tagSci-Fi & FantasySisters of the Cohort Ch. 05

Sisters of the Cohort Ch. 05


The early morning light pouring in through the tavern room's open window brought Mikael slowly to a state of alertness. He had been sleeping deeply beforehand, a good night's rest almost guaranteed by his exertions the evening before. He opened his eyes and stretched, looking around the room. The flimsy curtain billowed in the morning breeze, its material glowing with light, and the sparse furnishing danced with the shadows cast by the flickering remnants of the fire.

Mikael turned softly to his right and beheld the beautiful figure that lay facing him, tightly wrapped in the cool sheets. Blonde hair was splayed across the pillow, and Kristine's delicate face smiled sweetly as she dreamed. The sheet pushed out deliciously over the paladin's large chest, and then fell, hugging the wonderful contours of her slender body.

Mikael reached out and gently stroked her cheek, leaning in closely. Her eyes slowly opened at the feeling of his fingertips, and she smiled at him. He returned the expression and kissed her lightly, the meeting of their lips only brief before he pulled away.

"Morning," Mikael said.

"Morning," she replied quietly. "Sleep well?"

He grinned. "Of course, how could I not?"

Kristine giggled, and Mikael began to trace lightly down the side of her face, to the top of her neck.

"Last night was fantastic," Kristine sighed dreamily.

"That it was. I just hope you enjoyed it as much as I did."

"Oh, I think I did."

"We should head back to the Sanctuary..." Mikael suggested, eager to complete his trials.

"I agree," Kristine nodded, pulling her right arm from under the covers and running its hand through her hair.

Mikael took the opportunity to slide his fingers under the sheets, stroking them gently down Kristine's body where her arm had been lying. They glided softly over the sides of her large breasts, then over the front of her stomach.

"But I do have something in mind before we leave," he smiled as his hand reached between her thighs. Kristine moaned as his fingers found her folds.

"I like the way you think," she whispered, propping herself up on one elbow. Mikael withdrew his hand as Kristine threw a leg over him, and she quickly moved to straddle his lap. The covers fell away as she climbed on top of him, revealing her glorious naked form, which practically glowed in the morning light. Every wonderful curve of her body, from her slender waist, her desirable hips and the swell of her large breasts, was highlighted in the glimmering radiance, and she smiled wickedly as she looked down at him.

With a glint in her eye she leant down and kissed him, her large breasts pressing into his chest as she did so, and he responded ferociously. Their tongues danced and his hands moved immediately, wrapping around the stunning blonde and caressing her smooth skin.

They remained that way a short while, kissing passionately, before Kristine pushed herself back up into a sitting position and reached down, grabbing Mikael's cock with a wicked smile. She lifted her hips, moving slightly down his body to better angle herself, and Mikael smiled as she placed his head at her entrance. His hands moved to her hips, and they both groaned as she lowered herself onto him, his member sinking easily into her tight snatch.

Slowly, she began to move up and down on his shaft. Mikael stroked his hands up her sides and around the front of her body, eventually cupping her large breasts as she rode him. He gave them a squeeze, briefly tweaking her nipples, before his fingers were on the move once again. They brushed down across her trim stomach, the slender firmness wonderful beneath his touch, and Kristine moaned above him as his cock had an effect.

Their pace was slow, which was fine for the early morning, and Mikael could think of no better way to welcome in a new day. It was delightful, and he enjoyed the wonderful sensation of Kristine's hot pussy as it hugged his member tightly. As does she, by the looks of it, Mikael thought to himself with a playful smile as another moan escaped Kristine's lips.

She leaned forwards again and Mikael ran his fingers through her magnificent golden hair, before resting his hand on her cheek and gently pulling her closer to renew their kiss. Her hips continued their steady rise and fall, even as she parted her lips and pushed her tongue into Mikael's mouth.

Her blonde hair was over both shoulders, and as Mikael broke the kiss he couldn't help but adore the sight of the beautiful girl with a perfect body bouncing eagerly on his shaft. Her blue eyes shone into his, and her large breasts tickled his chest as she now hunched over him, added sensations sparking through her as her nipples grazed his skin. Her gorgeous face was in a perpetual state of pleasure at the feeling of their lovemaking, and faint beads of sweat started to form on her brow.

