Sister's Friends


"Ok so seriously," I said, "what's over here?"

Kelly pointed vaguely ahead of us. "There's a nice picnic area a few minutes that way. You're supposed to follow a trail back there, and you can take a couple different routes or whatever. It's way faster just to cut through though."

"A picnic area? You mean where people might be?"

"Might, might not. If anyone's there we'll take off again. Easy."

"You've got clothes on. You don't get to tell me what's 'easy'."

Kelly looked down at herself. "I've got a bikini and a shirt that just barely covers my ass. And sandals, I guess. That's barely clothes."

"Barely still counts. And Danah said she was gonna be topless. She's definitely overdressed."

Kelly looked at her friend. "Brian's got a point, you know. You did kinda say something to that effect."

Danah grinned. "Fair enough." She passed the six-pack she was carrying over to me to free her hands. Without missing a step, she whipped her shirt off, freeing her magnificent tits once more. She took back the beer and carried on like nothing was any different.

It was kind of annoying how carefree Danah was about exposing her body. To be fair, she still had bottoms on, and she had much more of a say in when her clothes came off. Plus, other feelings aside, I preferred the way she looked with no shirt on. It gave me a legitimate excuse for being turned on. I felt like much less of a freak having an erection because of a mostly naked girl than because I was naked in a public area.

Soon enough the moss, dirt, and roots of the wooded area we were traversing gave way to a fairly large field. The girls kept walking with no hesitation. I faltered to a halt, unwilling to commit to the open ground quite so readily.

"Come on, Brian," Danah called. "No one's here but us." She raised her arms above her head. "We've got the place to ourselves."

I closed my eyes for a second and swore under my breath, then jogged after Danah and Kelly to catch up with them. Thankfully, they didn't lead me too far into the open. They stopped at the nearest picnic table and settled in.

"You're actually having a picnic," I said, shaking my head slightly in disbelief.

"Of a sort," Danah agreed. She sat on top of the table with her feet on the bench.

"We're appreciating nature," Kelly added as she took a seat on the other end, facing the same way as Danah.

I sighed and claimed the spot they'd left me right between them. "I really don't think 'appreciating nature' has anything to do with this. 'Torturing Brian' is more like it."

"Split the difference, call it 'appreciating Brian'," Danah said with a grin.

"Yeah yeah. Whatever. Perv."

Danah laughed out loud and Kelly snorted in amusement. In spite of everything, I found myself smiling too.

The girls each grabbed a can from the six-pack and cracked them open. I reached for one without asking, and was annoyed when Danah slapped my hand away.

"Seriously? All this, and you're not gonna let me drink? I think I've earned it, haven't I?"

"You're underage," Danah said.

"Like you give a shit."

"Ok, you got me. Maybe I'm worried what your sister'll do if we corrupt you too much."

"That doesn't sound any more likely."


"Actually," Kelly interrupted before Danah could come up with another bullshit excuse, "we just need someone who hasn't been drinking to drive us home. I don't know why Danah's being a shit about it."

"That's just who she is," I said. "Even I figured that out."

Danah put her arm around my shoulder and squeezed. "Ha, look at you with all the sass today. I knew we were good influences on you."

The unmistakable sensation of bare breast pressing against my arm cut off any possible retort I might have made. It was only a few seconds before Danah pulled away from me again, but it was enough to kick my naughty thoughts into gear. I'd more or less become used to being naked, as well as Danah having her tits out, but actually feeling them on my bare skin was something else entirely.

We would have made an interesting trio to anyone stumbling upon us. The girls were drinking their beers and having a good time; Kelly in her shirt and bare legs, and Danah with only a small patch of cloth covering her pussy. I was fully naked, painfully erect, and stuck in quiet contemplation between them.

I wanted to feel Danah's tit again. That was basically the result of my mental processing. The softness of it on my shoulder was something magical to me. The impression dimmed with every passing moment, and I longed to refresh it. I could have asked, and maybe she'd have said yes, but given the way the day had gone I decided the hell with it, I should just do it.

Without stopping to give Danah warning or ease her into it, I reached to the side and placed my palm square over her nearest breast. It was just as wonderful as last time, if not more so. I was able to feel the weight of it, to caress it, to enjoy it for however long I chose.

"Your hand's on my tit," Danah said.


