tagLoving WivesSisters Ch. 02

Sisters Ch. 02


"If you're going to stare, the least you could do is come over here and shake it for me."

"Wouldn't you just love that," Angie grinned from beside Matt's nightstand, where she was holding his TV tray.

She had come to serve Matt his breakfast in bed, only he'd already gotten up to take his morning piss. He was standing over the toilet in his pajamas sidelong to her, and Angie could see his semi-hard cock in his hand.

"Now that you mention it, yeah, I would," Matt said, staring down his sparring partner. "Not that I think you'd ever have the balls to do it," he smirked.

"Pretty sure of yourself, are you?" Angie smiled, placing the TV tray on the bed. "You don't think I will? Is this a challenge?" she asked, her smile growing.

"No, it's not a challenge. I just think you made sure to time it so you'd catch me like this, and now that I've called you on it you won't step up."

"I'm not my sister, you know," she responded, walking towards him. "I don't scare nearly so easily, in case you haven't noticed."

"Seems to me she's doing just fine so far, wouldn't you say?" he grinned.

Angie went to him, shocking him by taking his cock in her hand. Smiling over his stunned expression, she hefted his semi-erect shaft, then they both laughed as his spray went all over the place. She was making a real mess with it, and some of it landed on her hand.

Feeling the wet warmth on her fingers, she looked up at him. "Yes, I have to say, she seems to have come out of her shell quite a bit since she's been here," she said, stunning him further when she switched hands on his cock and popped the fingers of her first hand into her mouth, grinning as she sucked them clean.

Matt watched as she amused herself by making little figure-eights with his warm stream; she played with him until he was down to short squirts, then droplets, at which point she began slowly and sexily stroking his length. He was growing in her hand, and before long he was fully erect; she continued pumping, finishing off each stroke by twisting her palm in a corkscrewing motion around his plum-colored head. Shooting him a flirty smile, she reached down with her other hand to cup and caress his balls.

"Still think I won't step up?" she asked, returning his earlier smirk.

"Fine, you win! You stepped up! You always step up!" he laughed. "I admit it, I was wrong. Are you happy now?" he added, grinning nervously.

"Are you going to keep challenging me?" she smiled, giving his dick a firm squeeze. "You know I hate to lose."

"Angie, you'd better let go of me. Haven't you ever heard that expression, 'Anything more than a few shakes....'"

"'...and you're playing with it,'" she finished, flashing a sexy grin. "Yes, I know, and yes, I'm playing with your cock. So what are you going to do about it, hot shot? You never answered my question. Are you going to keep challenging me? I'm telling you right now, I won't back down. At this point, I don't think Julie will either."

She brought her second hand to her mouth and grinned as she again popped her fingers inside, cleaning off the droplets of pee that had landed there during all her handling of his cock. Dropping her hand back to his erection, she spread his growing pool of pre-cum around the head before returning those fingers to her mouth and licking them clean.

"My dear brother-in-law, you are simply leaking too much for my fingers to keep up," she teased. Smiling sweetly, she went to her knees and began laving his drooling tip. "Maybe this way will be more effective..." she added, taking him all the way down in a single long, smooth motion. Looking up with mirthful eyes, she expertly sucked his dick, using one hand to pump him while the other alternated between squeezing his ass and fondling his balls. Feeling playful, she turned her face to the side, making his large bulbous helmet bulge her cheek.

His gasping moan made her giggle around his shaft.

Knowing that she had him nearing the brink, she focused on his spongy crown, licking all over the pulsing head before pressing her tongue into the tiny slit to taste his silky flow. "Mmmm, I like playing with your cock," she breathed between sexy nibbles. "I think I may have to play with it a lot this week...that is, if you won't mind your wife's baby sister slipping into your bed to suck your dick every morning," she grinned, moaning as she wetly slurped him back into her mouth.

"You're incredible, you know that?" he said, watching in sheer wonder.

Releasing him with a 'pop,' she smiled, "I try." Coming to her feet again, she turned away from him and flipped her silk wrap over her hips, baring her naked bottom. Holding her skimpy cover-up to her waist, she did a sexy little ass-dance for him before strutting out of the bathroom.


"You just clean up your mess in there, and eat your breakfast. There's no time for anything else, sweetie. You have to get going to your conference, you know," she said, smiling devilishly over her shoulder.