Mikael moved his hands to her back, running them up and down, pulling her closer as her pace slowly but surely increased. What had been a slow, deliberate rhythm on her part soon became much wilder, and despite the slow start their passion had been well and truly awakened. Both were now completely lost to their lust, and Kristine bounced fervently on his member, her large breasts vibrating with each downward thrust.

She sat back up again, and the speed of their sex became faster still; though it maintained a rhythm of sorts, it was certainly gentle morning lovemaking no longer. This was something far more intense, and Mikael knew that both he and Kristine appreciated that immensely.

It soon became obvious that Kristine was approaching her climax, and Mikael was not about to complain about the change in pace. He moaned, now meeting her with thrusts of his own, no longer able to just relax and simply let her ride him. She grinned and grabbed her hair, jutting her breasts out, as if daring Mikael to grab them. He was not about to let the opportunity go to waste, and reached out, grasping the large mounds and squeezing softly. Kristine moaned.

Her breaths were coming out in ragged gasps, her mouth hanging open as long moans escaped her lips. Noisy slapping echoed around the room as their loins collided in the morning light, Mikael groaning in the pleasure of it all and Kristine's lust-filled yelps growing yet louder.

It was building faster for both of them, Kristine's pussy slamming down onto Mikael's rigid cock. Frenzied desire was etched on her face, contrasting magnificently with the angelic expression she had worn whilst asleep, and he grinned at the sight.

"Fuu... uck..." the blonde moaned, her eyelids fluttering shut. Her snatch rippled, and Mikael knew she was close. It was drawing him in, wordlessly urging him to come inside of her, and he was only too willing to oblige.

"I'm going... to come... lover..." she whimpered, her hands on his chest. "I want you... to come... too..."

"I will," Mikael gasped, grasping her hips as he thrust upwards. His twitching cock slammed into her pussy, and his balls tightened. He was moments away.

Then it was upon him, and he grunted as he came, sticky cum shooting from his cock deep into Kristine's pussy. Pleasure overtook his mind as his member pulsed, and the paladin's walls shivered powerfully as her own release arrived.

"YEEEEESSS!" she screamed in delight, a look of pure pleasure on her face as her orgasm seared through her, her climax erupting simultaneously as his cum still fired into her hot pussy. Her blue eyes stared down at Mikael in disbelief at the strength of her release, her body shuddering in his grasp, and he grinned at his own bliss before it at last started to fade.

Kristine laughed as their climaxes passed, her beautiful face flushed in the wonderful afterglow of her release. She grinned, slowly climbing off Mikael and sliding from the bed.

"A wonderful start to the day, but my Sisters will grow jealous if I keep you here all to myself. We should be on our way."

Mikael nodded, climbing from the bed and sharing a final passionate kiss with the gorgeous blonde paladin. He enjoyed her wonderful naked form pressed against him, and delighted in the thought that waking up this way would probably no longer be a rare experience.

He turned to dress. It was time they left for the Sanctuary.


The waterfall fell harmlessly around him as Mikael stepped through it, Kristine by his side. He was nervous, but at least this time he wasn't cold and wet, too. He paused, standing on the far side of the pool and sucking in a deep breath. Now was his time. He had completed his tasks, and all that was left was his acceptance into the Cohort.

Mikael began to walk down the assorted corridors, following Kristine. She knew where to go, and though Mikael was learning the layout of this place, he still felt more comfortable letting her lead the way. The stone hallways echoed around him, and Mikael stared longingly at Kristine's ass as it wiggled down the hallway. She turned her face to him as she walked, and smiled.

"I appreciate your stare, Mikael. I hope that once you're a fully-fledged member of the Cohort we can expand upon last night... and this morning."

Mikael laughed and nodded back. "I'm sure I'll be very willing to do that."

They passed a small window and the sunlight shone brightly off Kristine's mithril armour, giving her an aura of near-holy radiance.

"We're almost there," Kristine said. "Good luck."

Mikael smiled, but something had begun to bother him. He thought he could hear hurried whispers and the frantic patter of numerous footsteps, and though Kristine appeared not to have done it did not quell his unease.

"Kristine, stop," he instructed, concerned. She did, and turned back to him, an inquisitive look upon her face. She reached for her sword at the anxiety in his voice.

"Something's wrong," he whispered as he quietly approached her. "Do you hear those footsteps? Someone -- or something -- is here in the Sanctuary."

