tagIncest/TabooSister's Best Friend Ch. 03

Sister's Best Friend Ch. 03

byJ.Q. Hack©

Many thanks to TasiaDawn for her help in editing this story.

Amy opened her eyes from a deep sleep. She had no idea why she was laying on top of her covers completely naked since she was clothed when she crawled into bed earlier that night. Moonlight streamed across the room casting a bluish glow on her skin, her pussy lips glistened from her wetness, her small patch of pubic hair seeming darker than normal.

Over by her doorway she could see an athletic man. Amy didn’t know who it was except that he too was totally naked. Dark shadows hid his face but she felt like he was familiar. The glow from the moon highlighted his chest and stomach muscles. His cock stood erect between his legs as he slowly stroked it to maintain its rigidity.

Amy watched as he silently walked across the room. Seemingly without disturbing anything, he climbed into bed on top of her. He knelt between her legs, looked down at her and smiled.

“Johnny?” Amy asked, feeling totally confused and disoriented.

“Hi sis, I’m going to fuck you,” Johnny replied.

“We can’t do …” Amy trailed off as Johnny grabbed her hips and slid her closer to him. With one swift motion he plunged his cock into her pussy. Johnny looked at his sister with a steady gaze.

Any reluctance Amy felt vanished as her brother’s cock filled her up. Johnny began pumping steadily and rhythmically, in and out of his sister. Amy’s head began to swim, waves of emotions rolled over her. She knew she shouldn’t be fucking her brother, but looking down at his thrusting cock, she couldn’t say no. She was hungry; she wanted to taste, touch and smell her brother in his fullness. Her lust for him burned like a fire in her stomach.

Reaching her hand up, Amy softly stroked her brother’s cheek. He turned his head and gently bit her hand. She felt his teeth on her skin. He increased the pressure on her hand until it started to hurt.

“Oww, that hurts,” Amy said yanking her hand away.

Amy shot up in her bed, her heart pounded in her ears and sweat plastered her hair to her forehead. Wide-awake, she looked around her room to see if her brother was really there.

“Fuck,” Amy said under her breath, clutching her chest to slow her pounding heart, “that was just a dream.” Looking down over her firm breasts she could see her nipples straining against her shirt and the dampness between her thighs showed the dream didn’t disturb her as much as it should have.

Amy blearily walked down the hall to see if her brother was in his bed. She had to check to make sure it was all a dream. Peering into his room, Amy saw him fast asleep in bed and for a brief moment she found herself admiring his naked, moonlit torso. Amy quietly made her way back to her bedroom and climbed back into bed, smiling.

By the time Amy woke on Saturday morning, Johnny had since left for work. Amy decided to call her friend Becky.

“Becky, you won’t believe the fucking dream I had last night,” Amy said.

“Did you dream about Johnny?” Becky asked.

“I had a dream. In it he came into my room and started to fuck me. He didn’t really say anything but just started pumping away at me.”

“What else happened?” Becky asked.

“He started to bite my hand and that’s when I woke up,” Amy replied.

“That is a little weird. I couldn’t stop thinking about Johnny last night, and when I thought about you watching us, my pussy would get even wetter,” Becky said. “I think I ran down the batteries on my vibrator last night.”

“Ooh, you little bitch,” Amy said.

“What are you doing today?” asked Becky.

“Nothing,” Amy replied as she twirled her hair around her finger.

“Good, why don’t you come on over. We can get a little sun and take a swim if we want,” Becky answered.

“Sounds like fun, I’ll see you in a little bit,” Amy said.

Images and feelings from her dream flooded into Amy’s head while she got ready to go over to Becky’s place. Standing naked in her room Amy closed her eyes and dragged the tips of her fingers over her neck, small moans came from her mouth. Caressing her breasts she imagined her brother tugging hard on her swollen nipples. With her eyes shut she could feel his tongue wrap around her nipples. The sensation was too much for Amy, and shaking the thoughts away, she quickly pulled on her bikini bottoms. Turning her back to the mirror, she admired the piece of blue material wedged firmly in her ass.

With the rest of her things packed up Amy headed to Becky’s place. Amy enjoyed the feel of the sun on her body and the rush of the moving air as she drove. Stroking her thighs, Amy’s sense of arousal grew as she no longer fought the dream images in her head. The few blocks to Becky’s house passed in a blur. Letting her self into the house Amy found Becky already by the pool.

Amy dropped her stuff on the patio and joined Becky. Not surprised one bit, Amy also found Becky already topless. Becky’s tits glistened with lotion in the afternoon sun, her nipples proudly erect in the light breeze.

