tagIncest/TabooSister's Dreams Come True

Sister's Dreams Come True


Jessica's fingers entwined in the sheets as her lover thrust hard into her; the orgasm washed over her with such amazing force her juices gushed out, her body twitched with delight. This strong sex god just filling her completely. Her body accepting everything he was giving. She could tell he was close now, his thrusts quickened and his muscles tightened. She was ready and more than wanting to accept his seed. She could feel him exploding inside her.

She awoke suddenly, still feeling her orgasm within her. She looked around; no body was there. 'Holy crap that was intense' she thought to herself. She reached between her legs feeling how wet she actually was. 'Damn that was the hottest dream ever.' She took a moment to come down from her excitement before trying to fall back asleep.

Jessica finally woke feeling rested but a little disappointed she couldn't continue dreaming about her hot sex partner. She dressed and went downstairs. Jessica needed food; she gathered her bowl, cereal and milk then realized it was almost noon. 'Crap I have to work soon. Wait till Sarah hears about my dream.' Jess quickly ate and got ready for work.

Jessica sat at her cubicle, next to Sarah. The two chatted about their plans for the evening. "Oh my god, Sarah, you'll never guess the kinda dream I had last night." Jessica bounced in her seat.

Sarah smiled holding back a laugh seeing how giddy her friend was.

"So there I was eating dinner with this absolute stud of a man. We were talking about something when all a sudden he picked me up, ripped off my skirt, and just started eating me out. He then fucked me so hard." Jessica continued, her face getting flush with excitement over retelling the hot sex scene. "Then I came so hard I squirted all over his cock. Sarah, the orgasm I had was so real and feeling his... Damn I woke up thinking I might be pregnant."

Both girls laughed at the thought. For the rest of the day Jessica couldn't stop thinking about her dream. She had to excuse herself several times just to make sure the wetness in her panties wasn't soaking through her skirt.

That afternoon after getting home from work Jess grabbed her favorite toy and didn't even wait to get her skirt or panties off before touching it to her clit. The vibrations echoed throughout her body instantly. She thought back to her dream and let her orgasms course through her body.

Shawn returned home from work, when he walked into the kitchen he heard the unmistakable sounds of pleasure echoing through the house. 'Jess is clearly enjoying herself' he thought as images of his roommate flew through his head. He had seen her naked a few times on accident...well the first time was on accident.

Shawn felt the tightening in his pants as Jessica's firm breasts bounced in his vision. While he only had a visual of her breasts, they seem like a bit more than a handful with tight pink areoles and nipples a little bigger than pencil erasers. In his eyes her skin was flawless; no tan lines could be seen. Her red hair flowed to the middle of her back and her eyes were emerald green. She was perfect to him. He decided he wanted to get a peek at what she was up to. He crept down the hall toward the bedrooms, hers was at the end. Butterflies invaded his mind and body; he wanted a glimpse of his desire. He noticed the door shut but not all the way closed. His hand pressed against the door. His cock twitched in his pants. He listened as her voice rose an octave. Just as another orgasm crashed thru her body he pushed the door open.

Jessica felt a presence in her room, but was too involved with her own pleasure to worry. She rode the wave of her orgasm as it ebbed and flowed through her. After several minutes she opened her eyes to see Shawn sitting on the floor watching her intently. He clearly had a massive hard-on. She started to cover herself but stopped after realizing he had seen her naked before and had been here long enough. "What are you doing in here?"

"Well, I uh..." Shawn fumbled, "I heard you and got turned on. Figured I could at least watch." He adjusted his crotch. "What got you so hot to jill yourself like this?"

"Well to be honest, I had the hottest dream last night and can't stop thinking about it."

"Really? Care to share?" Shawn said, hoping she would get even more turned on. Even though they are really good friends he still would like to make it something more.

Jessica told him about her dream, clearly getting more and more turned on as she went into explicit details. Her eyes landed on Shawn's crotch several times. She wondered if he was the man from her dream. Jessica found herself getting all hot and bothered again from retelling her dream as well as seeing Shawn's throbbing cock in his shorts. She let her fingers trace her already sensitive clit.

