tagLesbian SexSisters Ch. 03

Sisters Ch. 03


"So I saw mom masturbating." I said to my sister.

Over the facetime on my phone I could see her trying to stifle a laugh.

"How the hell did that happen?" She asked, giggling a little. "Are you stalking her?"

I exhaled, "No, I came back from my run and heard something and, well, there she was on her bed pounding away with a toy and. . "

"Was it the purple one?" Natalie asked.

I wasn't prepared for that. "Umm, how did you know THAT?"

"Well, on thing you should know about me is that I'm a bit of a snoop. So one day I was at home and mom was out and you were doing something somewhere and I snooped around moms room."

Good thing I don't plan on cheating on Natalie, I thought.

"And you found out she had a purple toy."

Natalie nodded, "Yup. And a few other toys as well. Mom may seem a little boring, but from what I saw she still has a little devil in her. By the way, how did she look?"

Natalie was looking at me with real interest.

"To be honest," I began, "She looked good. But I have to tell you. That ever since we, you know, got together I can't stop myself from looking at every woman I see and thinking 'how does she kiss?' or 'does she moan alot?' or 'are her nipples sensitive?' I think about that ALL THE TIME."

Natalie nodded again. "Me too. That's why I asked about mom. I kept trying to imagine her body. So, what was it like?"

I paused. I wasn't sure exactly what to say. I mean, there's a lot of conflicting emotions and thoughts.

"I'll start by saying that I think when I get older my body will develop along the same lines."

Natalie chimed in quickly, "I can live with that!"

"Ha ha. . .I saw her on her back and her breasts were full with hard nipples and she was really wet like I get and, dammit, I'm getting horny just thinking about it." I finished with an admission aloud that the thought of my mother fucking herself got me horny.

"That's ok, look at this," Natalie angled her phone down. I could see her pale blue panties with a fairly large wet spot on them. "Listening to you talk about her got me wet too. I guess we're both fucked up huh?" Natalie laughed, "I'm just happy I get to come down this weekend to pick you up. I miss being with you and kissing you and making you moan so loud."

I glanced around, to make sure mom hadn't come back from the store yet. "Not so loud Nat. You say that with mom here and who know what she'll do. Probably send me to a convent."

Natalie laughed again. "Great, send you to a place with even MORE girls."

We both laughed and made plans for when she would come to help me move up to her place.

That night I had a very vivid dream. I drempt I heard the same sound I heard when I came back from running. The same sound of my moms bed hitting the wall. I could almost hear the moaning and sounds of her soaking pussy. I snuck down the hall and tried to spy on my mom. By the time I reached her bedroom door, the excitement and anticipation of seeing my mom fucking herself again had my panties soaked.

As my hand touched the doorknob, I could hear heavier breathing. And more. The tv was on as well. Clearly mom was watching some porn dvd, judging by the sounds.

I opened it just enough to see the tv at a sharp angle, as well as my mother laying on the edge of her bed, her legs bent at the knees, feet on the ground. In a dream haze I walked into the room, my mother not noticing me as I stood right next to her. She was focused on her tv, eyes wide open and filled with concentration and lust. I watched her body move as she repeatedly thrust her purple dildo in and out of her glistening pussy. I could see her heaving chest, full breasts moving rhythmically, topped by long hard nipples. Her breathing was deep and earthy. I looked down at myself to find that I was now totally naked, my juices dripping down my inner thighs. I looked back up and locked eyes with my mom. Without breaking eye contact, she quickened her pace, the dildo pumping furiously now. As if drawn to to do so, I knelt on the bed, watching my mom edging ever closer to orgasm. She looked back at the tv. I followed her gaze. The tv showed me and Natalie. On the tv I was eating her perfect pussy as she moaned and cried out my name. "Make me cum Alison!" filled the room. I looked at my mom again. Her face both angelic and sex crazed. Quickly I straddled her face, kneeling on the bed and lowering my wet pussy to her lips. Her sweet face and magical eyes between my warm legs. I could feel her tongue, snake-like, moving into me and making me shudder. I rocked my hips up and back, coating my mom's face with my pussy juice. I wanted to cover her completely. I had never noticed how seductive her lips were, and they were. Her mouth was lightning quick in movement and in no time I was at the abyss, ready to explode. I screamed "Fuck!"

My eyes popped open. I was wide awake now. In bed. It was morning. And someone was in my room. I turned and saw Natalie sitting in my computer chair, watching me with a bemused half smile.

"Fun dream Alison?" She chuckled softly.

"What makes you say that?" I said, not too cleverly.

Natalie leaned forward, "Well, for starters, you have your hand firmly pressed to your delicious pussy. Very wet I'd guess. And you just about shouted an erotic fueled "Fuck!" before you woke up. How's that?"

