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Sister's Friends


All I wanted to do was hang out in our backyard pool. It was a hot day, and we had no air conditioning. My sister Amy and I had been left on our own for the weekend. No parents should have meant a nice, relaxing couple of days. Of course, nothing could ever just be simple.

Amy had two of her friends over. I'd known Kelly and Danah almost as long as my sister had, and I'd spent far too much of that time with very conflicting feelings about both of them. Sometimes they were hot older girls, and I'd crush on them painfully. Sometimes they were jerks and teased me mercilessly. Often times they were some of both. It all depended on their moods, and how horny I was on the day in question.

I was old enough now that I could basically handle them at their worst. It had been a long time since they'd been able to actually physically overpower me. I was eighteen and invincible, except for my hormones and ego. Naturally, those were two facets of my existence that Amy and her friends were experts at manipulating; sometimes without even meaning to.

Today, all three girls were out lounging by our family's backyard pool. They were sunbathing in bikinis which, to my mind, was the worst kind of cheating. All that sexy, smooth girl-flesh on display just wasn't fair. I wanted to go out and get a closer look, but they'd know. Even if I was lucky and didn't pop a boner, they'd still be able to tell I was checking them out. They had a sense about these things.

So my choice was either to stay inside sweating to death and not perving on hot girl in skimpy swimsuits, or risk it and go out to the pool. I knew what my eventual decision would be long before I actually convinced myself of it. Emotionally risky as it was, I had to go for it.

The key was confidence. Show no fear. They were like Reavers, they'd have to pounce on me if I showed weakness. It was a lesson I'd learned long ago. I strode out the back door in my swim shorts, carrying a towel over my shoulder. I could do this.

The girls were giggling about something as I approached. It probably had nothing to do with me. It would have been paranoid and narcissistic to assume otherwise, even though a small part of my brain thought just that. I ignored their mirth and draped my towel across the back of the only free deck chair.

Despite my best efforts, I couldn't help stealing a few glances. Kelly and Danah's tiny bikinis did far more to flaunt their bodies than to hide them. Their sleek, exposed figures drank in the sun, and the bits that were covered were all the more tantalizing for retaining that small aura of mystery. It was a distinct effort not to gape openly.

"Eyy, little Brian," Kelly said.

She was the closest to me, and the first to verbally acknowledge my presence.

"Hey, Kelly."

"What'cha up to?"

I nodded to the pool. "Just going swimming. It's, like, stupid hot out today."

"Yeah, I hear ya. I might take another dip soon too."

I was mostly successful at maintaining eye contact while we talked. If Kelly noticed my gaze straying to her chest, she didn't let on. Goddamn did she fill her top out nicely though.

Inevitably, my proximity attracted more attention. Amy and Danah had gone quiet, and they were both looking at me. Danah, for whatever reason, seemed to be scanning the length of my body.

"You need any sunscreen, Bro?" Amy asked, holding up a bottle. "You'll burn easy today."

"Yeah, I know," I said. "I'm gonna swim for a bit first, though. I'll get some later if I'm gonna stay out."

"Let me know if you need help putting it on," Danah chimed in.

She had the faintest of smirks on her lips. I had no idea what the intention of her offer was, but since it wasn't overtly taunting I refused to read anything into it.

"Thanks for the offer. I'll let you know."

Danah winked, then turned back to Amy. There was something mildly teasing in her demeanour, but it was so light as to be inconsequential. So far so good.

I stepped toward the pool, then dove in. The water was the instant refreshment I needed. It was much cooler on my skin than the muggy air, and it washed away the gross sheen of sweat that had been accumulating.

For a while I just did some laps. They weren't long ones, since I was limited by the length of the pool, but they were something to do. Every time I swam toward the sunbathing girls, I took the opportunity to perv on them a little. Danah had rolled onto her stomach, so I got decent angle of her tight ass, along with Kelly's lovely breasts, and Amy's-

I shut my eyes and swore internally as I swam away again. It sucked having a hot sister sometimes. Most of the time, really. Even worse when she was accompanied by her hot friends. It was so easy to get confused. She had a body worth perving on, that much I had to admit, but I really didn't appreciate the mix of emotions that she made me feel.

