tagGroup SexSisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 11

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 11


Sorry for the delay. Traveling. This story spans multiple genres.

Chapter 11 – Sisters, Friends and Lovers

Exhibitionism. Jane and the sisters meet and enjoy

Tuesday, Sheila let me know that there was a 'get together' like the previous weekend on the coming weekend. She urged me to bring Jane home to meet everyone and to participate in our 'games' as we'd come to refer to our sexual interactions with each other. I thanked her for the information, and said I'd see what Jane's plans were.

We finished on Tuesday as we had on Monday, so we repeated some of what we'd done the day before. The white bikini came out again, we staked out two chaises on the pool deck, and toyed with exhibitionism. The doctors' conference was still underway, so at five o'clock, Jane again had a passing parade of admirers. This time, she made eye contact with some of them, giving them nice smiles, and even an occasional wink as they ogled her body.

As they walked by, I asked Jane to come up to the Boston area for the weekend. She appeared interested, but made me describe each person who would be there, and had me give her a timeline of the entire weekend, as best as I could anticipate her involvement. In the end, she accepted.

There was one relationship that I hadn't described as completely as I might have to Jane, specifically the incestuous relationships between the girls and their dad, and me and Jean. I remember chuckling at how close in spelling the two names were.

"Jane, there's one more relationship interaction I need to tell you about up in Massachusetts. I hinted at it but I haven't mentioned it because it's delicate, and fraught with scandal in so many ways."

Jane's ears perked up and she looked most interested in what I might say next.

I whispered, "Incest."

Jane's eyes got big, but she nodded and continued to look interested.

"One of the couples in the mix we'll be with will be the girls' parents – Fran, Sheila, and Ally."

"And, they play together?" Jane asked quietly.

"If I'm not otherwise occupying their mother Jean. They introduced us to a larger group of people that enjoy recreational sex, although I detect a lot of emotional attachments between members of the larger group because they've been together for so long. They care about each other – even love each other. I've developed some friends in the group too, but there are even stronger feelings here and there."

"Do people care about the incest? I mean, do they gossip behind their backs about what they're doing?"

"I don't think so. The sex is just something they do for fun. There are a few other similar relationships in their group that bear that label, but this is the one I'm closest to. I tell you because I trust you, and because I don't want you to suddenly discover this and be grossed out by it. If this bothers you, I'm sure everyone would adjust their behavior while you're present so we don't create an awkward moment for you."

Jane broke into a smile, "You know, this whole arena about sex, and you, and love, is so stimulating and interesting, I sometimes wake up and I just want to scream with joy and do something to burn off some of the excitement I feel."

I took Jane's' hand and kissed it. "Wake me up and I'll scream with joy with you. I am so psyched up I've been running on only four to six hours of sleep most nights, except when I have you in my arms to love."

"Oh, you say the nicest things." She squeezed my hand. "Come and make love to me."

"I had another idea that I thought you might find stimulating since you know no one at the hotel."

"Uh oh? What?"

"Well, I think you should adjust your bikini so part of your pussy shows and then fall asleep in a position that would reveal yourself to passers-by."

"Oh, I couldn't ..."

"Yes, you could. Try it on a couple of men and see what their response is. I think you'll get a charge out of it."

I watched as Jane looked around, made sure no one watched her, and then reached down and slid the gusset of her bikini to one side. Her labia showed plus some of the pussy hair near her vagina. She shuffled around on the poolside chaise, and then feigned sleep. I also 'dozed' but kept my eyes slitted behind my dark glasses so I could watch the looks that Jane got.

We weren't disappointed. Only two minutes later, a group of the doctors started to head out way. I whispered out the side of my mouth, "Showtime." I think Jane heard me.

Seven men approached, and all eyes were on my shapely friend stretched out in the sun and obviously asleep. One by one as they got opposite her I could see their eyes pop open and a startled look appear on their face. They'd immediately slow to a near stop to prolong the view their innate radar had locked onto. In a fraction of a second, the look changed to lust, a smile of appreciation appeared, and each would lap their lips in anticipation of the sex he hoped to have with her. The men not looking were elbowed by the man next to them and their gaze directed by a toss of the head. The group returned to a normal speed amble after they'd moved too far past Jane to prolong the lascivious look at her pussy.