I looked and sure enough my hand was pressed to my pussy, two fingers over my clit. My body REALLY knew what I liked, even when I wasn't conscious of it.

"Fine fine. I'll tell you about it later. Is mom around?" I sat up on the edge of the bed.

"She's making those famous bacon blueberry pancakes for us before I take you off to college."

"Enough time for you to . . . " I opened my legs, and moved my hand down my body, offering her my aching wet pussy.

With a quick glance at the door, Natalie moved forward, got on her knees between my legs, her hands on my inner thighs. "You hear anything, let me know."

With that, Natalie buried her cute face between my legs, her lips kissing my more sensitive lips. I felt a rush of excitement shoot through my body.

I ran my fingers through her blonde hair, gently urging her to me. I arched my back and pressed my hips to her face. My breathing got faster as Natalie flicked my clit quickly as two of her fingers pressed into my willing pussy.

"Oh god Nat, you do that so good" I breathed out quietly. Her tongue quickened. I felt as if the little control I had over my body was about to dissipate. I was on the edge. I was ready to explode. I wanted to coat her lovely face with my juices. "Nat I'm . . ." I exploded. I let out a guttural sound, as I fell back, Natalie never for a moment letting her mouth lose contact with my pussy. I could feel her sucking my pulsing pussy lips. It took me what felt like forever to finish cumming. My body just rode from one wave to the next. Until I finally saw Natalie's face over me as I lay back.

"You're always so appreciative of my efforts sis." Natalie smiled, her face shiny from my wetness. Leaning down, Natalie kissed me deeply, her tongue playing with mine. Again I tasted my own juices, and it was all the more sweet that I tasted it straight from my sisters' mouth.

I moved my hand behind her and grabbed her pert little ass cheek when we heard, "Girls! Breakfast is ready!"

"I'll take a rain check." Natalie smiled a sly smile.

Throughout breakfast I wanted to touch Natalie. Wanted to have my hands on her CONSTANTLY. But at the same time I watched my mom. With my dream still lingering in my head, I looked at her face, her full lips, the curve of her hips and even imagined how she'd look in a thong.

Natalie knew I was lost in thought and did her best to make me uncomfortable by pulling up her top and showing me her hard nipples when mom's back was turned. It was easy to love this girl.

After some routine morning chat mom took off for the day. She was helping Aunt Stacy with a garage sale. As her car moved down the street, Natalie giggled and took my hand, leading me down the hall to moms room.

"Naughty girl," I said as Natalie gave me one of her too-damn-sexy looks, then she said "Let's do some snooping."

Natalie knew just where to look, and soon we were looking at all of mom's hidden toys.

"Jeez, I thought that maybe she had one, but look," I pointed, "a butt plug! I mean, Mom!"

Natalie laughed and picked up the purple dildo, turning it in her hands. Looking at me straight in the eyes, she pressed the dildo to her lips, moving it around. I watched, finding her actions so sexy. Still looking at me, Natalie let her tongue move around the dildo, getting it wet with her saliva. "I can even taste mom." Natalie said, smiling at me.

"Nat, you slut!"

"Of course. That's why you love me so."

I thought she might want to play with the toy, but she suggested something else.

"I know where her old high school diaries are, want to peek?"

In minutes we were reading intimate personal passages from the diaries.

"When do we get to the juicy stuff?" I asked Natalie, as she picked up mom's senior year diaries, "Most of this is just mom complaining that grandma won't let her go to parties."

"Well," Natalie said, "I remember mom saying she lost her virginity her senior year. She told me so that I 'wouldn't make the same mistake' as her." Natalie shrugged.

"She ended up pregnant and married. Not much chance of the former," I said, "but the latter. . .maybe." I smiled at Natalie.

"You'll have to get down on both knees for ME!" Natalie laughed.

We poured over the diary, laying face down on the floor, my hand under Natalie's shirt, rubbing her back. Occasionally my hand slid lower and under the band of her shorts.

"Keep that up and we'll never find out who mom lost it to." Natalie scolded me, but with a smile.

Eventually we came to a week where mom seemed to be obsessed with someone named "K" who she not only found "irresistible" but also "someone I never thought would be interested in me, the shy wallflower." Now, I have seen pictures of mom in high school and she certainly didn't look like a wallflower. Sultry, yes. Curvy, yes. Shy and demure? I couldn't see it.

"Here it is!" Natalie sat up, her face beaming as she read from mom's diary.

"Ahem, 'K and I decided to go all the way. We did it in my room when mom was at the store. As usual we started by kissing. Such a good kisser! Eventually K took my top off. I will never get tired of feeling those hands caressing my breasts. And the way K sucks my nipples! I got so wet I was almost embarrassed. K had me lay back on the bed, naked. I was so exposed and a little scared! I knew it would hurt first time. But when K started so slowly, I knew I would be alright. Before I knew it, I was cumming and sharing another perfect kiss. I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!! My first time! No longer a virgin, me! hee hee'.