Shawn couldn't believe his eyes. This incredibly gorgeous woman was playing with herself right in front of him. He followed suit, getting turned on from the story and now watching the storyteller masturbating. He inched the waistband of his shorts down. The cool air causing him to twitch. His hand gripped his cock and he started to stroke.

Jessica was enjoying herself, lost in her mind again. Practically feeling her mysterious lover pounding into her. Her lips quivered with delight as her fingers dipped inside her. She pulled them out and examined just how wet they were. Her juices coated her fingers. She could imagine her dream cock coated in them as well. She wants to taste herself on that wonderful, throbbing cock. As she slid her fingers into her mouth she looked at Shawn, noticing him jerking off for the first time. "What are you doing?" Her voice harsh and demanding.

"Uhh... well I sorta thought when in Rome. You know, you're masturbating so I thought I'd join you," he stammered, trying not to explode looking at her heaving breasts.

"Well don't. In fact you need to go."

Shocked and practically suffering from blue balls, Shawn got up and left without a word.

Jessica looked at her fingers again...' damnit' she screamed at herself, 'now I lost my train of thought'. She cleaned up and drifted off to sleep.

Jessica was panting, trying to regain her breath, her body was quivering from pleasure. She looked down between her legs, the sandy brown hair looked familiar. Her dream man was greedily licking her to yet another orgasm. Her fingers coarsed through her lover's hair. She desperately wanted to cum again and also wanted to feel him inside her.

A flash of light, she was now riding her lover. Feeling him deep inside her. She rocked her hips back and forth, the hard cock inside her touched places no other had. A fourth... or was it a fifth orgasm spread through her body like a wild fire. "OH GOD YESSSS!! RIGHT THERE, DON'T STOP! FUCK ME HARD! LET ME FEEL YOU CUM BIG BRO!" She rejoiced.

She awoke with a start. The sheets between her legs were soaked; she had a wet dream. She remembered every detail; she loved it but why did she reference her brother? She thought about that statement. Her body reacted, the tiny hairs on her arm standing, a familiar tingle between her legs indicating her arousal. What did it mean she wondered?

She went the rest of the day clearly happy, but also a bit distant. Every time she thought about her dream she found herself getting wet but then confused that it was her brother she was dreaming about. She knew deep inside that if she kept thinking about it she would need to take care of herself. She pushed the dream out of her mind, after all, she couldn't exactly fuck her brother.

Days went by, each night she had the dream of her fucking her brother. Each morning she immediately fingered herself to several wonderful orgasms. By day three she was calling out his name. Jessica woke up on day four, her dream was different this time. During this particularly hot dream she was sucking her brother's beautiful throbbing cock. She even let him finish in her mouth. When she woke up, Jessica could swear she tasted semen on her tongue still. She now knew for sure, she had to have her brother. She needed him. The hard part will be convincing him he wanted her as well.

Jessica's brother, Mark, was 19 and living at home while attending community college. He had sandy brown hair down to his shoulders; he thought of himself as a skater punk. His eyes were coffee brown. He stood about 6 foot tall and had a muscular build from working out fairly regularly. Today Mark was lounging on the couch in his parents living room. He was wearing loose fitting black pajama pants. He figured if he was staying in why get all dressed up. His shirt was faded red and had developed holes from so much wear and tear.

Jessica came in through the front door and eyed Mark on the couch. She starred taking in his body, not as her brother but as a possible lover. She remembered her dreams and felt the tingle between her legs. She was confident she wanted him, but still weary of the consequences. What if he said no, which is likely. What if he said yes but then they got caught or he didn't like her anymore. Her mind was all over the place.

"Hello... earth to Jessica. Are you there," Mark inquired? "Are you going to come in or just stand there like an oof?"

'Oh shit, how long has he been calling me?' Jessica's mind whirled. " In. Uh, I mean I'm coming in," she stammered. She stumbled first to the kitchen to get a drink then to the living room to join her brother. She decided to dress sexy today. She told herself she loved the way guys oogled her, but she knew it was for Mark. She had on her tight faded blue jeans. She wore a loose fitting white tank top with a blue sports bra underneath. She loved the way the tank top would show off her breasts and give a sneak peek through the arm holes.

Mark noticed her ensemble, 'Holy hell, Jessica looks too hot in that.' He scolded himself for that thought but continued to look and sneak peeks.