With a brief glance at her friend’s tits, Amy took her position next to Becky. Adjusting herself on the towel, Amy fixed her skimpy blue bikini top to keep her breasts properly situated.

“You’re such a prude, Amy. Nobody’s going to see us back here,” Becky said.

“If it’s all the same I’d rather leave my top on,” Amy sarcastically replied.

“I was so turned on watching you fuck my brother,” Amy said after a while.

“I figured you were,” Becky said smiling as she turned to look at Amy, “and I’d also bet you can’t stop thinking about it either.”

“No and that’s the weird part,” she admitted.

“Nothing weird,” Becky replied.

After a few minutes of silence Becky reached over and picked up her phone. Amy hardly noticed Becky, she figured she was calling her mother.

“Hi, Johnny,” Becky said as she looked over at Amy with a wicked gleam in her eye.

“No, I’m not looking for Amy,” Amy could hear her say. Amy could hear only half of the conversation. “I’m out by my pool sunbathing, and I couldn’t stop thinking about you and the other day.”

“Actually, I’m topless right now.” A brief pause.

“Yeah, my tits do look fantastic.” Another brief pause.

“No, actually that would really turn me on. Go ahead, make yourself comfortable.”

Amy looked over at Becky lounging back in her chair. Her ripe nipples were now fully erect, the areolas swollen and puffy; the fingers of her free hand rubbed her thigh, occasionally straying over to rub her pussy as she continued chatting on the phone. Amy could even feel a slight tingling between her thighs as she listened to her best friend have an incredibly erotic conversation with her brother.

“Mmm, your cock did feel good in me,” Becky said over the phone. “Ooh, you dirty boy, how’d you guess my pussy is wet?” Becky smiled and looked at Amy whose own fingers lingered by her pussy. “Sure I’ll finger my cunt for you,” Becky said as she began to wiggle her way out of her bikini bottoms. Amy looked on, admiring Becky’s bare, pussy lips as they became fully visible. While Amy admired Becky’s glistening clit, she began to rub her own swollen clit through her bottoms as her nipples protruded through her top, showing how aroused she was.

“I wish your cock was in me now,” Becky said. “Stroke it faster for me baby; yeah that’s it,” Becky’s own fingers mirrored her commands as they disappeared inside of her. Amy now had her own bottoms pushed aside as she fucked herself while her friend brought her brother closer to orgasm. “Fuck, that feels so good,” Becky moaned as her breath quickened, and her eyes closed.

Becky nearly lost her grip on the phone as her hips spasmed from an orgasm that ripped through her. Shoving her fingers in deeply, she cried into the phone, “I’m cumming, fuck I’m cumming.” Amy muffled her own cries of pleasure with a towel as the walls of her pussy clenched tightly around her fingers and coated them in her own sticky, sweet juices.

Becky lay exhausted in her chair, her legs splayed apart and her fingers glistening with her juices, “Baby that was so good. I’m glad you enjoyed that. I bet you do, now go ahead and get cleaned up.” Becky looked over at Amy, who was still lightly rubbing her pussy, and smiled.

Becky moved next to Amy and offered her fingers to her. “Lick my fingers off,” Becky said.

“No, you’re goofy,” Amy laughed swatting Becky’s hand away.

Becky moved her hand closer to Amy’s mouth whispering, “C’mon, just a little taste,” as her right hand caressed Amy’s knee.

Amy’s tongue hesitantly flicked at Becky’s extended fingers, while Becky’s hand moved closer and closer to her Amy’s pussy. Again, Amy’s tongue slid from between her moist lips and lingered longer on Becky’s fingers. Amy soon had three of Becky’s fingers in her mouth, her lips wrapped tightly around them, her head bobbing up and down, just like she was sucking a dick.

“Does my pussy taste good?” Becky asked.

“Mmm,” came Amy’s mumbled reply.

Becky’s other hand by this time had made its way to Amy’s exposed pussy lips. Gently Becky’s fingers traced their way around her lips. Amy squirmed on her chair as Becky rubbed her clit, and the stimulation made her pussy grow wetter than she had ever expected a woman could make it. Becky’s fingers began to move in quick tiny circles around her clit. Amy gasped as she grew hotter and hotter from Becky’s fingers. Becky withdrew her fingers from Amy’s mouth and leaned over her.

Becky, bringing her lips close to Amy’s face, could see the look of lust in her eyes. Becky leaned closer and placed her mouth over Amy’s. Drawing her tongue across Amy’s teeth Becky sucked Amy’s lower lip into her mouth. Amy seemed drawn up as Becky moved her head back slightly as she followed her movements.

At that moment the phone began ringing.

