that her body did the exact opposite and actually held them even tighter towards her instead.

"I know right? You'd think we would have come back to this sooner," Nancy whispered back as she tried to pull her right leg away to get some space. However, she too did the exact opposite as her right leg slid over Clara and Anita's legs wrapping around them. She twisted her hips so that her pelvic bone was pressing into Carol's as she half lay on top of her sister. The sensation of their pussies being so close felt really nice and neither sister wanted to break away.

"Well then you both can thank me for bringing it up then," Anita chimed in as she did her best to slide her crotch underneath Clara's butt. Clara lifted her hips up slightly to allow her sister better access and soon Anita was halfway under her sister. Essentially the triplets sandwiched one another with Clara in the middle.

Their faces were glued to the tv continuing to watch the movie, but their minds were panicking. Each sister was wondering not only what they were doing but what their sisters were doing. Sure they enjoyed cuddling with one another but this was too much. Despite their protests, not one of the sisters actually said anything. The pleasure flowing through their bodies right now was irresistible as it pulsed through them. Now acting on those impulses, Nancy and Anita leaned in towards Clara and pressed their faces against hers cheek to cheek. Clara was essentially caught in a vice between her sisters' heads as they continued to "watch" the movie. Their arms then started to move slowly over their bodies massaging every nook and cranny sending chills up and down their spines. They no longer were even pretending to watch the movie anymore as they closed their eyes and breathed ever slightly. As they felt one another up they started to writhe and twist their hips against one another, slowly humping each other as their pussies became wetter. Moving their hands as one each sister did their best to reach for the other sister's pussy slowly unsure where they were going with this.

"Stop, stop," Clara gasped and the sisters temporarily broke out of their pleasure filled haze, though the feeling still remained.

"What is it?" Nancy said her voice heavy with lust.

"What are we doing?" Clara responded in a similar lust filled whisper clearly wanting to continue despite her reservations.

"I don't, I don't know," Anita stuttered in response. Despite Clara making them stop she started grinding her entire body against Clara. Her face was pressed even harder than before against her sister's face, so much so that the side of her gasping mouth was brushing against her sister's mouth.

"We can't stop though," Anita continued. "I don't know why, but I want you both so much right now."

"No, we can't." Clara protested though she was starting to give in. "We're sisters."

"We're triplets," Nancy butted in as she too pressed into Clara. "We started out as one. Then we split."

Nancy's words sounded strange. Why was she talking about being one?

"Yes," Anita agreed, " when we were in momma, we were one cell that's how we started."

What they said sounded crazy. It sounded perverse, but it also sounded utterly erotic.

"Yes we were one," Clara then started to agree as she nuzzled her head back and forth against her sisters unintentionally teasing them as their lips brushed against one another gently. As they started to reinitiate what was happening they slid about to allow easy access to their pussies as they reached towards them with their hands.

"We are one" Clara whispered, as they grabbed their panties.

"We're one," Anita said as they violently tore there panties away ruining the garments in the process and revealing their now moist slits.

"One," Nancy echoed her sisters as their hands traced around their labias.

"One," they repeated in unison as they inserted two fingers into their sisters' pussy.

They all gasped in unison as they inserted their fingers into their virgin pussies. They all tensed up as they leaned in towards one another coming into a three way kiss. They moaned in unison as they shared their first kiss unsure where this was going and not caring at the same time. They pushed their fingers in and out awkwardly into their sisters' pussy. They shifted on the couch as sitting up in their current position was too awkward. They fell onto the couch laying out with Clara in the middle, Nancy in front facing her, and Anita behind Clara. Now laying down they devoted themselves to one another as they explored previously unknown desires they had for one another. Clara lifted her leg giving Anita access to her pussy to finger while she fingered Nancy. She then leaned her head back to make out with Anita inserting her tongue into her sister's mouth as they sucked on each other, while Anita fingered Clara.

Nancy then leaned into Clara sucking at her sister's neck and giving her hickies up and down. She then reached between Clara's opened legs and fingered Anita's pussy allowing all three of them to be pleasured. Nancy worked her way up Clara's neck all the way to her cheek before butting in between her sisters and locking lips with Anita. The transition was smooth as Clara willingly broke off and started kissing down Nancy's neck. All three sisters breathed heavily as they continued making love to one another. Their pussies were gushing wet leaving their crotches covered in sticky cum as they continued fingering one another.

The room began to smell of sweat and cum as they kept going at one another nonstop. Their bodies sent chills up and down their spines as their skin rubbed and slid against one another, as their breasts mashed together, and as their nipples poked and rubbed. Any reservations they had previously had evaporated as the sisters made love to one another passionately. All the while that feeling of togetherness which they had loved and missed so much kept building up further and further like a raging fire leading the sisters to something they would have never expected.

The girls pulled their hands out of their sisters' pussies wrapping each other up in a hug which felt too good to the touch. Clara reached back around Anita, as she in turn leaned forward to kiss both her sisters at once. As she did so she hissed in pleasure before she and Clara moaned in unison surprising Nancy. All three sisters looked at their bodies and were shocked what they saw. Right below Clara's left breast and Anita's right, there was a strange fusion of flesh as if their skin had stretched between their torsos and mingled together becoming one.

"What the hell?" Nancy said falling off the couch.

"Nancy!" Clara and Anita shouted concerned as they leaned out to catch her.