"Yeah, but—"

"Get a move on, buster!" she giggled.

'Fuck!' he thought, watching in frustration as she danced merrily away.

~ ~ ~

"What are you so happy and smug about, or dare I even ask?" smiled Julie, noticing the thoroughly pleased look on Angie's face.

Having finished our breakfasts, the sisters and I had gathered in the kitchen.

"Oh, nothing," Angie said dreamily, which thoroughly set off Julie.

"Oh, bullshit! I know that look! Out with it! What did you do?" she giggled, poking Angie in the ribs.

"Nothing much, my wonderful sister. Let's just say that Matt now knows better than to challenge me. After last night, I think he's even starting to think twice about challenging you, too. Just seeing you in this robe, that should be proof enough not to mess with you."

Julie beamed in gratitude, then they broke down laughing over how sexy they knew they looked in their tiny robes, which were the same silk wraps they'd worn following their massages. When they were done laughing and carrying on, Julie noticed that hers was open all the way to her blonde-haired pussy. She made a move to close it, but Angie stopped her.

"Leave it like that," she smiled.

Answering her baby sister's provocative smile with a knowing grin, Julie left her robe open, continuing what she had begun in my bedroom.

All during our breakfast in bed she'd been a total flirt. Constantly flashing her bare breasts and gorgeous pussy, she made sure that I saw her pantiless bottom and wet, perfect slit each time she bent over with the tray. Again she blatantly ogled my obvious erection, even going so far as to nudge my sheet further and further down by playfully nuzzling it with her cheek. Eventually she nudged it all the way off and took the head of my cock into her mouth for some teasing tongue-swirls and sexy sucking before switching to a long, torturous handjob, licking and sucking my balls while doing slow, twisting palm strokes along my pulsing length.

When she finally made me cum, she giggled in sheer delight. Though she didn't take my entire cock into her mouth, she did lick every inch of the shaft and especially all around the heavily ridged tip; making sure to clean up every last drop, she licked the rest from my stomach and her hand. Once she was done, she made a big show of happily swallowing everything in a single gulp.

Back in the kitchen she was grinning at Angie, and she didn't need to speculate as to whether her sister had been similarly flirting with Matt; it was clearly obvious that she had, and it was equally obvious that she was quite pleased about it.

Perched on a tall bar stool with her legs crossed, one foot bouncing up and down, Angie was a picture of confident sexuality. With the way she was sitting, her thighs were exposed all the way to her bare ass; her wrap was so short that her naked bottom was touching the wooden stool, while her large, firm breasts were barely covered by the silky material.

Julie knew that Angie wore that wrap to serve breakfast in bed to Matt, and she seemed to be smiling to herself at the thought.

Angie turned to me with open arms, offering me a "good morning" hug. I went to her, and she spread her legs in welcome, showing us her naked pussy as I stepped into her warm embrace.

"God, Angie," giggled Julie. "Imagine if you let Matt see you like that when you two are in bed together."

"I know. He would probably want me to do something like this..." Angie grinned, reaching into my sweats to take out my hardening cock. After stroking it to full erection, she guided it into her pussy; then, hooking her legs around my waist, she pulled me all the way in. When she had me buried to the hilt inside her, she tightly hugged me and started in with some heavy kissing.

We steadily fucked for about a minute before she moaned, "Mmmmmm, good morning, baby."

"Good morning to you too, beautiful," I said, kissing her again. "You know your sister is watching us, right?"

"Hello?! Yes, I am!" laughed Julie.

Peeking over my shoulder, Angie grinned, "Oh, hush, Julia. You can't see anything except my arms and legs wrapped around him, and his ass is completely covered."

"But I can still see that you're fucking him, you little slut!" Giggling like a schoolgirl, Julie pulled my sweats down and began spanking my bare ass in rhythm with my thrusts into her sister. "See? He's fucking your brains out right in front of me, and you love it!"

"Mmmmmm-hmmm," Angie grinned again, leaning forward to give me a long, hot tongue-kiss. When she was done, she pulled back to look in my eyes. "Okay, that's enough for now. I missed you this morning, so I wanted to give you a proper greeting," she smiled, and after enjoying one last delicious grind, we uncoupled. Bringing her legs down, she hooked her feet onto the rungs of the bar stool.

Shaking my head in amusement, I discreetly tucked myself away before turning to face Julie.