“Let it go,” Amy pleaded.


After three rings Becky couldn’t take it anymore. “I’d better get it, it could be important,” she said trotting around their pool furniture to grab the phone.

As before, Amy could only make out half of the conversation.

“Sorry, I was in the pool with Amy,” Amy could hear Becky say.

“Ok, in about fifteen minutes then,” Becky said as she hung up the phone.

“I’m sorry Amy, I have to run. My mom needs me to pick up my little brothers and get some groceries.”

“Ok, want company?” Amy asked.

In less than two minutes both girls had fixed their bikinis and had donned tiny shorts and tank tops over their swimsuits. Less than an hour later the clerk at the grocery store could never have imagined what the hand that was holding the money had been doing a short time earlier.

A few days later, and after much anxious planning and timing, Becky picked up her cell phone. Looking at her watch she figured Johnny should be done with work.

“Hey Johnny, this is Becky. Nobody is home here, and I wanted to know if you’d like to see my place.”

“I think I’d like that very much,” Johnny replied. Even with that slight innuendo and hint of more promised pleasures, Johnny’s cock sprang to full attention immediately.

“Good, I’ll see you in a few minutes. Oh, I also have a special surprise for you,” Becky said.

Johnny brushed his hair one last time and grabbed his keys as he ran for the door. Although he’d never been to Becky’s house before, he knew exactly where she lived from his sister constantly being over there. His mind raced as he tried to figure out what Becky’s surprise was for him.

Becky answered the door wearing a pair of blue jogging shorts and a tight fitting tank top. After smiling at Becky, Johnny’s eyes were naturally drawn to her chest. The tank top snugly fit and molded to the smooth contours of Becky’s breasts. The low cut top allowed an ample and pleasing view of Becky’s outstanding cleavage. Johnny’s cock stiffened in his pants as he wiped his mouth with his hand and looked back into Becky’s eyes.

“My tits look fantastic don’t they?” Becky said, jiggling her breasts in her top.

Without waiting for a reply Becky grabbed Johnny’s hand and yanked him towards the steps. “The only place worth seeing in my house is my bedroom,” Becky said with a wink.

Johnny followed right on her heels up the steps, his eyes transfixed to the sway of her hips and the movement of her ass under her tiny shorts. They both quickly made it up the steps and down the hall to Becky’s room.

“So? What’ya think?” Becky said throwing her arms out to the side. The room was hardly like Johnny imagined it to be. Posters of hunky half-naked men were prominently displayed on two of the walls along with a chest covered with stuffed animals. What really struck Johnny was the giant four-poster bed positioned in the center of the one wall, nightstands flanking each side.

“Wow, that bed certainly is much bigger than sis’,” Johnny said.

Becky climbed onto the bed and draped herself around one of the posts. Smiling she said, “I know, it’ll give us much more room to thrash around.”

Johnny took Becky’s face in his hands and kissed her. Still holding onto the post Becky leaned into Johnny. Becky’s hands reached under his shirt and started to rub his stomach. Pulling herself away from him, Becky crawled towards the other side of the bed wiggling her ass, encouraging him to follow her.

Johnny didn’t need to be told what to do. He jumped up on the bed quickly, grabbed Becky around her waist and easily pulled her towards him. Becky squealed in delight as she fell against him. Sliding her hands up his shirt, Becky kissed Johnny passionately as her tongue glided easily into his mouth.

Johnny kissed Becky along her delicate neck; the light scent of her perfume increased his arousal as his tongue slid further towards her exposed cleavage. Becky pushed his face deeper into her firm breasts, her hands held firmly to his hair. Becky moaned loudly. Johnny’s tongue pushed into the valley between her full tits, and raising her hips, Becky ground them into Johnny’s cock, which strained for release from his pants.

Johnny’s hands pushed Becky’s tank top over her breasts and finally her head. Becky’s face glowed with pleasure as she reached for the clip on her bra nestled between her tits.

“You wanna see my titties?” Becky asked with a wicked smirk on her face.

“What I really want is down here,” Johnny said roughly grabbing for the waistband of her shorts.

Sliding away from Johnny’s grasp she wagged a finger at him, “No, no, that’s for later, don’t get overly anxious.”

Becky unclasped the clip but didn’t let the cups fall away. “Before I show you anymore take off your shirt,” she commanded.

Johnny readily complied. His shirt joined Becky’s tank top on the floor, and he looked at her with an eager grin on her face.

“What a beautiful body you have,” she said.

“I run a lot and try to work out a little.”

“I don’t really care what you do. You’re just so fucking hot. Now get out of those pants, you’re really overdressed.”