"You know this?" Kristine asked, wide-eyed. "How?"

"You cannot hear that?"

The paladin shook her head. "But perhaps I am not able -- you do, after all, represent the Gods of both Stealth and Hunting. I do not."

"It is there, I assure you," Mikael said, slowly withdrawing his swords.

Kristine unhooked her own broadsword from her back, holding the impressive two-handed weapon in her tight grip.

"Which way?" she asked hurriedly.

"Follow me," Mikael replied, moving slowly down the corridor. Kristine followed, and he was impressed with how quiet she was given that she was wearing a heavy suit of metal armour.

His mind was snapped back to the present as they approached a door, and Mikael could hear scrabbling from within. Kristine, too, seemed now to perceive it, and he signalled to her that he was going to open the door. She nodded.

It swung outwards silently, despite its size, and Mikael slipped quickly through the gap. Instantly he was aware of his surroundings, and he readied his swords as his gaze finished its sweep; eleven goblins, excitedly pulling weapons from the racks in this room -- which Mikael presently realised was the armoury -- turned to face him, but he was already moving.

His swords were a blur through the air, decapitating two of his foes before they could react, their green blood staining the stone beneath his feet. Another feebly raised a sword that was much too big for it, and Mikael skewered the greenskin on the point of his blade. He instantly withdrew it, readying himself for another attack, and dodged the sideways sweeps of two goblins aiming for his legs.

Kristine had followed him in, her broadsword swinging in a wide arc, and she caught three goblins unawares as they tried to flank Mikael. They collapsed in a heap, still twitching as their life flowed from them, and Mikael spun to regard the remaining enemies.

There were only five, and they shirked backwards, their cowardice starting to overcome their desire to fight. Mikael took the opportunity, diving amongst them and slicing open three in a matter of seconds. The other two dropped their weapons, turning around to flee, but were cut down by Kristine as they did so.

Mikael dropped his shoulders, breathing heavily, and turned to Kristine wide-eyed.

"Goblins!" he hissed, wiping his swords clean and moving quickly towards the door. "How did they get in? I was told this place was safe!"

Kristine shook her head solemnly. "I do not know, but we should find my Sisters; they will know more."

"Indeed," Mikael agreed, hurrying back out into the corridor. "Do you know where we might look?"

"Perhaps the Meeting Room," the paladin suggested, her fingers flexing on her sword. "Though I truly do not know -- we have never planned for an attack on the Sanctuary itself."

Mikael glanced around frantically, attempting to discern their next move. He did not know how he had come to be in charge, but it appeared that he was, and their next destination raced through his mind.

"We head to the Meeting Room," he said quietly, setting off down the corridor. Kristine followed.


The door to the Meeting Room was, unsurprisingly, closed. Mikael could hear no sounds issuing from within, though he cautiously approached it nonetheless. He glanced around, meeting eyes with Kristine, and with no greenskins in the corridor, pushed open the thick wood.

The room was dark, and Mikael glanced around. Seeing no foes he entered, Kristine following quickly, and they swiftly shut the door behind them. At once the lanterns on the wall flared, and Mikael stared around.

It was in pristine condition, as if no enemy had stepped within it, and Mikael could see nothing out of place bar a small piece of parchment that lay on Melissa's couch. He stepped forward, picking it up, before turning wide-eyed to Kristine.

"It's from Melissa," he hissed. "She was in here when the attack started. She says she can hear fighting from the dining hall."

"Then we go there," Kristine said simply, turning to leave. Mikael agreed, and tucking the parchment in his armour, followed the paladin out.

As they strode down the first corridor, an arrow whistled past Kristine's head. She ducked, the shaft skittering uselessly along the stone wall, and readied her sword. Mikael, too, had prepared himself for action, and as they reached the bend at the corridor's end, he whirled round it, weapons arcing downwards to catch whatever had fired the missile.

His swords were parried by a matching set of twin blades, and he desperately cut them back inside as his foe took the opportunity his brash attack had created to plunge their weapons towards his chest. His own arrived just in time, deflecting his opponent's blades away from him, and the momentum of their dual attacks caused their bodies to thump together and their swords to thrust at the air beyond the other's back. With an outward sweep of their foot, his enemy kicked out at his legs, too quickly for Mikael to avoid.

"Fuck!" he cried, stumbling backwards as he raised his hand to Lucinda. She glared at him, surrounded by goblin corpses, before turning to Kristine.