The thing is, I was still fully hard. There was nothing I could do about it, and Julie giggled again at the sight of my tented sweats. As I stood between Angie's spread legs, my mischievous wife reached around to grasp my erection. Grinning at Julie while squeezing me through the stretchy cloth, she said, "If I were to let Matt see my pussy like that when I'm in bed with him, his cock would probably grow wonderfully big and hard like this, then he'd want to do what we just did, don't you think?"

Julie laughed, nearly in disbelief. "Jesus, Angie, yeah, I'm sure he would! Is that how you always wish a man a good morning...by fucking him?"

Angie laughed too. "No, not always. I need to be in a particularly good mood before I wish someone a good morning that way."

I smiled at Julie. "So, what do you think? Whatever she did with your husband, it sure seems to have put her in just such a mood, huh?"

"No doubt! She must have wished him a good morning too," Julie grinned, going over to the fridge to pour herself a glass of juice.

A moment later Matt came blundering into the kitchen, offering us only a cursory "G'morning!" before rushing out the door.

Angie's legs were still spread, leaving her bare pussy on show, yet Matt was in such a hurry to make his escape that I doubt he even noticed.

"What was all that about?" I asked, once he was gone.

Angie smirked, and a laughing Julie pointed accusingly at her, as if to say, "You! You did that to him! Well? What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Don't look at me," smiled Angie. "I'm not the one who squirted cum all over my brother-in-law's hand before going to his bedroom the next morning to flash him my gorgeous blonde pussy."

She beamed triumphantly at Julie, who gave me a shy grin. When I held my arms out to her, she came to me for a hug. "Make her stop!" she pouted, in a goofy baby voice. "Make my mean sister stop being so cruel to me. I didn't do nuthin'! I'm a good girl!"

"Yes, you are. You are such a good girl," I cooed, petting her hair.

Angie made a comical barfing gesture before fixing me with an accusing smirk. "And what about you, Mister Obvious Morning Wood, making sure my sexy sister could see every inch of your big hard cock through your thin sheet. What was all that about, hmmm?"

I grinned at a giggling Julie, who merely responded with a guilty shrug, seemingly saying, "What did you expect? We're sisters. We tell each other everything."

"So," Angie persisted, reaching around again to stroke my bulging hard-on, "were you a 'good boy' with my oh-so-innocent sister? Did you give her a nice protein shake for breakfast, straight from the tap?"

I shot Angie a coy smile. "No worries, sweetheart. You've trained me well. You know I would never do anything you wouldn't do."

Zing. The ball was back in her court.

She just looked at us and laughed. "Yeah, right. Whatever. You're retarded. You're both retarded. Maybe that's why I love you two so much."

"Burp!" giggled Julie from within my comforting arms. She smiled at Angie, who for once couldn't tell whether she was joking or not.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever!" said Angie, giving Julie her due.

Reaching down, Julie added a second stroking hand to her sister's on my insane erection. When Angie smiled happily in surprise, Julie leaned over and planted a long, wet kiss on her lips before strutting right out of the kitchen.

Clearly a bit shocked by her sister's brazen display, Angie stood licking her lips, tasting Julie's kiss.

I wasn't about to stick around for the verdict. Grinning guiltily, I quickly dashed into our bathroom.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going? Come back here!" she called after me, the two of us laughing our asses off as she banged on the locked door. When I finally opened it, she rushed right in. We hugged and kissed, then she said, "Baby, she tasted like you. She didn't really give you a full blowjob, did she?"

"Our Julie, giving out blowjobs? C'mon now," I teased. "She's your sister. You know her better than anyone. She's way too much of a prude to ever do such a thing, right?"

Pausing for a moment, a gleam came to her eyes. "Hmmm, and they're here for an entire week. This could get very interesting, couldn't it?"

"It's all up to you, gorgeous. In case you hadn't noticed, you're the ringleader. We're following your lead here. You're the one setting the boundaries."

"Apparently not," she smiled. "It looks like my sweet, innocent sister might be trying to show us all a thing or two. If she really pushes it, are you ready for her? And what about Matt? You saw how he ran out of here this morning."

Recalling Matt's hasty exit, I couldn't help but laugh. "Yep, and after all his smack-talking, who would've ever guessed that he'd be the one to blink first? I never would have imagined Julie playing this game better than Matt."