Danah stared me down for a moment, then shrugged. "Fair enough." She took another drink of her beer.

"Oh my god, Danah," Kelly said. "You're so bad."

"Hey, I had nothing to do with this," Danah protested.

"No, but you're letting it happen."

"You guys dragged me out here without any clothes, and you won't even let me drink," I said. "Seems only fair. In fact..."

I released Danah's breast and turned slightly more toward Kelly. I reached for her chest, only for her to pull her arm up defensively.

"No way," Kelly giggled. "Just 'cause Danah'll let you feel her up doesn't mean I'm like that."

"So you don't think this is even a little unfair?" I asked. "I'm here like... this." I gestured to myself. "And you're all covered up, and I don't even get a feel?"

"I got no pants on," Kelly pointed out. "I can't be 'all covered up' with no pants."

"Still, he's got a point," Danah said.

"You stay out of this," Kelly said. "I'm not a show-off like you are."

"Neither am I," I pointed out.

I honestly didn't expect to get much of a concession out of Kelly, but it was worth a shot. It was a day for seizing opportunities if ever there was one.

"Fine," Kelly said after thinking about it. "Shirt off, alright?"

She removed her shirt and set it aside. I caught the briefest flash of nipple before she adjusted her bikini top to properly cover herself. She actually blushed slightly, which both made me feel better and somehow aroused me a little all by itself. There was something about an accidental, embarrassed nipple sighting that was naughtier than a freely given, full-frontal boob display.

"Holy shit, I think Brian's cock actually twitched," Danah said.

I sighed. Back to reality all ready. Danah really made it hard to enjoy a moment.

"What are you on about?" I asked.

"Seriously. I was watching when Kelly took her shirt off, and it honest to god twitched a little. Not making that up."

I glanced back at Kelly who was even redder now than I felt. "Well it's a nice view," I said.

"Oh my god." Kelly took a long drink from her beer. "You two can just shut up."

"It's a compliment," Danah said with the biggest shit-eating grin. "You can't get much more honest feedback than a guy's dick."

"I said shut up. Both of you stop staring at my tits or the shirt's going back on."

"At least you have the option," I said under my breath.

I turned my gaze forward just in case Kelly was serious. Despite her hand in my current clothesless predicament, I felt a tiny bit bad for embarrassing her. Emotions are weird sometimes.

I thought about grabbing Danah's boobs some more. She still seemed to have no manifested sense of shame or reservation. The moment had passed though, and it didn't feel quite right to me.

"You've been hard for a while now," Danah said eventually. "Isn't that kind of painful?"

"Oh good," I said. "We're going to start making masturbation jokes, are we? And here I was almost enjoying myself."

"Wasn't joking. You really have been hard basically forever. I'm no expert, but-"

"I'm fine."

"Yeah, but if-"

"I said I'm fine."

"I was only-"

"Danah, seriously, I-"

I cut myself off with a strangled grunt. A set of soft, feminine fingers had wrapped around my cock while I wasn't looking. I turned my head back to face Kelly, but she was studiously ignoring me. She had her beer in one hand, and my erect shaft in the other. She was staring off at the distance as though I wasn't even there.

Kelly's grip tightened slightly as she started working her hand up and down. It was like she'd been waiting to see if I'd protest before she did anything. I had the sense that if I said anything, I'd break the spell and she'd stop. I shut the fuck up.

Danah was doing her Cheshire cat impersonation, but I didn't care. I really just didn't care about any of the shit that had happened or might still happen. A girl was playing with my cock. Precious little could take precedence over that.

It was a slow, unhurried hand job. Kelly didn't rush to just get it over with, nor did she seem to have any particular goal in mind. I sat quietly and she stroked me over and over, up and down, an unending, sexy loop. It felt so amazing, and so unreal. Sitting naked under the bright sun, flanked by hot, half-naked girls, getting silently jerked off; it was entirely beyond my previous experience, or anything I could have expected.

I could have finished myself off much faster than Kelly. There were moments when I wanted to tighten her grip, to guide her wrist, or ask her to speed up. I didn't do any of those things. My urge to cum was tempered by the knowledge that I'd stumbled into a magical moment that might never be repeated. I savoured the slow, delicious agony of her delicate touch.