"It is good to see you, Sister," she cried, hurrying forwards and hugging the paladin. "And you, Mikael, even if you did try to kill me." Her mouth twisted into a grin and she held out her hand, pulling him to his feet.

"What's happening?" he asked, relieved to see Lucinda still alive. "Where did these greenskins come from?"

"I will tell you all I know in a minute, but first we must return to Ria'torr and Melissa."

She hurried away from them, and Mikael and Kristine followed, running down the long corridor after the beautiful rogue, her obsidian hair streaming behind her. Their footsteps echoed loud in the hallways, though Mikael supposed remaining undetected was no longer their primary concern -- reaching their companions was.

They came soon to a large door, which Lucinda paused in front of, glancing behind her and knocking three times on the heavy wood. It swung open to reveal Melissa, and she hugged her Sister tightly before turning to Kristine and Mikael. She beamed.

"You are alright!" she cried happily. "Good! Come in, quickly."

The three of them hurried through, Melissa shutting the door swiftly behind her. Ria'torr, who had been sat on the floor, sprang to her feet as they entered.

She jumped into Mikael's arms, him being the closest to her, then her two Sisters', and Mikael turned to his companions as the elf released Lucinda.

"So, what has happened?"

Lucinda frowned, shaking her head. "I do not truly know. I returned to the Sanctuary last night, as I intended to do, and before I knew it was under attack from these greenskins.

"I was lucky to locate Melissa and Ria'torr when I did, and we have stuck together since, attempting to both locate Quintia and wait for you and Kristine."

"Quintia is missing?" Kristine said, grasping her sword tightly.

Melissa nodded. "She has been taken, but I sense that she remains unharmed. Ria'torr has tracked her to the dining hall, but we could not possibly storm that with just the three of us. There are hundreds of greenskins in there."

"Then we do so now," Mikael said plainly, the simplicity of their attack like a weight off his shoulders.

"That's what I like to hear," Lucinda grinned, wrenching open the door to the storage room and darting into the corridor once more.

Mikael looked at the other Sisters, and followed Lucinda out into the hallway.


The orc's head spun away as Mikael's sharp blade severed its neck, and he watched as the sole fleeing goblin collapsed to the floor, a wooden arrow shaft protruding from its back.

He turned to his companions, and they moved on, stepping over the numerous greenskin corpses that lay around them and striding to the large double doors that stood ahead. Raucous noise could be heard from inside.

"She's in here," Ria'torr said, turning to her companions. Mikael nodded, too; he could feel the flicker of sorcery dancing around the room beyond the doors.

"So what do we do?" he asked at length, scanning over the worried looks of the four beautiful women.

"We go in," Kristine said bluntly. "It will be risky, but we need to do it. There is no other entrance, and Quintia could very well be in danger."

Lucinda nodded in agreement. "If we all work to our strengths then we can succeed."

The other two girls concurred.

"Right then," Mikael said, gripping his swords tighter. Kristine and Lucinda raised their own blades, and Ria'torr notched an arrow. Melissa stood at the back, a plain quarterstaff in her hands.

Mikael pushed against the large doors, and they opened with surprising ease. He tumbled in, his four companions following, and the goblins and orcs in the room spun to face the door, stunned at the sudden intrusion.

Mikael did not wait for them to recover, lashing out with one hand and felling the closest goblin, before raising his other blade and cutting open the chest of another. He spun away from an arcing orcish axe, and the greenskin collapsed to the ground as Mikael's sword cut through its spine.

He glanced up, and saw destruction. The Sisters had joined the fight, swathes of greenskins dying on the ends of their weapons, but yet more were arriving. The dining hall was packed, and Mikael was fighting desperately for his life as his companions were fighting for theirs.

More charged towards him, this time three orcs and a handful of goblins. He sprang up onto a long table, kicking the first attacker straight in the jaw and slicing down with his sword as the orc stumbled backwards. The next he decapitated with a clean swipe of his blade, before parrying the blows of two goblins who had clambered onto the table and kicking a third onto the thrusting blade of the final orc. As the greenskin tried to shake the goblin from his weapon, Mikael stepped forwards, severing its head with another swipe, and returning his attention to the four remaining goblins. They charged as a group - two shimmies and four cuts later, Mikael had killed them all.

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