Still smiling, Angie nodded. "This is only the second day, too. Before all is said and done, who knows what kinds of crazy things you guys will make us do? All I know is I'm not going to back down. I told him that. I'm definitely not backing down, so you two had better be careful what you ask for."

"What about Julie? Where will she draw the line?"

"I don't know. How crazy are these commands going to get, anyway?"

"Seriously, I don't know. I have no idea what any of the rest of you wrote, and to be honest, none of my commands are really that bad. I wasn't looking to force anyone into any uncomfortable situations. Most of my stuff is probably about the same as yours."

"I could handle doing anything I wrote," Angie said.

"Any idea what Julie added?"

"Other than the breakfast in bed one, no, I don't know. We haven't talked about our picks."

"I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens then, won't we?" I said, with a stupid grin.

"Yep. Do me a favor, though. Don't make Julie fall in love with you, okay?"

"Me? What about you and Matt? You two are the ones who have always had an obvious underlying 'thing' going on. You just make sure not to show up Julie so much this week that he'll only have eyes for you."

"I'm not making any promises," she said, slyly. "As long as he doesn't push too hard, neither will I. Fair enough?"

"Fair enough."

"Baby," she asked, becoming serious again, "did you really cum in her mouth? I'm not mad or anything if you did. Seriously, I have no problem with Julie sucking your dick. I certainly don't blame her for wanting to, and I'll never blame you for letting her. I know she wants your cock, so go ahead and enjoy it. Really, I don't mind at all. I just want to know whether she made you cum in her mouth, since she was being so smug about it."

"No, she didn't make me cum in her mouth. She was just messing with you," I answered, grinning over my little half-truth.

"Then why did her kiss taste like cum?"

"How do you know you weren't tasting Matt's cum?" I offered playfully.

"Matt's cum?" she wondered aloud, licking her lips again.

~ ~ ~

Losers do the trick where you flash the pizza delivery guy by 'accidentally' dropping your towels at the door.

After Angie read it aloud, everyone looked straight at Matt. Angie rolled her eyes, and even Julie seemed a bit deflated.

"That's just lame," Angie said. "Besides, I thought we had agreed on no total nudity in public?"

"It's inside the house, not out in public," answered Matt.

"It's still silly," Julie countered, surprising us all. "Like Angie said last night, I would hope we could come up with something more interesting than that. The pizza thing is hardly even scary to me. It's mostly just embarrassing."

"Yeah, that one's stupid. I don't want to do it," added Angie.

"That's fine," I said, "but remember, you're not allowed to say no to any command, not unless you want to grab two more picks. Then you have to do those, one right after the other, no questions asked."

"I'll take that chance," Angie said.

"So will I," seconded Julie, holding her sister's hand in solidarity.

"Fine, then," Matt said. "Pick two more. I thought I was being nice, letting you guys off easy with that one. I hope you pick some really nasty ones this time."

"Are you sure about that?" sassed Angie, pure smugness written all over her face.

"Yes, I'm very sure," he said, sporting a confident grin.

He'd told me that after spending the whole day thinking about his situation with Angie he had decided not to let her have all the fun; he was going to start making her feel uncomfortable, too.

"Okay, here I go..." Angie said, reaching into the cap. She pulled out two slips, handing one to Julie.

Angie read the first one...

Winners take the losers out for Date Night, including dinner and sexy dancing with your teammate's spouse. The ladies will dress to impress, the goal being to make every cock in the club as hard as a rock.

Right away we all smirked at Angie, who grinned, "In keeping with the theme, that just seemed like an obvious one for us to do together. I figured it wouldn't matter who won or lost."

Matt and I gave her a polite round of golf applause, and she graciously bowed.

"I like that one a lot," I said.

"Definitely," added Matt.

Conspicuous by her silence was Julie, and we all turned to her.

"I've never done anything like that, Matt, and you know it!" she said, punching him in the arm. "This is just Angie's way of trying to show me up. She knows everyone will be totally drooling over her big, gorgeous tits and perfect ass. She's used to looking outrageously hot and giving guys hard-ons wherever she goes. God, she does it every day. She knows I could never be as sexy as her, especially in public."

Julie had tears in her eyes, and suddenly Angie did too. Taking her sister in her arms, she gave her a loving hug. "Julie, I swear I wasn't trying to embarrass you or show you up. I just wanted us all to have a fun, sexy night out together. Please, let me make this work for you."

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