When I could see they were well gone, I turned my head back to Jane. "You were a big success, Darling." I described the various deviant looks she gotten as she smiled.

Jane said, "I can probably expose a little more, if you want."

"I want," I snickered. "Let's see what the men will do if you're almost completely exposed. Can you do that without it appearing intentional?"

"Just watch!" Jane said. She rolled onto her stomach, and then continued rolling in the same direction until she again lay on her back. The roll had twisted and bunched the bottom half of her bikini in one direction on her hips, distorting how the material went between her legs so much that a large portion of her pussy showed from mons to anus. Moreover, the way the material stretched and sagged, the revelation of her privates looked like the unfortunate accident of a sleeping sunbather.

I muttered, "Perfect. Here comes a few more." We each feigned sleep again as three older men, probably doctors, shuffled around the pool. As they neared I could hear a few medical terms tossed out by one of the louder men.

The man in the lead immediately saw the splendor of Jane's cunt, now including the lusty wetness of her lips and slit, showing sexual readiness and proclivity. He actually pointed with his right hand to direct the attention of his colleagues. The three men stopped, admired Jane's pussy, and with great regret turned and started walking again. One man obviously had the start of a hard-on as he turned.

Again when they were out of sight, I spoke to Jane, "Three more fans who'll never forget their trip to Atlanta. One hard-on. The three of them stopped."

Jane giggled slightly, "I know. I opened my eyes to watch them. They sure weren't looking at my face." She stretched and in the process straightened her bikini pants. "I have to stop. I'm embarrassed enough as it is. That's ten men in that group who've seen my most intimate body parts."

I laughed, "I bet they see ten to twenty pussies a day when they give physical exams. I find it funny that what they'll remember is none of those but the one they got an illicit peak at when some pretty woman suffered from a wardrobe malfunction."

Jane laughed, "That is odd, and you're most likely right. I've seen a lot of men naked during my life, but one I remember most was when I was a teen and caught some workman taking a leak behind a shed in our backyard. We were both mortified, and each of us made a point to avoid the other the rest of the day."

I said, "Now, come on, let's go up to our room. I think you had a request a few minutes ago."

* * * * *

After our post-coital shower, Jane stood in her beautiful nakedness drying her hair. I came up behind her and pushed my naked body against hers, my flaccid cock trapped in the crack of the shapely ass. I reached around her with both hands and cupped her taut breasts.

I whispered, "If you want to keep playing our earlier game, don't wear underwear to dinner; that way you can sit in a provocative way."

Jane turned and kissed me with an agreeable smile, "You really are kinky aren't you."

"Aren't you?"

"Yes. I'll do it, although I'm still a little drippy with your cum, but I know just the right skirt to wear."

The right skirt turned out to be a gray stovepipe skirt whose height could be adjusted from just above the knee to just below her pussy when pulled up higher. Jane erred on the latter side, and wore a lose blouse over the skirt that hid where she'd set the waistline. To complete the ensemble, Jane put on a pair of spike heels that invited attention to her great legs.

I negotiated a table with the hostess that put us on a side aisle, and where Jane would face many of the other patrons as I faced a window that not only indicated the outside darkness, but also served as an imperfect mirror. The restaurant lighting was subdued, but not enough to hide any details. Just before we sat, I surveyed the area around us. Jane's 'audience' consisted of about ninety percent men and ten percent women, mostly doctors, I guessed. This was the perfect setting for our little exhibitionist game.

Jane sat demurely as we got a bottle of wine to share. Once we had our drinks we toasted to 'bigger and better revelations,' and then had a good laugh over the double entendre. As we leaned towards each other, Jane said in a low voice, "I'm sitting in a not very lady-like way right now, but no one seems to have spotted me." I agreed after shifting my gaze to the window, focused not on the outside darkness but on the diners behind me.

A few minutes later, Jane adjusted her skirt; "There. I hitched it up a little, and I just crossed my legs. From this angle those six tables on my left are seeing a helluva lot of thigh right up to opposite my pussy." She laughed and said, "I like this game so long as I don't get arrested for indecent exposure."

"Babe, you have great legs. All you're doing is displaying the assets God gave you."

"Well, I hope God pays the bail."