Jessica could feel her brother's eyes all over her. She bit her lip to keep from jumping his bones right there. She couldn't stop imagining Mark pumping in and out of her; her panties were extremely wet. She tried to focus on what what on the t.v.

For his efforts, Mark kept starting at Jessica's chest. Admiring how the shirt draped over her breasts accentuating there size. He knew the sports bra helped but couldn't stop from imagining them fully exposed. He had to adjust himself.

Eventually, Jessica excused herself and nearly skipped off to the bathroom. Her brother's starring did not go unnoticed. She finished up with the bathroom, and became emboldened to take her desire a step further. She removed the sports bra and admired herself in the mirror. She immediately noticed that her nipples were easily visible through the material. The butterflies in her stomach signified her excitement which made her nipples harden. She then turned to her side, if she leaned forward at all gravity would pull her shirt with it, fully exposing herself. She smiled and returned to the living room. She made sure to sit in front on Mark on the couch.

Mark's jaw practically hit the floor. Try as he might to not stare, his eyes gravitated to his sister's perky well shaped tits. They were on full display, or at least from the side angle they were. He enjoyed what he saw. His cock hardened the more he starred.

Mark shook his head, why was he reacting this way? Jessica was his sister. It didn't matter how sexy she looked, he should not be thinking like this.

Jessica smirked to herself. She noticed Mark adjust himself to hide his erection. She imagined that thick piece of him slipping between her lips. Her tongue swirling around the bulbous head, eager to taste his thick offering of cum. She felt the tingle of excitement between her legs. She knew she would be practically dripping. She desperately needed to convince her brother to satisfy her desires.

Mark noticed his sister's breathing quickening, her breasts rising with every intake of air. He also noticed just how hard her nipples had become. They must've been rubbing against the thin material of her shirt. His mind worked overtime, 'I wonder what they would feel like in my mouth. I could bite them so easily. I want to devour those nipples and her breasts.' Mark was lost in rapturous thought, he didn't realize until it was too late. His hand absently rubbed along his crotch and a moan escaped his mouth.

Jessica turned at the sound. Her eyes scanned Mark's face then quickly down to his crotch. There was no hiding just how hard he was or how big he really was. She licked her lips then mumbled, "Wow, Mark you're so hard. You like what you see?"

Mark's voice wavered as his face turned red, "uh, yeah. I, uh, I mean no. I don't know what you're talking about." he tried to cover himself.

Jessica reached for his brother's hand, moving it away from his crotch. She spoke softly looking into his eyes. "Don't be ashamed, you are turned on by your little sister's body. No lie, I think you're a hunk." She looked down at her brother's crotch, admiring the outline of his hard cock. She found herself feeling a bit overwhelmed, she wanted her brother. She wanted to taste him and feel him inside her, but the fact he is her brother nagged at her mind. She stood abruptly, "I want this Mark, but I can't" she fled to her room.

Mark sat there confused. His sister seemed to be about to grab him and fuck him, but then just ran away. He was extremely turned on by the situation. Jessica's tits looked amazing, he wanted to see more. He wanted to do more than look. He grabbed his cock and stroked himself several times. He decided he needed to cum and had plenty to think about while doing it. He spit into his hand for some lube and started stroking the full length of his throbbing hardness.

Jessica paced in her room. She had exactly what she wanted, but then backed out. More like ran away as fast as she could. She dreamt about fucking her brother, but when the closest possibility of it happened she ran in fear. She wasn't afraid of what people thought; she was afraid of what her brother would think. She didn't know if he would accept her as not just a sister but a lover too.

Mark was enjoying this, images of his sister raced through his mind. Jessica's perky tits, her hard nipples, her soft supple lips. He could just imagine them wrapped around his cock while she bobbed up and down. He thought about her begging him to cum on her face. That thought pushed him over the edge. With a loud grunt cum burst from his dick, coating his fingers. He stroked a few more times feeling the slick fluid, allowing his fingers to glide along his length.

As he came down from his sexual high a sickening thought flooded his mind. He just jerked off to thoughts of his sister. How wrong is that? He wanted more. He wanted to fuck his sister hard.