However instead of catching her they only leaned into one another further, as their rib cages merged further together sucking the two sisters' torsos together. They then rolled their eyes back into their head as they were wracked with pleasure. The joined sisters rolled onto their backs on the couch moaning louder and louder panting uncontrollably. Nancy stood up and watched in amazement at what she saw. Her sisters were slowly fusing together into a strange and beautiful conjoined form. Their flesh rippled as body parts flowed about and their bodies shifted about into a new form. Anita and Clara were already sharing a single elongated upper torso with their heads being side by side (Clara on the right and Anita on the left). Her sisters had their eyes closed and their mouths open as they panted in short screams at the pleasure. Their body began to take shape with a single shared torso. Their hips were widened with both pairs of legs (which were kicking and spasaming as they fused) and both pussies between them. Their arms shifted about as they had two pairs of arms with one being above the other with the second pair growing out of the first's armpits. Her sisters' breasts seemed to swell slightly in size as they rearranged so one pair was just above the other.

Nancy turned to get her phone to call 911 for help, but stopped in her tracks. The urges she had were still fresh inside of her, and what was happening to her sisters now meant that they were the closest they had ever been. She felt jealous for a moment as she and her sisters would always be together and that vary feeling of togetherness was for all three of them to share. She turned back towards her sisters and walked over watching them. Their body had stabilized in their current form but both Clara and Anita were still panting profusely as if they were building up to a mind shattering orgasm. Their shared body looked strange yet incredible to Nancy. Her sisters' legs were stretched out and tense and each one of their hands were clawed into the couch in clenched fists as they waited. Nancy thought that perhaps they were waiting for her, that they needed her to join in for them to finish.

"Clara? Anita?" She asked both of her sisters to try and get their attention but they said nothing. They just continued to gasp in unison.

Nancy reached out to touch them to try and shake them out of it. Her hand briefly touched their shoulder and Nancy fell to her knees drawing her hand back. Shoulder flesh stuck to her hand before snapping back as they separated again. Nancy gasped for air as she tried to recover. She was just wracked with a minuscule amount of the pleasure her sisters were experiencing. She looked at her sisters again and saw they still were in the same state of pleasure, still panting and still with their eyes closed.

Again she thought to get her phone, but she threw that thought aside quickly. The pleasure her sisters were sharing, it came from the togetherness feeling. It was what they had wanted to recapture for so long. It was theirs and no one else's.

They were one. Those words which had rolled off their tongues a few moments ago. Those words they had never would have considered saying were true. As she looked at her sisters she could tell they were waiting for her. Waiting to be whole. Waiting to be together. Nancy took a deep breath as she resolved what must be done and she approached the couch in anticipation. Carefully she stepped onto the couch with her foot between what she assumed were Anita's legs on the left. She didn't want to botch this up. If they were going to merge together she wanted things to be even and not miss matched. She stood with her back towards her sisters so than when she laid back her head would be next to theirs. She grabbed onto the head of the couch with her left hand as she slowly lowered herself butt first towards her sisters. She aimed for the spot right between her sisters' two hips thinking that she could be in the middle. Her sisters stopped panting for a second and she paused looking back at them. They seemed to be holding their breath as if they sensed their sister was about to join them. The thought of them bracing themselves in anticipation caused Nancy to cum a little which dripped out of her vagina and onto her sisters' joined flesh causing them to shiver slightly. Nancy looked back to the front closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. She decided to try and take the merge slow and in stages so she wouldn't be overwhelmed with the sensation. She savored this last moment of having a singular body. Then in one motion she sat down.

As soon as her butt came into contact with her sisters she lost control. Instead of a controlled descent, she was instead dragged into her sisters as if she had been caught by an undertow. Entering her sisters' mass and combining herself with them was unlike anything Nancy had ever felt. It was as if she had jumped in a pool and was surrounded by soothing water. Only in this case, water wouldn't have a pleasurable burning sensation about it. Nor would it pull and contract your body while entering into it. As Nancy entered, Clara and Anita braced themselves while there sister adjusted to the new sensation. Nancy was beside herself. Any reservations she had disappeared as her mind was sensually overloaded. Her legs flailed about uncontrollably until they smacked into Clara and Anita's inner legs. Once they made contact, Nancy's legs fused into her sisters' legs dragging her hips down. Their fused lower half shifted and twisted slightly until it settled into what would be their final form. The inner legs were essentially Nancy's and the joined sisters would have four leg with two being righties and two being lefties. Then between the inner legs, Nancy's crotch settled in giving the girls three sets of genitalia between their four legs.

Further up Nancy was in ecstasy. Her torso lay back against her sisters' shared chest and was already slowly being absorbed into them. She had gotten a taste of the pleasure her sisters had felt when she had touched them the first time, but it was nothing compared to this. Her mind was swimming as she felt her sisters' memories, experiences, thoughts and pleasure flowing into her mind. She felt their three pussies twitching and squirting in unison as the shared pleasure skyrocketed between them. As Nancy lay back further, Clara and Anita's breasts seemed to spread out to the side as if they were about to envelope Nancy. Her body then began splitting apart as her torso melted into her sisters' joined torso becoming one with theirs. Her arms flowed out to the side quickly coming to wrest in the arm pits of the second pair of arms, as her breasts swelled slightly to match her sisters' breasts before squeezing in between the upper pair and the lower pair causing the six breasts to mash and mushroom together. Then Nancy's head flowed upwards towards the shared shoulders of her sisters. Their six arms then rose up and touched Nancy's face pressing her closer towards her sisters.

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