We ordered and proceeded to talk about many other subjects, including some other games we could play to titillate our sexual minds. We were still making up games when our salads arrived.

As Jane adjusted her position to start eating, she pronounced, "Oh, dear, I bet my legs are just too far apart, but I'm comfortable and I'm enjoying how things are drying out up there from the slight breeze I feel."

I studied the virtual mirror over her shoulder. After a few bites of our appetizer, I said, "Take an oblique look at the guy in the green shirt about three tables on your left."

Jane kept her head looking at me, but I watched her eyes dart to the side for a few seconds. She said, "Oh, I think I have a new fan. Wait, no two. He told the guy next to him about me."

"I see. Oh, look again. Not too subtle a move, huh?" The third man at their table turned around to gawk at Jane.

Jane leaned across the table as though to tell me something confidential. She announced, "Oooooh, dear. As the pretty lady went to talk to her man, her legs returned to a demure position and the pussy view disappeared."

I chuckled, "But there's always hope she'll forget how her mother taught her to sit, and reveal her beaver again."

She chortled, "It's not a beaver. I have no pelt except for that little strip of hair you seem to like to munch on so much."

We continued to eat, our entrees came, and midway through that course Jane again put on her show. The table that had seen her before were gone replaced by four other men. The first sighting came from the next nearest table to that one, and then two of the men at the third table back. Soon, about eight men had been made aware of Jane's awkward stance.

Jane said, "Oh, dear, I've just been photographed by one man. Now, he's passing his cellphone around to show the others."

"He can expand the photograph he took to focus only on your sweet and juicy pussy. He can probably see right up to your G-spot. I bet you he jerks off to the picture back in his room tonight."

Jane leaned forward, "I didn't think of being photographed. I just ended the show. That's all for tonight."

"Thank you. You're fun."

"No, thank you. Until I met you I wouldn't have begun to think of doing such a thing. I find it exciting and stimulating, yet embarrassing at the same time. The emotions are complex, but the overall feeling is one of being naughty and getting away with it." She laughed.

After a short walk after dinner, we were back in bed making love. I regaled Jane with a running commentary about how the various men who'd seen her intimate parts had come knocking on the door, and then come in to fuck her lights out. Jane responded really well to the dirty stories, and soon we had a string of orgasms going.

* * * * *

Wednesday and Thursday meetings ran long, so we had no time to play beside the pool. We made some radical changes to a couple of projects, even combining two of them on the TCI side so that there'd be a critical mass of staff working on similar project deliverables. I also moved a few staff around to better focus resources and to resolve a couple of personnel problems and preferences, one of which involved a couple that wanted to work together because they were in love.

Thursday night we hosted a team building cocktail hour and dinner at an upscale restaurant downtown. About thirty people attended, and we each got a chance to mix socially with each other's staff.

Friday morning, we did our last project review for the week, had an early lunch and headed for the airport. Jane had decided to fly to Boston with me so she could be with us over the weekend. Many of our side discussions were to answer Jane's questions and manage her expectations about the weekend activities and the people we would meet. I carefully described each person, even showing her a few snapshots when I could, and gave her a running commentary, minute by minute, of what had happened at our swing time get together. I also explained that she could say 'No' to anything that felt uncomfortable, and emphasized that she didn't even have to engage in any of the activities; she could watch or we could skip the entire evening and go to a movie.

Jane reacted to that suggestion, "Oh, no. One of the reasons I'm going with you this weekend is to extend my boundaries or even to throw them away. Hearing you talk and describe your life, I realize how sheltered I've been, much of it unintentional and just due to circumstances. I want to breakout, and I feel this weekend will help me do that."

I reminded her, "What you do this weekend will stay with you forever. Make good choices."

"Oh, I hope so. I don't plan on forgetting a single moment of it."

Her outward cavalier attitude faded, as we got closer to Boston on the plane. She started to twist a paper napkin in her hands, until all that was left of it amounted to confetti. At first her hands fidgeted, but as we started our descent into Logan Airport, her entire body got in the act. Her voice raised a half octave, and her responses to my questions were abrupt, as though her mind was elsewhere. I think she licked her lips at least once a minute. For the first time since I'd met her, I realized Jane was nervous. I held her hand.

