tagIncest/TabooSisters in Love Ch. 01

Sisters in Love Ch. 01


Alexa arrives home late from work after a very long and trying day.

"Alexa? Is that you?" Her sister Tina yells from the kitchen.

"Yeah, sis, it's me, can you come out here for a minute?"

Tina comes walking out, a vision of beauty, she's only 29, 5'7, long, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, tan skin, a nice 34b chest, and tonight she's wearing a white satin blouse, black slacks, pink bra and pink thong panties.

Alexa is the older of the two, she's 39, 5'4, long, dark brown hair and hazel eyes as well, with a very nice, 36c chest, and tonight, she's wearing a black blazer, black skirt and matching black satin bra and panties.

"What's wrong, Alexa?" Tina asks, noticing that Alexa has been crying.

"It was just a bad day, and I really need you tonight." She says, wrapping her arms around Tina.

"Do you need, Tina, or do you need 'Mistress Christina', tell me Alexandra, do you need to be dominated?"

"Yes, Mistress, this girl needs to be dominated, Mistress." Alexa says, lowering her head.

"Good girl, on your knees, Alexandra."

"Yes, Mistress."

Alexa slowly drops to her knees, and quickly averts her eyes to the floor, careful not to look at Tina.

"Look at me, Alexandra!"

Alexa looks up at Tina.

"Take off my slacks, Alexandra."

"Yes, Mistress."

Alexa reaches up and starts opening Tina's slacks, slowly pulling them down, showing off her pink cotton thong panties, which are noticeably wet.

"Kiss my panties, Alexandra!"

Alexa leans in and begins kissing Tina's wet panties, sliding her tongue up and down the wet spot.

"May this girl remove your panties, Ma'am?"

"You may, Alexandra!"

Alexa slowly begins pulling Tina's panties down, exposing her smooth, hairless pussy.

"Do you like my cunt, Alexandra?"

"Yes, Ma'am, this girl loves your pussy."

"I didn't say my pussy, I said my 'cunt', say 'cunt', Alexandra!"

"Cunt!" Alexa says, lowering her head.

"Good girl, lick me, bitch!"

Alexa buries her face in Tina's pussy, slowly sliding her tongue up and down her warm, wet lips.

"How does that taste, whore?"

"Very sweet, Mistress."

"Flick my clit, Alexandra."

Alexa puts her mouth on Tina's clit and begins flicking her tongue over her clit.

"Oh God, that's the spot, baby, keep licking right there!" Tina moans out.

Alexa keeps licking for a few minutes, when finally Tina is ready to explode.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum, oh God, oh God!" Tina screams out as she cums all over her sisters face.

Tina helps Alexa to her feet and begins kissing her, tasting her own juices on her sisters face.

"Do you want to cum, sis?"

"Yes, Ma'am." Alexa says.

"I don't want to dominate you, at least not when it comes to making you cum." Tina says, softly smiling.

"Yes, Tina, please, please make me cum."

Tina takes Alexa by the hand and leads her down the hallway to her bedroom.

They enter Alexa's bedroom, and Tina quickly pushes Alexa against the wall and begins kissing her, moving her hands down and cupping her tits.

Tina slowly unbuttons Alexa's blazer until her breasts finally pop free, showing off her beautiful balck, satin bra.

"Alexa? Do you want to go this far? I mean, you make me cum, but, but, I've never gone this far with you, are you sure?"

"Yes, Tina, I'm sure!" Alexa says, taking off her blazer, and unhooking her bra, finally exposing her beautiful 36c breasts.

Tina reaches out and again cups Alexa's breasts, squeezing them, pinching her nipples, making Alexa gasp.

"Tina? Please take me to my bed, I'm really tired."

Tina lifts Alexa in her arms, and carries her to the bed, kissing her the entire way.

Tina lays her sister gently down on the bed, and just looks deep into her eyes, "I love you!" She whispers just before giving her another passionate kiss.

"Make love to me, Tina, make me cum, make me cum like I make you cum."

Tina just leans down, and starts to unzip Alexa's skirt, showing off her black satin panties, which now have a tiny wet spot.

"Am I turning you on, sis?" Tina asks, blushing slightly.

Not even waiting for an answer, Tina begins kissing Alexa on top of her panties, tasting her sweet pussy, for the first time.

"Does that feel good, sis?"

"Yes, take my panties off, please." Alexa asks, almost pleading with Tina.

Tina slowly slides Alexa's panties, finally exposing her pussy, which has a tiny little patch of hair, just above her clit.

"May I kiss your clit, Alexa?"

"Yes, don't ask, just fucking do it!"

Tina leans down and gently puts her mouth on Alexa's already swollen clit.

"Oh shit, this won't take long!" Alexa moans, feeling the orgasm building.

"That's it, sis, cum for me, cum for your girlfriend."

"Put three fingers inside me, Tina, holy fuck, put them in, NOW!" Alexa screams out.

Tina slams three fingers deep inside Alexa, making Alexa cum extremely loud, soaking the sheets.

Alexa lays there, blushing, as her sister crawls up along side of her and they begin kissing again.

"Wow, I didn't think you wanted me to eat you." Tina says, sounding shocked.

"I changed my mind, can we just have a loving, consensual relationship now?"

"Yes, Alexa, we can."

Alexa reaches over and turns out the light, and her and Tina both drift off to sleep.

To be continued...

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