Back and forth I swam. I narrowed my focus with a distinct effort to try and pretend my sister wasn't one of the mostly naked girls reclining by the poolside. Sometimes I expended yet more mental energy imagining what Kelly and Danah would look like without even their flimsy suits on. Reality gave me a pretty good jumping off point, and my fertile, pervy little mind did quite an excellent job with the rest.

After a few more laps, I saw Kelly stand up and adjust her suit. I swore I caught the tiniest flash of nipple when she shifted her top slightly. She then walked to the edge of the pool and jumped in.

Somehow it was only as Kelly entered the water that I realized I had an erection. I'd been checking the girls out for long enough that it was bound to happen, it just didn't consciously register. Perhaps it was because no one could tell as long as I was alone in the water. Once Kelly hopped in with me, there was a much greater danger of her noticing a tent in my trunks.

Kelly resurfaced and swept her hair back out of her face. Her top was now soaked, and clung tightly to her breasts. I could make out the small bumps of her nipples. Not fair.

"Woo, that's better," Kelly said. "I think you had the right idea, Brian."

"Uh... yeah. Good."

I flushed and resumed swimming. I couldn't think of anything clever to say while her boobs were staring at me like that. She was content to float in place, with her arms resting up on the edge of the pool. She seemed to be smiling every time I turned toward her, and as far as I could tell she hadn't taken her eyes off me. I was starting to get nervous.

Danah dove in right in front of me. She caught me by surprise, and I spluttered as the water from her splash got in my mouth. I'd been so focused on Kelly, I hadn't been paying any attention to what else was going on around me.

Danah swam under me gracefully, surfacing behind my back. I turned to find her smiling at me with the same look in her eyes as Kelly had. Her boobs were even closer to my face, and her top clung just as skin-tightly as her friend's.

"What'cha lookin' at?" Danah asked.

"Nothing. You just surprised me."

"Oh. Is that all. Because I thought..."

Danah trailed off. I knew it was a trap. I knew it. And yet I still found myself responding.

"Thought what?"

"Thought you might be checking out something in particular. Or a pair of somethings, even."

I glanced over my shoulder. Kelly was swimming casually toward us on my opposite side. They were grinning like Cheshire cats. Fuck.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I said defiantly.

"Oh really? Because-"


The sudden shout startled me and I whipped my head around. Kelly and Danah were taken just as off-guard as I was, thankfully. Amy was standing by her chair with her phone in her hand.

"What do you want?" Kelly called back.

"First off, whatever you two are doing to my brother, cut it out."

"Weren't doing nothing," Danah said, a little sulkily.

"Sure you weren't. I saw the look on your face."

"Fine, fine."

Kelly reversed her direction back to her spot at the edge. Danah drifted just far enough away from me to be in compliance.

"Second thing," Amy continued, "I got a text from Mom. I gotta go check on Grandma. Fuck knows what's up. I gotta take off for a bit, anyway. Should only be an hour or two at the most."

"That's ok," Danah said. "We can stay here and babysit Brian."

"That's exactly what I'm worried about." Amy turned to me. "Do you want to come with me? I seriously don't know what's up, so it might be boring, or we might be done in five minutes."

I was grateful for my sister trying to look out for me. It was never certain ahead of time whether she'd side with me or her friends in any given situation. At the same time, I really didn't want to go on a thankless quest on a miserable hot day. And if I ran away now, that would only give Kelly and Danah more ammunition when I came back. Already I could see a taunting glint forming in their eyes.

"Nah, I'm fine here," I said. "Unless you need me."

Amy shook her head. "Like I said, no idea. I assume Mom would have said to bring you if something had to be moved or whatever."

"Probably she would have."

Amy pointed at each of her friends in turn. "You two, I expect my brother to still be in one piece when I get back."

Danah adopted an innocent, hurt expression. "When have we ever-"

"Is that clear?"

"Yeah, fine. Clear."

Danah swam away pouting. Amy ignored her. My sister dashed into the house long enough to get changed out of her bikini, then drove off with only the briefest of farewells and another glare at her friends.

"Honestly," Danah said, "it's like Amy thought we were going eat you as soon as she was gone."

"I don't think that was her worry," I said.

"Oh? And what was her worry?"

Danah drifted closer to me again. It hadn't taken her long at all to forget my sister's warning.

"I really don't know," I said honestly. "But you two are obviously up to something."

"You don't really believe that, do you?" Kelly asked. "You wouldn't have stayed here with us if you thought we were up to no good."

"Maybe I just think I can handle it."