Time stretched out indefinitely for me. I was really, truly enjoying myself for the first time that day. So long as Kelly's hand kept moving, I was prepared to sit still for her forever. She held me captive with slow and untiring strokes. It was exquisitely pleasurable in a way that my own jerking off had never been, partly because I didn't have that kind of patience when I was alone.

Inevitably, the moment came to a crescendo. I'd been teased and worked up for too long, and my body needed its sweet release. I felt sensation of impending orgasm, felt my muscles tense as I tried to hold it off for just a few more seconds, then the final eruption. Cum arced out of my cock into the air, then onto the grass. Some hit the bench between my feet as my spurts weakened, then the last little bit dribbled onto Kelly's fingers.

"Damn, son," Danah said in a quiet, awed voice.

I was just about cross-eyed with the aftershocks. A few last shivers worked their way up my spine, and I clamped my hands down on the edge of the table to hold steady.

"Did you see how far that first shot went?" Danah said. She was still pretty much just talking to herself.

Kelly had her cum-covered fingers up in front of her face. She examined the gooey residue thoughtfully for a moment. To my surprise, her tongue darted out and snaked across her knuckles. She reddened when she realized I was watching her.

"Thanks," I said softly. I smiled, then leaned back. I sprawled out on the top of the picnic table, my back against the wood, my arms spread out, and my head falling over the opposite edge. I stared straight out at the upside-down world behind me, taking it all in without really seeing anything.

"So how'd it taste?" I heard Danah ask.

Kelly didn't answer. I assumed she either glared at Danah, or flipped her off. Maybe both.

I wasn't sure how long I lay there basking naked in the sun. Probably it was only a few minutes. All I knew was that, with no warning, the girls were suddenly moving. I sat up curiously just as Kelly tapped my knee.

"Come on, we gotta go" she said.


The oddness of my question only struck me afterward. They were finally ready to leave, and I was going to fight it? What the hell had happened to me?

"People," Kelly said. She nodded off to the side.

Sure enough, a small group had appeared from one of the trail exits. It looked like four or five men and women, a couple of them with backpacks. They weren't all standing and staring at us yet, but that wouldn't last forever.

"Give me a shirt," I hissed, my voice dropping more than necessary given the range of the intruders.

"It wouldn't fit," Kelly said apologetically.

Danah already had hers back on. Kelly was close behind her. Great. Once again, I was the only one exposed.

"Don't panic," Danah said. "Just act calm and they won't notice anything's amiss."

"Easy for you to say," I muttered.

Danah looped one of her arms through one of mine and started leading me by the elbow. Kelly took up formation on my other side. Maybe from a distance my nudity wouldn't be easily visible if you weren't looking for it. Maybe.

We made it back to the trees without hearing any shouting, or indeed any audible signal that anyone was paying any attention to us at all. I forced myself not to look back, but I wasn't sure if that made it better or worse. For all I knew, the whole group of strangers could have been silently watching as we absconded.

"For someone who hates being naked, you sure do get excited by it easily," Danah said.

I looked down. My cock was twitching back to life. "Fuck's sake."

Kelly giggled with a hint of nerves. "The way you just came, and you're getting hard again already?"

"Not my fault," I insisted.

"We never suggested it was," Danah said. "Just that you're turned on my some pervy things. That's all."

I rolled my eyes and detached my arm from hers. Without giving her a chance to react, I brought my hand down sharply on her butt. She yelped and danced a few steps ahead of me, turning her back to a tree. Her sudden indignation faded to amusement and impishness with impressive alacrity.

"Bad boy," Danah said.

"I'll hold her down if you want to spank her some more," Kelly offered.

"Don't you even dare," Danah said. Kelly feinted toward her and she skipped away again, sticking out her tongue for good measure.

The playfulness helped ease my nerves. Even so, I couldn't seem to shake my partial erection. Perhaps part of it was the girls and their shirts that only barely covered their butts and gave me occasional flashes of what was underneath. I knew it was nearly getting caught that started it, though. I couldn't deny it any longer. Something about it worked for me on a physical level, if not a mental one.

I was still pondering when we reached the outskirts of the parking lot area. I remained alert enough to note that there was at least one new car there since last time. A couple had climbed out, and seemed to be preparing to go for a walk. They weren't looking in our direction at all, but I stepped behind one of the thicker nearby tree trunks anyway.