The next morning Jessica and Mark ran in to each other, almost literally, in the kitchen. Neither made eye contact with the other. Mark scanned his sister's body, she was wearing a pair of tight fitting jean shorts that showed of her tight butt. She also sported a blue t-shirt that pulled tight around her breasts, she wasn't wearing a bra today. Her hair was up in pig tails. Mark thought she looked incredibly sexy.

Despite last night's events; Jessica felt sexy today. Yes, last night was a complete failure on her part, but that wasn't going to ruin her mood. Mark was clearly turned on by her. She still wasn't positive of his feelings though. She wanted to tease him a bit today, see if she could get passed her hang up about her brother. Maybe he wanted exactly what she did. She knew it would be obvious she wasn't wearing a bra, her nipples were like diamonds; the surprise for Mark would be the lack of her panties.

Throughout the day Mark would notice Jessica; she would find any reason at all to bend over in front of him. He didn't really mind, she had a great ass after all. He also noticed how she would thrust her shoulders back to accentuate her breasts and her noticeably hard nipples. Occasionally she would even glide her hand along his shoulders or chest or sometimes even let her hand linger just a bit too long on his thigh. It was killing him. His cock ached for her touch. He wanted to rip her clothes off right there in the living room. He knew better; she was his sister.

That night Jessica got ready for bed. She wore her sexiest pair of pajama shorts. If someone looked they could easily see up the leg hole and would have an unhindered view of her freshly shaved pussy. The thought that Mark would see excited her. Her top this evening was a white thin shirt, the fabric might as well have been a window. Everyone could see the perfect outline of her breasts. She ventured out to the living room and did her best to flaunt her assets for her brother. She strolled right to him and planted a soft kiss on his lips. Her lips parted to allow her tongue access to his mouth. She ended the kiss before going too far. Electricity coursed through her body. She stepped back to allow Mark to look her up and down. "I'm off to bed, sweet dreams bro."

Mark's dick hardened like steel. He had never experienced such an intimate, if too short, of a kiss. He watched his sister head off to bed. He waited a few minutes and then followed.

Mark stopped momentarily at Jessica's door. He listened for movement while he steadied his nerves. If she was going to tease him all day, he was going to take her.

Mark burst through his sisters door, he intended on having his way with her. He was shocked when she was waiting for him. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply. He was caught off guard; he quickly adapted and allowed his lips to part, returning her kiss with equal passion.

She pulled away slightly, biting his lip as she drew back. She smiled seductively at him as she pulled off her top. Her breasts were perfect and perky, they were a C cup.

Jessica stepped back to her bed, undoing her shorts and allowing them to drop to the floor. She wasn't wearing any panties. She lay on the bed, her legs spread apart. One arm supported her so she could watch Mark; her other hand rubbed her clit.

Mark stood frozen momentarily, ogling his sister's body. Her incredibly nice tits, her flat tummy, her bald glistening pussy lips. It all excited him. He shook his head and advanced toward his waiting, wanting sister. He glided over her naked body, feeling the heat from her skin against his. He was electrified by the sensations. He roughly grabbed her hair pulling her head to the side. He licked and bit her neck. His cock throbbed against her moist labia, eliciting a moan from Jessica.

Jessica loved the rough attention, she felt so utterly wanted. Her hands scrambled to grasp Mark's cock and guide him into her. A low guttural moan escaped from her depths as she felt her brother's swollen cock head push into her. Jessica wrapped her legs around Mark's waist. She could feel every inch of him as he started thrusting.

Mark felt the heat from Jessica's vagina as he was guided in. He needed no further invitation. He thrust deep and hard. He wanted to completely own his sister. He also knew he wouldn't last long. He could already feel his balls tightening as his pending orgasm rushed through his body.

Jessica moaned with every thrust, she could feel the quick build of excitement of her orgasm. It started as a tingle of electricity in her pussy and built outward to her stomach, chest, arms and legs. She hoped her brother could hold on until she finished. She could tell he was close. Mark grunted louder and louder until he stopped thrusting; she felt his explosion as he came deep inside her.

Marks mind was blank as he started cumming, his body stiffened; this orgasm was unlike any he had felt before. His cock twitched inside his sister over and over, it was euphoric. He didn't want it to end. He felt a new sudden wetness around his cock and legs.

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