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Sister's Husband


He has just gone now, off to work and back to my sister. I have dreamed of having sex with my lovely brother in law for years. Ever since I met him I think. He had the hots for my sister, and I was ten years younger, and did not stand a chance. We have been mates all along, an occasional kiss and cuddle was all. Margy was not really that interested in him for a long time. She had a succession of boyfriends and breakups, and he was always there for her. Her mate and my mate. He wanted Margy and I wanted him.

I finally broke up with my long term boyfriend just at the time that he and Margy finally fucked together. I cried a lot at that time. Alone in my room at nighttime listening to them fuck in the next room, thinking of his semen shooting into my sister, seeing her cummy panties in the laundry, and the wet spot on their bed the next morning. And Marg, the slut, was still occasionally fucking other men. And I had nothing, just my fingers, and my dream.

I saw them fuck once. I came home late and they did not hear me because they were at it. On my bed. I could see his lovely cock sliding into my sisters cunt, glistening with her wetness. He started really thrusting into her, but the bitch would not let him cum in her, she said it was the dangerous time of the month. He pulled out, the darling, and shot his cum on her stomach. It was my bed, why wasn't it me there? I would have taken his sperm into me. Into my womb. All the lovely sperm on her stomach when it could have been inside me. I would have welcomed his baby. Margaret saw me and giggled, he was very embarrassed and almost ran back to her room. No shame my sister, she lay there legs apart, her cunt was wide open from his cock, covered in cum from her pussy to her face. It should have been no big deal, just sex. I had sex on her bed before, she had seen me fuck my ex, she has seen my ex's cum on me. But she did not know I had the hots for her man.

She wanted to chat about my night out with the girls, which of us had scored. I said I was tired and had to go to bed, I got undressed and flopped down. But she just slid over to make room. I she seemed was quite proud of what she had done, and of her cummy body. It was a spectacular load, I could even see some flecks in her hair. I knew she was on the pill, and I asked her why she did not let him cum inside her. She wanted to see how excited he was for her. Then she reach across and kissed me good night. And got some of the cum on me, she touched it and told me it won't hurt.

I was her bridesmaid. After midnight we had to half-carry Margy back to their wedding room. She was more than a bit tipsy. We undressed her and she passed out on the bed. As I went to leave I broke down in tears. She had denied him what I so much wanted to give him. She denied him the wedding night bliss. She could have pretended to be a virgin, or even pretended to be a slut – not much pretending needed there, or pretended even to be getting pregnant, but they should have been in bed having fantastic sex right now. My darling deserved that. And I blurted out my tragic love, and I cried, and we cuddled, and he fucked me. On the spare bed. My wedding gift to him.

Soon we both had babies in our bellies. I was a month earlier than Margaret, knocked up on her wedding night. I invented a wedding night gang bang, that some of us singles went back to our house. She wanted details and I gave them. How we sucked their cocks till they were hard, and how I took them up my cunt, and let them shoot off inside me, and why I was not on the pill, and how easy a tipsy bridesmaid is. She had always urged me to be slutty, thought I was too proper and too virginal. Marg totally believed my story and congratulated me, on being a slut and becoming a mother. My hearty thanks to alcohol amnesia.

I love my sister and brother in law. He still fucks me sometimes. That why I am lying here in just fucked bliss. My belly is showing quite bit now, I am surprised that I like that, I like people seeing it, and knowing what it means. No better way to say that you are not quite a virgin – bulging belly and no wedding ring. It also been surprisingly easy to get lovers, I have had two other men during these six months, one is quite nice and it might lead somewhere. He likes the idea that I am a bit of a slut, I told him the wedding night tale as well.

But it bliss to receive my sister's husband. To hold the beautiful cock that fucked me pregnant, and to make it hard, and to see the tiny slit in the end where his sperm shoots out, to hold it right at the entrance to my willing cunt and push my hips forward to take it inside, and to ride up and down on it, and for him to roll us over, and give me such incredible thrusting, and then feel his body tense and his cock shoot that beautiful sperm into me, spurt after spurt spraying my womb and spraying my cunt and welcoming our baby.

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