"Shit," I said.

"Yeah. That's unfortunate," Danah said. "Guess you'll have to be sneaky."

"Bring the car closer. I'm not walking all that way with those people there."

"Can't dude." Danah held out her keys to me. "You're the designated driver, remember?"

"Don't be a shit, Danah," Kelly said before I could respond. "You didn't even finish a full beer. You're fine. Go get the car."

Danah shrugged, her lips curled in a half-smile. "I just wanted to see if Brian would do it."

"Well I won't," I said.

"Seems that way."

Danah strolled out into the parking area. She took her time, but soon enough she had her car turned around and pulled up to the nearest edge of the lot. The body of the car was between me and the intruding couple, so I accepted the risk. I sprinted out in a crouch, opened the back door, and threw myself into the back seat. I probably didn't need to be so dramatic since we had to wait for Kelly to catch up anyway.

"Well that was... something," I said once we were back on the road.

"Sure was," Danah said. "Aren't you glad we dragged you out here now?"

"Don't push it."

Kelly turned around in her seat to look at me. I was still partly erect, and her gaze only made my cock twitch a little more awake. She smiled and winked, then turned forward again.

Amy's car was in the driveway when we made it back. I thought I was in the clear until then, but now I had to sneak by my sister somehow. At least I didn't see her outside, so it was possible I could just go grab my swim trunks from earlier and she'd never know the difference.

"Oh boy," Kelly said. "This isn't going to be pretty."

I was opening my door when she spoke. I stood up and saw my big sister just coming out of the house. She looked furious.

"Hey, Amy," Danah called, acting oblivious to my sister's mood.

"What the fuck did I say?" Amy demanded. "One thing. I asked one thing. Leave my brother alone."

"He's fine," Danah said. "He's still got all his limbs."

"Where did you take him, huh? And don't even get me started on... on..." Amy waved her hand in my direction. She was being very careful not to look straight at me.

"His lack of clothes?" Kelly supplied helpfully.

"Do I even want to know why he's naked?" Amy asked, folding her arms across her chest. "No, don't answer that. I cannot believe-"


"-that you would-"


"What?! What is it, Brian? I'm in the middle of something here."

"I'm fine," I said. "I appreciate you getting outraged on my behalf, but I got things under control."

Amy finally made eye contact, but she made sure that was the only place she looked. She took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. "Fuck's sake, bro. Just... put some pants on, would you?"

"Uh, sure."

I was pretty sure Amy wasn't done with her friends yet, but I'd tempered her righteous fury a little. Maybe they deserved the full force of Amy's ire, maybe they didn't. To my mind, much of their sin had been redeemed already.

I went straight to my room. I thought about getting dressed, but opted not to right away. Since I was finally alone and safe, there was no hurry. Instead, I flopped down on my bed and tried to sort out my emotions.

It had been an interesting few hours, there was no question about that. I'd had plenty of opportunity to perv on my sister's hot friends; that had been quite enjoyable. Conversely, they'd also had plenty of opportunity to perv on me. That was iffier, but I decided it was probably ok. It seemed like most of their attention had been positive, which was something of a novelty for me, as well as an esteem booster.

Being stuck naked in public areas... that was a trickier one. That had been taking things too far, in my opinion. On the other hand, nothing bad had actually happened. And I did get a hand job out of the deal, which made up for a lot. But did it make up for my sister seeing me naked?

That was the part I really wasn't sure about. I felt like I should be devastated at getting caught by Amy, like it was objectively the worst part of the day. Somehow, I didn't really feel any strong emotion about it. Maybe I was in shock, maybe I was just too overloaded by everything else to properly care. Either way, my lack of emotional response was more viscerally disturbing to me than the event itself.

My phone buzzed, interrupting my internal musings. I picked it up and automatically flicked to check the message. I was only half paying attention at that point, but my attention was immediately focused when I realized I'd been sent a picture of myself. I was naked in the photo, and it had been taken from behind. Whoever had taken it was not in my contacts, but there were only two possible options.

"Son of a bitch," I said.

This wasn't some stupid blackmail thing, was it? No. Neither Kelly or Danah would do that, I didn't think. They had their flaws, but they weren't totally psychotic.

"Who is this?" I texted back.

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