"Ooh, such confidence."

Kelly pushed off from the side of the pool, and made her way to me with long, lazy strokes. Once again I was getting boxed in between them. There was no big sister around to rescue me this time.

"Anyway, we weren't doing anything," Danah said.

"Is that so?" I said.

"Swear to god. It's just... we noticed something."

"That's right," Kelly said. "I thought I was just seeing things, because it doesn't seem like the sort of thing we'd expect from a good little boy like you."

I swallowed nervously. I wished they wouldn't keep moving to stay on opposite sides of me. There was no way I could keep an eye on both of them.

"What the fuck are you on about?" I demanded.

"We think you've been checking us out," Danah said. "Perving on us while we're just out here relaxing and minding our own business."

"That didn't seem like something you'd do," Kelly added. "But then..."

Something brushed my cock. I jerked away, then swung my arms and backed away through the water. It was Kelly. She'd actually snuck close enough to grab at my erection. That was low, even for her.

"Fuck off," I growled.

"You like staring at us in our little swim suits, don't you," Danah said.

"Of course he does," Kelly said. "Did you even see how hard he is?"

"Fine whatever. You two look hot in your bikinis, and I'm a boy. What a funny joke."

I scrambled angrily for the edge of the pool. I knew something like this could happen. It shouldn't have come as any surprise. Yet somehow I'd let it happen anyway. Fuck me.

"Hey, Brian, don't be like that."

I paused halfway out. Kelly's voice was actually somewhat conciliatory. I risked a look back at the two girls. They actually weren't pointing and laughing or anything, not that they'd necessarily resort to something so crude. They still looked annoyingly pleased with themselves, but they weren't chasing me, and they weren't tossing insults and barbs.

"What do you expect me to be like?" I asked. I slipped back into the water, but remained prepared to hop out if provoked.

"We were just picking on you," Danah said.

"I know. I'm well aware what you were doing."

"If you want to know the truth, Kelly was actually hoping she could-"

Kelly interrupted her. "Oh my god, shut up!" She launched herself at Danah, who dove under the water and juked away.

This was an interesting development. Part of the problem with hanging out around the two girls was that they almost always presented a united front against me. Sometimes, though...

"She kinda wanted to see what was under your shorts," Danah finished.

Kelly splashed her viciously, but Danah just stuck her tongue out and dodged away again.

"You're such a dick, Danah. I can't believe you told him that."

"Well it's true, isn't it? And you're not going to get a chance if you don't say anything."

Kelly caught up with Danah, and the two of them wrestled briefly. Kelly had the upper hand right from the start, so it didn't take her long to force her friend underwater and hold her there. I was a little worried that she just wasn't going to let Danah back up, but before I could decide whether to intervene or not, she relented.

Danah burst back to the surface, spluttering and drawing large breaths for a moment. After her initial oxygen requirements were settled, she slipped right back into smug mode. Kelly folded her arms and glared her down, daring her to say anything else.

I had no idea what to make of the situation. By all appearances, Kelly had an actual interest in me, or at least my body. That was just confusing. It went against the natural order of things. Maybe it was all merely idle curiosity after having noticed my hard-on. Maybe it was something else.

"So how about it?" Danah asked.

"How about what?"

"Take your shorts off for us."

I rolled my eyes. "Get real."

"I'm serious. We wanna see."

Danah started swimming for me. Kelly seemed uncertain, but only hesitated a moment before following. I started to pull myself out of the water, but wasn't quite fast enough. Hands latched onto my shorts and, unbalanced as I was, pulled me back in. The girls teamed up on me, one at each end. Before I knew it, they had my trunks off.

"Hey! Give them back!"

I lunged for Danah, but she was already darting away from me, holding my shorts like a prize. She was leering in the general direction of my waist, below the water line. Kelly was biting her lip and looking at much the same area. I felt angry, helpless, and increasingly embarrassed. Even with the distortion the water provided, the girls could see far more than I was comfortable with.

"It's not funny anymore, Danah," I said.

She tilted her head. "I beg to differ. I'm having a good time. How about you, Kelly?"

Surprising both of us, Kelly didn't immediately agree with Danah. I appreciated that, for what little it was worth, but the way she kept staring at me was disconcerting.

"You really grew up, huh Brian?" Kelly said.

I flushed. "What the hell does that mean?"

"It's a compliment," Danah said. "You're a little slow sometimes."

