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Sisters Again


A couple years ago, I had a day that changed my life. I was working in a midsize corporation. During our busy season, we have hiring events that attract a wide array of people. During this particular event, we hired two sisters that could almost be twins. They were actually two years apart, but had striking similarities. I was chosen to train these two ebony beauties. During this time, I always felt that they were both flirting with me, but was scared to flirt back due to the harassment possibilities.

After two months of training, Alisha, the older sister, told me that since their training was finished, they'd both be going to the other shift to work.

"Too bad we never got to hang out after work," she said. "I always thought you'd be fun to be around."

"Well, there is always this weekend. Is there anything particular that you were thinking?" I asked. "How about dinner and a movie?"

She frowned. "No, I want to have fun. Let's play a round of mini golf and the loser buys dinner. Sound fair?" She smiles, with a wicked little grin and tells me, "I'm pretty good though." We exchange phone numbers and decide I'll pick her up on Saturday at eight.

I show up on Saturday and knock on the door. Her younger sister Kara answers the door. "I didn't know you were in to black girls or I might have asked you out myself," she exclaims. "She'll be down in a minute. Come on in."

I watch her ass wiggle as she walks in front of me and feel my cock jump. I'm hoping I didn't pick the wrong girl. Alisha has a cute butt, too, but the wiggle on Kara's butt made me think that this girl could take a pounding from behind.

Alisha comes out and we take off for the course. We get our balls and putters and head to the first hole. She goes first and hits a hole in one. She does a little dance and brags a little, telling me that I'll only get a hole in one if I get lucky. I think about the double entendre, but choose not to say anything. It takes me two strokes to sink it.

We play all eighteen holes and when we add up the score, we find are actually tied. "So who buys dinner now?"

"Why don't we pick up some steaks and veggies at the store and we can grill out at my place", Alisha says. "Do you mind if we pick up some extra for my sister? We haven't been shopping this week yet and I know she'll be hungry."

We run to the store and grab the food and a bottle of wine and head back to her place. I grilled while the girls sautéed the veggies. We cracked the bottle and chow down, while telling funny stories about people at work and life in general. The girls actually got along more like friends than like sisters. They were always finishing each other's sentences and laughing at each other's jokes.

After dinner, they asked if I wanted to play some video games. "Xbox or PlayStation?" I asked. "PlayStation of course" they answered. We settled on Tekken and rotated the games by who lost. A lot of bragging and trash talk happened at each round. It was like we were all old friends and nobody took offense to the other talking smack. Eventually it started getting late and Kara excused herself to go to bed while Alisha and I played a couple more rounds. About half an hour later, I said that I'd have to be going soon.

Alisha told me she wanted to play one more round and that the winner gets to make the loser do whatever they want. I was feeling cocky, having won quite a few of the matches and agreed. She wiped the floor with me by unleashing a couple combos and I barely got a hit in.

"So what do I have to do? Something embarrassing that you'll tell everyone at work about?"

She came over to me and whispered in my ear, "I want you to take me to my room and fuck me till I can't walk straight."

I didn't need to be told twice. I carried her to her room and we frantically ripped each other's clothes off. I threw her down on the bed and crawled between her legs. I licked her like an ice cream cone for a minute before spreading her lips and flicking her clit with my tongue. "Fuck", she moaned. "Keep doing that. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Oh, GOOOODDDDD, I'm GOING TO CUUUUUMMMMMM." I grabbed her thighs and held my rotating tongue on her clit, adding a little pressure to it. "I can't, I can't take it anymore," she moans as I feel her tighten up again.

I finally let her go and let her catch her breath. She sits up and kisses me and says to me, "Payback time." She kisses down my neck to my chest, licking and kissing my abs. She reaches my cock and gives it a little kiss on the head. "You've never had a black girl suck your dick, have you?" I shake my head. "You're in for a treat then." I wish I could accurately describe the feeling of what she did for the next few minutes. The sucking, the licking, the stroking, and the twisting had me ready to cum in no time at all. I grabbed her hair to pull her face off my cock before I got to the point of no return.

"I want to fuck you first," I tell her. "Get up here and ride me." She kisses and licks her way up my body until we are face to face. Alisha grabs my cock and rubs it against her slick hole. "I told you you'd be lucky to get a hole in one," she jokes before slowly sliding down the length of my cock. She starts bucking like a bronco for a few minutes. I grab her hips and start slamming her down on my cock.

I grab her by the hair and tell her, "time to get fucked like the bitch you are." I push her off me and let her get into position. As she gets on her hands and knee, I slide my cock back in her. I smack her ass and grab a fist full of hair as I start pounding her from behind. "Fuck yes. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me", Alisha moans.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a shadow. In our haste to get naked, it seems we forgot to completely shut the door and I'm now looking Kara in the eyes as I fuck her sister. She looks embarrassed that she was caught and quickly disappears.

The exhilaration of Alisha milking my cock and knowing Kara was watching had me ready to explode. I slow down and lean forward and whisper in Alisha's ear that I want her to suck it out of me. "O.K, just tell me when you're ready", she responds.

Less than a minute later, I tell her to "Come get it." She twists her body around and starts jacking my pulsating cock while sucking the head. "FUUUCCCCCKKKK, SUUUCCKKK IITTTT OUUUTTTT," I yell as I empty my balls into her mouth.

She keeps milking my cock until she finally lets it plop out of her mouth. She licks the slit of my deflating cock and tells me, "Delicious."

We lie down and cuddle up in post sexual bliss. Within half an hour, she's out like a light. I'm still wide awake and thirsty from the physical exertion. I tip toe out to the kitchen and notice Kara bent over, looking in the refrigerator. She has a long shirt on, but I can't tell if that's all. "Hey. Any cold water in there"? I inquire. She seems startled, but quickly looks back and smiles at me. "Did you like the show earlier?" I question. She blushes and looks away. She reaches in the fridge and grabs a bottle of water and turns to hand it to me, but instead of grabbing the bottle, I step forward and kiss her on the lips. She moans as explore her body with my hands, as we make out. I make my way down her body and feel nothing but skin when I reach her shapely ass cheeks. "Look, no panties," I chuckle as I start rubbing her clit.

I turn her around and bend her over the counter as I fish my engorged member out of my pants. "Do you want this?" I say as I smack her on the ass with my cock.

"Yes. Shove it in and fuck me hard. I need it so bad." Kara whimpers. I slide the first couple inches in and wiggle it around teasingly. "Give it to me," she cries out. I put my hand over her mouth, to dampen the sound, as I drive my cock into her wetness. I ram my meat into her again and again until I feel her pussy tighten around my manhood.

A few minutes later, I tell her, "I'm going to cum. Where do you want it?"

"All over my tits and face."

I pull me cock out and she gets on her knees in front of me. I start jacking it, but she reaches up and takes control. Her dainty hands stroke me faster and faster until I erupt. "God, I love hot cum," she grins with her wicked little glazed smile.

"Kara, you should at least ask if you want to borrow my toys." We both turn around to see Alisha standing in the doorway with a smirk on her face.

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