We made a vow to find out who this "K" was. There was three guys in her class whose named started with K. "We'll ask Aunt Stacy. She knows everything about mom." Natalie realized.


When mom came home we had an old fashioned family night. Dinner at the table, lots of talk of the past and mom blubbering about her "last baby heading off to college." All in all, it was a great last night living at home.

With most of my stuff packed up, I went to bed excited about the move.

Around 2am my door opened. The moonlight through the window fell upon the face of my beautiful sister. Her face illuminated in my dark room. Her pale blue terrycloth robe reflecting the light. I could see her searching the darkness to see if I was awake.

"What are you doing Nat?" I whispered.

Natalie smiled, closed the door behind her and walked to my bed, whispering, "I just had to come see you tonight. Think about it. Having sex the last night in your bedroom!" I pulled my sheets aside as I watched as Natalie undo her robe and fall to the ground. Her pale skin, in the moonlight, made her look like the most attractive marble statue. I'd removed my panties by the time Natalie started climbing into my bed. I could feel her breath on my skin as she slowly softly kissed her way up my arm, her lips soft and warm. I ran my fingers through her hair, feeling her left leg move over my leg, and her thigh press to my mound.

"I love you Alison," Natalie softly whispered as her lips moved up my neck and pressed into my lips. We kissed softly, slowly, unhurriedly. I moved one hand to her lower back, gently urging her body against mine. The more we kissed, the more intense it became. Our tongues moved and wrestled together. We gasped and moaned as our kissed became more eager. She moved her knee up and down over my wet pussy lip, as I opened my legs wider for her. Natalie's hands slid under my tanktop and up higher, her palms covering and caressing my breasts, my nipples sensitive to her touch.

Slowly and with forethought, Natalie was moving on top of my body, my legs spread wide. She pulled back from our kiss, a mischievous fire in her eyes, and said, "I want to try something, just keep your legs open like that."

I watched as she moved her lithe body slowly and resolutely. She kept one leg over my hips and moved the other under my right leg. "I saw this in a movie." She explained with a smile. I knew then that she wanted to do what I had seen called, "tribbing." She slid her body closer to me. I watched as she moved her delicious pussy toward mine. Slowly she pressed herself to me.

Despite how wet and hot my pussy already was, I could feel, instantly, her unique wetness. Her different heat. We both shuddered a little as, wordlessly, we began to move our hips, never breaking contact. I could feel every fold of her pussy lips on mine and found my body slowly but surely ramping up with sexual excitement. The pale light shining on us could only scarcely capture the passion that we were exuding. Every movement of Natalie's body made me want to do more to make her feel the intense feelings I had. I felt myself getting even wetter, if that was possible, as Natalie, reached and grabbed my arm, her eyes shut tight and her breathing getting heavier. Her breasts heaved up and down as every breath brought her closer to cumming. I never thought 'tribbing' would feel this good, but the consistent movement and pressure from Natalie was about to boil over. I felt the pleasant waves begin to flow outward from my pussy, like ripples in a bathtub. My body was beginning to tingle as our hips moved faster and with greater emphasis.

"Oh fuck Alison" Natalie moaned, almost too loud, as I felt her cumming against my pussy. I could see her stomach muscles contracting and her head was well back and I could see the beads of sweat on those perfectly formed breasts that I enjoyed so much.

As she squealed more, I felt my body burst forth. I came hard. Unexpectedly hard. I could hear my increased wetness sloshing against Natalie as I grunted a defiantly unsexy grunt and fell backward, letting the orgasm pass through me time and again, each pass lessening to an extent. When I finally looked up, Natalie was smiling weakly at me and crawling up the bed.

"You're amazing." Natalie said, kissing me softly, then laying her golden haired head upon my chest.

I had to ask myself, was this heaven?

It was early morning and I got up, trying not to wake Natalie up. I figured I had enough time for a run before breakfast. I quickly put on my running gear and turned to the bedroom door. Why hadn't Natalie closed the door when she came in last night? She's a careless girl, I figured. I closed the door after a last look at the naked body of my lover, and off I went on my run.

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More please!

Very nice, but too short!
Would love to read more about adding mom, aunt and the cute waitress

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More please...thank you

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great story telling

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Sexy stuff. I think perhaps mum was peeping in at the hot action and getting wet with the rest of us.
This is turning out to be a great series .

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not a bad story,but I think Nat did not close the door all the way because she wanted someone else to see what they were up to hmmm I wonder who, well we will find out in the next chapter (I hope)

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