Johnny started to take off his pants and boxers. “Leave the boxers on,” Becky said still holding her bra over her tits.

Johnny climbed back onto the bed, his erection poking through his boxers. Becky leaned forward and allowed the bra to slide off of her tits as the straps slid down her arms.

“Kiss me, Johnny,” Becky said.

As Johnny kissed her, he supported his weight on his hands grinding his hard cock into her pussy. Becky moaned as she felt the length of his shaft against her. She even briefly debated in her own mind whether to tell Johnny about the little surprise, it felt so good.

After a brief friendly struggle, Becky had pinned Johnny on his back. His rigid cock nestled solidly between her thighs, and Becky wiggled her hips, feeling his cock twitching wildly under the exquisite pressure applied to it. All Johnny could do, with his hands pinned out to his side, was lay still and bask in the unrivaled view he had of Becky’s luscious tits, which were topped off with hard pink nipples.

“Remember that surprise I told you about?”

“Yeah?” Johnny replied looking a little puzzled.

“I told one of my best friends about you, and she wants to meet you, but there is one condition.”

“Ok, and what is that?” Johnny said, hundreds of thoughts raced through his head.

Becky climbed off Johnny and pulled out several colorful scarves from one of her nightstand drawers. “She says you have to be blindfolded, so you can’t see her.”

“What’s wrong with her? Is she ugly or something?”

“Oh no, trust me, she’s really hot, really fucking hot. Hotter than me, I’d even say. Plus, just to ensure you don’t pull off the blindfold your hands will be tied to my headboard.”

“I don’t know if I like the idea of being tied up,” Johnny protested shifting his weight uneasily on the bed.

“I thought you were more adventurous than that. You can put your clothes back on, and we can call this all off, but if you do you’ll never see these tits, again and you’ll never get to fuck me again,” Becky said sternly.

“Well if you put it that way, how can I say no?”

Becky’s smile beamed as she rubbed her hand over his muscled torso, “I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me. Don’t worry I won’t let anything bad happen to you at all.

Becky wrapped her darkest scarf around Johnny’s head twice before tying it securely. Becky swatted around Johnny’s face to see if he twitched at all, it was imperative he didn’t see anything or her plan would be totally ruined.

“Give me your left hand,” Becky demanded. Johnny dutifully raised his arm behind his head and laid it on a pillow. Becky tied a knot in her orange silk scarf, securing his hand before she tied it off on the headboard. Johnny yanked on his binding and found he could only move his arm an inch or two in either direction.

“Good, you aren’t going anywhere. Now, give me the other hand.” Johnny resisted a little as she reached for his hand. With a little tug, Johnny complied as Becky repeated the same knots with her blue scarf on the other side.

“You look so delicious tied up like that,” Becky whispered to him as she leaned over and gave him a kiss. Johnny could hear Becky’s bare feet pad across the floor towards her door.

Becky hurried down the hall towards her parents’ bedroom. Opening the door, Amy looked startled as she peeked in.

“Come on, he’s all tied up. He isn’t going anywhere,” Becky said.

“Are you sure?” Amy whispered.

Becky hurried Amy down the hall where she made her wait by the bedroom door. Becky jumped back up on the bed where she positioned herself next to Johnny’s head. Rubbing her hands over his stomach she whispered in his ear again, “Johnny, your surprise is by the door. Are you ready?” Johnny swallowed hard and nodded his head.

“C’mon in baby, your present is waiting here,” Becky called to the door.

Amy walked in quickly; her dark red hair was pulled up into a ponytail that bounced as she walked. Once she made it to the bed, she grabbed hold of one of the bed posts because she felt her nerves would cause her to stumble and possibly cry out, ruining everything.

“Oh Johnny, you should see this sexy bitch,” Becky said as she pinched one of his nipples and gave it a slight twist.

“Tell me Becky, what does she look like.”

“Ok, baby, anything for you. She has her hair pulled up into a ponytail; she has beautiful tanned skin. It looks like she spends some time in the sun,” Becky stroked her own nipples as she started her description of her best friend Amy to her blindfolded brother.

“Tell me more,” Johnny pleaded, his cock twitching in his boxer shorts.

“Well, she has on a tight red t-shirt, her tits looking fucking fantastic. You would’ve thought you’d died and gone to heaven if you got a look at those jugs.”

Amy grabbed her shirt and began to slowly pull it over her head. Pausing briefly, she looked at Becky and gave her a sly wink. Tossing the shirt on the edge of the bed Amy reached behind her and undid the clasp to her bra. No trace of her nerves seemed to be evident as she began her sexy strip show.

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