We caught a taxi from the airport to my Cambridge apartment. The closer we got, the tighter Jane held my hand until I had to have her let go so I could restore circulation to my fingers.

"Jane, you are a high powered business woman, one step away from a senior executive position. You've faced down dragons to get to where you are in your career, this visit is a puff of a gentle breeze compared to all that."

Jane nodded, "Yes, I know that. But ... well, I'm not sure why I feel this way. I think because I'm going to have to expose my core identity and my sexuality to people I'm meeting for the first time."

"No one bites," I promised, "unless you want them too." I chortled at my own humor. Jane's look showed me that she didn't think the remark was that funny.

We paid the cabbie, and I helped Jane with her roll-on suitcase into the building and elevator. A few seconds later, I opened the front door.

There in front of us was a big sign – 'Welcome, Jane.' A few cartoon faces populated the paper sign. Beneath it were the signed names of Fran, Sheila, Ally, and Aidan.

I felt Jane sag a little beside me and realized she'd been walking in an unnatural way. She said sincerely, "Oh, that's so nice and unexpected."

I heard commotion in the living room, so I left the suitcases, and escorted Jane in that direction. We met Sheila, Fran, and Ally heading in our direction, and suddenly there was the din of greetings and conversation as though old friends were getting reacquainted. The women all knew of each other, in detail, through me, but this was their first face-to-face meeting.

I stood back and watched with joy how well the initial interactions seemed to go. Soon my three girls came to me for a welcome home kisses. Sheila also brought each of us a glass of Chardonnay, already knowing our preferences. I chuckled to myself because Jane drank her glass in less than two minutes. She was still nervous. I served us refills, not with a goal of getting Jane loopy, but definitely with the goal of getting her relaxed.

Jane did slowly allow herself to get into the comfortable groove I'd seen her in every day at her office where she excelled. As I observed her with my partners, I could really see how she'd softened in the few weeks since we met. Initially, I thought I'd met a marine in skirts or a pants suit, but now I saw a woman who could accomplish just as much but with a feminine touch and a kind word.

Fran and Sheila had prepared a special dinner for the five of us, a Chicken Marsala with shitake mushrooms on the side. They had also set up the dinner table with a tablecloth, candles, and everything looked welcoming and warm. Under polite questioning from the girls, Jane opened up about her early life growing up outside Philadelphia, going to college at Rutgers, and then the start of her career at Syntron, a company that merged with another to create TCI. I learned quite a bit about Jane I hadn't known. Of course, we traded similar information with her, and also found many common points of interest.

Even as the animated conversation continued, Ally and I subtly did cleanup duty, put the leftovers away, and left a spotless kitchen, as was our habit. None of us liked a messy kitchen when we went to eat or snack, so we always cleaned up after ourselves. This carried over to the rest of the apartment.

Fran started the ball rolling, by pulling Jane from her dining room chair and leading her into the living room. As they left the table I heard her say, "Steve told us you'd never had a chance to make love with another woman. I don't want to pressure you, but I would love to share that experience with you. I promise I'll be gentle, loving, and take it slow to make sure you're OK with whatever we're doing."

I could see Jane gulp. This was crunch time for her. She turned to Fran, "I'm nervous about doing this, not because I don't want to, but because I'm totally inexperienced with another woman. Heck, I'm inexperienced with men too, but Steve is trying to cure that problem in large leaps."

Fran said, "Then just let me make love to you for a while. You don't have to do anything but respond in whatever way your body tells you to." She leaned in and kissed Jane on the side of her neck. Jane leaded her head over and closed her eyes to savor the sapphic kiss.

Sheila, Ally, and I headed into the bedroom to give Fran and Jane some alone time in the living room. When I peeked just before entering the other room, I think Jane was glad not to be on display to all of us. I was glad to have the two of them with me; I'd missed them dearly being away all week, even though Jane had kept my bed warm. I figured this strange phenomenon directly resulted from loving more than one person. Even if you were with someone you cared about a great deal, you could still miss the other you cared about. I'd noticed it the weekend before when even though I was cuddled up with Fran and Ally and feeling superbly loved, I also missed Jane and wished she'd been with me. At least this weekend, I had them all in one place, plus I knew we'd even be getting together with our other friends who I also cared for. All seemed right.

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