Danah balled up my shorts and tossed them a fair distance from the pool. I gave her a disgusted look, not that it did any good.

"You two are even sicker than usual," I said. "The tormenting I expected, but not like this. These are some fucked up mind games you're playing."

"Brian-" Kelly started.

"No. Don't even. You want a look, I guess you get it. Congrats."

I pulled myself out of the pool, trying desperately not to think about the two girls visually molesting me from behind. It sucked that I was still hard, and that they'd probably get a good chuckle out of my cock bouncing as I walked. At least they weren't getting a full frontal view. That was something.

There were no laughs or jeers though. Somehow that was even more unnerving. I risked a glance back as I retrieved my soggy swim trunks. Both Danah and Kelly were facing me with their arms up on the side of the pool, and all they were doing was watching. Not a single snide comment between them. I turned fully toward them, but held my shorts in front of my cock.

"Happy now?" I asked.

"Kinda, yeah," Danah said. "You've got a very cute butt."

"She's right, you know," Kelly added.

There was an aura of sincerity about them. I didn't know quite what to make of it. They continued to act like they weren't simply trying to make me miserable, so maybe they really weren't.

"Thanks," I said. I waited to see if my acknowledgement would crack their facade.

"Can we see the rest?" Kelly asked.

Danah burst out laughing. I was about to tell her to go to hell, when I realized she was laughing at Kelly rather than me. Kelly pushed her off the edge and into the water for a second before she resurfaced and sputtered out a few more chuckles.

"I don't think so," I said.

I started side-stepping away to put some distance between me and the girls. I had no idea what the most dignified way to reclothe myself was, though perhaps it was too late to worry about such things.

"Danah'll take her top off," Kelly said.

That stopped me. It stopped Danah too. We both looked to Kelly for further explanation.

"You want to let Brian perv on my tits?" Danah asked incredulously.

"Yeah. You have a problem with that?"

Danah thought it over. "Nah, not really. That's all he's been doing since he came outside anyway."

"Plus you need to make up for being a dick," Kelly added.

Danah rolled her eyes. "Fine. That too. But Brian's got to lose the shorts already."

Kelly nodded. "How about it, Brian?"

The offer was embarrassingly enticing. The girls had seen most of me already anyway. I didn't really want to let them ogle me further, not when I was still on the fence about their motives, but more and more I was warming up to the idea that the things they said were genuine enough. And, most importantly, tits were on offer. Sister's-hot-friend tits.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Sure I am," Danah said. "You're gonna stare whether my top's on or off."

"Plus she's a total show off," Kelly added.

Danah snorted. "You're wearing a bikini too. Don't act like you're Miss Modest all of a sudden."

Kelly flushed and pretended to ignore Danah. Her gaze stayed mainly on me, sometimes on my eyes, mostly on various parts of my naked body. It had dawned on me at some point that she was actually properly checking me out. She wasn't just waiting for a full cock-shot or looking for something to critique; she was actually interested in what she saw. It wasn't something I experienced often, and certainly wasn't what I'd ever expected from any of my sister's friends. Possibly the rush of self-esteem she inadvertently bestowed on me had something to do with my eventual decision.

"You first," I told Danah.

Danah grinned and hopped out of the pool. Water cascaded down her body at first, then gradually slowed to a trickle. Her suit clung to her in the way only flimsy, wet clothing could. If anything, her nipples were even more prominent through her top than Kelly's. Lower down, I could actually make out a faint cleft in her bottoms right where her pussy would be. She had yet to actually take her bra-piece off, and already I was as hard as I'd ever been.

"You sure you can handle these babies?" Danah asked with a smirk.

"I'll manage," I said.

"Ok. Just didn't want you to mess yourself. That could be embarrassing."

"Get on with it already," Kelly said.

She, too, emerged from the pool in a rush of water. Two hot girls in revealing, clingy outfits right in front of me, and there I was trying to cover my obvious arousal. Judging by their expressions, I wasn't having much success at all.

Danah showed no sense of shame or hesitation. She pulled her wet hair back off her shoulders, then smoothly untied her bra strings. She gave only a brief, artful tease before peeling her soggy top off and away from her breasts. I gaped at her freshly revealed tits, and even Kelly gave them a good once over. Danah stood proudly and let us drink the sight in. She had a body worth showing off and she damn well knew it.

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